LOUD NOISES!!! An Attempt to Conquer The Football Pyramid

  1. LOUD NOISES!!! An Attempt to Conquer The Football Pyramid

    This Is It Don't Get Scared Now..

    What is your first goal when getting this game?. Usually to steer your favourite team to glory. After that you may look to try a different team in the premiership or even a lower league team. Maybe even trying to get a conference side into the football league. While all of those things are fun goals you do that standing on the shoulders of giants. Other men who brought that club to the place it was, so that you if good enough could carry it further on.

    What if you could forge your own legacy and carve out a footballing dynasty more or less of your very own.If you could have a full squad of players of which non were inherited. On which the responability of bringing them into the club fell to only you.

    This is where my goal comes in, Which is something I try on every Football Manager I get. Take a team from more or less as low down the English footballing pyramid as I can, Then set them on a road to glory and recognition.
    So heres my choice...

    Colne Fc


    That's my first reason nobody has ever heard of them apart from anyone who follows the North West Counties Division or lives in the area. Second it's my hometown team really having lived most of my life there, So it gives the game a bit more meaning to me than picking a team at random. Plus I feel the 9th tier which is where Colne are at is just about as far down without making it too drawn out. Also there a relativly new club with this incarnation of a Colne team being formed in 1996. That have had just one promotion from the tenth tier and a semi final in the FA Vase as their only history


    I'm giving Colne a Rocky type once in a lifetime shot to make it as a success in football. Because the editor data didn't have the finances worked out and I had a more or less zero wage budget and one actual player I had to sort things out myself. So I decided give Colne a balance of 2 mill to cover the 5 promotions to get to the football league and survive there.This may seem like cheating but I'm resticting my self to only spending a modest amount on players wages and zero on transfer fees. I've found that the game is much more realistic this year with the players you can attract at such a level anyway.

    So that's the team. Next will be introducing the squad I have signed.
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  2. The Players
    Another of my goals is that at least until we reach the conference level is to try and keep the players as North Western or local as I can


    Neil Postelthwaite-22 Our Number 1. Ex Wigan youth had a stint at his hometown Barrow.

    Matthew Ince-21 Backup Keeper. Former Accrington Trainee.

    Phillip Giddings-16 Reserve Keeper. Young regen from Kendal.


    Ed Williams-20 Right Back. Fromer Burnley Youth. Actualy plays for Colne now in real life so added with editor.

    Mathew Docker-18 Right Back. A grey out player who I gave a contract to after a fine opening game.

    Ricky Hanson-26 Right back. Started out at Hucknall in Conf North. Before play for a host Of Northen league Div 1 South teams.

    Jack Fisher-19 Centre back. Former Baradford youth also had a season at Wakefield.

    Dom Bates-21 Centre Back. Been on the books at Altrincham as a reserve before his release.

    Will Rawdon-17 Left Back. Lincoln youth Released the end of last season.

    Sam Nightingale-21 Left Back. Played for Lancaster and Afc Fylde in the Northen prem Div 1 N.

  3. Midfielders

    Mark Stewert-23 Right Mid. had stays at Wrexham, Cefn Druids, Welshpool and Hyde.

    Ramone Blackett-18 Right Mid. Recently released Blackpool youth.

    Frank Brocklehurst-18 Right Mid. Grey out player who earned a contract.

    Adam Stockdale-19 Centre Mid. Ex Accrington trainee, Actually plays for Colne so added with editor.

    Ross Gardner-28 Centre Mid. Started out at Newcastle. Played for Notts Forest, Port Vale, Eastwood and Whitby moast notably.

    Mattew Cross-33 Centre Mid. Veteran Release by Barnsley. Played all over the North. Of most note were Bangor City, Rhyl, Mossely and Salford.

    Bobby Brewer-20 Left Mid. Spent two seasons with Lincolne before his release.

    Robert Simms-16 Left Mid. Young regen prospect from Guisborough.


    Beven Burey-22. Former Accrington youth.

    Phil Denny-34. Vast experience of North West football. Staring at Bury followed by spells at Guiseley, Bradford P.A,Ashton Utd and Fleetwood among others.

