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FC Inter Turku - European Giant
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  1. FC Inter Turku
    Champions League Group + Finnish Clubs in Europe:

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    Inter Turku and RoPS in Champions League:

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-european-champions-cup_-overview-stages-65.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-european-champions-cup_-overview-stages-66.png

    Our group should be pretty competitive below us, whilst RoPS have now jumped to being 2nd seeds in their group and so have been rewarded with a group where they should be able to guarantee themselves some sort of European football after Christmas.

    FC Lahti, HJK and FC Haka in Europa League:

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-euro-cup_-overview-stages-29.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-euro-cup_-overview-stages-30.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-euro-cup_-overview-stages-31.png

    Just like last year, it is Lahti who probably have the best chance of progressing through their group. HJK have a slight chance of making it through their group whilst Haka will probably be lucky not to finish bottom in theirs.

    Next update will be a September World Cup Qualifier Update...

  2. Finland
    September 2036

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-finland.jpg

    Finland 7 - 0 Hungary

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-finland-v-hungary_-overview-overview-2.png

    Hungary will be sick of the sight of us! They came to Finland looking for retribution after we beat the 8-0 in the Euros qualifying campaign last year, however all they got was another beating by a rampant Finland side, lead by a Markus Scheweleff hatrick. Sorry TractorBoy7!

    Denmark 1 - 0 Finland

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-denmark-v-finland_-overview-overview-2.png

    Unfortunately we couldn't build on our solid start, slipping to a 1-0 victory against rivals Denmark who got a little revenge for us beating them at the European Championships. This was arguably the hardest game in the group, although the away trip to Sweden next month will also be a difficult challenge.

    Next update will be of the October and November qualifiers or the last few months of the season...

  3. FC Inter Turku
    August, September and October 2036

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    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-fc-inter-turku_-fixtures-schedule-111.png

    No your eyes are not deceiving you. Our unbeaten league run of 489 games unbeaten came to an end after getting thrashed 8-0 by FC Lahti. I feel cheated to be honest, we only had 1 first teamer and 2 decent youth players available because the game was scheduled a day after an international game, so all my team were travelling back from international duty. This is what my team looked like...

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-fc-lahti-v-fc-inter_-away-team-selection-overview.png

    Player Stats:

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-fc-inter-turku_-squad-players-107.png

    Welsh striker Heath has been outstanding since joining, putting them away with ease and he will be frightening when he hits his potential.

    League Table:

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-finnish-premier-league_-overview-stages-82.png

    RoPS had their best season yet, finishing with 75 points in second place. FC Lahti get the third CL place whilst HIFK will get the automatic EL group stage place, which will be their first appearance in the competition!

    Next update will be the October and November qualifier update with Finland...
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  4. Finland
    October and November - 2036

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-finland.jpg

    Finland 4 - 0 Malta

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-finland-v-malta_-overview-overview.png

    A nice easy win over the minnows of the group, with youngster Kekkonen bagging a brace.

    Sweden 2 - 2 Finland

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-sweden-v-finland_-overview-overview-2.png

    After resting a few players against Malta, it seemed to pay dividends against Sweden when we took an early 4th minute lead and even after Sweden equalized from the penalty spot in the 29th minute, it only took us 1 minute to re-establish our one goal lead through an own goal. Unfortunately, we couldn't hold on for a win as Sweden's Brazilian born striker David pulled the scores back level at 2-2 with 12 minutes to go.

    Slovenia 1 - 5 Finland

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-slovenia-v-finland_-overview-overview.png

    We only had one qualifier in November, and that was a comfortable away win against Slovenia. Braces for Tuomaala and Strandvall were joined by a first international goal from 20 year old centre back Jaaskela.

    Next update will be a review of our Champions League Group Stage...

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  5. FC Inter Turku
    Champions League Group Stage + Finnish Clubs in Europe - 2036

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    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-fc-inter-turku_-fixtures-schedule-112.png

    6 wins out of 6 games in the group stages, scoring 22 goals and conceding just the one. If we keep up that sort of defensive record then we will have a chance of getting our trophy back this season. We start that challenge with a 1st knockout round tie against Sampdoria.

    Player of the Group Stage - Jon Lenagan

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-jon-lenagan_-overview-profile-2.png

    9 goals in 5 starts for the Englishman taking over from Linssen as our first choice striker, including 2 devastating hatricks away against PSV and Freiburg.

    RoPS in Champions League:

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-rovaniemen-palloseura_-fixtures-schedule-16.png

    By far RoPS' best ever season in Europe so far, taking 14 points and going unbeaten throughout their group stage. They have been rewarded with a tie against Benfica in the 1st knockout round which they should have a chance of winning given their group stage form.

    FC Lahti, Haka and HJK in Europa League:

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-fc-lahti_-fixtures-schedule-7.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-valkeakosken-haka_-fixtures-schedule-3.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-helsingin-jalkapalloklubi_-fixtures-schedule-3.png

    FC Lahti flew out of the blocks in their group, beating Young Boys and FC Lahti in their first two games. They got another 4 from the next 4 games, which was enough to sneak second place and progress to the 1st knockout round of the Europa League where they will play CSKA Moscow. Haka and HJK on the other hand were very disappointing, taking just 1 and 3 points respectively.

    Next update will be an end of season review...

