The Saints are Coming

  1. The Saints are Coming

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    Despite winning the Scottish Communities League Cup last season, Stewart Gilmour and Paisley's St Mirren Football Club have decided to part company with Danny Lennon. Terry Butcher is the favourite to replace the ex Cowdenbeath boss, although The Buddies will have to fork out a substantial compensation package to Inverness in order to acquire his services.

    Founded in 1877 The Scottish Premier League side are based in the Western town of Paisley. Since being promoted to the Scottish top flight in 2006, St Mirren have failed to establish themselves as a top league side and as a result have failed to reach the footballing promised lands of the European Competitions.

    Amongst the Scottish Communities League Cup title, St Mirren have had success in the Scottish Cup on 3 occasions; 1926, 1959 and 1987. The Buddies have also achieved success in the old Anglo-Scottish Cup in 1979, shortly before the competition was abolished/ The club has also achieved success in winning the Scottish Challenge Cup in 2005 and have been named the winners of the Scottish Championship on 4 occasions: 1968, 1977, 2000 and 2006.

  2. In order to avoid paying out a large compensation package to Inverness, St Mirren have decided to give, lifelong St Mirren fan and retired Scotland International, Scott Dickson the managerial post.

    Paisley born Scott grew up a few miles from Love Street and is a fiercely loyal Buddies Fan. Scott started his footballing career at Motherwell, where he was given his first team debut at the age of 17 in 1992. Scott spent his first season at Motherwell as an understudy to Davie Cooper and it wasn't until Cooper left for old club Clydebank that Scott was allowed a more permanent role in the Motherwell squad. Scott excelled in the left wing role, and after a successful second half to the season in 1993, signed for top outfit Rangers for a fee of 250,000 pounds.

    He struggled to command a regular starting spot with the SPL Giants and was loaned out to his favoured club, St Mirren. During the rest of the 1994/95 season, Scott developed immensely scoring 8 goals and gaining 12 assists. His performances allowed St Mirren to achieve a 5th spot finish in the league.

    Rather than return to Rangers the following season, Scott opted for a second loan spell with the Paisley outfit. This time finishing as the leagues third highest scorer with 14. Scott returned to Rangers the following year and used all the experience he had gained with his time at St Mirren to help Rangers win the league. This time finishing as the leagues top goalscorer with 22. His impressive performances for the Glasgow side earned the youngster his first Scotland call up.

    Throughout Scott's footballing career he played for English sides, Sunderland and Tottenham Hotspur and played for Scotland 49 times - scoring 26 times for his nation. On the eve of his 26th Birthday a nasty challenge from Arsenal's Sol Campbell - an ex Tottenham teammate - ended his career.

    After taking a long spell away from football, St Mirren will be Scott's first venture into football management
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  3. Meeting the Chairman

    Stewart Gilmour: So before we start the board and I would like to welcome you back to the club. Hopefully you will be as successful here as a manager as you were as a player. Now, as you know, the past few season have been forgettable ones for the club. With the exception of the League Cup last season, our league position hasn't been to our expectations. Going by your interview with the club, we believe you are the right man for the job in leading St Mirren further up the league table and hopefully, further down the line, establish the team as a club that can challenge for the title

    Scott Dickson: First of all, I would like to thank you for the welcome. It's a pleasure to be back at the club. I still can't believe that I not only got to play for the side I love, but I now get to manage them as well. Secondly, I would like to thank you for giving me my first job in management and opening the door back into football for me.

    Regarding the league, I believe that we can finish the season as a mid-table side. Although, in order for us to achieve that goal, we must make the league our priority. I will opt to play reserve and youth players in the Scottish and League Cup so that our first team players are better rested for the league fixtures. I hope you agree with that.

    Stewart Gilmour: While we would like to see further success in the cups, I can understand the importance of resting the first team players for the league fixtures. As a result, we shall not evaluate the role as the clubs manager based on your performances in the domestic cups. So should you suffer a defeat to lower league opposition, you have my guarantee that you will retain your job. However, we will expect that you finish no lower than 8th in the league. Any lower than this and you will be removed from your managerial position. We also expect that, as a result of playing in the domestic cups, the youth players will eventually establish themselves as first team regulars. Due to this we will only be willing to give you a transfer budget of 30k.

    Scott Dickson: That's fine, I believe the current squad are more than capable of reaching 8th place. The club also has a great youth system and developing these players shouldn't be too much of a problem.

    Stewart Gilmour: Ok. Well I don't want to keep you here all day. I'm sure you will be eager to get started. I've arranged a meeting with the Assistant Manager, Tommy Craig, for you. He has stated that, should you be willing to bring in your own Assistant, he is happy to terminate his contract. I'll let you speak to him yourself though. I have also set up a press conference as well for tomorrow morning which I would like you to attend. We will officially announce you as the new St Mirren manager then.

