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Looking for Eric!

  1. Looking for Eric!

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  3. ...Sir Alex Chapman Ferguson be sure that french men and Man Utd former Player Eric Cantona will be the right man at Old Trafford. The scottish team manager retire from Football few weeks ago and eerybody been looking who could be his replacement, the replacement of the greatest manager all times.

    Many people think that scottish Everton manager David Moyes will replace Sir Alex but he is looking for King Eric and Ryan Giggs as his assistant. Giggs was the record player of the red Devils and will take charge at player manager on King Eric's side.

    (everybody waiting for King Eric)

    Hello and welcome to everybody to the first press conference of Eric Cantona - the new Man Utd manager!

    You can give some questions to Mister Cantona, we are starting with you, yes you on the left side!

    (THE SUN)

    Good morning Mister Cantona, it is a pleasure for me to speak with you about your new job. Do you think a man who never train a team can handle a team like Man Utd?

    Hello! First i have to say i am not a man........ I am Cantona, so this will be possible to handle things better like someone else. I hope i can do it the same like Sir Alex did it the last 26 Years and we, with we i mean Ryan and myself can lead this fantastic club to glory.

    (Daily mirror)

    Hello King Eric! Which philosophies did you use to bringing glory at Old Trafford for a while? Are you interrested in singning a high number of worldclass players or do you make it like Sir Alex and built on at the own youth prospects?

    Nobody can do it like Sir Alex, he is the biggest manager all the times, and it sounds like blasphemy that i will handle it like his way, i will do it my own but i am not interrested in singning a large number of players, because i am sure that United had great youthprospects and i will try to put them in the first team of Man Utd. I am sure that without buying players it is impossible to stay on first position in england so we also want to buy players but we are doing it not like City or Chelsea or someone else, we do it like our own way.

    Man Utd's new manager Eric Cantona is searching for a new central Midfielder and could find with Ross Barkley his new man. The young and talented english player will cost about 20 Million pounds and could join United in summer transfer period.

    "Yes we are very interrested in this player! We want to meet Everton officials this week to clear all details and finished deal at the end of the week. Ross will be our major transfer this season and if Everton accept our offer we will going on distance to buy Juan Mata from Chelsea.
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  4. Amazing use of pictures and graphics!

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