    Liam Rushton-24. Had spells at Skelmersdale and Marine.

    Peter Rose-18
    . Greyed out player who scored in an fine showing in our first pre-season game.

    That's it for players so far...apart from a few to put in the U21 team. Next up will be putting my own stamp on the backroom staff. And how the pre-season went.

    Did it fire up the imagination for the new season ahead, Or was it a worrying omen of things to come....
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  4. Nice. ...

  5. Thanks hopefully I can get far in this challenge this time round. Usually something happens to put a spanner in the works

  6. Pre-season Cue the Training Montage!!

    Well we didn't have a Russian log cabin or a mountain to run up so our poor training facilities would have to do.But at least I wasn't alone in trying to whip these bums into championship contenders. Time to teach 'em how to eat lightning and crap thunder!!

    Assisstant Manager- Andy Payton
    On as assistant manager from the start due his sort spell in the role last seaon which didn't last long due his not having a good working relationship with now former manager Nigel Coates. With my Burnley fan heart on my sleeve I'm keeping him in this role. A local hero with around 200 professional goals to his name. Played for Hull, Middlesborough, Celtic,Barnsley and Huddersfield before Joining his boyhood club. Won the English golden boot in the 99/2000 season with his 27 goals for Burnley. A bonafide local legend as my right hand man.

    Coach- Robbie Blake
    Bit of a trend appearing here isn't there? lol. Another Former Burnley fan favourite. Blake played at a host of top Northern clubs. Bradford, Burnley, Leeds, Bolton and Doncaster. As well as Stints at Birmingham and Notts Forest. A tricky player with a gift of being about the keep the ball glued to his feet. His joining means that between him and Payton we shouldn't be lacking in attacking experience to teach the team how to score.

    Physio-Carl Butler

    A physio with ten years service with Derby County. His presence should mean our lads with be well looked after should the curse of injuries strike.

    Chief Scout-Mal Liptrott

    Mal had been part of the coaching set up of Burscough then Southport. Where he tasted success as part of the Sothport team that won the Conference North in 2009. Joining us as Chief Scout he'll have a good Knowledge of Northern non league football.

    Pre-season Results

    Colne 3-1 Penrith
    Greyed out Peter Rose and Zac Withington scoring plus Beven Burey geting his first in a colne shirt made it a happy start to life with Colne.
    Colne 5-1 Bishops Auckland
    Burey was proving to be a great buy maybe, s he tore the Bishop a new arsehole scoring a hat-trick. Former Greyed out player Peter Rose also repaid my faith in him with a brace.
    Colne 2-3 Harrogate Railway
    There was no shame in what turned out to be a narrow defeat to a team one tier up from us. We clawed our way from 2-0 with two Phill Denney goals. Alas we fell to a goal nine minutes from time.
    Colne 1-1 Radcliffe Boro
    A solid draw against another higher league opponent and a parent team of ours. Recently arrived Ross Gardner got the goal that earned us the draw in his debut.
    West Auckland 1-3 Colne
    Ended pre-season in style with a fine win at our only away game. Robert simms, Jack Fisher and Peter Rose with the goals.

    So the season preparations had been very promising on the whole. We had been the better of teams on the same level as us. We had also held our own against the next step up the food chain. Which was not bad to say the entire team had been thrown together over the course of pre-season. Next up will be our opening month of the season and our assault on the North West Counties Premier begins!
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  7. Conquering The Football League Pyramid!. Football Manager 2014 Playthrough - YouTube

    This is a video of the first league game of the season against AFC Liverpool

  8. Conquering The Football Pyramid!.Football Manager 2014 Playthrough Part 2 - YouTube

    This a Video of our local derby day clash with Bacup and Rossendale. Another update on the season to follow soon!

  9. August Review

    I just hope you know what your getting your self into...

    August..The month of hope to Manager, Player and fan alike. This season could be our season, Our time. Even the most pessimistic fan still harbours a small flicker of hope in this month. Maybe it's because while not all clubs are equal in terms of squad size and bank balance, Everyone starts off on an even footing points wise and only alphbetical order decides how the table falls.

