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Mpejkrm's World Cup Challenge
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  1. Just went and read this thread from the start! Fantastic idea, although I do feel like you'll want to pull your hair out after a while; this challenge will take months! haha

    Although keep it up, I'll be following!

    Also great how much detail you have continued to put into this...usually people start with a lot of detail then after a few pages they write a 2 line update, so kudos for that!

    Looking forward to the next update!!
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  2. Bosnia enter Top 15 of May 2016 Men's World Ranking

    The Bosnians return to the Top 15 of the FIFA/Coca-Cola men's World Ranking for the first time in under a year, while Japan falls down to 16th.

    Indonesia (144th, up 23) and Myanmar (145th, up 14) were the only nations to jump more than ten spots this month. Indonesia defeated Nepal (195th) in a friendly and India (137th) in a group stage match of the 2016 AFC Challenge Cup. Myanmar beat Guam (168th) in a friendly and Singapore (139th) in a group stage match from the same competition.

    India (137th, down 11) and Turkmenistan (155th, down 11) were the only nations to fall more than ten spots. India defeated Kyrgyzstan (161st) in a friendly match but lost to China (65th) and Tajikistan (98th) in friendlies and to Indonesia in the Challenge Cup. Turkmenistan was idle over the last period.

    The top 20:

    1. Argentina
    2. Spain
    3. Italy
    4. England
    5. Uruguay
    6. Netherlands
    7. Germany
    8. Brazil
    9. Czech Republic 1
    10. Belgium 1
    11. Mexico
    12. Chile
    13. Portugal
    14. Denmark
    15. Bosnia and Herzegovina 1
    16. Japan 1
    17. Croatia
    18. Colombia
    19. Ukraine
    20. Switzerland

    The rest of the rankings:


    21. Russia
    22. Austria
    23. South Korea
    24. Armenia
    25. Ecuador
    26. Romania
    27. Jamaica
    28. Scotland
    29. France
    30. Greece
    31. Serbia
    32. Wales
    33. Turkey
    34. Finland
    35. Poland 1
    36. Honduras 1
    37. Ivory Coast 2
    38. Costa Rica
    39. Zambia
    40. Cameroon
    41. Slovenia 1
    42. United States 1
    43. Australia
    44. Hungary 1
    45. Montenegro 1
    46. Saudi Arabia 2
    47. Slovakia
    48. Tunisia 1
    49. Senegal 1
    50. Albania
    51. Paraguay 3
    52. Algeria 1
    53. Peru 3
    54. Nigeria 1
    55. Bahrain 3
    56. Oman 5
    57. Iran
    58. South Africa 2
    59. Qatar 1
    60. Norway 1
    61. Israel
    62. Bulgaria 2
    63. Georgia
    64. Mali 1
    65. China 3
    66. El Salvador
    67. Egypt
    68. Latvia
    69. Morocco 2
    70. Ghana 1
    71. Iraq 1
    72. Cuba 1
    73. New Zealand 1
    74. DR Congo
    75. Cyprus
    76. Trinidad and Tobago
    77. Northern Ireland
    78. Lithuania
    79. Libya
    80. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 8
    81. Mozambique 1
    82. Sweden 1
    83. Thailand 1
    84. Estonia 1
    85. Republic of Ireland 1
    86. Grenada 8
    87. Guinea
    88. Venezuela 3
    89. Canada 2
    90. Angola 1
    91. Zimbabwe 1
    92. North Korea 6
    93. Guatemala
    94. Burkina Faso 2
    95. Panama
    96. Uganda 2
    97. Jordan 1
    98. Tajikistan 1
    99. Puerto Rico
    100. Vietnam
    101. Tanzania
    102. Togo 1
    103. Haiti 1
    104. Kuwait
    105. Burundi
    106. Belarus
    107. Uzbekistan
    108. Bolivia
    109. Ethiopia
    110. Iceland
    111. Moldova
    112. Cape Verde
    113. Congo
    114. Saint Kitts and Nevis 5
    115. Benin 1
    116. Kenya 1
    117. Barbados 1
    118. New Caledonia 2
    119. Suriname 2
    120. Equatorial Guinea
    121. Guyana
    122. Syria
    123. Botswana
    124. Lebanon
    125. Gabon
    126. Namibia 1
    127. Antigua and Barbuda 2
    128. Lesotho 2
    129. U.A.E. 1
    130. Saint Lucia 8
    131. Liberia 1
    132. Malawi 1
    133. Yemen 2
    134. Dominican Republic
    135. Rwanda
    136. San Marino
    137. India 11
    138. Gambia 1
    139. Singapore 1
    140. Bermuda 1
    141. Hong Kong 8
    142. Philippines 5
    143. Sudan 1
    144. Indonesia 23
    145. Myanmar 14
    146. Palestine 2
    147. Madagascar 2
    148. Curacao 2
    149. Tahiti 2
    150. Malaysia 7
    151. Seychelles 1
    152. Pakistan 1
    153. Kazakhstan 1
    154. Sierra Leone 1
    155. Turkmenistan 11
    156. Cayman Islands 2
    157. Macedonia 2
    158. Central African Republic 2
    159. Niger 1
    160. Chad
    161. Kyrgyzstan 4
    162. Mongolia
    163. Laos 2
    164. Nicaragua 1
    165. Mauritania 1
    166. Azerbaijan 1
    167. Chinese Taipei 1
    168. Guam 2
    169. Dominica
    170. Bahamas
    171. Liechtenstein 2
    172. Swaziland 1
    173. Vanatu 1
    174. Maldives 1
    175. Guinea-Bissau 1
    176. Samoa
    177. Solomon Islands 1
    178. Turks & Caicos Islands 1
    179. Bangladesh 1
    180. Mauritius 1
    181. Eritrea 1
    182. Sri Lanka 1
    183. Afghanistan 6
    184. Belize
    185. Andorra
    186. Aruba
    187. British Virgin Islands
    188. Comoros
    189. Malta
    190. Fiji
    191. Luxembourg 1
    192. Papa New Guinea 1
    193. Sao Tome and Principe 2
    194. Brunei
    195. Nepal
    196. Montserrat
    197. Tonga
    198. Faroe Islands
    199. Cook Islands
    200. Macau
    201. East Timor 1
    202. South Sudan 1
    203. Cambodia
    204. Somalia
    205. American Samoa
    206. Djibouti
    207. U.S. Virgin Islands
    208. Anguilla
    209. Bhutan

