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A Gibraltar story..

  1. A Gibraltar story..

    Right so first things first....
    This is my first ever story in my existence as a human being so the layout of this story may be sh#t to start off with, so hints and tips for the layout much appreciated!!!

  2. The birth of a legend..

    I really cba to do the whole story book thing as I have no patience so yeah..
    Decided to do a Gibraltar challenge, taking over a Gibraltar league club and the Gibraltar National Team.

    As I am a Manchester United fan (please leave out the jokes of the past season) I thought I may as well give it a bash at taking over Manchester 62.

    I have no knowledge whatsoever of either the National team or any of the League Clubs so this season / career could be a disaster.

    May I also note that the first few seasons may be a bit erm spontaneous due to the club being poor and at Amateur level, but the League Cup gets you Europa league qualifying rounds and Winning the league Champions league qualifying rounds..

    Anywho.. ONTO MANCHESTER 62

  3. A Gibraltar story..-club-general.png A Gibraltar story..-history.png

    Well as you can see.... f#ck all.
    I have no idea how we are predicted for 2nd...

    My key player is this little beast though, at this level (shite) his finishing and pace is phenomenal lol

    A Gibraltar story..-best-player.png

    Using a tactic I made from a previous career which I'll post up later..

  4. Hopes of a Nation on my shoulders....

    For the NT I'll be using Steatons Invincible 4-2-3-1 tactic until I know the players better.. Also as as the club is amatuer I only get to train the players once a week so it'd take longer than a whole season to get them familiar with my tactics, unless people can offer some suggestions?

    Anyone, I put the start date for the game to Germany so I get longer to train my players, call it cheating if you want but I'm cluching at straws here which will be a hard career

    Anyway, i let my assistant choose my potential squads as we had Nation Team friendlies before anything to do with my mighty Red Devils of Gibraltar got going...

    I must say I have two BEAUTIES in the National Team

    A Gibraltar story..-liam-walker.pngA Gibraltar story..-scott.png

    Luckily I have two players in their prime or round abouts there who I can mould the team around..

    I'll let you judge how the friendlies went...

    A Gibraltar story..-friendlies.png

    The Bonaire result.. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, they didn't even have a club on the game???? safe to say I then realised this would be a struggle lol...

    The Latvia game I was happy and p#ssed as the same time...

    A Gibraltar story..-latvia.png

    A Late equaliser tut.. But surely this meant my team could pull a few surprised???

    Then yeah the Belarus game brought me to reality lollllllllllllll

  5. Transfers

    I had a small squad so I decided to bring some more players in.. mostly looking for determination, work rate and physical stats tbh.. Everyone is shocking atm, can't wait for a regen with high determination

    A Gibraltar story..-transfers.png

    Brought in a few players with non leaving... BTW as its Amatuer you don't have to pay for players nor are you able to sell them.. can't wait to raise money through Europa / Champs League..

  6. Pre Season

    I don't really like taking charge of club friendlies cause I don't tend to do enough squad rotation so I let my assistant handle them..

    A Gibraltar story..-club.png

    And that is where I am currently up to! start of the season to come..

    Any suggestions? Constructive criticism only please, I am a 'newb' at FM Stories.

  7. October update

    Dno whether to bother with this? Is anyone interested?

    Anywho, here is the October update with 1 National Team Friendly and my first League game.

    Gibraltar VS New Zealand...

    To be fair I felt quite optimistic about my chances in this match for some reason, at the mighty fortress playing at home and all that

    And the result...

    A Gibraltar story..-newze.png

    Do I need to explain when you can see for yourself lol

    Also, would you prefer me to just type out the result with the goal scorers etc or is a screen shot OK?

    Fair to say after this result I wasn't really looking forward to starting my league season against the mighty..

    A Gibraltar story..-collegeerupoa.png

    They are predicted to finish 4th...

    Anywho, MATCH DAY

    A Gibraltar story..-1stmatch.png

    Yep, first win in the bag! But as you can see either my tactic really pushed them into a corner or they were just really crap.. Need to work on the team getting more shots in general and on target, I was actually lucky to win.. Duartes goal was 'dubious' for offside, the own goal was lucky and Perez didn't even mean to score his free kick.. Aye Carumba I'm running a circus act here...

  8. Doing decent so far, I managed to get Lynx FC to the Champions League group stages within around 12 years so the challenge isn't extremely hard, I mean im shite at FM...

  9. Good read so far. Am considering starting a game in Gibraltar

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  10. Quote Originally Posted by Bradpar89 View Post
    Doing decent so far, I managed to get Lynx FC to the Champions League group stages within around 12 years so the challenge isn't extremely hard, I mean im shite at FM...
    Was you able to get to Professional club status by then?

  11. Quote Originally Posted by S23YME View Post
    Good read so far. Am considering starting a game in Gibraltar

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    You should! If your looking for a long career then I'd suggest a career in Gibraltar!

    November update will be out tonight...

