Yeovil Town - Small Fish in a Big Tank

  1. Yeovil Town - Small Fish in a Big Tank

    Yeovil Town 2013-14

    I took over Yeovil Town FC with the aim to one day take them to the Premier League. They are a club local to me, yet this is the first time on Football Manager I have managed them! I'm usually drawn to the much closer Exeter City FC.

    I made lots of transfers to help the issues at hand. Some were very good signings, yet some weren't so good. Eg. Bobby Zamora who I released 4 months after signing. Nevertheless I am still pleased with the majority of the players. Some bad news was that I did have to sell Luke Ayling (requested) for £425k. Was our best player by a long shot!

    We finished a very respectable 14th in the League, after being touted to finish very bottom. I am very pleased with how the team did all season. We definitely showed we are no pushovers and hopefully can better this next season with the correct additions to the squad! The board love me and have offered me a new contract and I am currently 'untouchable'.

    As you can see some brilliant results. You may also note how prolific Moore was for us! Brilliant player became my favourite with his ability to bag us the goals we needed. Some very bad spells losing games on the bounce, but also some positives. Very inconsistent but what I can say is we consistently entertain the fans!

    All in all a great season and I very much look forward to the coming one with the increased financial ability due to strong league finish and cup runs etc. Hoping to sign some good players in the summer, been working on some signings all year (building relationships with transfer targets!). Hopefully it pays off.
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  2. Looking good so far mate, KUTGW! I was going to try a Yeovil save myself but i thought it was too much of a task.

  3. Yeovil Town 2014-15

    Season two was always going to be harder. Teams knew us, knew our style and maybe even how to counter us. Second season syndrome is always a big problem for teams in any division. However I was confident going into this season considering the players I managed to sign up!

    However, seeing as I signed so many players it took us a while to gel, despite finishing most of the signings well in advance of the season giving us plenty of time. Our form struggled as a result, still doing well but I started losing interest and looking at new jobs.

    Despite my future up in the air in the press I pushed on with the job at hand, pulling off a massive result against Premiership leaders Arsenal, who actually played a very strong squad including Vermaelen, Ramsey, Gibbs, Giroud and Diaby!

    We were sitting in around 16th and with the Hibernian job coming available my head was turned and I was offered an interview and, then subsequently, the job. I accepted and began a new journey....

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  4. Hibernian 2014/15

    Upon taking over the club I decided that the team wasn't anywhere near the quality to play the possession game I like to play. I decided that, being it was October, I would try an experimental 3-5-2 formation and fit the players I currently had into that tactic. I also managed to sign a few players from the free transfer list that have added extra quality to the ranks.

    As you can see some very good signings for my side. It helps that I've been buttering a few of these players up for the past season whilst at Yeovil, bringing them in on constant trials and praising them at their previous clubs! Fausto Rossi was ex-Juventus and comes in with great skills and an ability to win games. Massive signing for us. Merida and Gavilan are bought in to fill in the vacant AMC role in my new tactic, with Merida being the first choice.

    We basically aim to defend strongly and hit teams on the break. We hassle the opponents all over the pitch causing them to lose the ball, and then strike as quickly as possible. So far it is working very well considering when I took over we were second bottom with just nine points! Here's how we got on in my opening 12 games.

    Defeat in my first game wasn't too much of a shock. The relegation threatend club weren't in good form when I joined. They took to my formation and tactics quickly and second choice striker James Collins began to flourish under my management. Having scored only 1 goal in two seasons (25 games), he has scored 9 in 10 games for me (2 coming from the bench), dislodging previous favourite Luke Moore.

    So far so good. Looking forward to the future but not too far as the club is currently in financial problems (£1m in the red and growing), so could be seeing me selling my star players or leaving to find some real money at the end of the season!
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  5. Hibernian 2014-15

    Really enjoying this game so far. Very glad I left Yeovil and very glad I attempted a new tactic completely different to me in all my Fm years! Constantly look at the possession with a sad face but it's getting us the results!

    Also just seen that the man I replaced at Hibs, has just joined Yeovil as their boss! For some reason Yeovil decided to wait the best part of 3 months to find a replacement but anyhow. Good luck to the bloke.

    Bit of world news: Just noticed Lionel Messi broke his leg for Barcelona and was ruled out for four months! Poor bloke wonder if he will ever recover.

    Brilliant month. The defeat to Kilmarnock was disappointing but other than that very positive. Playing some great attacking football, and the victory in the League Cup Semi Final means we have a Final to attend in my first, not even full, season .

    Sitting pretty in 4th considering last year they finished 10th and when I joined we were 9th!

    Having issues with tinypic so will just say the last bits. Having financial issues so was asked to sell a few players. Sold my key defender Paul Hanlon to QPR for £650k which saves us for a little while at least. Also loaned out a load of players including previous first choice Striker Luke Moore (replaced by in form James Collins - whom was subject of a £325k bid from Dundee United). Fast approaching £1m in the red again though, and I am well within my transfer wage budget!!! Signed young Franck Bambock to provide cover in defence and midfield for a very low youth player wage .
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  6. Hibernian 2014-15

    Very big month for the club. Lots of games coming thick and thin and some very big ones including the top 3 teams in a row!

    Two massive results that sums up our tactics completely. Sit back, defend and hit them on the break. I usually hate it but my god it works! Even with ten men we managed to pull of the result against St. Mirren. I hate that we get dominated by possession but don't change a winning formula! Shame about the second Celtic game. We had lots of chances just didn't take any of them.