  3. Bulgaria Boss Mitch Collins Announces Squad to Face Bosnia

    Mitch Collins, the head man for Bulgaria, has named his 23-man squad to face Bosnia and Herzegovina in a friendly in Sarajevo later this week.

    Midfielder Todor Nedelev, who was pulled from the last squad by former Hamburger SV boss Mirko Slomka, returns to the squad in place of Sampdoria midfielder Antonio Vutov. Litex midfielder Kiril Despodov, who missed the last period with injury, returned, and midfielder Vladimir Gadzhev was dropped.

    Two longtime Bulgaria players who were in poor form were also dropped. Right back Stanislav Manolev, who has been in poor form for Brighton & Hove Albion, was dropped, as well as Levante goalkeeper Nikolay Mihaylov. Litex defender Plamen Galabov and Ludogrets goalkeeper Vladislav Stoyanov were called up.

    The full squad is listed below.


    Plamen Iliev, Georgi Kitanov, Vladislav Stoyanov


    Ivan Dimov, Plamen Galabov, Ivan Ivanov, Iliya Milanov, Anton Nedyalkov, Georgi Terziev, Stefan Velkov, Petar Zanev


    Ivaylo Chochev, Spas Delev, Milen Gamakov, Kritiyan Kitov, Georgi Milanov, Todor Nedelev, Ivelin Popov, Simeon Slavchev, Radoslav Tonev


    Milcho Angelov, Kiril Despodov, Ilian Micanski

  4. Bulgaria and Bosnia Play to Draw

    June 1, 2016
    Asim Ferhatovic Hase Stadium
    Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Milcho Angelov (above) had two one-on-ones saved

    Underdog visitors Bulgaria played hosts Bosnia and Herzegovina to a hard-fought 0 - 0 draw in Sarajevo.



    BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA: (4-1-2-1-2): Begovic; Skrijelj; Spahic (c); Smajlovic; Baljic; Salihovic; Stevanovic; Pjanic; Misimovic; Dzeko; Ibisevic

    Subs: Kamberovic; Atajic; Huseinbasic; Hadzic; Hodzic; Sanicanin; Grozdanic; Skenderovic; Sibcic; Racic; Adilovic

    BULGARIA: (4-1-1-3-1): Iliev; Nedyalkov; Velkov; Ivanov; Dimov; Gamakov; Slavchev; Despodov; Nedelev (c); Milanov; Angelov

    Subs: Kitanov; Terziev; Kitov; Micanski; Milanov; Delev; Popov; Galabov; Chochev; Tsonev; Zanev; Stoyanov

    Match Odds from Sky Bet
    Bosnia and Herzegovina 1-6 (Favorite); Draw 5-1; Bulgaria 10-1


    Bulgaria and Bosnia and Herzegovina met in Sarajevo for a friendly match, 11 days before the Bosnians open their 2016 European Championship Campaign against Greece. Bulgaria was playing their first match in nearly 200 days, the last coming against Cyprus in November 2015.

