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(BaP)I bless the rains down in Africa 2.0 story thread
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  1. 34 games for my loan spell is good! 10 caps also keep it up Chad !

  2. Another poor season, only 7 apps. Doing great to get in the national team setup.
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  3. Not a bad season for me but not as good as my first

  4. Not a bad season for Akon, but still lacks goals with his high heading attribute

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  5. My career is dire so far :/

  6. monaco!!!!

  7. 2 appearances so far....might as well retire!

  8. Any reason kingsley played so few games last season?

  9. Hardly any games but my attributes are still looking ok.

  10. I'll have another update later today and i'll answer any questions!

  11. k k k k k kk k kk kk

  12. Time for an update soon mate?

  13. Update

  14. kkkkkkkk

  15. Another one dead then.

  16. Yeah, getting quite annoying with all those people making threads an only holding out for an update or two....
    Unfortunately it is getting more common, than do to a well-worked finished thread
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