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A Cyprus (BAL) story
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  1. A Cyprus (BAL) story

    A Cyprus (BAL) story-conor-._-news-inbox.png
    Cyprus have sacked their previous manager with a pretty long name, he will be replaced by a man who wants to be simply known as 'conor.' the nation,for the moment is modest about expectations and just wants to not be embarrassed at the moment but...
    A Cyprus (BAL) story-cyprus_-players-national-pool.png A Cyprus (BAL) story-cyprus_-players-national-pool-2.png
    a flock of 32 16/17 year olds have been found around Cyprus, they are believed to have the potential to one day fight for cups rather than to just be respected for something other than their fine beaches and scorching temperatures.
    conor was delighted about the project on his hands, but when asked about what lies ahead of him he simply said "I am focused on playing malta in a friendly on the 14th of august,after that I will focus on the Norway match of September the 6th, its that simple."

    if you have a question or want to know why im not playing you etc. please either post as if youre in an interview,or writing a newspaper article(going public about me not playing you) if you don't want to do this,or want to ask for a ss please post it on this thread: Cyprus to the top (become a legend)
    as I don't want this thread to get messy,a few ss's for people who asked and first match coming up soon.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails A Cyprus (BAL) story-untitled.png  
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    Andreas Nater
    A Cyprus (BAL) story-andreas-naterr_-overview-profile.png

    Daniel Murley
    A Cyprus (BAL) story-daniel-murley_-overview-profile.png

    Josh Middleton
    A Cyprus (BAL) story-josh-middleton_-overview-profile.png

    Luke Kooma
    A Cyprus (BAL) story-luke-kooma_-overview-profile.png

    Max Gonzalez
    A Cyprus (BAL) story-max-gonzalez_-overview-profile.png

    Rocco Russo
    A Cyprus (BAL) story-rocco-russo_-overview-profile.png

    Stewart Meakin
    A Cyprus (BAL) story-stewart-meakin_-overview-profile.png

    Akshay Rao
    A Cyprus (BAL) story-akshay-rao_-overview-profile.png

    Ousman Jallow
    A Cyprus (BAL) story-ousman-jallow_-overview-profile.png

    Allan Pickpoiss
    A Cyprus (BAL) story-allan-pickpoiss_-overview-profile.png

    Joe Morgan
    A Cyprus (BAL) story-joe-morgan_-overview-profile.png

    Joe Wilkzz
    A Cyprus (BAL) story-jack-wilkzz_-overview-profile.png

    Armin Tala
    A Cyprus (BAL) story-armin-tala_-overview-profile.png

    next update is our first game (vs malta)
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  3. our new captain
    our new captain is Joe Morgan, with Andras Naterr as vice catain. this was decided due to a recommendation from the Cyprus coaching staff that these wil be the most suitable captains for now

    Malta v Cyprus

    A Cyprus (BAL) story-malta-v-cyprus_-preview-line-ups.png
    we played a 4-3-3 formation for this game, we were looking to have a lot of possession,however it didn't work that way having only 52% against a team playing a not so possession 4-4-2. the game was a lot about rotation as we made all 6 possible subs at half time.
    A Cyprus (BAL) story-malta-v-cyprus_-post-match.png
    3 great goals won us the match, the first was a good spell of possession before collum received the ball at the edge of the area and fired it into the top corner. then minutes later middleton found himself through on goal and chose to lob the goalkeeper beautifully.after malta replied back with a header after half time jallow gave us a cushion again with a 25 yard free kick.

    Random Player Watch-Joe Morgan
    this will be me focusing on a player randomly, probably because he was in the news recently etc.
    this game I will focus on the new Cyprus skipper- Joe Morgan.
    joe was solid at the back, and his heading was brilliant, but his passing percentage must increase, and will when he passes it short more as at the moment he is hoofing it out far too much
    MAN OF THE MATCH- Ousman Jallow
    im going to do this throughout this, this isn't the games man of the match it is my opinion on the man of the match.(this will be our man of the match not the games).

    ousman jallow was the clear standout player here, getting a goal and also 2 assists so couldn't look past him here, im going to have to agree with the game.

