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New Chairman Game

  1. New Chairman Game


    In this game you can choose an spfl team and chairman that team to glory if you have not played a chairman game before pm me and i will walk u through it.

    1.i will post in a fm monthly basis. must have press conferences every so often bickering

    1.C2C(chairman 2 chairman )5 per window
    2.foreign transfers (not in ur league) 2 per window
    3. windows will be open once announce but will be in january and summer announcing tranfers till ive confirmed it
    5.if ur interested in a player pm that chairman
    and once a sum is agreed both of u pm me plz.
    1, you can hire any managers though u will have to pay compensatin to sacked manager and compensation to club ur hiring the manager from .
    2. free agent managers all u have to do is tell me before confirmation

    1.if relegated u can take over promoted team
    2.their will be a chairman of the year who will get 10m added to balance
    3.u can take up to 100m loans for (players , stadiums and facillities)ifudont pay back u get liquidated u get 5 years to pay back,
    you can change manager budgets by sending pm . chairmen can buy players with any of the clubs finances

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  2. Can I take Celtic plz?
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  3. Teams

    Team Balance Transfer Budget Club Value
    Aberdeen ?1,650,718 ?150,000 ?8m
    Celtic ?17,459,996 ?3,500,000 ?68m
    Dundee Utd ?666,500 ?150,500 ?7.25m
    Hearts (?730,000) (0) ?9.95m
    Hibs ?1,598,826 ?175k ?17.25m
    Inverness ?452,441 ?125k ?2.4m
    Kilmarnock ?321,750 ?195k ?2.6m
    Motherwell ?1,004,950 ?130k ?3.6m
    Partick Thistle ?1,750,000 ?232k ?4.6m
    Ross County ?570.000 ?150k ?2.9m
    St.Johnstone ?950k ?150k ?2.6m
    St mirren ?600k ?100k ?1.8m
    NYCarmy has Aberdeen
    Lewie 100 has celtic
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  4. [QUOTE][Can I take Celtic plz?/QUOTE]
    yes okay
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  5. The problem with the 3rd rule of the extra section (loans up to 100m) isn't someone just gonna take the loan and buy like aguero and then win the league and get into quarters of the champions league and earn dat money back? I think really it should be 3 years. Not trying to start anything just making a point about what may happen.
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  6. i will cut out unrelistic transfers ( or too big of a transfers )but loans ar mainly for stadiums facillites ect

  7. this wont start till theres atleast 5 players

  8. Bold Chairman takes over Celtic

    Chairman Mario (the video game guy, yes.) has taken over Celtic.(Fans of Disclaimer's version may know me as Lewie Roberts) We had a catch up with him as he sat down for an interview:

    SSN: So welcome Mario! How did you take over Celtic?

    Mario: (Translator) Hello! So, I had made a ton of money in the video game industry and i had got into this sport called football. So I seeked out to find a team with potential and I saw Celtic.

    SSN: Is there a player that you personally want?

    Mario: Yes, there is this young kid playing for derby called Will Hughes. I want him as I feel he will grow here and with european competition, he will become one of the best SPL players to play for us.

    So, there you have it, Mario has taken over Celtic. Nick Clegg, Sky Sports News.
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  9. Can i have aberdeen?
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  10. Can i have aberdeen
    fine you can do ur press e if u conference if u want

  11. How many people have to vote till it counts? And don't you have to explain transfers for foreign countries and wages?
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  12. Dundee please

  13. Do you think i should leave this one and start one in liga bbva

  14. Dundee please
    ok u can do ur press conferance

  15. I don't mind either way though I get dibs on Real if you do swap It would be more popular.

  16. How many people have to vote till it counts

  17. Okay were moving to bbva il start a new thread

  18. Quote Originally Posted by Liam1967 View Post
    Ok. So if someone votes yes, then the voting is over?

  19. it dosent matter if were moving leagues

  20. Dundee please

  21. Quote Originally Posted by spanishdave View Post
    Dundee please
    Mate, we moved to la liga. Bilabao are still available there.

  22. Quote Originally Posted by lewie100 View Post
    Mate, we moved to la liga. Bilabao are still available there.

    Ooh thought they were 2 seperate games

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