    Still doing well. Closing in on 3rd place. Hopefully manage to nick it with just 5 games left.

    The Hibs board have injected £635k into the club to help with running costs. This club genuinely has a money hole! It's run very badly. The club is losing money even before you take into account the wages!

    Me and new Yeovil boss, and the man I replaced at Hibs, are having a little war at the moment. He isn't playing Stanton (young centre mid) who's on loan from me (I signed him in my first season as Yeovil boss, and then further loan for this season too... from him!). But he's not backing down and refusing to play him more. Knew I wouldn't like this guy. Couldn't manage Hibs and, under his guidance, Yeovil have hit second bottom in the League!!!

    Special mention goes to Tom Taiwo this month. When I joined he was in the reserves, on the transfer list and ready to leave. I came here, picked him up, dusted him off and now he is the first name on the team sheet, holding that DM role to perfection. Very pleased with this, completely showed my faith was correct.
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  7. Great story mate, enjoyable and easy to read...keep up the great work :-)

  8. Thank you very much. Just had a little play with the layout so I'm very happy you like it .

  9. nice! intriguing career

  10. Hibernian 2014-15

    So as the season draws to a close we are chasing 3rd place. Being the idiot I am, I didn't realise that there were 5 games more than the 33 I could see. So as we approached the last two and I was in discussions with Inter Milan about a possible job, I played weak squads as I thought there was nothing to play for.... must learn from this mistake! Haha.

    On another note...WE WON THE CUP! Yes! First trophy of my career so far so delighted with that. The final itself was simple against a Rangers side in the division below, but even so, absolutely chuffed with the outcome

    As you can see we came very close to finishing 3rd. Came down to the final game, and if we had put 4 unanswered goals past Inverness then I think we would have pipped them! However, 4th is very satisfying for me and I'm pleased at how the season has gone.

    First season over at the Hibees and it was a fantastic success. We finished 4th and won a cup! Brilliant showing and hoping we can improve on this next season. The only think threatening us is our financial black hole. So far we are £150k in the black - but only due to the £1.5m pay out for our League standings. I don't think TV money alone will be enough, so perhaps I will have to sell more key players, which could leave to me leaving the club.
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  11. Jedd Leaves Hibs

    Schalke FC announce Hibernian manager Jedd joins the club on a 4-year-contract worth £28,000 a month. The move was said to be motivated from a fall-out between manager and player over financial issues, and no promised transfer funds.

    Schalke 2014/15

    So, Hibernian was great fun, but the financial issues surrounding the club made it almost impossible for me to take them forward. We were leaking money with no end in sight - I was well within my budgets and sold players to help them out, the board just had no idea what it was doing with its financial model.

    That's when Schalke offered me an interview, and after that was a success they gave me the job. I took over just after the end of the season and was offered a £8m transfer budget. I liked the main fabric of the squad but decided lots of players would need to leave as they wouldn't fit my style of play.

    The club has finished 9th in the past two seasons but I want Champions League football next season. Here's how I went about my business, first off the sales;

    Huntelaar was old, slow and useless... not to mention the wages on that man! Having been injured all season and on the transfer market by request, he accepted my contract termination for a small fee. Players like Clemens and Sam were no use to me, seeing as they play as wingers. Boateng had something about him I didn't like and was pushing on and the rest were just good offers for players that weren't first team.

    Obviously apart from Draxler, who I would of loved to have kept at the club. However, he had a £38m buy out clause (and I managed to get City to pay £2m over that), so he had to leave the club. Big shame for such a talent that would have thrived under my management and tactic.

    And now for the signings incoming;

    Roberto and Viergever were available to sign after their contracts expired from Barcelona and AZ respectively. They will immediately add to this squad, and still progress well over the coming years. Plattenhardt was on the transfer list and I managed to snap him up for a very low price. He will be occupying my Left-wingback spot, fantastic player!

    Powell, Schweinsteiger and Henriquez were all brought in as I felt there wasn't much value in the transfer market at the time, and I needed three players in those positions. I feel very happy with the deals and hope to be able to make the Henriquez one permanent, and maybe even Powell.

    Innocenti is a player like Manuel Gavilan and Fran Merida whom I signed at Hibs. They are mid 20's and faltering in the progress and being looked past for their careers. I like to sign them up and try to get them back on track. Worked well with Gav & Merida (best player in team) and hoping to do the same with Innocenti.

    Vidic was available on a free after his contract expired at Inter, and with no clubs interested, I pounced with a heavy performance based contract, meaning my wage budget wasn't affected too much as he will be back-up. Kevin Trapp was bought to the club, for £2.4m, as a new first choice keeper as I sold the current one for £5.25m as I didn't think he was good enough.

    All in all some great deals in my opinion. We aren't in the Champions League this year so we don't need to much depth, and we now have a very healthy bank account with profits of near £86m through transfers that I can spend next season.

    Brilliant start to my Schalke career. The team have gelled into my tactic very quickly and efficiently. Couldn't of asked for a harder start, eg. vs Bayern, but we recovered from that and now go into the Christmas break on an unbeaten record of 16 games and only having conceded 8 goals.

    Doing brilliantly, especially as we have sold a lot of the squad from last year, and only really added 3 important players! Really enjoying this team and looking forward to maybe adding to the squad in January and in the summer. I plan to stay here for a couple years, maybe even 5 before moving onto a new country.

  12. The latest update will be my last for a while. Moving out for the first time and with my girlfriend, so won't have internet etc. for a little while. Hope you are enjoying my updates if anyone is reading...

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