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  6. FC Inter Turku

    Season Review - 2036

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    Finnish Premier League - Winners

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-finnish-premier-league_-overview-stages-82.png

    Finnish Cup and League Cup - Winners

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-finnish-cup_-overview-stages-23.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-finnish-league-cup_-overview-stages-25.png

    Champions League - 1st Knockout Round (In Progress)

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-fc-inter-turku_-fixtures-schedule-112.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-european-champions-cup_-overview-stages-67.png

    Fans Player of the Year - Moussa Sanogo

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-moussa-sanogo_-overview-profile-2.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-moussa-sanogo_-history-career-stats.png

    Best 11:

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-fc-inter_-history-best-eleven-44.png

    Overall Best 11:

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-fc-inter_-history-best-eleven-45.png

    Next update will be a 2036 review for Finland...

  7. Finland


    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-finland.jpg


    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-finland_-fixtures-schedule-25.png

    World Cup 2038 Qualifying Group:

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-world-cup-european-qualifying-section_-overview-stages-17.png

    We sit in second but with Sweden and Denmark to play at home, I feel as though we are in a very good position to win the group and qualify.

    World Ranking - 1st

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-finland_-history-world-rankings-23.png

    The rankings are a farce but it is still nice to see us ranked as the best national team in the world. I'd love to win a tournament with Finland before this save is over!

    Player of the Year - Tom Kekkonen

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-finland_-awards-award-winners-35.png

    Under 21 Player of the Year - Tom Kekkonen

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-finland_-awards-award-winners-36.png

    Best 11:

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-finland_-history-best-eleven-42.png

    Overall Best 11:

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-finland_-history-best-eleven-43.png

    Next update will be a Champions League knockout round update...

  8. Can you do a where are they now with the overall best XI, interested where everyone is

  9. Quote Originally Posted by 51Prop51 View Post
    Can you do a where are they now with the overall best XI, interested where everyone is
    Yeah, here's a screenshot of the 'where are they now' for the club. I'm afraid it's not very interesting though, as the majority are either still at the club or retired as players and didn't go into becoming staff. The only 2 players to go on to become staff are Wesley Foderingham, who is our under 19's goalkeeping coach, and Paul Robertson, who is an unemployed assistant manager.

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-scott-houghton_-news-inbox-143.png

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Safc-mad-scotty View Post
    Yeah, here's a screenshot of the 'where are they now' for the club. I'm afraid it's not very interesting though, as the majority are either still at the club or retired as players and didn't go into becoming staff. The only 2 players to go on to become staff are Wesley Foderingham, who is our under 19's goalkeeping coach, and Paul Robertson, who is an unemployed assistant manager.

    Attachment 677519
    Alright cheers for that

  11. FC Inter Turku
    2037 - Season Preview

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    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-fc-inter_-transfers-transfer-history-30.png

    No incoming transfers as we continue to try to promote from within. We did make 2 decent sales, with left back Lagos going to Benfica for £18,750,000 and centre midfielder Hermens left to go to Atalanta for £11,250,000. We also sent Finnish midfielder Pakkala out for a loan spell at Real Madrid, where he will try to help the Spanish giants in their now yearly fight against relegation.

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-thanasis-lagos_-overview-profile-2.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-rodney-hermens_-overview-profile-2.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-jiri-pakkala_-overview-profile.png

    Finnish League Cup:

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-fc-inter-turku_-fixtures-schedule-113.png

    We did manage to win the League Cup yet again, however RoPS did push us all the way in the final as we could only take the game 13-12 on penalties after a 1-1 draw. Just more evidence of how RoPS are progressing as a club.

    Champions League 1st Knockout Round - FC Inter Turku 7 - 0 Sampdoria

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-sampdoria-v-fc-inter_-overview-overview-2.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-fc-inter-v-sampdoria_-overview-overview-2.png

    2 very late goals in the first leg away in Italy put us in a commanding position in the tie, and we then followed it up with a clinical 5-0 victory at home. RoPS lost the first leg of their quarter final 1-0 away in Portugal, however won 2-0 at home to set up an all Finnish Champions League Quarter Final against us!

    Other News:

    The council blocked the expansion to the stadium, so the next day the board announced pland for an even bigger extension to the stadium. We're adding 10,775 seats which will take the capacity to 32,326. One annoying thing though, is that we still aren't holding Champions League knockout games at our stadium and I'm not sure why. Surely a 20,000 seater stadium is big enough for Champions League knockout games?

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-fc-inter_-information-facilities-10.png

    Next update will be the Champions League quarters (and hopefully) semi finals...

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  12. FC Inter Turku
    Champions League Quarter and Semi Final - 2037

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    Quarter Final - FC Inter Turku 7 - 0 RoPS

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-fc-inter-v-rops_-overview-overview-2.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-rops-v-fc-inter_-overview-overview.png

    RoPS put up a great showing in the first leg, as we could only manage to beat them 1-0 at home in a tight game. In the second leg however, we blew them away and won the game 6-0 with braces from Ramos, Lenagen and Lehtonen.

    Semi Final - FC Inter Turku 8 - 2 Liverpool

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-fc-inter-v-liverpool_-overview-overview-4.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-liverpool-v-fc-inter_-overview-overview-4.png

    Into the Champions League final we go for a 5th straight season. A 5-0 win at the Olympiastadion was then followed by a 3-2 win at Anfield to give us an 8-2 aggreagte win and to set up a final against Manchester City in a repeat of the 2033 final.

    Next update will be an April and May review, with the Champions League final included...

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  13. I love this story! Can you do a "meet the squad"-post soon?

