Gialla come er sole, Rossa come er core mio!!!

  1. Gialla come er sole, Rossa come er core mio!!!

    Most of you probably got it from the title, the team I'll be leading is:

    Gialla come er sole, Rossa come er core mio!!!-278px-as_roma_logo_-2013-.svg.png

    I've done a bit of playing, so first I'll update you on the current situation(up to December 2013) and after that I will start posting monthly reports as I play the game. There will be a bit of a twist and this won't be an ordinary save, but we'll get to that.

    So, as I've said already, I finished some of the season, so here's the table at the start of December:

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    A solid start, could've been even better if not for a stupid home loss against Sassuolo, and two 3:3 draws against Chievo and Genoa. Here are the rest of the fixtures I've played so far:

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    Some good results, some not so much, but overall it's not too bad, and I'm pretty optimistic we can hold our current spot, or maybe even challenge Juve for the title.

    As for the summer transfers, Roma isn't a very rich club, so I bought only two players, Lucas Romero and Angel Correa. I already know that they are huge talents and they've already begun to show me that.

    Name:  transferi 2013.jpg
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    And now, since I've promised you all a twist, here it comes: Romero and Correa will be the only two players I'll buy on this save. That's right, we're going homegrown from now on. It was a bit of a late decision, so it won't be completely up to the rules of Talent Factory challenge, but I hope you guys will still enjoy it. I know I will.

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    We start December off with a derby, and it's a pretty important one. A win could see us get to the top spot on the table.

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    And we bloody did it!!! Ljajic escapes a poorly positioned Juventus defense and scores an early winner. After that it only got worse for Juve when Peluso got sent off for a barbaric tackle on Pjanic. We managed to shut the game down and keep our net empty until the end.
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    One of those games where you just can't score, no matter how hard you try.
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    Terrible, terrible loss. We managed to get back into the game after the early openner, but their defense was impossible to unlock, so their set pieces were the death of us. Second home loss of the season, but we're still unbeaten in the away games.

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    Luckily for us, Inter and Juve had to play eachother, and because it was a draw, we've managed to stay on top of the table even after two disastrous results. Hopefully January will be better for us, but it will be hard because we've lost De Rossi(5 weeks) and Maicon(3-4 months ) to injuries. I am also thinking of selling Pjanic because he hasn't been playing all that well but PSG is lurking so I might be able to get a nice fee and cover up some of the debt.

  3. A hot January

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    Great month for us. Apart from the Catania slip up, we've managed to rediscover our form which will certainly help us in our Scudetto bid. We still have some problems in the attacking department, because, as you can see, the goals have been lacking a bit, but with some minor changes to the tactics that should get ironed out in no time.


    Name:  parma - roma.jpg
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    Pretty important game for us as we've previously missed to win on two occasions. It was a hard game and we only managed to win it after a well taken corner.
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    Honestly, we should have lost this. Not much happened during the game, but Catania were the better team.
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    We win out first Coppa Italia fixture thanks to a brace by Destro. His first two goals of the season. Injury will only last for a couple of days so we hope he can finally get into some sort of form.
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    Two late goals in each half help us beat Milan for a second time this season and advance to Coppa Italia Semi-Final to face Juventus.
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    Lady luck was on our side this time. We scored what was pretty much our only chance while Sampdoria were missing theirs.
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    De Rossi's red card made us work harder for this one, but in the end, I think we deserved to win it.

    Name:  tabela januar 2014.jpg
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    Inter aren't playing around this year, and I can already see they will be very hard to beat in the Scudetto race. And we can never forget about Juve.


    Alessandro Florenzi

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    The young Italian was instrumental to us this month, and his goals got us three wins. Hoping to see more of his good form in the coming months.

