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Belgium the future of Europe - An Antwerp story

  1. Belgium the future of Europe - An Antwerp story

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    Royal Antwerp are Recognized as the oldest team in Belgium, dating back to 1880 and have won multiple honours in the Belgium game including the Belgium division four times and the Belgium cup twice, however recently they have dropped down into Belgium's second tier and my job is to get them back to the top and into Europe.

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  2. These are the best players at the squad from what reports I've got

    This guy looks good at 27 and could be my rock at the back for the next couple of years
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    At 21 this guy looks a talent and looks like a future captain of mine
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    This guy has some great creativity stats and if i can find the right guy up front he could work wonders for me
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  3. Now for my promising youngsters

    this guy looks like he could turn into a promising centre-half in the near future
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    This guy looks very good and he should really break into my first team this season
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    I have no real striker in my first team so i may give this guy a go from the off if I don't sign anybody
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  4. Pre-Season

    A mixed bag in pre-season as we got a good win over Juventus Reserves, however we still got beat by a couple of top league sides which shows we're not quite at there level yet
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    I used my affiliation with Manchester United here to sign a few players on loan and bolster up the squad our 33 year old goalkeeper is the only exit so far with a younger and less demanding (wage wise) keeper.
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    Enters straight away as number 1 goalie, he should do a good job this season until one of my young keepers is good enough to go between the sticks
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    He has the potential to be the number 1 and may get a few games in the cup this season
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    Instantly becomes the best player on the team but I'll try not to rely on him too much as he won't be here next season.
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    I didn't have many options in that attacking midfield role so he fits nicely in.
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  5. Like your choice of team mate! Like a good European adventure, hope you do well.
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  6. Antwerp I like it.
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  7. August

    This month was quite successful with 7 points out of a possible 9 in the league, however we did get knocked out of the cup which I was hoping to get far in to see how we faired against top league opposition, but it could turn out to be a blessing in disguise as it allows us to concentrate on the league and our goal of promotion.

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    A nice comfortable win to begin the (soon to be over) cup run
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    A good win to start the league campaign and a clean sheet too
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    I just realised that I played this guy anybody remember him from Man City, it's nice to see a few familiar names though
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    Really disappointing to say the least we just couldn't find a goal
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    Another nice win, Bostock was incredible this game, scoring one and setting up the other
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    After a couple of early goals the game began to die down and to be honest was a fair result to take
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    One last signing before the window shut, just got this guy on a free as the board injected some money into my wage budget
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    So we're sitting pretty at the top for now, hopefully we can stay there
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    Player of the month

    A great performance against vise and solid performances in the other games secures his place as player of the month
    Click image for larger version

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    John Bostock

  8. Hey there, firstly, good luck with your story. Nice start to the season and I hope it continues! Secondly, as I'm doing my own story and use gyazo to get the images, it works well but every image has to be opened to view in full size. Do you simply use print screen and paint to save your images as jpegs? I like the fact that your images are so big, makes it easy to go through quickly and with minimal fuss!

  9. Hi thanks, and if you double click the image it should bring up an option to make the image full size, hope this helped and i'll be sure to follow your story

  10. September

    An average month at best as we suffer our first defeat and drop points to Dessel, however there were a couple of well fought wins so I can take positives out of this month
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    Our first loss in the league campaign and it was an absolute shocker, we were outplayed all game and we were lucky that it wasn't a higher scoreline
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    A tough away fixture, and Westerlo probably deserved something from the game however Ben Amos was superb and Calabro was even better grabbing two goals
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    A comfortable win, not much else to say
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    How this finished 0-0 I don't know, it was end to end stuff, both keepers had good games but disappointing that we couldn't put the ball in the back of the net
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    We're down to 4th but only a point off 2nd, but we need to gain ground on 1st as there is only 1 automatic promotion place
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    Player of the month

    Two clean sheets and a string of great performances seal the player of the month for the young goalkeeper
    Click image for larger version

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    Ben Amos
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  11. Good read I have just started a Belgian season with Lierse

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