    So how did I and my Rag tag band of released league and non league players fair in our first campaigns of this new season?.

    Colne 4-1 AFC Liverpool. 3/8/13
    Fantastic start to the season with a late flurry of goals to seal the win.First forcing an own goal then Peter Rose, Mark Stewert and Ross Gardner all scoring.

    Winsford 2-2 Colne. 6/8/13
    Came from behind to almost instantly level from Bobby Brewer. Went down again before Phill Denney rescued us 10 mins from time.

    Colne 3-1 Tow Law. FA Cup Qualifier 1st Round. 10/8/13
    Got through the first rond against lower opposition thanks to an iprssive Peter Rose who forced an own goal before scoring a brace in the last five mins.

    Colne 2-2 Bacup And Rossendale. 17/8/13
    Twice led and twice conceded almost instantly as we somewhat frustratingly ended with honours even against one of our local rivals. Phill Denny grabbing both goals.

    Colne 4-3 Lewisham Borough. FA Cup Qualifier. 24/8/13
    Our FA Cup saga continues after this seven goal thriller. Mathew Cross started the scoring for us after going two goals down. It was then the Peter Rose show as he went on the score an amazing hat-trick to put us 4-2 up. We conceded another but held firm to march on in the qualifiers.

    Stockport Sports 1-1 Colne. 27/8/13
    Bevan Burey scored his first of the season to put us ahead just after the break. We were left frustrated though as we surrendered another win with twelve minutes to go.

    Colne 2-1 Runcorn Town. 31/8/13
    Like a back street Thai massage we had a happy ending to the month. Mark Stewert gained us the lead, Before Runcorn Town drew level ten mintes before half. Peter Rose then turned super sub to come off the bench for Denney and immediately scored what turned out to be the match winner.

    Additions since start of season

    Elliot Green-20 Centre Back. Signed just after the AFC Liverpool game. Former Lincoln City youth. Played for Eastwood, Non league Sheffield and Lincoln Utd.

    Adam Farley-33 Centre Back. Veteran who jumped ship from AFC Liverpool which went through two days after the opening game with them. Played for Everton, Altrincham, Droylsden, Marine and Burscough.

    Adam Scorfield-21 Left Back. Ex york reserve joined same day as Farley.

    Gavin Lee-Ellison-31 Centre Mid. Joined on the 13th. Experienced, Been at Blackpool,Leigh, Chorley and Clitheroe

    Lennie Reid-29 Right Mid. Brought in just before the final game of August. A more comfortable player with that right mid winger role. Spent time at Preston, Fleetwood, Clitheroe, AFC Fylde and Bamber Bridge, Where he joins us from.

    There were a few other regens signed for the reserves as prospects but I'll mention them if they break into the first team.

    Player of the Month= Peter Rose
    The local lad handed a chance has come good in his first month. Gets the prize this month for his great cup form and an important goal in the last match to gain us three big points.

    A good start to the season with all things concidered. It was a whole new squad with new players being added in as we went along. The team also had to get to grips with the tactics we were using as we tweeked and altered it to make it right for us. We were still in the FA cup drawn next away against Ramsgate. In the league we sit 5th, Although we should be 3rd due to our better goal difference. For some reason the custom league set up I have put the levels team in alphabetical order instead of by goal difference. Lets hope that doesn't turn out to bite me on the ass later!!
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  10. Conquering The Football Pyramid! FM2014 Playthrough Part 3 - YouTube

    This video features the last game of August against Runcorn Town. And also me nearly choking to death on a hot beverage....

  11. Maybe I'm just cursed...

    Cannot load up this Colne save anymore. Put my laptop on standby, Then forgot about that when I just removed the battery to get the model number of my laptop for a repair quote duh!.

    Just as the team was staring to get used to the tactics and put some good results together. I was also on a little FA cup run too. Being the sharp witted fellow I am didn't make a backup save..Well nothing for it now but to start over again from the begining if you guys are interested in still following on with the story if not I may make a poll for my next story.

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