  4. What tactic are you using? Lots of potential this Roma side have. Good luck with achieving your goals.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by JohnWayve View Post
    What tactic are you using? Lots of potential this Roma side have. Good luck with achieving your goals.
    I wanted to get the most out of Totti, which is something I haven't been able to do in the past instalments of FM. This year, he started of brilliantly, but then he hit a patch of bad form around December. Then somewhere in February I decided to change his role from False 9 to Trequartista. So, the tactics look like this right now:

    Name:  tactics.jpg
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    I do make changes all the time, though. Mentality depends on who I'm playing, as well as the D-Line. I also like to use Work Ball Into Box when I'm leading or when Totti decides he has to score a long shot(and he does that, believe me xD).


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    Bad start to the month of February, but the rest of it was pretty amazing.

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    Awful game. Chievo take advantage of our bad finishing yet again.
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    Juventus scored from the only 2 real chances they had, while we pretty much dominated the rest of the game and got a very important away victory.
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    It wasn't looking good for us on the 12th minute when Romero got a red card, but the rest of the team handled themselves marvelously and absolutely dominated Inter for the rest of the first half. In the second half we sat back and got one more goal from a great counter attack.
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    Early Florenzi goal meant that Juve had to score 3 to get to the final, but, as you see, they were unable to do so. We dominated much of the match, but were pretty unlucky in front of the goal.
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    Bradley scores his first goal of the season and carries us to an important win.
    Name:  sassuolo - roma.jpg
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    We manage to get revenge for the Olimpico loss from the first part of the season. Great Pjanic and Totti counter attack seals the deal.

    Name:  tabela februar 2014.jpg
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    Juve are still in front but we have a game in hand so we could potentially leapfrog them. Inter have started to fall behind a bit after losing to us, while Napoli are in great form and could potentially take part in the Scudetto race. Cagliari are the surprise package this season, and I'll be traveling to Sardinia to play against them relatively soon.


    The team. Nobody in particular stood out, but we've managed to get some great results nevertheless.


    That's right, the youth intake is here. We didn't have much luck this year, as I wanted a good GK regen first and foremost, but we didn't even get a single one. Rest of the kids are fine, four of them could potentially turn into good players.

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    Click image for larger version

Name:	Riccardo Ardeni_ Overview Profile.png
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    Click image for larger version

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    Great month for us, as it seems like we have finally found our scoring boots.


    Name:  roma - bologna.jpg
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    Definitely looks easier than it actually was. It was 1:1 up until the point Perez got sent off, which we managed to swiftly take advantage off.
    Name:  cagliari - roma.jpg
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    I've been dreading this match, but my captain Totti sure wasn't. His brace got us a great big win and we managed to get the first place again.
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    Second game of the most important week of our season. It didn't start well for us, though. Pasqual gave them an early lead, so I had to order my players to attack much sooner than I wanted to. But, man, did it pay off. After Romero scored a great goal and got us level, we completely walked over the newly appointed Malesani's side. Biggest win of the season so far.
    Name:  roma - napoli.jpg
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    Totti scores a great volley to steal the draw.
    Name:  genoa - roma.jpg
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    Pjanic and Totti run rampant. 3 goals by Pjanic, 3 assists by Totti. More than enough to win a very hard away game.
    Name:  roma - lazio.jpg
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    Probably the most boring game of the season. Both teams were to scared of losing to actually try winning.


    Name:  tabela mart 2014.jpg
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    While we are in great form atm, Juve and Inter have lost a lot of points in March, which has allowed us to make some distance before the final seven matches. I predict that 5 wins will be more than enough to clinch the title.


    Francesco Totti

    Name:  cr_mega_601_RTR2DDT5[1]totti.jpg
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    Il Capitano has finally regained his form and has carried the team with 4 goals and 4 assists in March. He will be our most decisive player in the fight for silverware.


    Name:  april mecevi.jpg
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    April wasn't very kind to us. I mean, sure, it could've been worse, but seeing that Juve simply don't know how to lose points, draws against Verona and Livorno have really hurt our title chances.