    Scott Dickson: Tommy is a man that possesses a great deal of experience and I am more than happy to have him remain at the club. I'm sure his knowledge of the team and of the game will be invaluable. Once again thank you for entrusting me with this position, I hope I can follow up on my goals.

  4. Mornin' Boss

    Tommy Craig: Mornin' boss. Welcome to the club. The chairman has already told me that you would like me to stay here as the club's assistant and I would just like to thank you for it. I've prepared my analysis of the team for you and have left the reports on your desk. Stewart told me your plans and goals for this year and I have to say, I think it's being a little optimistic. A few of the lads we have at the club just haven't cut the mustard at this level. I think we will be lucky to avoid the playoffs this year. We're lucky Hearts have a 15 point deduction, or we probably would have an automatic relegation spot dogfight on our hands.

    But if you really want to go for a mid-table finish then I would say we need at least 4 new players in. A couple of defenders, an experienced goalkeeper, and maybe a striker to help Thommo up front. I've spoken to the scouts already and Jim is going to send you through the reports. We have a few players in mind and hopefully we can snatch them up before our rivals can.

  5. Press Conference

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    Stewart Gilmour: Good morning everyone, thank you all for coming. A few days ago now, we agreed terms with ex-player, Scott Dickson, to become the new manager of St Mirren Football Club. We hope he will enjoy a long career as a manager with us, with a great deal of success and silverware.

    Scott Dickson: I'm delighted to be entrusted with the position of manager at the club I have supported my entire life. It's a dream come true and i'm still trying to come to terms with reality. Now, as most you all know, I haven't been involved in football since my career was ended at Spurs. It actually got to the point where my wife had to tell ME the offside rule. If anyone has any questions i'll be more than happy to answer them.

    Question 1

    Hi Scott, Keiron Sinclair here from the Paisley Daily Express. The last few years have been rather forgettable for Saints. Do you believe you will be the catalyst for a revival and how do you plan on going about the job of keeping St Mirren up?

    Answer 1

    Hi Keiron. Well firstly, I wouldn't have taken the job if I didn't believe I was able to do it. As you know, St Mirren is the club I have supported my entire life and I wouldn't have taken the job, if I wasn't able to do it just because it meant I was in charge of my team. I would hate to see the club suffer as a result of poor management.

    Now, I not only intend to keep the club up, I also believe we can finish mid-table this season. If you look at our squad we have a lot of talented players here. Jimmy Goodwin is an experienced player and will set a fantastic example to our younger stars as our captain. How I plan to go about achieving my goals however is a secret. I don't want to let on to our opposition how we plan to go about beating them.

    Question 2

    Kevin Neill from The Scotsman. Scott, give us the transfer gossip. who do you plan on bringing into the team?

    Answer 2

    I have a few targets in mind, our chief scout Jim Mullin is bust as we speak evaluating my targets and looking at alternatives. Although I don't want to change too much within the squad. I'm happy with the players we have here, and don't want to make any of the players feel undervalued and disrupted by the prospect of a new player coming in.

    Question 3

    Hi, Darren Kelly from Teamtalk. What type of manager would you say you are, in terms of your attitude towards your players and staff? And what type of approach will you take to each game?

    Answer 3

    Well I don't know what type of manager I am yet do I. It's my first job. But I would say that I'm a fair guy. I'm alright with the lads having a laugh and a carry on every now and then at training. But they know what I require of them, and they know that they need to put in the hard work at training to reap the rewards on matchday. I'm pressed for time guys so i'll take one last question then I'll need to bring the conference to a close.

    Question 4

    Journalist: A few seasons ago, you took to Twitter to slate the St Mirren squad for their performance in a run of games. Many of the players in the squad at that time are still present in the team today. Have these past comments caused any tension in the St Mirren camp between yourself and your players.

    Scott Dickson: I'm sorry, I didn't get your name.

    Journalist: My name is Michael David. I run my own sports website The Penalty Box.

    Scott Dickson: Hi Michael. Now to answer your question, if you ask any fan of any club, they will tell you that they have all criticised their team at some point. It's just the passion that fans have for their own teams. And no these comments have not and tension or friction between myself or any of the players. They all know that this is a fresh start for them and the slate has been wiped clean from the previous seasons results. Yes, they probably have read those Tweets but this is a chance to them to prove me wrong.

    Thank you for all your questions, but I must get back to my job. I'll see you all on the opening fixture of the season.

