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Aberdeen Football Club: A Reformed SPFL

  1. Aberdeen Football Club: A Reformed SPFL

    Hi guys! Now that i find myself in a PTP save with Duzzy (apologies if that's wrong mate!) and Coolmcool i have decided that i may as well start a piece of my own!

    It's with Aberdeen FC in a database i found that has turned the SPFL on it's head. All professional leagues have been replaced with 3 tiers of 16 teams! (I will post more info tomorrow hopefully and there will be hiatus' from this save whenever i have my hands on the PTP save)

    SPFL Premiership
    (16 teams - current league + top four from real 1st Division last season).

    SPFL Championship
    (16 teams - bottom six teams from real 1st Division last season + 2nd Division).

    SPFL National League
    (16 teams - current SPFL League 2 + the champions of Highland League; EoS Prem; Junior West Superleague; Junior East Premier League as well as Formartine United; Clydebank and Spartans).

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  2. Come on the Bankies!

  3. Aberdeen Football Club: A Reformed SPFL-3b1bb2b3939ff02a521144e4f9222074.png

    McInnes Leaves!

    After appearing to be bringing Aberdeen into a good run of form Derek McInnes has left Pittodrie stadium without a job last night.

    Speculation grows as to the route cause of the problem however the most popular theory is that Stewart Milne had not met Derek's demands in relation to a transfer budget.

    For the time being U20's manager Matthew Elphinstone has taken charge which will likely last until the end of the season.

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  4. Aberdeen 6-1 Aberdeen U20's
    Grimsby 0-4 Aberdeen
    Yeovil 2-1 Aberdeen
    Gillingham 2-1 Aberdeen
    Brentford 1-2 Aberdeen

    Don't think they are very important so it's just this quick update
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  5. The New Man Does It!

    Aberdeen ran out easy 2-0 winners in the opening day of the season. Matthew Elphinstone's debut has proven he could be the right man for the job with 3 points in one of his seasons crunch games!

    The first item worth mentioning is a penalty decision. Aberdeen's Peter Pawlett had his shirt pulled whilst jumping for a header. Fortunately for United their 'keeper become the hero and guessed right, stopping Scott Vernon.

    However after some probing attacks finally Aberdeen got the breakthrough with on loan defender Alan Tate rising above everyone else and nodding home.

    From then on everything went Dundee United's way.Aberdeen's defence shown tough resolve and was rewarded handsomely just after the hour mark. Debuting Moise Bambara shares a great link up with Jonny Hayes and threads a ball through to Willo Flood to rifle home and stick it to the team he once represented.

    From then on Aberdeen saw out the game as they should have and come full time Elphinstone took the plaudits with an impressive managerial debut!

    I won't normally put THIS much effort into an update but i will when it is a big game occasion
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  6. Boo Come On The Terrors!
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by coolmcool View Post
    Boo Come On The Terrors!
    LOL it could be worse on my normal Aberdeen save i am 19 points clear and humped United 2-6 at Tannadump! Thanks for reading though
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  8. Aberdeen Host Motherwell

    Aberdeen have maintained their solid start this season with an easy 2-0 victory over a weak Livingston side with Peter Pawlett grabbing a first half brace:

    But how will they do against another one of their rivals. Motherwell.

    Aberdeen make it 3 games unbeaten after beating their closest rivals for 2nd come the end of the season! Aberdeen were fantastic in the final 3rd of the pitch and it all came together after just two minutes when a Peter Pawlett cross was met by a spectacular Jonny Hayes volley. The attacking didn't let up and within 20 minutes Motherwell found themselves 2 down when McGinn's chip kissed the post and Rooney smashes it in on the rebound! After numerous chances were missed by both sides Robertson, in the team due to an injury sustained to McGinn, turns on the style, beating two players and curling a shot into the top corner of the net. After Motherwell scored a goal deemed offside they finally got their consolation through Stevie Hammell who tapped in from close range.

    Next update will have 3 games that aren't as important and the one after that we come up against the giant Glasgow Celtic!

  9. Quote Originally Posted by AldoKemp-1 View Post
    Come on the Bankies!
    Who? my nickname lingo isn't too strong haha

  10. Okay slight change of plan. Due to a reschedule i will now be updating up to the away game to Inverness CT!

  11. Quote Originally Posted by MatthewElphinstone View Post
    Who? my nickname lingo isn't too strong haha
    lol sorry Clydebank!
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  12. Quote Originally Posted by AldoKemp-1 View Post
    lol sorry Clydebank!
    Mon the sons!

  13. Okay i am back from holiday. the plan was to update while i was there but the internet was so shite i couldn't use google chrome... i have finished the season and will update all the way to the end of the season tomorrow as i am shattered and hungover. pro tip: NEVER fly whilst hungover..

  14. Hi mate. I've just started an Aberdeen save. Have you signed anyone you could recommend and/or any decent coaches who are willing to come?

  15. Quote Originally Posted by MikeTHFC View Post
    Hi mate. I've just started an Aberdeen save. Have you signed anyone you could recommend and/or any decent coaches who are willing to come?
    Hi pal! I signed 1 player in that season for the 1st team who goes by Moise Bambara. If you can spare the funds then Erik Israelsson is a fantastic capture.. as for the coaches i found a staff filter on this website and just use that

  16. Much appreciated mate.

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