A Cold Night At Stoke...

  1. A Cold Night At Stoke...

    Manager History:

    Name: Ryan Jackson
    Age(IGT): 25
    Place Of Birth: Gateshead, England
    Favorite Tactic: 4-3-3
    Favorite Club: Newcastle United


    This game save is all about me and my time managing Stoke City, however if I get sacked or a big club come along for my services my team could change. I aim to change the style of the club and become one of the biggest clubs in England in the next 15 years. With that being said lets move onto my targets.


    -Play possession football
    -Sign youth players
    -Win at least 10 titles in my career
    -Win at least 15 cups overall
    -Become the best in the world

  2. god luck mate will follow

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