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It was a dreadful season for the red devils come the end of 2014. David Moyes didn't live up to expectations and the Manchester United board and fans lost patience leading to the head coach being sacked.
With Manchester United finishing their season in 8th place, the board finally thought it was time for a change.

With no real experienced managers available the board had some problems. Who would be able to fill the boots of Sir Alex Ferguson, live up to expectations and carry out a job Moyes could not. It was a mystery until Alex announced some shock news. A in-experienced 25 year old from Newcastle. The lad being, Ryan Jackson. Sir Alex being respected and now a director, he went straight to the board and recommended him. With Alex knowing what he's talking about and being highly respected in Manchester the board agreed and decided to hire their new man.

Press Conference
Ryan Jackson, Sir Alex Ferguson)

Interviewer: There are rumors that it was you Alex who got this man the job, can you go into that any further?
Sir Alex Ferguson: Yes, indeed it was me that got this lad the job. Since my retirement and disappointments with United's progress I have been scouting for somebody to fill the role. I have had 1 year out of managing and decided that i needed to pass on my knowledge to somebody else. Ryan was just the man, great determination, and highly intelligent. I felt that if i could take him under my wing and teach him a few things his career could be very successful here.
Interviewer: Okay, so he's your apprentice then? Is that right?
Sir Alex Ferguson: You could say that, yes.
Interviewer: So Ryan, you've been given a job at one of the biggest clubs in the world, do you feel you can live up to expectations?
Ryan Jackson: I don't see why not, I've been studying hard over the past 3 years on management and i've got my style of play. Alex took me under his wing and taught me a few things which i feel can benefit me a lot. I'm hoping to step into his shoes and take my style of play and his tips and take this club onto as many trophies as possible after sadly David Moyes missed out.
Interviewer: Well thank you and good luck! I hope your career is very successful.
Ryan Jackson: Cheers.