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Be the top player- Sign Up!

  1. Be the top player- Sign Up!

    I'm searching about 20 players, any nation is allowed, pick your 5 top attributes, position and of course name , there will be 21 players cause I sgn up to show example (you are the rest 20 ). Your age will be 15-16 (you pick date of birth but must be 16)

    Name: Lolly Battello
    Nation: Anguilla
    Position: Defensive Midfielder
    Top 5 stats: headers,corners,free kicks,dribbling,creativity
    Date of birth: 15/9/1997
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  2. Name: Marwan Kosasih
    Nation: Indonesia
    Position: DC/DM
    Top 5 stats: Marking, Tackling, Aggression, Influence, Strength
    Date of birth: 15/05

  3. Name: Fola Jack
    Nation: England
    Position: Goalkeeper
    Top 5 stats: Agility, Kicking, Handling, Ariel Ability, Command Of Area
    Date of birth: 29/1/1997

  4. Name: Lewie Roberts
    Nation: Jamaica
    Position: ST
    Top 5 Stats: Shooting, Dribbling, Positioning, Teamwork, Flair
    Date of Birth: 03/09

  5. Name: Joe Timms
    Nation: Portugal
    Position: CAM/ST
    Top 5 Stats: Pace, Strength, Determination, Dribbling, Finishing
    DOB: 18/9/96
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  6. Name: Drew Mallett
    Nation: Scotland
    Position: WBR/L
    Stats: Marking, Tackling, Positioning, Acceleration and Stamina
    DOB: 26/05/97

  7. Name: Carlos Vera
    Nation: Argentina
    Position: LW/LM
    Top 5: Dribbling, First Touch, Pace, Technique, Flair
    DOB: 15/09/97

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Jacob7777 View Post
    Name: Bilbo Baggins
    Nation: Holland
    Position: GK
    Top 5 stats: Reflexes, handling, positioning, ariel ability and penalty taking
    Date of birth: 28/2

  9. First 4 players

    Fola Jack:
    Be the top player- Sign Up!-2014-05-17_00002.jpg

    Lewie Roberts:
    Be the top player- Sign Up!-2014-05-17_00003.jpg
    Lolly Battello:

    Be the top player- Sign Up!-2014-05-17_00004.jpg

    Marwan Kosasih:

    Be the top player- Sign Up!-2014-05-17_00005.jpg

  10. Name: Ignazio Sampolia
    Nation: Portuguese
    Position : CAM
    Top 5 Stats: Determination, First Touch,Decisions, Dribbling, Agility
    Date of Birth : 16/4/98

  11. The players will be ready on monday, I should do 7-8 today

  12. I look amazing! Top so far IMO.

  13. Name: Alex John
    Nation: Wales
    Position: Attacking Midfielder Centre
    Top 5 stats: passing,Dribbling,Technique,pace,creativity
    Date of birth:15/06/98

  14. Name: Rocco Russo
    Nation: USA
    Position: ST
    Top 5 stats: Finishing,Technique,Composure,Flair,Composure
    Date of birth: 1/3/97

  15. Name: Sasha Thomas
    Nation: Russia
    Position: CM
    Top 5 Stats: Leadership, Creativity, Strength, Decisions, Passing
    Date of Birth: 01/06/1997
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  16. Name: Adam Moore
    Nation: Switzerland
    Position: CM
    Top 5 stats: Passing, Tackling, Decisions, Dribbling, First Touch
    Date of birth: 10/06

  17. Name: Dangly McBalls
    Nation: France
    Position: DC
    Top 5 stats: Heading, Marking, Tackling, Jumping, Composure
    Date of birth: 2/2/1997
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  18. Name: Pratik Sangle
    Nation: India
    Position: AML/AMC/ST
    Top 5 stats: Technique, off the ball, workrate, dribbling, creativity
    Date of birth: 6/12/1996

  19. Name : Dale Henderson
    Nation : England
    position : AML/AMR
    Top 5 stats : pace, technique, crossing, flair, dribbling
    date of birth : 5/8/1996

    (think my D.O.B. is correct for the game start feel free to change)

  20. Name: Thomas Hornsletten
    Nation: Norway
    Position: AML/ST
    Top 5 stats: Acceleration , Pace,First touch, Finishing, off the ball
    Date of birth: 31/07/1996

  21. Name: Nazzeti
    Nation: England
    Position: Attacking LW
    Top 5: Determination, Dribbling, Acceleration, Crossing, Team Work.
    DOB: 28/05

  22. Name: Sebastian Gago
    Nation: Argentina
    Position: Central Midfielder
    Top 5 stats: Passing, First Touch, Teamwork, Creativity, Agility
    Date of birth: 27/2/1997

  23. Name: Angus Ogg
    Nation: Scotland
    Position: Striker
    Top 5 stats: Finishing, Decisions, Off the Ball, Heading, Composure
    Date of birth: 02/03

  24. Name: Neo Yew Chong
    Nationality: Singaporean
    Position: CM
    Top 5 stats: Determination, work rate, off the ball, vision, creativity
    DOB: 25/1/98

  25. Name: Oscar Frenton
    Nationality: Australian
    Position: DR/DL
    Top 5 Stats: Marking, Positioning, Determination, Passing, Tackling
    DOB: 29/01/1998

  26. Name: Frederik Josef
    Nation: Malta
    Position: Left Back
    Top 5 stats: Free Kicks, Tackling, Work-Rate, Pace, Stamina
    Date of birth: 19/10

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