    The game began with Bosnia attacking the Bulgarians along the wings, while Bulgaria attempted a counter attack strategy. Bosnia got their first change seven minutes in, when Sejad Salihovic took a corner. Bulgaria's Simeon Slavchev, the FC Barcelona midfielder, headed the ball clear, but it was picked up by Miralem Pjanic. Pjanic, running the up the right wing, put a cross in for Manchester City striker, Edin Dzeko. Dzeko put a header goalwards but Bulgaria goalkeeper Plamen Iliev made a magnificent save.

    Off the save, Slavchev cleared the ball forward to Milcho Angelov. Angelov went one-on-one with Bosnian keeper Asmir Begovic, but his close shot was saved.

    Bosnia got another chance in the 11th minute when Dzeko's shot from just outside of the box rattled off the crossbar, but was quickly cleared away by Bulgaria.

    Not six minutes later, Slavchev intercepted a pass and passed forward to Todor Nedelev. Nedelev exchanged passes with Georgia Milanov and Slavchev, who got to through to Angelov. However, Angelov's shot was stopped again by Begovic with his fingertips.

    Simeon Slavchev (Center, 2) completed 86% of his passes (66/77)

    The game went into halftime 0 - 0, although both sides had themselves some good chances and each side was playing good defense. Bulgaria got the second half started but couldn't get anything going right away.

    Bosnia made some noise in the 55th minute, when Dzeko headed a ball that was intercepted by Slavchev. Milanov got the ball from Slavchev, and dribbled the ball all the way up the left flank of the pitch. With a beautiful cross right in his path, he attempted but was blocked! Celtic's youngster Bahrudin Atajic got the ball and played it to Dzeko. Dzeko sent a beautiful through ball to Armin Hodzic, but his shot was saved by Iliev.

    Bulgaria was playing well over the next period and got another chance in the 72nd minute. Begovic started if off with a goal kick that was taken in by Almir Racic, who headed it forward. The ball bounced around several heads and ended up back with Racic, who, for some reason, passed it back to Begovic. Begovic dribbled the ball well outside the box and cleared forward.

    Petar Zanev of Bulgaria picked up the header and played it through to Nedelev, who passed to Milanov. Milanov gave another great through ball to Angelov, and Angelov passed back to Nedelev. Nedelev took a shot but Begovic made another beautiful save, stopping Bulgaria's counter attack.

    That would end it for both sides, as neither Bosnia nor Bulgaria could get anything going for the last twenty minutes of play. Bulgaria will now look forward to the World Cup Qualifiers while Bosnia has one more friendly against Finland before the Euro 2016 tournament.

  5. Spartak Moscow complete Tsonev deal

    Levski's 21 year old midfielder Radoslav Tsonev has agreed to a deal with Russian side Spartak Moscow. Earlier, the club agreed to a 2.8 million pounds fee for the Bulgarian international. He will sign a four year deal worth 12.5K pounds p/w.

    Tsonev made his debut for the Bulgarian senior squad in June 2015 against Liberia, and has since gone on to be capped four times. Last season in 18 appearances for Levski he scored 1 goal and added two assists. He began his career with Levski in the 2009-10 season.

  6. Olympiacos agree to Angelov move

    21 year old striker Milcho Angelov is en route to Greece following his agreement with Olympiacos on four year contract. Earlier this week, the club agreed to a 3.2 million pounds fee with Angelov's former club, Ukrainian side Dnipro.

    The Bulgarian international made his debut for the senior squad in November 2015 against Lithuania, a match in which he also scored. He has featured in two matches for Bulgaria since, giving him 3 career caps. Last season was a strong one for Angelov as a club player, as he scored 14 times and assisted 3 for Dnipro in 20 league matches.

    Angelov began his career in the youth ranks of Chernomorets, where he stayed for five season before moving on to Dnipro.

  7. Hamburger SV sign Chochev

    Bulgarian midfielder Ivaylo Chochev has agreed to a deal with German outfit Hamburger SV and will join the team tomorrow. The contract is said to be a 5 year deal worth 28K pounds p/w. HSV agreed to a 4.5 million pounds fee to sign Chochev from Ukrainian side Metalist.

    Chochev has made nine appearances for the national side, his first coming in August 2013 against Argentina. He scored his first international goal on March 31, 2015 against Saudi Arabia, and has scored a total of 2 overall. Last season, Chochev appeared in 21 league matches for Metalist, scoring once and assisting five times.

  8. UEFA Euro 2016 Recap

    Click image for larger version

Name:	UEFA European Football Championship_ Overview Stages.png
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    England lift their first ever European Championship with a thrilling victory over a surprising Croatia in the final.