    Name:  verona - roma.jpg
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    One of those games where lady luck simply won't let you win. And what's even worse, we've lost our talismanic captain for the next 5 weeks.
    Name:  roma - milan.jpg
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    Life without Totti is cruel, but we somehow made it work against Milan, and we beat them yet again, third time this season. I guess some teams just suit us more, and some less(I'm looking at you Chievo xD).
    Name:  juve - roma.jpg
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    Again, like with Lazio match, the game was just too important for either team to risk losing. So we settled for a bore draw. This now means that if we and Juve end the season with equal points, we will be first because we beat them on Olimpico.
    Name:  roma - livorno.jpg
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    Another hugely dissapointing game. We may not be losing, but we give away too many draws, and that might come back to bite us in the ass. Juve is only on -1 now.
    Name:  udine - roma.jpg
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    I honestly thought we were gonna lose this, but the early Ljajic goal helped us break their game plan, and even after the equaliser they couldn't cope with our attacks, so we managed to steal the win with a late Florenzi goal.


    Name:  tabela april.jpg
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    We're up 4 points, but Juve have a game in hand. Still two games to go and we know what our objective is, win them both.


    Mehdi Benatia

    Name:  largestMehdiBenatia2013.jpg
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    Two goals for the big Morroccan and great defensive work against Juve were enough to take the PoM title.


    Name:  maj mecevi.jpg
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    Biggest month of the season for us. We were three wins away from a double title aand the players have marvelously pulled through.


    Name:  roma - fiorentina.jpg
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    Not much to be said about the game. We've dominated and a relatively early Destro goal was enough to seal the win. First trophy of my FM2014 career with Roma.
    Name:  roma - parma.jpg
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    The players finally understood just how close they are to the title and they never even gave Parma a chance.
    Name:  catania - roma.jpg
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    Catania is traditionally a hard away game for Roma and this time they needed to win to save themselves from relegation. Unluckily for them, my players were way more determined to win and two quick goals by Gervinho and Totti made all of our dreams come true. WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!

    Name:  tabela kraj.jpg
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    Name:  stats.jpg
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    Both Totti and Ljajic needed just a little bit to take the Capocanonniere title, but in the end Emeghara won it. Pretty poor season for strikers, as you can see. All in all, there weren't that many goals in the league. We were the top scoring team with only 67 goals. Hopefully that will change in the coming seasons.


    Name:  rejtinzi.jpg
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    Pretty even ratings, it shows just how much we played as a team.


    Name:  coppa italia.jpg
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    Francesco Totti

    Name:  cr_mega_601_RTR2DDT5[1]totti.jpg
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    With 15 goals and 13 assists in 31 games, our captain was the biggest reason we won the double. And I am incredibly happy I've managed to give him some more trophies before he retires. Maybe next year I'll be able to get him the only one he's missing.


    Adem Ljajic

    Name:  ljajic.jpg
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    15 goals from the AML position is an incredible accomplishment, and that's why the young Serbian has made me proud this year.

  11. Name:  rikrutment.jpg
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    Name:  junior.jpg
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    With the season done, our finances have finally improved a bit, so I've managed to take our Youth Recruitment and Junior Coaching to the next level. JC is now maxed, and we need only one more increase to max YR. This will help us get better regens, because that's the only way we can get new players.

  12. Also, with the CL money, I've managed to convince the management to improve both the Youth and the First Team training facilities. They will be finished next season.

  13. great thread, lovely to see one of my favorite team, espcially with such an emphasis on (ce solo un) capitano!
    Do you think this formation is getting the best out of totti?

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Jucha View Post
    great thread, lovely to see one of my favorite team, espcially with such an emphasis on (ce solo un) capitano!
    Do you think this formation is getting the best out of totti?
    Well, the stats speak for themselves. I don't think you can get much more out of him, he is 37, and quite a bit injury prone. Already in the second season he has declined quite a bit and Destro and Ljajic are slowly pushing him out of the squad.

  15. Totti is good to tutor the young ones. He retired in my second season and is now youth coach.

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