  14. FC Inter Turku
    April and May 2037 (Including Champions League Final)

    Name:  Interturku.png
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    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-fc-inter-turku_-fixtures-schedule-115.png

    A solid start to the season as expected, averaging over 4 goals scored a game.

    Player Stats:

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-fc-inter-turku_-squad-players-108.png

    The two players with the highest average ratings are both you Finnish midfielders, suggesting that the future is bright for the national team.

    League Table:

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-finnish-premier-league_-overview-stages-83.png

    The only surprise here is that regular third place finishers FC Lahti are lingering down in 9th place. I suppose they'll not be too bothered though, as the fact we won the Champions League means they'll now go automatically into the group stages of the competition when it starts again.

    Champions League Final - FC Inter Turku 3 - 2 Manchester City

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-man-city-v-fc-inter_-overview-overview-4.png

    When City went down to 10 men after just 3 minutes, I thought we'd be in for an easy game but I was wrong. Twice during the game we took the lead only to pegged back level, however when Lehtonen bagged his second of the game on the 75th minute, chipping the City goalkeeper, it was enough to secure the win and a 6th Champions League title in charge of the club!

    Next update will be a June and July review...

  15. Quote Originally Posted by 1sandnes2 View Post
    I love this story! Can you do a "meet the squad"-post soon?
    Thanks mate. Yeah I can do a meet the squad post, will probably spilt it in two though.

  16. Sounds good! I'm looking forward to it.

  17. FC Inter Turku
    Meet the Squad - Part 1 (2037)

    Name:  Interturku.png
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    1st Choice: Jermu Paavolainen -
    He's just recently became the all time record league appearance maker for the club, at 29 I hope he still has 5 or 6 years as first choice keeper for the club and national team. Arguably the best ever player to come through our academy?

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-jermu-paavolainen_-overview-profile-3.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-jermu-paavolainen_-history-career-stats.png

    Backup: Angel Fortunato -
    A young Argentine keeper we brought in on a free last season. Hopefully will eventually take over from Paavolainen, however I'd imagine he will demand to leave due to a lack of appearances before then.

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-angel-fortunato_-overview-profile-2.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-angel-fortunato_-history-career-stats.png

    Finnish Youth Prospects:
    Neither will ever be anything but a backup at the club, however if nobody better comes along they may be fighting it out for the Finland number 1 shirt in a few years.

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-petri-jokela_-overview-profile.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-joni-lamminen_-overview-profile.png

    Right Backs:

    1st Choice: Moussa Sanogo -
    Originally brought into the club from Montpellier for £4,900,000 with the intention of playing centre back, I quickly realised that he was the natural long term right back due to his all round game being so strong. He's a three time winner of African defender of the year.

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-moussa-sanogo_-overview-profile-3.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-moussa-sanogo_-history-career-stats-2.png

    Backups: Flip Alla-Porkunnen + Kerry Connor -
    Both products of our youth academy, Flip is slightly ahead of English born Connor at the moment for club and country, who is spending the year on loan at Elche.

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-kerry-connor_-overview-profile.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-filip-ala-porkkunen_-history-career-stats.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-filip-ala-porkkunen_-overview-profile-2.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-kerry-connor_-history-career-stats.png

    Left Backs:

    1st Choice: Xavier Ramos -
    A great pick up at just £1,700,000 due to an expiring contract at Las Palmas, the Spanish international has averaged above an 8 rating in every full season he has completed so far. Writing this update now has made me realise I'll need to replace him soon due to his advancing years, but he's not on the decline quite yet so there's no rush.

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-xavier-ramos_-overview-profile-2.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-xavier-ramos_-history-career-stats.png

    Backup: Joaquim Niemi -
    A product of our youth academy, I actually didn't sign him by accident which meant that when I approached him as a free transfer a few years later, we had to wait a couple of years for him to join as his first nationality was Argentinian and they have rules on youth signings to foreign countries. Since then, we sent him out on loan a few times and then froze his career in the B team for a bit to keep him off the Argentine radar until he got a full Finland cap.

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-joaqu%C3%ADn-niemi_-overview-profile-5.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-joaqu%C3%ADn-niemi_-history-career-stats.png

    Centre Backs:

    1st Choice: Raul and Luiz Fabiano -
    The two Brazilian centre backs were brought in for £2,600,000 and on a free respectively, and have both been great servants to the club since coming in, with 5 Champions League medals to Raul's name and 4 to Fabiano's. At just 26, they are both in the prime of their careers and could add to that haul if they stay at the club.

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-raul_-overview-profile-2.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-raul_-history-career-stats.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-luiz-fabiano_-overview-profile-2.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-luiz-fabiano_-history-career-stats.png

    Backups: Josu Melendez and Juha Jaaskela -
    Melendez is a Spanish international who we brought in on a free to be our 3rd choice centre back, whilst Jaaskela is currently 4th choice at the club but has been first choice centre back for the national team since he was 19!

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-josu-mel%C3%A9ndez_-overview-profile-2.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-josu-mel%C3%A9ndez_-history-career-stats.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-juha-j%C3%A4%C3%A4skel%C3%A4_-overview-profile.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-juha-j%C3%A4%C3%A4skel%C3%A4_-history-career-stats.png

    Next update will be part two of the meet the squad, going over our midfielders and strikers...

