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AC Milan Resurrection

  1. AC Milan Resurrection

    AC Milan Resurrection-milan1.jpg

    Rebirth of the World?s Greatest Football Club

    I bought FM 14 a week ago and I was so anctious to start a career with AC Milan . My goal is to take it back to the big stage and relive the glory days of this great club. As you all know, Milan has some good mature players, nice youngsters, but this team lacks backup. It has a decent starting 11, but the bench is quite bad. Another problem is represented by the salary wage, which is quite big considering that the team is struggling both is Serie A and UCL. So, this is what I did in order to try to succeed:
    1. I sold Montolivo (big salary), Muntari (good overall attributes but no heading), Robinho, Urby Emanuelson, Pazzini, Amelia, Zaccardo and I terminated the loan of Matias Silvestre. I got like ~ 50 million euros for these players and freed up a lot of salary wages.
    2. I bought Marcos Rojo, Moussa Sissoko, Nicola Murru, Mario Suarez, Salomon Kalou and Giuliano.
    Now, my purpose is to get rid of all the slow and old players at the club and buy young footballers who can fit in Serie A (which is a very tough competition for most foreign players). I want to take it step ? by ? step, not rushing because I want them to synergize with one another over the next seasons. I will try to challenge the title in the 1st season, but I will be happy to finish in the top 3 as well. I want to take a cautious approach to the tactical system because my 1st priority is NOT TO CONCEDE many goals, so I am playing a 4-1-2-1-2 (with wing-backs). I am not a guru of tactical systems but I am not a rookie either so I will do some tweaking with this formation (4-1-2-1-2). I think my team has good players to fit in this tactical philosophy, especially now after I made some more than decent transfers. I just finished my friendly matches and I am waiting to see who I will play in UCL play-offs. I will update the post constantly and let you guys know how my Milan is doing. Any help or advise would be much appreciated. You can tell me all our ideas about how would be best to take Milan where it belongs. Sorry for my possible writing errors, English is not my 1st language.

    Update - Start of the Season

    I have to admit that i am a bit lucky because Juventus isnt playing well and Roma has half of the squad injured. As for my results , I've done okay, everything is going fine, except Mexes who missed like a month because of an injury. I tweaked my tactics in the pre-season and i am really happy about my team's performance.
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    AC Milan Resurrection-2014-03-11_00008.jpg  
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  2. Will keep posted, interesting to see how long it will take to topple Juventus off top spot as the game integrates Juventus' RL tactics / formation really well!

  3. can you post transfer history screen, i am planing to play with Milan so i can see for what price i can sell those players.

  4. @SwiftNG

    Honestly, I already played 8 games in Serie A and Juventus had the worst start possible. Roma has almost all players on injury and Fiorentina doesnt have consistency. The surprise is Sampdoria which is on 2nd place. I am currently on 3rd place and I have a good feeling about the future. I also modified my tactics and my team plays much better now.


    Sure, look below.
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  5. I must say very nice, good job Did you wait Pazzini to recover from injury or did you sold him injured?

  6. I must tell you that I modified my starting database and removed all injuries and suspensions for all players in the world. That is the only change i made. I do this every FM edition because i hate to see a lot of talents wasting on the bench .

  7. I get that you freed a lot of wages, but your payroll budget is 98M and your transfer budget is 66M? That doesn't sound right..

  8. It took me a while to understand what you mean, but now I do. My payroll budget is per YEAR, not per week or per month . I started a new AC Milan manager just to take a screenshot. Look here AC Milan Resurrection-2.jpg
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  9. *** Update Mid-Season ***

    As you can see in the screenshots below, I've doing decently both in the League and UCL. I've managed to beat Juventus (Pogba got red card in min 65 or smth like that), then I defeated Inter 2-0 (Cambiasso got red carded) and then i lost against Napoli. I am pleased with the kind of soccer my team is playing but I have a big problem: Shaarawy hasn't scored for almost 5 months now and that is really hurting the scoreline in some games. He gets in great scoring positions but he just cant find the net. I found that pair AF + False Nine quite efficient in getting in scoring positions, as I do get many CCC / game. If you have any advice about what should I do with Shaarawy, please tell me.

    AC Milan Resurrection-update1.jpgAC Milan Resurrection-update2.jpgAC Milan Resurrection-update-3.jpg

  10. Hello

    Hi !

    I just took the same challenge last week.

    My first step was the same than yours : sell the high salary from old/slow players.

    My aim is not only the performance on the field but also to help Milan AC regain the title of "most elegant team of the world".
    That's why my first strong message was to sell Balotelli !! I know he's excellent but I don't like him

    Hopefully in my save El-shaarawi scored 14 goals (i'm in march), and my team did great job when I removed Kaka from the starting team (yes, I was disappointed but I faced reality!! lol). Honda is doing a great job at his place (also hard to believe!).

    My best purchases (by far) were Roberto Pereyra from Udinese (he plays AMR) and Mauro Zarate (he plays AMF). Those 2 quickies do great job until now, creating space for El-Shaarawi to score.

    I also loan Verrati from PSG (I hope I will be able to sign him for good) and buy Gaston Gil Romero (but Nigel de Jong is really great actually).

    I have been eliminated in ECL by MU in quarter finals but I'm 1st in Serie A right now and I should win the title this year.

    Next year, I want to replace Mexes-Rami (I bought Rami in January to sell him in summer!) by 2 talented (italian?) players. My best choice would have been to buy back T. Silva if I had enough money...

    I also want to sell El-shaarawi for an elegant/classy Striker in the spirit of Shevshenko/Inzaghi. I imagined a young Berbatov/Milito but I have no idea right now (I found a talented younger at Standard de Li?ges but I don't know him). Maybe I will buy Fernando Torres, Berardi or Morata. If I will have the budget, my real targets are Falcao, Van Persie or Cavani !!

  11. El-shaarawi play him as a complete striker he score loads I sold him second season to man city good luck with this

  12. I 've just started my 10th season as an A.C. Milan manager. Feel free to ask for any screenshots and trasfers. My suggestions are :

    1. Go and buy Gabriel Barbossa (he will be your number one stiker for many years with 40 goals minimum per season
    2. Sell Balotelli unless you like watching him trying long shoots over and over . You ll get good money too.
    3. Buy Rodrigo Gomez (fabulous player and lots of assists , use him as a right winger)
    4. Buy either Vadala or Stanciu (great as advanced playmakers behing barbossa of course)
    5. Elio Capradossi and Romagnoli from Roma (those two guys will be your main central defenders for years to come)
    6. Sell abbate and stick with de scigglio and you won't regret it.
    7. Buy Mario Pugliese and try your best to keep Verrati (the best combination for your middle line)
    8. Buy Bardi from Torino (becomes a top class goalkepper

    If you want check out my post in tactics named "open to suggestions" where I propose a 4-4-2 which help dominate both Serie A and Europe.

    Best of luck with your save !!!
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  13. Can you show me all the transfers that you did, please?

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