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New story!

  1. New story!

    Hello everyone!
    I'm looking to start a new story at some point tonight but the only problem is, I'm unsure of who to be!

    I don't want to do a simple "I'm the new Sir Alex Ferguson" challenge or "Bringing Arsenal/Liverpool back to the top!" challenge.

    So, It's either; Crystal Palace, Cardiff or Hull.
    If you want to read a survival challenge.
    Orrrrr! You can have; QPR, Derby or Middlesbrough
    If you want a promotion push challenge.

    Just a quick warning before I close. I'm on a FM confidence slump lately! Everything I do, fails. But I 100% will continue this story no matter what!

    Thanks for reading & please, vote!

  2. Save will be started within the next 2 & a half hours. Then story will be started about half an hour following that!

  3. So Middlesbrough it is! Will start the story & the update right away!

    It'll be a separate thread!

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