    WORST PLAYER OF THE MATCH- Andreas Lafitis
    this will be quite simply the opposite to our man of the match, please do not get mad when/if your player is named this, its all a bit of fun
    Andreas Lafitis gets this unwelcome award. he was on for just 45 minutes but his passing accuracy was diabolical,and didn't offer anything out wide for us.
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  4. Cyprus v Norway

    in this game we tried to play a more conservative,less free flowing possession game. these are much better than us at the moment so I planned that as long as we have the ball,they cant score. after 30 mins they was battering us so I switched to a direct counter attacking style,playing 4-3-3(with (2dms and 1 bbm). this didn't work either as we just really couldn't get any control of the ball, and our lack of target man up front didn't help this.
    A Cyprus (BAL) story-cyprus-v-norway_-overview-overview.png
    as you can see just 42% possession and 3 shots to their 24,it was embarrassing really.

    I chose to focus on Kooma as he was the first player from everyone to move to a club outside of Cyprus(as youll see in a minute). was probably our most solid defender out of everyone,we didn't get much attacking done so he couldn't overlap down the right much which was a disappointment, but cant really be blamed on him

    MAN OF THE MATCH- Hercules
    he stopped it being an embarrassing scoreline and keeping it respectable for us.

    he didn't provide any kind of focal point to our attack, probably my fault for playing a 5'5 player when I was trying to counter attack,but that was due to me trying to play possession at the start.

    heres the national pool again to see any transfers that have happened
    A Cyprus (BAL) story-cyprus_-players-national-pool-3.png A Cyprus (BAL) story-cyprus_-players-national-pool-4.png
    a few players have moved out of Cyprus, but none have gone to any real 'top' leagues just yet

    &finally, how our group looks after the Norway defeat A Cyprus (BAL) story-world-cup-european-qualifying-section_-overview-stages.png

  5. Shame I haven't made a start yet but glad that I have got a club. Good luck in controlling all of us mate

  6. Can I have a SS of Wilkzz please?

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  7. Quote Originally Posted by minergy View Post
    Can I have a SS of Wilkzz please?

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    Please read my first post, if you want a ss ask on the thread on that post in the future. Just so this doesn't get messy with everyone asking for ss's. I'll do this one in a min with a few others from the other thread, then after that anyone who asks on here from now on will be ignored

  8. Iceland v Cyprus
    we went in to this game as 5-1 outsiders,which I was surprised about as I didn't think they we were that much worse than them looking at the squads.

    A Cyprus (BAL) story-iceland-v-cyprus_-preview-line-ups-2.png
    A lot of changes as you can see because the players don't seem fit enough to play twice in 3 days just yet.

    A Cyprus (BAL) story-iceland-v-cyprus_-post-match.png
    they won 1-0 thanks to a late corner goal. the stats seem very much in their favour looking at them, but I feel we were actually the better side. they had more possession,but this all seemed to be the parts of the game which aren't shown(not important). they also had more shots but a lot of these were long range, and once again not shown. whenever I see what was happening we were in control and breaking them down,Jallow had a good chance halfway through the second half but hit it straight at the keeper.

    hercules is the only player to have played every minute so far. he did ok but didn't make any saves I wouldn't expect him to make.

    MAN OF THE MATCH- Scott Houghton
    Scott Houghton was at the centre of every free flowing Cyprus move, he succeeded in making almost 60 passes which is the highest any Cyprus player has made for me yet.

    should have been able to head clear for the Iceland goal, also only attempted 27 passes which is 12 lower than the second worse, showing that he wasn't asking for the ball enough whilst his defence partner made over 40 passes.
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  9. Worst player of the match, sorry lads my bad

  10. Damn you Herculles - you're stealing my spotlight, i was supposed to be the Number 1 GK for Cyprus.

    NB! I just notyiced that you have written my name incorrectly. I was actually Pikkpoiss, but nvm, doesn't matter as long as i'm in the game

  11. Quote Originally Posted by pikkpoiss View Post
    Damn you Herculles - you're stealing my spotlight, i was supposed to be the Number 1 GK for Cyprus.