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  18. FC Inter Turku
    Meet the Squad - Part 2 (2037)

    Name:  Interturku.png
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    Centre Midfielders:

    1st Choice: Martin Garay and Anderson Luiz -
    Garay has been at the club for 10 years and has been involved in all of our Champions League wins since joining for £3,500,000. Luiz joined a couple of years back for £6,000,000 and has only just taken over as first choice due to me feeling that we needed to inject some fresh legs into the midfielder and break up the long term partnership of Garay and Jae-Yoon.

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-mart%C3%ADn-garay_-overview-profile-3.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-mart%C3%ADn-garay_-history-career-stats.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-anderson-luiz_-overview-profile-2.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-anderson-luiz_-history-career-stats.png

    Backups: Byun Jae-Yoon and David Cusack -
    Jae-Yoon, like Garay, has been at the club for 10 years and has been involved in all 6 Champions League wins. A 2 time Asian player of the year and a great merchandise seller, I think his purchase of £950,000 from Ajax could be one of my best deals so far on this save. Cusack is the long term replacement for Garay as the box to box midfielder, and at just £5,000,000 I think he will turn out to be an excellent purchase for the club.

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-byun-jae-yoon_-overview-profile-4.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-byun-jae-yoon_-history-career-stats.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-david-cusack_-overview-profile-2.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-david-cusack_-history-career-stats.png

    Finnish Youth Prospects:
    Pakkala will probably never make it at the club but will be a good player for Finland, whereas Makela will make a good backup player for the club, however I may have to freeze his career a bit to avoid him getting an Argentina call up.

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-emiliano-m%C3%A4kel%C3%A4_-overview-profile-3.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-jiri-pakkala_-overview-profile-3.png

    Left Wingers:

    1st Choice: Mart Van Dongen -
    Brought in from Croatian side Dinamo for £5,000,000, he became first choice for the club after around 3 years and has never looked back. At 26, he is now heading into the prime years of his career.

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-mart-van-dongen_-overview-profile-2.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-mart-van-dongen_-history-career-stats.png

    Backup: Markus Scheweleff -
    A real club legend, the 33 year old winger left to go to Napoli early in his career but returned on a free due to an unsuccessful spell. After returning to the club, we trained him to become a left winger due to his outstanding pace and he was first choice winger for many years, and has got over 100 caps for the national side, where he is still first choice winger.

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-markus-scheweleff_-overview-profile-5.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-markus-scheweleff_-history-career-stats-3.png

    Right Wingers:

    1st Choice: Adam Iwanowski -
    For a long time he was our club record signing at £24,000,000, I took the plunge to sign him as a Polish wonderkid and I never doubted for one minute that he wouldn't be a success. An all round great player and he has the knack of scoring big goals in big games as well.

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-adam-iwanowski_-overview-profile-3.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-adam-iwanowski_-history-career-stats-2.png

    Backups: Ari Tuomaala and Aki Laurikainen -
    Two generations of Finnish right wingers here. Tuomaala is the current first choice national winger, but Laurikainen is pushing him for that spot and will get the chance to be backup winger at the club soon, as Tuomaala has asked to be allowed to move on for a fresh challenge.

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-ari-tuomaala_-overview-profile-2.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-ari-tuomaala_-history-career-stats.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-aki-laurikainen_-overview-profile-2.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-aki-laurikainen_-history-career-stats.png

    Attacking Midfielders:

    1st Choice: Kalle Lehtonen -
    Another candidate for being the best player ever produced at the club, Kalle has averaged above an 8 rating every full season since coming through the academy. He has 37 international goals in 84 appearances for the national team, aged just 27.

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-kalle-lehtonen_-overview-profile-5.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-kalle-lehtonen_-history-career-stats-5.png

    Backups: Olexiy Velychko + Kim Lempinen -
    Velychko came in for £10,000,000 as a 20 year old to be my backup attacking midfielder and has done a fine job when called upon, although he isn't really a top class player. Lempinen is just starting to break into the first team squad and will play an important part in the national team for a long time.

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-kim-lempinen_-overview-profile-2.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-kim-lempinen_-history-career-stats.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-olexiy-velychko_-overview-profile-2.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-olexiy-velychko_-history-career-stats.png


    1st Choice: Jon Lenagan -
    Signed for a minuscule £1,200,000 from Man City, he's recently become first choice striker since the sale of Linssen to Barcelona, however I think his place will soon be under threat by the next player.

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-jon-lenagan_-overview-profile-3.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-jon-lenagan_-history-career-stats.png

    Backup: Clive Heath -
    Our record signing at £27,500,00, he could become the best striker in the world in my opinion. Will probably play the next Champions League campaign as back up but after that will become first choice.

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-clive-heath_-overview-profile-2.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-clive-heath_-history-career-stats.png

    Youth Prospects:
    Vaino is decent but Kangas has the potential to become the best ever Finnish striker once he reaches his potential.

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-tuomas-vainio_-overview-profile-2.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-kimmo-kangas_-overview-profile.png

    For my next update, I've decided to give a quick run down of the major European Leagues and competitions since the save started, so you can see the state of football in 2037!
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  19. Really appreciate the meet the players thing!

    Must have taken you so long
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  20. World Football Round-up
    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-world-football.jpg

    Barclays Premier League + Rest of English Leagues:

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-english-premier-division_-overview-stages.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-english-premier-division_-history-past-winners.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-sky-bet-championship_-overview-stages.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-sky-bet-league-1_-overview-stages.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-sky-bet-league-2_-overview-stages.png

    No interesting winners of the Premier League I'm afraid, possibly a reflection of just how much money there is at the top of the Premier League. My team Sunderland are floundering down in League 2, whilst Southend are being promoted into the Premier League for next season.

