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Messing with a Basque Union: Real Union
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  1. Messing with a Basque Union: Real Union

    If you thought the only competitive Basque teams were Bilbao and Real Sociedad, then you are wrong. A new giant is growing from the bottom. They are opperating in Spanish 3rd division. They have just hired an unknown head coach who is set to make them promoted to the La Liga for the first time in over 80 years!! Is this man insane? Can he do the impossible?
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  2. After I met the board for the first time, I sat-down with my unknown assistant.

    Red: How the hell could I work like this? They didn't want to improve the facilities or a parent club, my transfer budget is ZERO, and I have a very LIMITED scouting range.
    Ambrosio Vilaplana: Well, we're gonna lose about 2M this season, and to be fair, you got your coaches in.
    Red: A team cannot survive without proper investments! Now I need to do my own scouting and hope and pray we do not get in administration.
    Ambrosio: Should I leave?
    Red: Yes, but tell the boys we're gonna train our tactics and team cohesion.


    Pre-Season Very Highly intense Team Coshesion with main focus on
    Tactics only
    Season Very Highly intense Balance with main focus on
    Def. Positioning
    This one
    At most 5th place, if I don't succeed, they won't fire me.
    (I don't go cheaply )
    Promotion, or at least playoffs. We have no money as we have
    the greatest facilities in 3rd tier soccer and that is not cheap
    Juan Dom
    Messing with a Basque Union: Real Union-gaizka-saizar_-overview-profile.png
    Messing with a Basque Union: Real Union-mikel-torres_-overview-profile.png
    Messing with a Basque Union: Real Union-ignacio_-overview-profile.png

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  4. It seemed like all was sorted until Ambrosio stepped in to my office.
    Ambrosio: Doesn't this tactic seems...uhh...anti-football?
    Red: What?
    Ambrosio: I mean it seems so outdated and frown upon in the Spanish media...
    Red: You think I give a damn about what they are gonna say. That's why you're taking over the press conferences.
    Ambrosio: It is just that...
    Red: I want to get all the points we can get with this tactic. Long ball is all good for this level. We see teams passing the ball around like it's a baby. I like that Tony Pulis guy. He seems so down to earth.

    In disgust, Ambrosio leaves Red's office.


    You might be saying, "Well, thats not a bad pre-season"
    But, the players seemed to be really pissed at the training schedule. The boys just want to have an extended vacation it seems. The full-backs and the wingers were focused on crossing, but they didn't seem to enjoy that one bit.

    Red: Boys, if you stop acting like a bunch of wussies and listen to me, maybe I'll make your life easier.

    First game of the season is coming up...
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  6. Ok, guys change of plans. I am well ahead of you guys and I'll need to give you guys an update after I played a few anyways. So I'll give you a 2013/2014 review
    REAL UNION 2013/2014 REVIEW
    [img]Real Uni[/img]
    [img]Real Uni[/img]
    [img]Real Uni[/img]
    I can tell you right now that we finished 5th and had a decent Copa Del Rey run. Had a contract and accepted the first offer they gave me to prevent myself from being fired mid-season. Our budget is 0. Was able to find somebody in Getafe to give us a decent sum of money and some players for next season. Our goal scorers were tied with Gaizka Saizar and Juan Dominguez with 10 goals apiece. The youth intake was a good one as we have a great facility for a 3rd division side.
    [img]Real Uni[/img]
    Good season. We were almost in the promotion playoffs but we conceded too many goals in the end. A new backline will be needed...
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  7. Real Union 2014/2015 SEASON (SO FAR) REVIEW
    Real Uni
    Real Uni
    Segunda Divisi
    A nightmare start in the second season. We were midtable for most of the season. We were conceding too many goals and we didn't score many as well. I had to change my tactic to this.
    14.3 NEAR PERFECT 4231 by andrichbrand:
    A very narrow tactic but my wingers were able to play well regardless. Ever since we changed the tactic, we have won all our games. Lets push on??

    Real Uni
    Real Uni
    As you can see I have taken advantage of the loan system. The quality of the players I already had on hand wasn't the greatest. I needed a good RB and some wingers. My regen Arias was flopping at RB so I brought in Marco Vittiglio on loan. He had 12 Crossing which is great for a 3rd division team like us.
    I really do not want to talk much about the finances because we are projected to lost 6M. I think a new buyer might come in next season to sort that out when we are in the Adelante.

  8. Our youth intake just came in. Only one player who was good, tho Could be use as backup right away

  9. Relegation side that needs a beating and we gave them that.
    Real Uni

  10. The goals are banging high!!
    Real Uni

  11. UPSET CITY!! Dethorned the 3rd place Bilbao B.
    Real Uni

    And now we're in 3rd place. Promotion playoffs on the way it seems with 5 games to go. 7 points off first but I doubt we can keep it going. We'll see...