    NB! I just notyiced that you have written my name incorrectly. I was actually Pikkpoiss, but nvm, doesn't matter as long as i'm in the game

    He's nearly 7 foot, not bad for defending crosses! You'll probably start more when I start using a sweeper keeper once the rest of the team develops a bit as your a lot faster than him.

    Also Fm has crashed, before I had saved it for after the Iceland game. I'm going to replay that game now and hope it was just a 1 off so a chance to redeem himself for James roots
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  12. ok not gonna do my regular style of update for this, just getting it out the way. replay of Iceland v Cyprus due to crash dump
    A Cyprus (BAL) story-iceland-v-cyprus_-preview-line-ups-3.png
    A Cyprus (BAL) story-iceland-v-cyprus_-stats-away-stats.png
    roots didn't make up for his first performance giving away a pen in this game, although he did look slightly better on the ball.

  13. A Cyprus (BAL) story-cyprus_-interaction-team-meeting.png
    our captain Joe Morgan seems to recognise our project, even if the press and Cyprus FA aren't happy about me dropping more well known players

    Cyprus v Albania

    this was the first game we went into as favourites, 4-7 favourites in fact
    A Cyprus (BAL) story-cyprus-v-albania_-preview-line-ups.png
    we went to 4-2-3-1 in an attempt to create more clear cut chances, pickpoiss got his first start in net as we used a sk behind our high pressing team.
    A Cyprus (BAL) story-cyprus-v-albania_-post-match.png
    once again we fucking lost! our players were wasteful shooting from long range which ill be sure to stop as soon as possible. don't know how we didn't have more possession as they always seemed to just whack it forward and get us on the break so that is surprising.
    A Cyprus (BAL) story-cyprus-v-albania_-stats-player-ratings.png

    RANDOM PLAYER WATCH- James-Adonis King
    he became the youngest champions league goalscorer recently against Barcelona.
    A Cyprus (BAL) story-conor-._-news-inbox-4.png but he was very wasteful and frustrating for us, often choosing to fire miles wide rather than simply pass.

    MAN OF THE MATCH- Luke Kooma
    offered us an outlet wide right when he got forward,and hardly put a foot wrong on the ball. surprised he was only rated 6.7, james roots ran him close he looked solid at the back.

    came on after 10 minutes and didn't really get into the game,offered us nothing up front or on the left when I moved him out there. Jamie allan ran close because of his red card
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  14. Cyprus v Slovenia
    the last game of the world cup qualifiers, of course we had no chance of qualifying so glad to see the endo of them this year.

    A Cyprus (BAL) story-cyprus-v-slovenia_-stats-player-ratings.png
    A Cyprus (BAL) story-cyprus-v-slovenia_-post-match.png
    another defeat, 4 in our last 4, but a young squad so this kind of start was expected, ive arranged our next 3 games to be vs sri lanka,Bhutan and san marino so well get a few wins soon hopefully.

    RANDOM PLAYER WATCH- Stewart Meakin
    stewart meakin has just signed for paralimni, and is now the highest valued member of our squad (75k so not too dear just yet). he had a quiet game, didn't make any mistakes but wasn't at any point too impressive.he didn't win enough of his aerial battles though( 2 out of 6)

    MAN OF THE MATCH- Ousman Jallow
    our only good moment was the goal so I think its only fair the scorer gets man of the match. even though he didn't do much else he won because of the lack of competition

    he didn't press quick enough meaning if they did a simple 1-2 they was past him as if he wasn't there. hell probably only play as a dm until he inproves for now rather than a ball winning centre midfielder.
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  15. Sri Lanka v Cyprus

    A Cyprus (BAL) story-sri-lanka-v-cyprus_-preview-line-ups-2.png A Cyprus (BAL) story-sri-lanka-v-cyprus_-stats-away-stats.png
    were playing a 4-4-1-1 this game. I am still looking to be free flowing in attack but the plan here is to also get the '2 banks of 4' sorted in defence, this is in preparation for when we play bigger teams next year.

