Right.... Just gonna keep this nice and simple. Decided to take up this challenge as i feel i need one. My aim is to produce good german talent and take over FC bayern and become no1 munich.

Under the heavy-handed, dictatorial leadership of Wildmoser and Lorant,[citation needed] the combination of proven veterans and young talent helped the club avoid relegation and become a decent mid-table side. 1860 earned a fourth place Bundesliga finish in 2000 and were entered into the Champions League 3rd qualifying round where they faced Leeds United, however a 3?1 aggregate defeat saw them play in the UEFA Cup that season, advancing to the third round where they were put out by AC Parma. However, the club was unable to build on this success and after some mediocre performances by the team, manager Lorant was fired.

with some good players.. Osako, Stoppelkamp, Stark, Wannanwetsch & Bobby Shou Wood all under the age of 23 barring Stoppelkamp they could be the future of the club. Predicted to finish 4th i think the club have good enough players to get promoted. The highlight of the club is the play at the Alianz home of giants Bayern. Got great youth facilities and superb training facilities as you could imaging. Got good youngsters like Mike Ott, Vollmann, im going to build a good youth academy so i can develop my own youngsters.

Anyone interested in joining me in this?