  6. Matchday 1

    Scott Dickson: Ok lads, first game of the season. We've been training hard all summer to prepare ourselves for Inverness. This is your chance to prove to me why you deserve a first team spot in the side. Now when we're attacking I want you guys to make the pitch as wide as possible, pass the ball around quickly. Make them work had for the ball, and let them make all the mistakes. The moment the opposition have the ball, I want you to narrow the pitch down and pressure the opposition. Don't give them any space to move.

    I want you lads to get out there and give the fans an entertaining match. They have travelled all the way up to Inverness to see you guys work har and leave here with 3 points. Let's not let them go home disappointed.

    Team: C'mon the Saints!

    Half Time Score: Inverness 0-0 St Mirren

    Scott Dickson: Ok lads, not bad. Just keep the pressure up and keep moving the ball around. Watson, you've got the beating of their left side every time you go forward. Take it right to the byline and cross it in. Teale, I want you to cut in and help with the attack, make the space for Watson to bomb forward. Gowser if you see an opening like the one you had in the first half, don't be afraid to take a shot. Make their keeper work for it. Thommo, keep up the hard work, their defense can't cope!

    53' Corner to St Mirren. McGregor swings in a high ball to the back post. Goodwin headers off the crossbar. Foran tried to clear the ball but it falls to the 18 yard line. McGowan shoots! Oh ya beauty! First time volley in to the top right side of Esson. The keeper had no chance! 1-0 St Mirren

    66' Throw-In to St Mirren in the Inverness half. Vandooren will take it. He throws short to McGinn, who passes it back to Vandooren. Vandooren passes to Harkins. Harkins beats Doran! He shoots! And gooooal! tucked away into the right hand corner of the Inverness goal. Saints double their lead!

    80! Saints have another corner. They have been really effective from set pieces this half. McGregor to take it from the left hand side. Swings a low ball in. Goodwin! Goodwin is left unmarked at the front post, and with no pressure to put him off he has a clear header into the Inverness goal. It's Inverness 0-3 St Mirren.

    Full Time Score Inverness 0-3 St Mirren

    Scott Dickson: That was an excellent performance in the second half. Gowser, your goal was outstanding! It's only the opening game of the season and I think we have a goal of the year contender. Darren your corners were fantastic today. As a whole unit you were excellent in defense, doing exactly what I asked you to do. Thommo you made both of those corners holding up the ball for McGinn and Teale. That is a performance you can be proud of lads, and I expect you to keep that up. It's a long season ahead, but we can certainly do it.

    The Saints are Coming-inverness-ct-v-st.-mirren_-pitch-full.png

    So going from the first match day the new signings have proven to be a good hit at the club. However I would still like to bring in an experienced goalkeeper and perhaps another striker.
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  7. First Month in Charge

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    After the first month in charge St Mirren are in 4th place in the SPL. Other than the expected loss to Celtic the team have performed incredibly well. St Mirren's youth players also showed their effectiveness in the win over Airdrie in the Scottish Communities League Cup

  8. Scottish Communities League Cup Last 16

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    Newsreader: When it comes to this stage in the League Cup, it's hard to predict what the outcome will be. Dumbarton and Dundee are defying all odds to reach this stage in the League Cup. While the young guns from Paisley are showing their worth. The truth of it is, you can't put your money on any game here and sit with confidence knowing the outcome.

    Welcome folks, I'm Jonathan Sutherland and we have some cracking games coming up for you today in the third round of the Scottish Communities League Cup. First off to Fir park where Motherwell host Dumbarton. Now The Sons have had a relatively easy run into the cup so farseeing off opposition such as Berwick and an injury stricken Livingston side , where as Motherwell were just entering the competition. Motherwell where hot favourites to win the game, however it was Dumbarton that took control of the fixture with goals coming from Megginson and Phinn, both in the opening 10 minutes of the game to secure the victory for Dumbarton. A late strike from Anier could do little to help the Steelmen as they slump to a disappointing defeat

    Kilmarnock saw off SPL leaders Aberdeen in their home fixture at Rugby Park. Beating The Dons 2-1. With both Killie goals coming from in form striker Kris Boyd. Ryan Jack scored the goal for Aberdeen.

    Celtic eased past Cowdenbeath in a 5-0 victory. Amido Balde getting a hat-rick with Chris Eagles and Mouyokolo also getting their names on the score-sheet.

    Dundee fought off Ross County in their 1-2 Away victory. Ross County opened the scoring inside the first 10 minutes through Mustafi, only for Craig Beattie and Woodrow to score late on for the visitors.

    Inverness beat Partick Thistle 0-1 away from home with Camunas getting the only goal there.