    A Cyprus (BAL) story-sri-lanka-v-cyprus_-away-tactics-opposition-2.png
    our opposition- the commentator has a difficult job on his hands here!

    A Cyprus (BAL) story-sri-lanka-v-cyprus_-post-match.png
    we were solid here, and never looked like conceding. captain fantastic joe morgan rose at the back post to head a wide free kick cross into the back of the net to bag us a 1-0 win.

    closed my eyes and pointed at a player to get him,was going to do jallow, who is valued at 205k now, but he has been targeted for motm etc a few times so giving somebody else a chance
    Rao was played in left midfielder and as he was used as a wide midfielder his prime intentions was helping me stay tight at the back whilst a full back overlaps,we kept a cleen sheet and he worked hard so a decent performance from him.subbed off at ht for us to switch our game slightly.

    MAN OF THE MATCH- Joe Morgan
    a 1-0 victory so makes sense for it to be a defender, and as he scored I could look no further than our skipper for this.

    he was the man playing of the striker so should have been our creative player, he didn't do much wrong but didn't create any clear cut chances for us. subbed of after 45 mins on request from his club.
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  16. Loving having the captaincy! Great to grab my first goal too!
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  17. Bhutan v Cyprus
    playing against the 2nd worst team in the world here (we play the worst next )

    A Cyprus (BAL) story-bhutan-v-cyprus_-preview-line-ups.png
    we played a 4-2-2-2 here as I felt we were so much better than the opposition that we need to attack and get a few goals

    A Cyprus (BAL) story-bhutan-v-cyprus_-overview-overview.png A Cyprus (BAL) story-bhutan-v-cyprus_-stats-away-stats.png
    a brilliant game! we were totally in control of the ball and breaking them down at will until we went down to 10 men.
    after we went down to 10 men they had more of the ball but this is because I played a direct counter style. we played well, but I must say that 2 goals were from corners, and 1 was a pen so 5 goals makes it seem like we were more creative than we were.

    A Cyprus (BAL) story-bhutan-v-cyprus_-pitch-full.png this is before the red card, look how many players we got forward, nothing to do with a failed set piece that's just how well we got players forward to try break them down,this ss led to our first goal.

    Roots was very solid at the back,he won 10 out of 11 headers to get us back on the front foot immediately, a great performance despite us conceding twice.

    PLAYER OF THE MATCH- Andreas Naterr
    was only on for 50 minutes but got a goal and an assist with a great cross, he was a constant havoc to Bhutan bombing up and down the left side. scott Houghton ran him very close, also getting a goal and an assist

    played quite well at the start but then he got sent off and with the team playing so well someone must get it so I have chosen him.
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  18. hi everyone, as you may know we only had 2 goalkeepers, well the problem is they have both retired for some reason
    A Cyprus (BAL) story-allan-pickpoiss_-overview-profile-2.png A Cyprus (BAL) story-hercules_-overview-profile.png
    I don't have the in game editor so I cant change it but maybe I could send the file to someone with the in game editor, they could take them out of retirement or make new keepers with the same name then send it back to me. please let me know if youre able to do this for me, thanks
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  19. That's crazy

  20. Actually I've managed to sort it out, I will back to a previous auto save(won't have to redo any matches) and add a new manager sign them for a club, then leave. They won't retire if they have a club
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  21. OK, how's this for an "interview"?

    Wide midfielder Akshay Rao, speaking to the Cypriot Free Press on Monday, said that he hoped his manager could convince Pikkpoiss and Hercules to come out of retirement and resume their goalkeeping duties for the national team.
    He was also frustrated at his inability to put in good performances on the pitch and failing to sign terms with any club.