    Liga BBVA:

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-liga-bbva_-overview-stages-4.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-liga-bbva_-history-past-winners.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-atl%C3%A9tico_-overview-profile.png

    On the whole Spanish football has been dominated by Barcelona, however in the past 4 years we have seen 4 different winners of the league, with the most surprising winners probably being Almeria. Real Madrid are involved in a yearly relegation battle, whilst city neighbours Atletico are in the third tier of Spanish football.


    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-german-first-division_-overview-stages.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-german-first-division_-history-past-winners.png

    Bayern, Dortmund and Stuttgart have been the most dominant teams in Germany, although Bayern have fell away in recent years and St Pauli have managed to get a couple of titles to their name.

    Serie A:

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-serie-a_-overview-stages.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-serie-a_-history-past-winners.png

    Serie A has generally been very competitive over the years. Cagliari have won the league the past 2 years and have built a very decent side. Roma are in Serie B and Fiorentina are in the third tier.

    Ligue 1:

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-ligue-1_-overview-stages.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-ligue-1_-history-past-winners.png

    Nothing too interesting here, Monaco and PSG have won the majority of titles and the league on a whole does not look too different.

    Champions League + Europa League:

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-european-champions-cup_-history-past-winners-2.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-euro-cup_-history-past-winners.png

    World Cup:

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-world-cup_-history-past-winners-2.png

    Regional international tournament:

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-copa-am%C3%A9rica_-history-past-winners.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-african-cup-nations_-history-past-winners.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-asian-nations-cup_-history-past-winners.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-european-football-championship_-history-past-winners.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-north-american-gold-cup_-history-past-winners.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-oceania-nations-cup_-history-past-winners.png

    Next update will be back to regular updates, so it'll be a June and July review...

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  21. Love the breakdown of the major european leagues! Always interesting to see how teams are doing/have done. Shocked at where some teams are.

  22. Quote Originally Posted by cps100 View Post
    Love the breakdown of the major european leagues! Always interesting to see how teams are doing/have done. Shocked at where some teams are.
    Yeah, it's really interesting to see where some teams end up!

    if I remember, I'll start putting in screenshots of each league in the yearly April and May updates so you can keep up to date with how the leagues go each year
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  23. FC Inter Turku
    June and July - 2037

    Name:  Interturku.png
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Size:  29.4 KB


    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-fc-inter-turku_-fixtures-schedule-116.png

    Plenty of games played over the two month period, and we managed to maintain a 100% record during that time.

    Player Stats:

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-fc-inter-turku_-squad-players-109.png

    Kim Lepinen is having a great first season in the first team squad, and showing he has the potential to become Lehtonen's long term replacement at attacking midfield for the national team.

    League Table:

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-finnish-premier-league_-overview-stages-84.png

    20 wins from 20 games, and we're averaging over 5 goals scored a game so far!

    Other News:

    We let 6 Finnish players leave the club over once the transfer window opened, 5 on permanent deals and 1 on loan. We brought in around £44,000,000 in transfer fees, and all players will be involved in future Finland squads, however just didn't quite have the quality to hold down a place in the club squad after reaching their potential.

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-ari-tuomaala_-overview-profile-3.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-jiri-pakkala_-overview-profile-4.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-kerry-connor_-overview-profile-2.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-tom-kekkonen_-overview-profile.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-tom-lehtinen_-overview-profile.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-andreas-hel%C3%A9n_-overview-profile-2.png

    Finland under 20's were losing finalists in the French Youth invatational.

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-finland-under-20s_-fixtures-schedule-2.png

    We've had 3 international games so far this year. Firstly, we beat Hungary in a WC qualifier in March, before disappointingly narrowly losing 2 friendlies in June against Germany and Ecuador. The good news is RoPS Brazilian winger Careca made his debut in the Germany game and we finally have a replacement for Scheweleff on the left.

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-finland-v-ecuador_-overview-overview.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-germany-v-finland_-overview-overview.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-hungary-v-finland_-overview-overview-2.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-careca_-overview-profile-2.png

    Next update will be a European Group Stage preview...

  24. FC Inter Turku
    European Group Stage Preview + European Super Cup - 2037

    Name:  Interturku.png
Views: 536
Size:  29.4 KB

    Us, RoPS and FC Lahti in Champions League:

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-european-champions-cup_-overview-stages-68.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-european-champions-cup_-overview-stages-69.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-european-champions-cup_-overview-stages-70.png

    Both us and RoPS have been drawn into pretty competitive groups, and they will need to be at the top of their game if they want to progress through the group like they did last year. Fc Lahti have the nicest looking group on paper, but are having a poor season in the league so I'd expect they are probably going to finish bottom of their group.

    FC Haka and HJK in Europa League:

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-euro-cup_-overview-stages-32.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-euro-cup_-overview-stages-33.png

    Both these teams have done pretty poorly in Europe in the past couple of seasons, however Haka have been drawn into a group where I feel they should be picking up a few points and challenging to get through the group. HJK probably won't get through their group but hopefully can get more than the 3 points they picked up last year.

    European Super Cup - FC Inter Turku 2 - 1 Manchester United

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-fc-inter-v-man-utd_-overview-overview-4.png

    Man United took an early lead in this game, however a moment of madness from their Ukrainian left back in the 30th minute flipped the game on it's head. He received a red card for a rash tackle on our striker Lenagan, and then Van Dongen put the free kick in the top corner from 30 yards. Just 9 minutes later Lenagan put us 2-1 ahead and we saw out that lead against the 9 men to make it 6 wins from 6 Super Cup appearances.

