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    GUILTY !!

    F.C Barcelona

    The Footballing world was left speechless this morning as possibly the biggest Football Club in the world F.C Barcelona were found guilty of breaching the Spanish F.A's strict terms of transfer proceedings. President Sandro Rosell has been charged with holding "illegal negotiations" which included paying third parties vast sums of money involving Brazilian side Santos over the transfer of Neymar Da Silva. Manager Gerard Martino is also under investigation by the Spanish F.A but no charges have been confirmed as of yet.

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    There has been alot of speculation over the transfer of Neymar to the Catalans as many were unsure as to the actual fee agreed with Santos with some reports suggesting it was around 50 million euros and others saying it was closer to 70 million euros. However, recent information has concluded that due to the illegal negotiations that took place the transfer i now believed to be close to 100 million euros. This shocking news has led to Barcelona president Sandro Rossell and manager Gerard Martino both leaving there posts leaving the club without a manager or president.

    We have a statment from Ex-Barcelona president Sandro Rossell -

    "To all of the staff members, players and fans of Barcelona, I am deeply sorry for my actions that have led the club to this difficult moment in time. I was doing what i thought was the best for the club at the time in regards to the negotiations over the transfer of Neymar and i realize now that my actions were totally unprofessional and knowing they were against the Spanish F.A rules i willingly proceeded. As of this moment i am stepping down as Club president as i feel i have shamed this club with my actions and feel it is best that i leave in order to let this club regrow under a new president so that my inexcusable actions do not overshadow the stature of this club "

    We also have a quote from Ex-Barcelona manager Gerard Martino -

    "To the players, staff and fans of Barcelona, i am saddened by the recent news that has brought a dark cloud over this club. I was unaware of the negotiations that were going on with Santos regarding Neymar joining the club but if i was aware of any "illegal negotiations" i would have taken immediate action to ensure this sort of problem would never have occurred. It is with deep regret that i must confirm my departure from Barcelona as i am currently under investigation myself and feel that it wouldn't be right for me to remain as Manager whilst having this investigation agaisnt my name. What I know for sure is that whoever my predecessor is, he will be joining not just a footballing club, but a footballing family. My dream has always been to manage this club, but as for now it is not the right time. Maybe in the future i will return, i hope so"

    Reports coming from the Spanish FA have indicated that the charges against F.C Barcelona have consequences as serious as them possibly being demoted to a lower division, stripped of there titles and being kicked out of UEFA footballing competitions for between 1-5 years. The final say on how the club is to be punished will be announced in the next few days. As for now, all that we know is that F.C Barcelona may never again be the historic club they have been over the past century. It is a sad day for Football, it is a sad day for Barcelona.

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    Sky Sports News has confirmed that a statement has been released by the Spanish F.A in regards to the charges against F.C Barcelona. The Catalan club have been ordered to pay a 300 million euro fine as well as having there 2012/13 title taken away from them and demoted to third place. They have been placed under a transfer embargo that is in place until the end of the 15/16 season. They are to remain in La Liga for the new academic season and will start the 13/14 season on -25 points. UEFA have also announced that the clubs position in UEFA competitions is safe for now along side releasing this statement,

    "We have came to the decision that as this is the first offence that has been commited by F.C Barcelona, they will remain in the UEFA hierarchy for the coming seasons but with a strong warning that if any other charges come to light in the future, there position will become untenable and they will be removed from UEFA competitions for future years".

    The problem that now faces Barcelona will be the challenge of convincing top managers in the world that they are still an attractive club that managers with strong passion of football would be privileged to obtain. The club are said to be holding interviews for the vacant position but have announced that a decision has yet to be made but is in progress.
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  3. Under New Management

    The arrival of Carlos Herrera is imminent

    Barcelona - Evolution-barca-logo.jpg

    Barcelona fans were again left in a state of shock after the club announced there new manager earlier today. The new manager who has been chosen to guide this team out of such a large crisis is known to be 27 year old ex Spain and Barcelona player Carlos Herrera on a 3 year contract.

    He first came to Barcelona at the age of 10 and had been progressing throughout the youth ranks and was awarded his first cap for the Spanish U-18's aged just 15 and 135 days. His playing career however was sadly cut short due to a heart problem that had been discovered after collapsing on the pitch in 2005 at the age of just 19. Tipped to be the next star at Barcelona, he was held in high regard by the coaching staff and senior players, here's what they had to say at the time of his retirement,

    Xavier Hernandez (Barcelona Player)

    "I am deeply saddened that my future team mate and close friend Herrera has suffered this unfortunate news. I was looking forward to my playing days along side him watching him grow as both a player and person. I have known him since he first came to La Masia and he was the most intelligent midfielder of his age i have ever met, it is sad to know that both Barcelona and the Spanish National team have lost a future leader"

    Pep Guardiola (Barcelona Coach)

    "The news of Carlos' retirement is a major blow for Spanish football. He was such a promising talent that myself had tipped as a future Spain captain. He was very mature for his age and had such a strong passion and determination to grow as a player and be the best he could be. He was the first to arrive at training and the last person to leave, sometimes he would be there 2-3 hours after the other players left, working on his technique, if there was anything he felt he could improve, he would do so. I am delighted that he has chosen to remain at Barcelona and work towards bieng a coach because if his potential as a coach is even half as much as what he had as a player, then the world will one day see something incredible"

    Coming Next:
    Fixtures, Player reports, Tactics
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  4. Interesting story, similar to Brendn's A Giant Falls.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by zJordan View Post
    Interesting story, similar to Brendn's A Giant Falls.
    Ino it is quite similar bud, his story inspired me to do one myself, i dont want to rival his story his is an excellent read, just doing one because i like bieng creative haha

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