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A New Era Dawns At San Mam

  1. A New Era Dawns At San Mam

    I've decided to share my story with you. An Athletic story. With a new league. With the best clubs in the world.

    My name is Allan Pikkpoiss and I'm gonna destroy everything and everyone. I'm gonna be the most special one!!!

    Athletic Club





    Man Of The Pre-Season


    Average Rating - 7.84
    Apps/Goals - 9(2)/11

  2. The Season Begins

    WEEK 1

    Average age is 23 and everyone are very ambitious. Young Kepa Arrizabalaga has been trusted to make his debut for Athletic Club as a goalkeeper. Will he sh*t himself or will he make his opponents sh*t themselves. Only time will tell. Guillermo takes the attacker position in the first squad.

    We won 3-0. Ibai Gomez and Iraola scored 2 goals. The 3rd goal was an own goal by Bruno Peres - I guess Arrizabalaga did make them sh*t themselves

    MOM is Saborit with a score of 8.6. (was his debut game)

    Sadly Iraola got injured and is out for 4 weeks. Who shall take his place? Only Pikkpoiss knows.

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    First Team
    Good luck!
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  4. WEEK 2

    Remember Kepa Arrizabalaga, the young goalkeeper, who got Pikkpoiss's trust and played in the first game of the season in the 1st eleven. Well guess what, he just got picked into the team of the week.

    vs. Parma - CUP

    Balenziaga takes Iraola spot for Parma game, but can he rise to the level the team needs him to?

    We f-ng won!!! All the odds were against us, but we still f**king won!!!!

    Muniain scored a deftly executed finish on 5th minute. Followed by Ibai Gomez's brace on 34th and 83rd minute. Inigo Prez scored a penalty on 75th min.

    MOM - Ibai Gomez - 9.3

    vs. Brescia - Friendly

    Pikkpoiss decided to face Brescia with reserve players. Most of them had played for the first team for a long time.

    Goals were scored by Oscar De Marcos and Kike Sola.

  5. looks like a good story! looking forward to seeing you progress.
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  6. WEEK 3


    Nothing much to say. Only that it was a DISAPPOINTING draw!!

    I did just change tactics, so I might have seen this one coming.

    vs. Queretaro - LEAGUE

    A win. Aduriz scored 2 and Guillermo one.

    Defense made a poor game, but on the other hand the attack was fantastic.

    Let's see if Pikkpoiss has any surprises for us in the store.

    With this victory we moved bact to the 1st place with 7 points.

    MOM - Aritz Aduriz - 8.8

    This time Aduriz was only one named in the TotW. There is no wonder in that, after made a superb match against Queretaro.

    Now let's wait and see what the future brings.

  7. WEEK 4


    Why are Ibai and Iker in the striker positions? Does Pikkpoiss believe that Gomez's and Muniain's attack duo make problems in Norwich's defense? If not, they won't be playing in the next match.

    They did what was expected of them. Gomez scored one goal, Herrera another and John Ruddy scored an own goal. Guess Pikkpoiss knows what he is doing afterall.

    MOM - Mikel Balenziaga - 8.1


    Now, Pikkpoiss has got 7 players out, 6 with injuries and one with cards. It'll be an interesting game against NY with so many players out on Athletic side.

    We f-ng lost. Seems like Aduriz-Guillermo duo doesn't work. Pikkpoiss will have to put all of his backroom brains together and figure out how to make the most out of this team.

  8. Month of August

    This is the end of month August. Let's see how Pikkpoiss and his team did.

    Pikkpoiss came second in MotM. Win % is 60.

    Athletic Club is still first in the league thanks to the goal difference. They currently have 10 points, which is the exact number of the goal difference.

    Kepa Arrizabalaga, the young goalkeeper, is making waves in the league as he is sharing 1 to 4 place in most clean sheets in the league with 3cs. Balenziaga has ran the most kilometres in 90 minutes (16.6 km).

    Man Of The Month Of August

    Mikel Balenziaga

    Apps/Goals/Assists - 4/0/3
    Average Rating - 7.35

    Let's see, if Balenziaga can impress us in September also.

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