    Next update will be a September qualifiers review with Finland...

  25. Finland
    September and October World Cup Qualifiers - 2037

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-finland.jpg

    Finland 3 - 0 Denmark

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-finland-v-denmark_-overview-overview-2.png

    A big win over our Scandinavian rivals allows us to jump above them in the group into 1st place. Early goals from experienced internationals Strandvall and Lehtonen were accompanied by a late debut goal from attacking midfielder Kim Lempinen, who is having his breakthrough season at the club.

    Malta 1 - 8 Finland

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-malta-v-finland_-overview-overview.png

    We followed the win over Denmark with a comfortable 8-1 away in Malta in our final away qualifier. The highlight of the game was the hatrick from Kalle Lehtonen.

    Finland 4 - 0 Sweden

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-finland-v-sweden_-overview-overview-2.png

    Another home victory over a fellow Scandinavian side sends us through to our second ever World Cup, and means we have finished top of our qualifying group in all 3 campaigns that I have managed. 19 year old right winger Laurikainen got his first couple of international goals, whilst Lehtonen carried on his great international goalscoring form from centre midfield.

    Finland 2 - 2 Slovenia

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-finland-v-slovenia_-overview-overview.png

    It was a little bit disappointing to end the campaign with a draw, however there was nothing riding on the game. Our equalizer was scored by substitute Kekkonen, before Lempinen gave us the lead with his 2nd ever international goal. Onto the group stage draw now in December! Here is how the qualifying group ended...

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-world-cup-european-qualifying-section_-overview-stages-18.png

    Next update will be a review of the last few months of the season, can we manage to keep a 100% league record for the season and will we add another Finnish Cup to our collection?
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  26. FC Inter Turku
    August, September and October - 2037

    Name:  Interturku.png
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Size:  29.4 KB


    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-fc-inter-turku_-fixtures-schedule-117.png

    We get another 100% season under our belt and win the Finnish Cup for the 21st time, with a 3-0 win over HJK Helsinki in the final.

    Player Stats:

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-fc-inter-turku_-squad-players-110.png

    League Table:

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-finnish-premier-league_-overview-stages-85.png

    We ended up short of averaging 5 goals scored a game, scoring just the 155 goals in 33 games. We conceded 8 goals less than last season though, which is a positive.

    Other News:

    Striker Clive Heath broke the league goalscoring record, bagging himself 35 goals in 17 appearances!

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-scott-houghton_-news-inbox-144.png

    Our youth intake was average. The best prospect was a Croatian keeper but we did get a couple of potentially decent Finnish defenders.

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-perica-orkic_-overview-profile.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-tom-h%C3%A4m%C3%A4l%C3%A4inen_-overview-profile.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-niko-grannas_-overview-profile.png

    Next update will be a European Group stage update, including the Club World Championships...

  27. FC Inter Turku
    European Group Stages + Club World Championship - 2037

    Name:  Interturku.png
Views: 476
Size:  29.4 KB


    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-fc-inter-turku_-fixtures-schedule-118.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-european-champions-cup_-overview-stages-71.png

    6 wins from 6 yet again this year as we look to defend our crown.

    FC Lahti and RoPS in Champions League:

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-rovaniemen-palloseura_-fixtures-schedule-17.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-european-champions-cup_-overview-stages-72.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-fc-lahti_-fixtures-schedule-8.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-european-champions-cup_-overview-stages-73.png

    RoPS managed to squeeze through their group with just 7 points, whereas FC Lahti were really unlucky to finish bottom of their group with 5 points. They had a better h2h record than Furth, however Olympiakos had a better h2h record than Lahti and Furth had a better h2h record than Olympiakos. So it went down to GD, and FC Lahti's was demolished by the games against Arsenal.

    FC Haka and HJK in Europa League:

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-valkeakosken-haka_-fixtures-schedule-4.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-euro-cup_-overview-stages-34.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-helsingin-jalkapalloklubi_-fixtures-schedule-4.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-euro-cup_-overview-stages-35.png

    Both teams were slightly disappointing, only managing to finish in 3rd place with 6 and 7 points respectively.

    Club World Championship:

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-fc-inter-turku_-fixtures-schedule-119.png

    Very routine stuff here, as victory over the Asian and North American champions sees us crowned club world champions for the 6th time!

    Next update will be an end of season review...

  28. FC Inter Turku
    Season Review - 2037

    Name:  Interturku.png
Views: 420
Size:  29.4 KB

    Finnish Premier League - Winners

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-finnish-premier-league_-overview-stages-86.png

    Finnish Cup and League Cup - Winners

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-finnish-cup_-overview-stages-24.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-finnish-league-cup_-overview-stages-26.png

    Champions League - 1st Knockout Round (In Progress)

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-european-champions-cup_-overview-stages-71.png

    Fans Player of the Year - Adam Iwanowski

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-adam-iwanowski_-overview-profile-4.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-adam-iwanowski_-history-career-stats-3.png

    Best 11:

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-fc-inter_-history-best-eleven-46.png

    Overall Best 11:

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-fc-inter_-history-best-eleven-47.png

    Next update will be a 2037 review with Finland, including a first look at our group for the 2038 World Cup...

