A fmh2014 story (Man Utd how I will do it)

  1. A fmh2014 story (Man Utd how I will do it)

    Hey guys this be a new story by me!
    Bad news due to fmh2014 error I have to reinstall so my previous story data is gone
    Now lets do the introduction of this new story!
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Breaking News
    Alex Ferguson retires from his job of Manchester United after his years of success.Who will be Alex Ferguson's successor?
    A fmh2014 story (Man Utd how I will do it)-5-8-13-sir-alex-ferguson_full_600.jpg

  2. A fmh2014 story (Man Utd how I will do it)-296px-manchester_united_fc_crest.svg.png
    The expected candidates for Man Utd job
    1)Jose Mourinho
    2)David Moyes
    3)Rafa Benitez
    4)pep guardiola

    Will one of them be the next Man Utd manager?
    Breaking News

    Manchester United hired an unkown English manager call Tony Hammy! Tony Hammy have no managing experience but he played lots of football manager! We wish him luck and hope he be successful with Man Utd.


    All the players of Man utd wish Tony Hammy luck and hope to have a successful season with him.

    De Gea: This manager is not expected to be our manager but he gets the job and I will try my best to help Tony Hammy.

    Wayne Rooney: This manager might be unkown but who knows, he might win the league.
    conference of the new manager of man utd

    Guy: Tony Hammy how do you feel getting the job of such a successful club and being Alex Ferguson's successor?

    Tony Hammy: I am very happy and hope to win the league.

    Guy:Thanks you for your time.

    Tony Hammy: Thank you.

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