  22. Quote Originally Posted by wr1097 View Post
    OK, how's this for an "interview"?

    I like it! And I've done the same with you as I did with the goalkeepers( put you in a team so you don't retire) you're at Peterborough now, - watch this space I'll put a bit about it in the next post about the San Marino game
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  23. first of all, as everyone now has a club here is their clubs for you, the keepers I put at a club myself and same with anyone that's been highlighted. camborakis is at notts county because he refused to go to Peterborough like everybody else.(I picked Peterborough because they had no manager.the other 2 clubs were done by pressing pick a team for me till I got a team out of the top league.) all these players have been given a ?1 minimum release clause so are essentially still free transfers to buying clubs
    A Cyprus (BAL) story-cyprus_-players-national-pool-5.png A Cyprus (BAL) story-cyprus_-players-national-pool-6.png

    our qualifying group for euro 2016 has been drawn:
    A Cyprus (BAL) story-european-championship-qualifying_-overview-stages-4.png
    not a bad group for us, we should beat Estonia both times, then hungary and Montenegro are good teams but we have it in us to possibly beat them. Russia are a good side, but theyre not spain etc. so we could possibly get something out of them if were very lucky.this cup will probably also be too soon for us,but a good showing would be great to increase our ranking and make it easier to qualify for cups in the future.

    Cyprus v San Marino
    once again started with a 4-2-2-2 like against Bhutan
    A Cyprus (BAL) story-cyprus-v-san-marino_-preview-line-ups.png
    A Cyprus (BAL) story-cyprus-v-san-marino_-post-match.png A Cyprus (BAL) story-cyprus-v-san-marino_-stats-home-stats.png
    a 6-1 victory even though we had 10 men for an hour of the game. were getting a lot of red cards recently which is very worrying.

    RANDOM PLAYER WATCH- Dimitris Zandberg
    dimitris zandberg has played very well for paralimni this season. 20 games with an average rating of 7.42
    he played superbly today, building pretty much every attack we had and attempting 76 passes whilst winning the ball very well aswell. would be a worthy man of the match winner if it wasn't for...

    MAN OF THE MATCH- Jack Higgins
    of course the man of the match is our first hattrick hero yet,he didn't put a foot wrong and his finishing was brilliant. a top-class individual performance topped of a top-class team performance.

    he seems to have appeared a lot on this and motms, a very good but inconsistent player.
    he only attempted 9 passes and succeeded 4 in almost an hour on the pitch which even for a striker who was given the job of simply getting the goals is pretty poor. also didn't get a goal so didn't do his job either there.
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  24. I like it so far mate, always enjoy National Team stories. Good work man, hope to see this go far.
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  25. summer news
    Max Gonzalez to Manchester united- 3m
    Scott Houghton to arsenal- 4.8m, loaned back to apoel
    Lachlan Waddell to Bayern- 4.9m
    Akshay Rao to West Ham- loan
    Andreas Lafitis to vitesse- loan

    rocco russo agreed a 5.25m move to arsenal but arsenal pulled out at the end as they couldn't afford it.

    brazil won the world cup
    gareth bale joined united for 22m- he made only 1 appearance for real Madrid all season.

    next game is a friendly against Scotland then a qualifier v hungary, these will be posted tomorrow
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  26. It would have been a honor to play with arsenal but alas not as they are penny pinchers- Rocco Russo

  27. I play for Parma...amazing

  28. Who does stewart meakin play for

  29. Quote Originally Posted by stokecfc10 View Post
    Who does stewart meakin play for


  30. Very happy to see that Gonzalez moved to United

  31. 2nd season screenshots

    Akshay Rao
    A Cyprus (BAL) story-akshay-rao_-overview-profile.png

    Allan Pikkpoiss
    A Cyprus (BAL) story-allan-pickpoiss_-overview-profile.png

    Armin Tala
    A Cyprus (BAL) story-armin-tala_-overview-profile.png

    Jack Wilkzz
    A Cyprus (BAL) story-jack-wilkzz_-overview-profile.png

    James-Adonis King
    A Cyprus (BAL) story-james-adonis-king_-overview-profile.png