    There were also wins for St Johnstone and Hearts who beat Raith Rovers and Hibernian respectively. The latter game resulting in a penalty shootout with the Jambos winning that.

    And now go to Tannadice Park where St Mirren were away to Dundee United. Dougie over to you

    Dougie Vipond: Cup holders St Mirren were slow to start the game and were almost made to pay for their errors early on. David Goodwillie breaking free and hitting the bar. That was the only action in what was a dull first half.

    The second half saw 18 year old striker Jon Scullion hit the crossbar from a long range effort. before Mo Yaqub hit the rebound wide. Manager Scott Dickson had opted to field a younger team today and it paid off in the 58th Minute. defender Aaron Martin sending a long ball up-field to Scullion who fired past the United Keeper.

    However, United leveled the scoring from a corner in the 73rd minute. Paul Paton rifling the ball past keeper Cornell.

    10 minutes later Saints got a corner from a Scullion shot and Mo Yaqub floated in an excellent ball to the awaiting Aaron Martin who headed past the helpless goalkeeper. The Score ended Dundee United 1-2 St Mirren.

    Jonathan Sutherland: And St Mirren continue to surprise with their young cup side.They take on Inverness away in the Quarter Final of the cup. The rest of the fixtures should be appearing on your screen now. That's all we have time for today folks. Thank you and goodbye.

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  9. Second Month in Charge

    After 2 months in charge of The Buddies, this seem to be going very well. The team has taken points from sides that they should be getting beat by in reality. A good point against Aberdeen - who have a very strong squad - and a great game against Motherwell in a 3 goal comeback to salvage a point.

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  10. Scottish Communities League Cup Quarter Final

    Presenter: Good evening folks, I'm Jonathan Sutherland and this is Sportscene. Well it's been another exciting midweek cup fixture with the remaining 8 teams all looking to secure a place in this year's semi-finals at Hampden Park. We'll be taking a look at today's 3 cup fixtures, as well a looking back to yesterdays quarter final match between St Johnston and Hearts.

    Dumbarton have fared extremely well in this years cup competition and having beaten current Scottish Championship leaders, Livingston, in the last round of the cup, went on a winning streak in the league. They now sit third in the Championship, 2 points adrift of Livingston. Today they faced 2nd place side Dundee in the quarter final.

    Dundee were out for revenge in this fixture as Dumbarton beat them in Saturday's league match at Dens Park. While Sons boss Ian Murray was looking for his side to reach the semi final - their last time coming in 1897. It was Dundee who opened the scoring early through 19 year old Dominic Samuel. The striker on loan from reading latching on to a long cross. Dundee doubled their lead 20 minutes later. An own goal from Dumbarton's Dominic Cervi. 12 minutes later, Hugh Murray, formally of St Mirren, scored from the spot to give Dumbarton some hope. However it was not meant to be and the boys from Dundee have grabbed their ticket to the semi final.

    SPL side Kilmarnock have struggled in the league as of late, and faced a rampant Celtic side who have been scoring for fun recently in the league.

    There wasn't much action in the game at Rugby Park. An early shot from Joe Ledley the only chance Celtic had in the game. With both sides giving away possession in the final third quite cheaply there wasn't much to go for in the game. But with both sides likely heading into the dressing room for a 0-0 draw at half time. Kris Boyd managed a great piece of skill to slot past Fraser Foster. After the interval Celtic could not muster up a reply and crashed out of the league cup.

    Now off to the Tulloch Caledonian Stadium where a young St Mirren side faced Inverness.

    St Mirren's young side have impressed in the cup so far, but struggled in the opening 30 minutes of the game against Inverness. Heavy pressure from the Highland outfit had the Buddies backed away in their own penalty spot for much of the first 15 minutes of the game. Nick Ross smashed off the cross bar. While Third round scorer Camunas fired wide. The breakthrough game in the 38th minute when David Barron sent in a long ball to Jon Scullion. The youngster looked as though he had lost control of the ball, only for Inverness goalkeeper Ryan Esson to mis-kick the ball, allowing for the 18 year old to fire into the net.

    In the second half St Mirren came out more fired up with Harkins heading wide early on, and Kenny McLean hitting the post shortly after. Scullion nearly doubled his lead in the 61st minute with a long shot but it was cleared off the line by Ross. The score ended 0-1 to St Mirren

    St Johnston recorded a 1-0 win over SPL basement side Hearts in their League Cup quarter final win. The goal coming from Steven Anderson.

    So with Celtic now out of the cup, the cup title and winners medal is open to any of the 4 remaining sides. Will current holders St Mirren manage a double and retain their title. Or will Championship side Dundee defy the odds and win the cup head of SPL opposition? That's all for tonight folk, thanks for watching

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