Saving Man Utd

  1. Saving Man Utd

    Currently 7th in the League and 11 points of Champions League, can the Champions Manchester United qualify for Europe and still pose a threat both at home and in Europe?

    The date is the 13th February 2014, and with a game to Crystal Palace coming up, the pressure is on Manchester United to start doing what they do best- winning.

    (NB, these are real league fixtures and points as they are now. FA cup, League Cup and Champions League are not real results and fixtures)
    Saving Man Utd-manchester_united_logo_1280x1024.jpg

    The league as it stands:

    Saving Man Utd-qa0576x.png

    We need to get into Europe desperately but the board wants more, League Expectations: Title Challenge. Can Man Utd get into the Champions League while pleasing the board expectations? Game On.

  2. The Sun Newspaper Update

    Saving Man Utd-sun.jpg

    After being chosen to replace Moyes at Manchester United, KV has started well this over the last two months. After winning his first two games over Leicester the FA cup and Crystal Palace in the League, he handled the challenge of facing German title challengers Dortmund very well away in their German fortress after a 4-4 draw.

    However, KV has been handed many challenges concerning his squad. Rumours are that experienced players such as veteran Ryan Giggs and Robin Van Persie are unhappy at the arrival of a relatively unknown manager and to add rub salt into the wound, Vidic has made it publicly clear that although he has signed a new contract at Manchester United under David Moyes, the captain will try and leave this summer.

    Despite these inconveniences, Manchester United have gone through March with results they would be very pleased with, having beaten Dortmund at Old Trafford and Liverpool 2-1 in the same week. A penalty shoot out victory over Newcastle United also sees them through to the Semi's of the FA Cup.

    But the Champions are still 8 points behind 4th place with 8 games to go and it looks almost impossible that they will qualify for Europe unless they manage a spectacular comeback in the league or win the Champions League. Our odds are that Man Utd are at 75-1 to qualify to play with Europe's elite. But this is United, do not rule anything out.


    A 2-1 (W) Leicester (FA Cup R5)
    A 4-2 (W) Crystal Palace (BPL)
    A 4-4 (D) Dortmund (CL)
    A 0-0 (D) Newcastle (FA Cup R6)
    H 2-1 (W) Liverpool (BPL)
    H 4-2 (W) Dortmund (CL)
    A 1-0 (W) West Ham (BPL)
    H p0-0 (W) Newcastle (FA Cup R6)
    H 4-2 (W) Aston Villa (BPL)

  3. Saving Man Utd-bbcsport_logo.jpg

    Man Utd Manager, KV, gave a very interesting Press Conference yesterday before the team play Barcelona at Old Trafford this evening in the Champions League SF in the second leg. After a 0-0 draw at the Camp Nou, things will certainly get interesting. Let us not forget that they did manage to beat Chelsea in the QF 4-2 on aggregate. Let's see what the manager had to say:

    KV, many would say that you had a good few months as a Man Utd Manager, but this is now your only way to get into the Champions League isn't it?, especially after that loss to Newcastle.

    I'm not so sure, ideally we would like to win the Champions League no matter where we are in the league, but our position does mean that there is more pressure on us today. However, I wouldn't rule us out of the top four until we are out mathematically.

    But with only three games to go in the league, one of them Man City at home and the other Southampton away, both against teams who have been doing very well this season, do you think you can do it?

    Never rule Man Utd out of anything. But for today, the focus is to hopefully get a good result against Barcelona at Old Trafford.

    Final Question, going back to the League, you are 3 points behind Tottenham who are in 5th place and 6 behind Liverpool who are 4th, both teams have easier opposition than you. What do you think are your chances of qualifying for Europe?

    I promise you, we will qualify for Europe this season. Thank you very much, I'll see you soon


    A Chelsea 2-2 D (CL)
    A Newcastle 1-2 L (BPL)
    H Chelsea 2-0 W (CL)
    N Southampton 1-0 W (FA SF)
    A W. Brom 2-0 W (BPL)
    A Everton 2-1 W (BPL)
    A Barcelona 0-0 D (CL)
    H Hull 2-0 W (BPL)
    H Norwich 3-1 W (BPL)
    H Barcelona ?-? ? (CL)

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    More Woes for United

    Yesterday's 3-2 defeat at the hands of Barcelona in home territory signified the possible end of Man Utd's hopes of qualifying in the Champions League. With three league games remaining and a FA CUp final against Chelsea, Man Utd are still 6 points behind rivals Liverpool and still have noisy neighbours, Manchester City to face in two days. Things are not looking good at Old Trafford and according to Sky Sports sources, there will be a major clearout with captain Nemanja Vidic, Robin Van Persie, Rio Ferdinand and Marouane Fellaini all set to depart the club.

    Don't rule United out though, after all, this is Manchester United we are talking about and anything is possible.

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    Man Utd send shock-waves across the country

    In a remarkable series of events starting with the 3-2 heartbreaking loss Man Utd endured against Barcelona in the Champions League, the season finished somewhat remarkably and surprisingly with a nice twist in the end of the 2014 season tale. With three games to go against Man City, Southampton and Sunderland, it was looking extremely unlikely that Man Utd would catch up to Liverpool who were six points ahead of them in the race to Europe.
    However, with losses against Aston Villa and Swansea, the perfect opportunity was made for Man Utd to take full advantage, and they did so in style. With 2-0 wins over Man City and Southampton, a single point would guarantee them qualification into the Champions League and it came with a 1-1 draw at Sunderland. These results see Man Utd rise up to 4th place- 2 places above where they were 6 days ago. Looks like the Red Devils aren't out of the picture just yet. Next season will get very interesting.

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