Neftci: Journey to European Domination

  1. Neftci: Journey to European Domination

    Hey guys. So some of you may have seen my other story, my World Cup Challenge story. While I am enjoying that story a lot I wanted to split some time and make a story with a small club team, as I usually use big teams. This time, I am using a successful club team in a very small country.

    For this save, I will be using Neftci, who compete in the ten team Premyer Liqasi, the top-tier league in Azerbaijan. Neftci are the three-time defending champions and have qualified for the early stages of the UEFA Champions League. My goal in this save is to continue dominance of the Premyer Liqasi (also known as the Azerbaijan Premier League) and work towards making the group stages and eventually the later rounds of the UEFA Champions League.

    As an American, currency is in dollars and weight is in pounds, but I will do my best to try to convert. Hope you all enjoy.

  2. Pre-Season Overview

    Seasons in the Premier League in Azerbaijan are only 18 games long, with each team playing each other team twice on a round-robin basis. The top team qualifies for the Champions Second Qualifying Round of the Champions League, while the teams placed 2nd-4th qualify for the First Qualifying Round of the UEFA Europa League.

    The Squad


    A pretty good squad overall, a bit lackluster in the midfield but we will have a strong defense for sure and a pretty good attack.



    Three tune up friendlies, the first two against Romanian teams and the last against a second-division Azerbaijani team, before our Champions League Second Qualifying Phase match-up against two-time defending Kazakhstan Premier League champions Shakhter Karagandy.



    Main tactic. Used for most games, home and away.


    Secondary tactic. Used against tougher teams, most likely in the Champions League.


    Back-up tactic in case we struggle with the first two.
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  3. Sounds good mate. Just started in azerbaijan myself, will follow with interest

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