    Max Gonzalez
    A Cyprus (BAL) story-max-gonzalez_-overview-profile.png

    Rocco Russo
    A Cyprus (BAL) story-rocco-russo_-overview-profile.png

    Stewart Meakin
    A Cyprus (BAL) story-stewart-meakin_-overview-profile.png

    Andreas Naterr
    A Cyprus (BAL) story-andreas-naterr_-overview-profile.png

    Joe Morgan
    A Cyprus (BAL) story-joe-morgan_-overview-profile.png

    Jordan Wallace
    A Cyprus (BAL) story-jordan-wallace_-overview-profile.png

    Ousman Jallow
    A Cyprus (BAL) story-ousman-jallow_-overview-profile.png

    Lachlan Waddell
    A Cyprus (BAL) story-lachlan-waddell_-overview-profile.png

    Sean Collum
    A Cyprus (BAL) story-sean-collum_-overview-profile.png

    Luke Kooma
    A Cyprus (BAL) story-luke-kooma_-overview-profile.png

    Daniel Murley
    A Cyprus (BAL) story-daniel-murley_-overview-profile.png
    next update is a friendly v scotland
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  32. Scotland v Cyprus

    A Cyprus (BAL) story-scotland-v-cyprus_-preview-line-ups.png
    I planned to play a direct 4-1-2-1-2 here as it is similar to what we played v san marino and Bhutan when we went down to 10 men. I switched to our starting formation for them 2 games ( 4-2-2-2) at half time as it wasn't working.
    A Cyprus (BAL) story-scotland-v-cyprus_-overview-overview.png A Cyprus (BAL) story-scotland-v-cyprus_-stats-away-stats-2.png
    my tactical change worked! 2-0 down at half time 3-2 up at full time. jallows goal was bad goalkeeping as he spilt a weak attempted cross into his goal,but it was given to the striker. max gonzalez, just a minute later, had a header saved but was able to tap in the rebound. collums goal was brilliant one touch passing around their area, then drilled across the box low for collum to tap in.

    making his Cyprus debut and he didn't disappoint,absolute rock at the back here and was calm&composed on the ball aswell.

    MAN OF THE MATCH- Max Gonzalez
    he was simply everywhere today, winning the ball well and creating attacks. a top performance from him.

    WORST PLAYER OF THE MATCH- Ilias Camborakis
    wouldn't even notice that he was on the pitch. subbed at half time.
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  33. very good debut for me.
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  34. Cyprus v Hungary

    A Cyprus (BAL) story-cyprus-v-hungary_-preview-line-ups.png
    we played a 4-2-2-2 as I believed we could win this game playing attacking football

    A Cyprus (BAL) story-cyprus-v-hungary_-overview-overview.png A Cyprus (BAL) story-cyprus-v-hungary_-stats-home-stats.png
    another f*cking red card ruined us,we were in control for the 15 minutes before that as well. we have won all 4 friendlies but lost all 5 qualifiers so far,typical.

    his debut was cut short after 15 minutes to bring a defender on because of morgans red card.

    MAN OF THE MATCH- Armin Tala
    was solid again, he seems as if hes more experienced than our other defenders despite being the same age so he reads the game better,possibly because hes playing in a better league.

    the sending off changed the game, so ill give it to the man that got sent off.
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  35. How have I been in goal. I see that my rating vary for 6.2 to 7.4 but i'd like to know what the manager thinks? (My player is Pickpoiss)
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  36. sorry for the red card guys,
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  37. wow i seem to play very well for my club but when it comes to the national team my player disappoints
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  38. First goal and MOTM, glad to see that...
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  39. Loving the updates!
    Great work!
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  40. Which clubs are the players at? Great idea by the way!