    Tournament Awards

    Best Player: Eden Hazard, Belgium (4 apps, 3 goals, 4 assists)
    Golden Boot: Luka Modric, Croatia (7 apps, 4 goals, 2 assists)

    Team of the Tournament

    Click image for larger version

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  9. Fifa finally realized that the US should be 42nd and not 13th.
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  10. England Reach top of July 2016 Men's World Rankings

    England has climbed up to first in the latest edition of the FIFA/Coca-Cola Men's World Rankings, fresh off their victory in the 2016 European Championship in France. Argentina and Spain, who previously sat on top of the rankings, fell two spots each to third and fourth, respectively, while Italy, who reached the Round of 16, moved up to second.

    Croatia, who finished runners-up in the tournament, jumped nine spots to eighth. Switzerland, a semi-finalist, jumped ten spots to tenth.

    The Gambia made the biggest jump in this month's rankings, moving up 52 spots to 86th, following a huge victory over Nigeria in a 2018 World Cup Qualifier. Other nations to move more than forty spots were Fiji (139th, up 51), Papa New Guinea (145th, up 47), and Myanmar (98th, up 47).

    Haiti had the biggest drop this month, falling 29 spots to 132nd. Other countries to drop more than 25 spots were Estonia (110th, down 26), Ethiopia (134th, down 25), and Pakistan (177th, down 25).

    The top 20:

    1. England 3
    2. Italy 1
    3. Argentina 2
    4. Spain 2
    5. Uruguay
    6. Belgium 4
    7. Germany
    8. Croatia 9
    9. Brazil 1
    10. Switzerland 10
    11. Netherlands 5
    12. Mexico 1
    13. Chile 1
    14. Portugal 1
    15. Russia 6
    16. Japan
    17. France 12
    18. Czech Republic 9
    19. Ecuador 6
    20. Bosnia and Herzegovina 5

  11. Paris Saint-Germain Sign Stefan Velkov

    The 19 year old Bulgarian central defender has agreed with the Ligue 1 side on a four year contract worth 31K pounds p/w. PSG negotiated a fee of 19 million pounds to sign Velkov from Girondins Bordeaux.

    Velkov is a full Bulgaria international, having made his senior squad debut on March 31, 2015 against Saudi Arabia and going on to be capped six times. Velkov began his youth career at Slavia (Sofia) before signing with Girondins Bordeaux in 2013. Last season he made 23 appearances and had an average match rating of 7.10.

  12. Argentina Return to Top in August 2016 Men's World Ranking

    Argentina has returned to the top of the FIFA/Coca-Cola Men's World Rankings following a brief one month absence. La Albiceleste won their second straight Copa America last month. England and Italy each fell one spot, to second and third, respectively.

    Ecuador, who came runner-up in the Copa America, moved up four spots to 15th. Japan fell three spots to 19th.

    Eritrea made the biggest jump this month, moving up 18 spots to 157th. Other countries to move up more than 15 spots were Guinea-Bissau (145th, up 18), Swaziland (149, up 17), Comoros (170th, up 16) and Mauritania (140th, up 16).

    Syria were the only country to drop more than five spots, falling 9 spots to 118th.

    The top 20:

    1. Argentina 2
    2. England 1
    3. Italy 1
    4. Spain
    5. Uruguay
    6. Belgium
    7. Germany
    8. Brazil 1
    9. Croatia 1
    10. Switzerland
    11. Netherlands
    12. Mexico
    13. Chile
    14. Portugal
    15. Ecuador 4
    16. Russia 1
    17. France
    18. Czech Republic
    19. Japan 3
    20. Bosnia and Herzegovina

  13. Your Bulgarian players are snatching hefty fees! I think that if you do well with the nation the youth rating increases and you get better regens.
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  14. Bulgaria Squad for World Cup Qualifiers Announced

    Bulgarian national team manager Mitch Collins has named his 23-man squad to face Macedonia and Armenia in 2018 World Cup Qualifying matches this week.

    Only one change was made from Collins' last squad. Striker Ilian Micanski, who infamously scored 6 goals in a 2014 World Cup Qualifier against Malta, was dropped from the squad for the first time in Collins' tenure. In his place, Collins recalled 27 year old Rubin striker Ventsislav Hristov.

    The full squad is below.


    Plamen Iliev, Georgi Kitanov, Vladislav Stoyanov


    Ivan Dimov, Plamen Galabov, Ivan Ivanov, Iliya Milanov, Anton Nedyalkov, Georgi Terziev, Stefan Velkov, Petar Zanev


    Ivaylo Chochev, Spas Delev, Milen Gamakov, Kritiyan Kitov, Georgi Milanov, Todor Nedelev, Ivelin Popov, Simeon Slavchev, Radoslav Tonev


    Milcho Angelov, Kiril Despodov, Ventsislav Hristov

  15. Great idea for a challenge this, might try it myself as i'm getting bored with club saves.
    Detail in your posts are awesome, kutgw!

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