  12. They made it look easy
    Real Uni

  13. Might need a new fitness coach. The players really hate their current one. Getting some injuries here and there, too.

  14. So, now I sat down with the Fitness Coach, Nestor Orozco.
    Nestor: I've been offered a mutual termination and I decided to accept.
    Red: Good, so piss off. Because of you, our players have been getting injuries here and there. Bye

    And with that, Nestor leaves my office in shame.

  15. I've decided to look around and I found Laurent Bessiere available with 18 Fitness.

    Laurent: I'm glad to have sign for such a unique club
    Red: Your welcome, now sort out those injuries!!

  16. Real Uni
    WHATTA GAME. A comeback has brought us back to a W. We have secured a playoff spot, so now we are just playing for keeps.

  17. Real Uni
    Whatever. Top of the league and they showed us why. Look at those players with 5+ ratings, tho!

  18. Real Uni
    Saizar has really come to his own. 27 goals in 30 games!! Playoffs, here we come
    Segunda Divisi

  19. Real Uni
    An away goal could be good for us here.

  20. Real Uni
    Goals galore as we moved on to the next stage.

  21. The next match
    Segunda Divisi

  22. Real Uni
    Ehh...close game. We'll get them back in the second leg

  23. Real Uni
    Two injuries but a win nevertheless

  24. First game ended 2-2 the second, tho
    Real Uni


  25. Got some good news. Haven't updated in a while because of exaustion and playing with personal save (Malaga).
    Getafe has terminated the realtionship with the Union, but we gained Barca with some good money coming in. I hope we can get some loan players as well, but they aren't any ATM
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  26. Got some more good news. We're gonna be taken over, that means money. That means more cap space to get some non-loan players in!!

    Also we're playing all our home games in Sociedad's stadium while our usual stadium is being expanded...
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  27. Oh sh!t, I might be gone. The consortium takeover is done and we have some money coming in BUT the new man on top wants a new coach.

    Oh boy, hope and pray or else this career is dead

    Real Uni
    Real Uni

    A lot of loan signings and why not. Had a takeover coming in and we need cover.

  29. My God, where the D??
    Real Uni

  30. The new board has opened shop and I'm still around and the show goes on. Just agreed to get a parent club so more money will come in and hopefully some loans.

  31. Awful, awful game.
    Real Uni

  32. Real Uni

    We really need to improve our backline

  33. Real Uni

    Two injuries, don't matter. An upset W for us. Had to talk to the squad before game and it kinda boosted their morale

  34. Real Uni

    Wow, did we even try??

  35. Tied with Rayo 2-2. Nicely played by the boys. Had a cheap friendly fill in between matches to get the players morale up. It worked
    Real Uni
    This game was much easier. I guess I'll make my own team selections next time (ass man is crap)

  36. Real Uni
    that's more like it. But my only striker Saizar got injured, tho

  37. Real Uni
    Beat the 1st place side. My God, we're outta that relegation area just like that

  38. Yea, our form was retained somewhat...
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  39. Real Uni

    Well, it should've been more but I'll take it

  40. Real Uni
    Well, a few new faces got a chance to shine and shine they did

    Real Uni

  42. Real Uni
    Real Uni
    Wow, just wow...

  43. you should do monthly updates or more detailed updates in your games mate and maybe add pictures rather than just links to click.

  44. Quote Originally Posted by AldoKemp-1 View Post
    you should do monthly updates or more detailed updates in your games mate and maybe add pictures rather than just links to click.
    Good idea, I'll just use tinypic instead then
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  45. We were leading 2-zip, but set pieces
    Our DM is also out of form. I'm trying to bring in Hetemaj on loan with a view of a bosman deal...
    My regen, Arias, is gone at the end of the season to Malaga. Jalid is also gone at the end of the season

  46. Hetemaj made his debut right away and made an impact right away. 1-1 we tie

  47. Attacking movement was focused but we just couldn't score

    Good news is that Fran Perez will leave us right now for 0. Get his wages out of the way is good for me

  48. Switched formation, and it payed off. 4-2-3-1 will be the new tactic for now

  49. played against the lowly Barca B and won. I see the match report still sucking on Riera's d!ck :p
    We know he's good but I already gave him a contract

  50. Beat the 4th place side and it looks like Riera is our GK for a LONG time. We can get a playoff spot still
    A few points off but La Liga is reality and relegation to 3rd division is not

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