    Are the screen shots of the results OK or would the be better in a text format?

  12. Story looks good, mate. Will be following for sure.
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  13. Quote Originally Posted by Hector89 View Post
    Story looks good, mate. Will be following for sure.
    Cheers man! Glad to know I haven't started to bore people from the start lol.. Killing me to be at work though when I could do be getting on with my Might Red Devils

  14. Quote Originally Posted by SwiftNG View Post
    Was you able to get to Professional club status by then?
    The year ater I got in, We managed to get the pro status and I tell you, it works wonders in the league and europe!
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  15. Good story!
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  16. Quote Originally Posted by Bradpar89 View Post
    The year ater I got in, We managed to get the pro status and I tell you, it works wonders in the league and europe!
    Thanks! Something to look forward to!

    November update will be out today.. Turns out I'm allergic to a certain type of nut and I found out the hard way last night, long night in hospital ?_?

  17. Quote Originally Posted by hadyncity View Post
    Good story!
    Thanks man! Much appreciated
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  18. Don't know what team to go in Gibraltar doesn't really look like it matters tho

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  19. Quote Originally Posted by S23YME View Post
    Don't know what team to go in Gibraltar doesn't really look like it matters tho

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    The best team is Lincoln (GIB) easily

  20. November

    November fixtures

    So after I kicked off the season in relatively good form I thought my season would be easy!

    Here's how I got on

    02/11 had a match against Lynx who were predicted to finish 3rd

    A Gibraltar story..-lynx.png

    And onto the match -

    A Gibraltar story..-match.png

    To be honest I didn't expect a win but after going 2 nil up I thought my side would have more than 3 shots on target the whole match?

    09/11 I had a match against Lions Gibraltar predicted to finish 6th

    A Gibraltar story..-loions.png

    This match I would have no excuses for losing as I'm supposed the stronger team by far

    A Gibraltar story..-result-ion.png

    Happy with the win, disappointed to always concede though tut!!

    23/11 I had to play at home against Glacis Utd predicted to finish 5th..
    Another result in the bag..

    A Gibraltar story..-glacis-result.png

    Da fuq? with two seconds to go we concede.. I am getting fed up of the low amount of shots on target and the appalling defensive record the Red Devils of Gibraltar currently have!

    On the 30/11 I had a match at home against Lincoln (GIB) predicted to finish 1st.. My rivals for the title..

    Right, may I just note as one of the stronger teams in the league I think I should beat EVERYONE at my home ground including Lincoln, but most of my national team is with players from Lincoln

    Anywho the result -

    A Gibraltar story..-lincoln-gib.png

    Once again crap shot ratio and crap defending..

    The league table currently

    A Gibraltar story..-table.png

    Player of the month -

    A Gibraltar story..-duarte-pom-november.png

    Duarte managed to get 2 goals and an assist, plus he is my only player with over a 7.00 rating for their past 5 games..
    (wish one of my defenders had a reason to be player of the month)

  21. Right.. this is my first crack at proper lower league management, lowest I've gone and been successful with is Portsmouth!

    Can anyone recommend a tactic for me to try? I need to be secure defensively before I can try and score I suppose!

  22. Have picked a decent tactic!

    Best tactic i have used!!!! Donny Rovers

    December update will be out tonight!

  23. December update.

    Right so after a bit of research looking for a new tactic I found one and decided to carry on with my terrible season!

    After a bit of a break we had a match on the 15/12 away against St Josephs predicted to finish 7th.

    A Gibraltar story..-stj.png

    Considering the season so far I no longer expect to win these matches

    Onto the match!

    A Gibraltar story..-stjj.png

    Well.. Disappointing to say the least, plus injuries to my star player (Duarte) who is out for 2 months Hopefully my team will take to this tactic otherwise it is back to the drawing board!

    In other news -

    A Gibraltar story..-sargeant.png

    This guy hasn't played for me yet this season and he is sticking up for me, what a guy! Turns out hes decent as well, god knows how I missed him...

    A Gibraltar story..-sergen.png

    Could be the creative force I need!

    Next up a cup game away against Gibraltar Phoenix

    A Gibraltar story..-gibp1.png

    And the faith in Jack pays off! Although he did pick up a knock which forced him off!

    Next up I had Gibraltar Phoenix in the league again and away again!

    A Gibraltar story..-pressure.png

    Seems like they are starting to lose patience, ay who can blame em....

    Match Day

    A Gibraltar story..-gilp2.png

    Just the result I needed! Have solved my problem with the attacking department but just need to bring in a defender in the transfer window!

    Next up I am up against Lynx FC again who beat me earlier on but this time I'm at home and can hurt them going forward..

    A Gibraltar story..-lynx2.png

    Could of gone either way with our defenses both playing wank..

    League table end of December

    A Gibraltar story..-leaguedec.png


    Has to be Jack Sergeant, played an important role in the apparent turn around after publicly backing me!

    Next update January & transfer window.

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