1860: Will Die L?wen roar once more?

  1. 1860: Will Die L?wen roar once more?

    TSV 1860 M?nchen announced Alexander Schmidt's successor today. More on that later, but first: some history.

    Olympiastadion, M?nchen

    Derby Day
    1860 Manager Werner Lorant approaches the pitch today as a real life reminder of how quickly fortunes can change in the football world.

    Less than 18 months after guiding Die L?wen to a 4th place finish in Germany's top League, Lorant's standing among the board and the fans has been battered by difficult outings since that glorious run. Having failed to get by Leeds United in the Champions League, and falling to AC Parma in the UEFA Cup, Die L?wen stumbled to an 11th place finish as the League wound down in 2001. While the start of the new season brought hope, Lorant was besieged by a sweltering conflict with club president Wildmoser, and rumors persisted that a poor Derby Day showing would seal his fate.

    On this day, in front of a sellout crowd of 69,000+, Bayern embarrassed Die L?wen, dominating the game and sealing a 5-1 victory. Werner was promptly sacked.

    Those in attendance that day couldn't know it at the time, but they were witnessing far more than just a lopsided rivalry game. Indeed, football history would mark this day as the end of an era for 1860. Having spent much of the 90's as a respectable mid-table Bundesliga side, 1860 limped to a 9th place finish in 2001-2002. They'd stick around in the top League for 2 more seasons, but a disastrous 2003-2004 showing found them relegated to the 2. Bundesliga.

    1860 would spend the ensuing years under a bit of turmoil: three times flirting with a relegation from the 2. Bundesliga, and narrowly escaping a financial crisis (ultimately they were bailed out by their crosstown rivals).

    Since Lorant's departure, the 1860 Manager job had become a bit of a revolving door. Alexander Schmidt would be the 12th manager in 11 years (including caretakers).

    I will be the 13th Manager in 12 years for Die L?wen.

    I'm seeking to bring the club back to Germany's top division, but first I must secure some form of consistency for the club at the Manager post.

    Save History:

    2. Bundesliga: 2nd place - promoted to Bundesliga for 2014-2015.
    German Cup: 3rd round, defeated by Hannover
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  2. omg i made a 1860 munchen save last week im won the leage and got promoted to the bundesliga im having a blast with the save going to follow this just cause of that

  3. Quote Originally Posted by rickypp7 View Post
    omg i made a 1860 munchen save last week im won the leage and got promoted to the bundesliga im having a blast with the save going to follow this just cause of that

    I had not planned for this save to be a story on here, but I've been following other threads around here, and ended up having so much fun with the save that I decided to post it here.

    When I made my first post, we were actually at the start of the winter transfer window, with 1860 at the top of the table with 7 points to spare. I had planned on posting my progress in the second part of the season, but the excitement got the better of me and I'm all finished with the first season.

    21 wins, 4 draws, 9 losses: promoted as the 2nd place team in 2. Bundesliga

    I actually held the top spot from late September until the start of action on the season's final day. Unfortunately, a 1-3 finish in my final 4 games opened the door for Kaiserslautern, and they happily slid through to clip me at the end.

    No worries, though: promotion is promotion, and I don't have to worry about a playoff!

    So I guess this will be the story of 1860's return to the Bundesliga!

  4. god i love this team let me givwe you a little run down of my 1st season because im bored soi ended in 1st plays on the league got promoted here my results
    Attachment 553617
    my goal was to get promoted but after i saw the finances we had only 1 mil in the bank and where going to lose 3 mil that season so i sold some playes and my goal was to win the leage to get that money and do well in the cup with i did as you can see
    1860 M
    as you can se i sold some dead wood and a little decent player mike ott because i saw that schalke wanted him so i offer him for 1 mil and the made an offer it suked because he was like my wonderkid of my team at that point BUT the reason i sold him is so i could use the 1mil on a better potencial/ability player the 14.3 god Human Tariq the bad thing is i thought i was going to be able to play him right away but i had to wait 1 season for him to join that sucked heres a Screenshot of him 1 and a half months in the second season
    1860: Will Die L?wen roar once more?-humam-tariq_-overview-attributes.png
    so after promotion i saw that our finances were wayy up we had 18 mil in the bank so i demanded them to upgrade my training/yough facilities they did and i sold some keyh players from my 1st season because there contracts were running out
    made 10 more mil only used up 2.6 here the 2nd season transfers
    1860 M1860 M
    im doing good so far in the leage hope i can stay up here the game so far aswell as some player you NEED to keep an eye out because they where soooo good in my 1st season
    1860: Will Die L?wen roar once more?-german-first-division_-overview-stages.pngTSV 1860 M
    here my star player the god
    1860: Will Die L?wen roar once more?-moritz-stoppelkamp_-overview-attributes.png1860: Will Die L?wen roar once more?-moritz-stoppelkamp_-history-career-stats.png dude .. look at that 37 games 16 goals 19 assist 9 PoM then theres the japan beasts
    YY and this guy if you cna give him a new contract he only has 1 year left and he want the highest earner clause and 45 f#cking k a week
    1860: Will Die L?wen roar once more?-marin-tomasov_-overview-attributes.png1860: Will Die L?wen roar once more?-marin-tomasov_-history-career-stats.png so there it is we should talk some time im really interested because of you save we are in the same placereally curious to see how you did and your transfers.

  5. Yes, Stoppelkamp, Tomasov, and Osaka!

    I, too, lost Stoppelkamp to Hertha, but I only managed $4.7M

    Tomasov I will have locked up through 2017 at $875k/year. He was underutilized in 2013-2014, but will step up as Stoppelkamp's successor in the coming campaign.

    Would love to post my results from the promotion season, just need to sort out how to do screen scrapes first!

    I'm just slogging through my preseason right now. Have snagged some transfers to help bolster the team. Still, with a slew of deals up in 2015, I fear the winter transfer window will bring some difficult decisions.

    Let me figure out how to post screenshots, and we can get this goin

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