  29. Finland

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-finland.jpg


    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-finland_-fixtures-schedule-26.png

    Our friendly performances in June were slightly worrying, however we recovered well to take 13 points from 5 competitive games this year and to qualify for the World Cup! After qualifying, we continued preparations with two impressive victories over Brazil and Bosnia.

    World Cup 2038 Qualifying Group:

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-world-cup-european-qualifying-section_-overview-stages-19.png

    Not as strong as our previous qualifying campaigns, however we still managed to qualify for the tournament. Our target for the tournament has to be to get past the quarter finals, as that is the round we have fell out of our last 2 competitions. To do so, we'll have to get through a relatively competitive group of Mexico, Scotland and Mali. I'd expect us to beat Mali comfortably, however the games against Scotland (ranked 8th in the world) and Mexico (ranked 9th in the world) should be competitive!

    World Ranking - 3rd

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-finland_-history-world-rankings-24.png

    Player of the Year - Tom Kekkonen

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-finland_-awards-award-winners-38.png

    I've just realized this has never ever been won by an FC Inter Turku player, probably something to do with the league reputation!

    Under 21 Player of the Year - Aki Laurikainen

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-finland_-awards-award-winners-37.png

    Best 11:

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-finland_-history-best-eleven-44.png

    Overall Best 11:

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-finland_-history-best-eleven-45.png

    For the next update, we'll either have a Champions League update or a season preview, including a lot of transfer business!

  30. FC Inter Turku
    Pre-Season + Champions League 1st Knockout Round - 2038

    Name:  Interturku.png
Views: 406
Size:  29.4 KB


    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-fc-inter_-transfers-transfer-history-32.png

    We've been very busy in the January window, both on the incomings and outgoings. Firstly, we'll start with the deals already completed. We brought in Brazilian wonderkid centre back Mimi for £11,500,000 from Atletico Minerio, the next on a revolving line of great South American centre backs to play for the club. Following this, we had to address our need for a backup left winger and so we brought in another Brazilian left winger, Carlos Alberto, for £10,000,000 from Olympiakos. Finally, we bought a replacement left back from Santos in the shape of Mexican left back Acosta. We did have to pay £22,500,000 for him, however at just 20 he could be our first choice left back for 10 years.

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-mimi_-overview-profile.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-carlos-alberto_-overview-profile.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-iv%C3%A1n-acosta_-overview-profile.png

    Next, to recuperate the money spent we sold 3 players. Brazilian centre back Raul left to go to PSG for £29,500,000, 30 year old Spanish left back Xavier Ramos went to Manchester United for £10,000,00 and legendary South Korean centre midfielder Jae-Yoon left for Sampadoria for £4,000,000.

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-raul_-overview-profile-3.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-xavier-ramos_-overview-profile-3.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-byun-jae-yoon_-overview-profile-5.png

    Finally, we have arranged 3 bosmans to come in at the end of June and they are 3 amazing players! Volkov is going to be our backup advanced player but Serna will be fighting Heath to be first choice striker and Parausis will fight it out with Cusack to be the first choice ball winning midfielder. Also, we have agreed a deal to sell striker Lenagen to Manchester United for £32,000,000 as he won't be needed with Serna arriving so it made sense to cash in on him whilst we could.

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-andrey-volkov_-overview-profile.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-nicol%C3%A1s-serna_-overview-profile.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-vasilis-parousis_-overview-profile.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-jon-lenagan_-overview-profile-4.png

    Finnish League Cup:

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-fc-inter-turku_-fixtures-schedule-120.png

    We win yet another league cup, however we did very well to win the semi final as we were down to a threadbare squad and had to use a few under 19's due to international call ups.

    Champions League 1st Knockout Round - FC Inter Turku 2 - 4 Cagliari

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-cagliari-v-fc-inter_-overview-overview-2.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-fc-inter-v-cagliari_-overview-overview-2.png

    Unfortunately it's bad news in the Champions League as we go out in the 1st knockout round for the first time since 2027! To be fair Cagliari have a brilliant squad and probably caught us a bit off guard with a couple of new players in the defence and playing such a good team early on whilst we're still working on our match fitness. The good news however, is that RoPS advanced past Liverpool on away goals, beating them 2-1 away after losing the 1st leg 1-0 at home. They did get knocked out 6-2 on aggregate by Arsenal after drawing the home leg 1-1 in the quarters, but it was still a very good run for them and it was strange to think that another Finnish team got further than us in Europe!

    Other News:

    The expansion to Houghton Arena is complete, expanding the capacity to 32,326. We have agreed another expansion of around 5,500 seats, however I have the feeling it won't get planning permission as it isn't showing up on the facilities page!

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-fc-inter_-information-facilities-12.png

    Next update will be an April and May review, can some of our Finnish players hit form before the World Cup in June?
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  31. FC Inter Turku
    April and May - 2038

    Name:  Interturku.png
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Size:  29.4 KB


    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-fc-inter-turku_-fixtures-schedule-121.png

    We've started the domestic season well after the disappointing performances in Europe, however we are conceding a few too many goals for my liking. Also, we set a new league attendance record against TPS after selling out our newly expanded 32,326 seater stadium.

    Player Stats:

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-fc-inter-turku_-squad-players-111.png

    Hopefully the likes of Lehtonen, Laurikainen and Kim Lempinen can continue their early season form into the World Cup!

    League Table:

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-finnish-premier-league_-overview-stages-87.png

    Solid start, winnning 9 from 9 and averaging 5 goals scored a game!