  41. Quote Originally Posted by Mkmillwall View Post
    Which clubs are the players at? Great idea by the way!
    Here you can see an overview for last season
    --> A Cyprus (BAL) story
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  42. Struggling to hit the first team =/ Hopefully can impress in my team to hit the national squad!
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  43. Quote Originally Posted by pikkpoiss View Post
    How have I been in goal. I see that my rating vary for 6.2 to 7.4 but i'd like to know what the manager thinks? (My player is Pickpoiss)

    You save what I'd expect you to save but don't really make any spectacular save, You haven't made any big mistakes leading to a goal yet which is a positive.
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  44. Forgot about this!

    Looks good so far.
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  45. Estonia v Cyprus

    A Cyprus (BAL) story-estonia-v-cyprus_-preview-line-ups-2.png
    a match we had to win to have any chance of a good qualifying campaign, I played 4-2-2-2 once again.

    A Cyprus (BAL) story-estonia-v-cyprus_-overview-overview.png A Cyprus (BAL) story-estonia-v-cyprus_-stats-away-stats.png
    we didn't really create much, but we had a lot of the ball and took what we did create. meakin scored a header from a corner. jallow pressured the keeper well and the ball was whacked at him falling into his path for an easy tap in. raos goal was some great passing football before he smashed it past the goalkeeper after a diagonal run from the wing got him into a lot of space.

    RANDOM PLAYER WATCH- Allan Pikkpoiss
    Pickpoiss kept a clean sheet and made a few good saves throughout the game,his distribution was also pretty good.
    (if anyone wants to be the random player watch please ask on the other thread and ill do it for you)

    MAN OF THE MATCH- Stewart Meakin
    he got a goal but the real reason for this was his confidence on the ball. time and time again he made their striker look like a mug and driblled it out into midfield or found a good pass.

    WORST PLAYER OF THE MATCH- Tziovanis Kypriano
    poor debut, wouldn't have even noticed he was on the pitch if he wasn't on the teamsheet.
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  46. Belarus v Cyprus
    A Cyprus (BAL) story-belarus-v-cyprus_-preview-line-ups.png
    they were favourites, but as a friendly I wanted to try test our attacking style against a better team so stuck to 4-2-2-2
    A Cyprus (BAL) story-belarus-v-cyprus_-overview-overview.png A Cyprus (BAL) story-belarus-v-cyprus_-stats-away-stats.png
    2 big mistakes at the back gave them their goals.jamie allan played a short backpass to pikkpoiss and the Belarus striker got there before the keeper and scored. pikkpoiss then misplaced a pass to tala whilst he was away from his goal giving the striker an empty net 20 yards from the goal.

    RANDOM PLAYER WATCH- James-Adonis King
    whilst he didn't create anything he worked hard so wasn't that bad a performance,just nothing he tried really came of.

    MAN OF THE MATCH- Lachlan Waddell
    played a beautiful 40 yard pass over the top for jallow but jallows shot went over. this was good enough to get man of the match as there wasn't much competition

    WORST PLAYER OF THE MATCH- Allan Pikkpoiss
    was partly at fault for both goals so the keeper definitely gets it for this game.

    in club news Ousman Jallow has agreed to join AS Monaco for 4.6m, this transfer will go through in january
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  47. I know we only played 2 matches in the campaign, but can you post table once in a while...

  48. My players not in the list of SS's???

    Luke Kooma
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  49. Quote Originally Posted by RiotAct View Post
    I know we only played 2 matches in the campaign, but can you post table once in a while...
    Will do mate, I keep forgetting to do it, will start adding it from my next update tomorrow

    Quote Originally Posted by bornexplorer88 View Post
    My players not in the list of SS's???

    Luke Kooma

    You was in the first season, you didn't ask 1 for the second season. I'm assuming this means you want one so I'll add you tomorrow
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  50. Quote Originally Posted by conorc98 View Post
    Will do mate, I keep forgetting to do it, will start adding it from my next update tomorrow

    You was in the first season, you didn't ask 1 for the second season. I'm assuming this means you want one so I'll add you tomorrow
    Please didn't realise i needed to ask for each season.
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