Youth Challenge without editor

  1. Youth Challenge without editor

    Hello guys

    I want to do a youth challenge, but without using the editor. Pretty hard I think...
    Which team I will be is up to you! I will create a poll that closes within 40minutes (4 pm in London) because I want to start as soon as possible!

    I have 2 suggestions but you can give another idea too.
    My first idea is to bring a team from the 5th tier of Germany (Oberliga) to the Bundesliga.
    My second idea is to bring a team from the 3th tier of Belgium (my country) to become the best club of the country.
    Other ideas are up to you!

    If you have voted please leave a comment with a suggestion which team I would be, because I have no idea which team I want to be...

    Please vote!!!!!!
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  2. I'm an idiot! I forgot to create a poll!

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