    Major European Leagues + Tournaments:

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-serie-a_-overview-stages-2.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-german-first-division_-overview-stages-2.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-ligue-1_-overview-stages-2.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-sky-bet-championship_-overview-stages-2.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-english-premier-division_-overview-stages-2.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-liga-bbva_-overview-stages-5.png

    The biggest news here is the fact we had first time champions of Spain in the shape of Las Palmas!

    Next update will be the 2038 World Cup update!

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  32. Bayern and barca not even getting champions league! How things change

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  33. What happened to Olympique Lyonnais & Olympique De Marsielle?

  34. Quote Originally Posted by Thatpavementkid View Post
    Bayern and barca not even getting champions league! How things change

    Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
    I'd say the biggest surprise is the fact Real Madrid face constant relegation battles!

    Quote Originally Posted by Kerguelen View Post
    What happened to Olympique Lyonnais & Olympique De Marsielle?
    Marseille got relegated in 2029 and Lyon got relegated for a 2nd time in 2035. Both teams now sit in the National (the third tier of French football).

  35. Finland
    2038 - World Cup
    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-finland.jpg

    Warm-up Games:

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-u.s..-v-finland_-overview-overview.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-finland-v-malta_-overview-overview.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-los-angeles-v-finland_-overview-overview.png

    The warm-up games served their purpose, with 3 comfortable wins helping to top up on both match fitness and morale.

    Group Stage:

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-mali-v-finland_-overview-overview.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-finland-v-mexico_-overview-overview.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-finland-v-scotland_-overview-overview.png

    We started our group stage with a relatively comfortable 2-0 win over the African nation Mali, with goals from right winger Laurikainen and attacking midfielder Lehtonen bagging the goals. We followed this victory up with a brilliant 5-0 win over the Mexicans, all but securing our place in the next round due to our superior goal difference. The highlight of the game has to be the hatrick from Lehtonen, taking him to 4 goals from 2 games. In the final group game we rotated the squad a little, and we could only manage a 1-1 draw due to a Jarno Timoska header, however this was still enough to top the group and secure a second round tie against Poland.

    2nd Round - Finland 3 - 1 Poland

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-finland-v-poland_-overview-overview.png

    I was pretty worried when Poland took a 16th minute lead, however 2 quick goals from striker Kekkonen calmed the nerves and saw us head into half time with a 2-1 lead. We then extended this lead in the 60th minute from the penalty spot, allowing me to rest a couple of players for the quarter final tie against Brazil.

    Quarter Final - Finland 3 - 3 Brazil (Finland won 6-5 on penalties)

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-finland-v-brazil_-overview-overview.png

    In by far the most entertaining game of our tournament, Tom Kekkonen gave us the lead three times in scoring a hatrick, only for Brazil to score 3 equalizers, the last of which came in the 86th minute! We were running on near empty during extra time and Brazil had a couple of decent chances, however they missed them and the game went to penalties. We both scored our first 5, however ex Inter Turku striker Everton missed his penalty, allowing young midfielder Lempinen the chance to send us through and that is exactly what he did.

    Semi Final - Finland 2 - 0 Ukraine

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-ukraine-v-finland_-overview-overview.png

    My main dilemma here was whether to stick with a tired first 11 after the Brazil game, or whether to play a few of the backups and hope they could deal with being chucked into a World Cup semi. In the end the side I put out was a bit of a mix, and it was one of the backup players who gave us the lead, Nigerian born centre back Opara heading us in front after 32 minutes. An early second half penalty from Lehtonen doubled our lead and allowed me to take off a few of the first choice players and to rest them up for the final, where we would meet 3 time winners Uruguay!

    Final - Finland 2 - 1 Uruguay

    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-finland-v-uruguay_-overview-overview.png

    Firstly I've got to admit we were very lucky to win this as I originally played this game and we conceded a 88th minute goal to go 3-2 down, however as I went to make subs the chase the game the game shot through to full time but wouldn't let me progress, stuck at 'waiting for next highlight'. I decided to replay the game as there was time for an equalizer when I made the subs, despite it looking unlikely, and for the fact I would have replayed it if we had been winning.

    However in replayed game, we managed to take an early lead through Tom Kekkonen, who certainly likes a goal against the South American sides! We looked like holding the lead into half time, however £46,500,000 rated Cagliari striker Curbelo pulled the Uruguayan's level just before the break. Into the second half and it was once again a Kalle Lehtonen penalty which gave us the lead, a third penalty in 4 knockout round games. We then had 25 minutes to hold onto that lead and that is exactly what we did, winning Finland's first ever international tournament in only our second ever appearance at the World Cup finals!


    FC Inter Turku - European Giant-scott-houghton_-news-inbox-3.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-scott-houghton_-news-inbox-2.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-scott-houghton_-news-inbox.pngFC Inter Turku - European Giant-scott-houghton_-news-inbox-4.png

    Juventus striker Kekkonen wins both young player of the tournament and the golden boot, with his 7 goals coming in fewer games then Lehtonen's 7 goals. Paavolainen won the best goalkeeper, whilst we had 4 Finnish players and 2 FC Inter Turku players named in the dream team for the competition.

    Next update will probably cover the July and August months domestically, as well as the European group stage draws for Finnish clubs. To be honest, I'm not sure how much I'll now be playing the save now after winning the World Cup, but hopefully it doesn't kill my interest in the save!

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  36. Just read through all of this. Unreal story man! You did such a good job as manager and in the layout of the story
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