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Napoli - Continuing the rise to power

  1. Napoli - Continuing the rise to power

    S.S.C Napoli are a football club based in Naples, Italy. The club was founded in 1926, and has been in the Italian Serie A for the majority of the last 50 years. However, in the 1997/1998 season the club finished 18th and was relegated to Serie B for the first time since the 1964/1965 season. From 1998 to 2007 the club had a yo-yo like existence between the Serie A and Serie B, but since 2007 Napoli has been consolidated as a top-half side in the Serie A, most recently finishing 2nd in the 2012/2013 season.

    The club has won the Serie A twice (1987 and 1990), the Europa League just once (1989), the Coppa Italia 4 times (1962, 1976, 1987 and 2012), the Supercappa Italiana (1990), the Serie B (1946 and 1950), the Serie C1 (2006), Anglo-Italian League cup (1976) and the Copa delle Alpi (1966)

    My aims for this story are like every story with a top team; National and Continental domination. However, i think that with Napoli, these challenges will mean more than with some other clubs. This is because of the fact that in the clubs history, Napoli have never won the Champions league. The hallmark of a top, top side is that Champions League trophy, and with them qualified for it in my first season, i feel as if we have a chance to prove ourselves in the first season. The Serie A hasn't belonged to Napoli in nearly 25 years, so that trophy is also a key target.

    I've never made a story before, so any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated!

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  2. Tactic
    Name:  S.S.C. Napoli_ Tactics Overview.png
Views: 917
Size:  461.3 KB

    Name:  S.S.C. Napoli_ Tactics Overview-2.png
Views: 851
Size:  286.3 KB

    My personal formation of choice, which is the same as many other users, is a 4-2-3-1. This is going to be my main formation, as i look to play attacking football. One of the key reasons i want to play so attacking is that is clearly where my best options are. At this moment, i am only training this formation, so that they learn this main formation quicker.
    The Squad

    Name:  78660.png
Views: 1000
Size:  27.9 KB
    Rafael is a very promising keeper, who is going to be competing with Pepe Reina to be the starting keeper. One of the key reasons as to why he might start is because he is actually owned by me, plus he is also young and has a lot of room to grow.
    Name:  318.png
Views: 1040
Size:  28.0 KB
    Pepe Reina
    Although in game he is called Jose Manuel Reina, i will always refer to him as Pepe Reina. I'm undecided as to whether i will start him. This is because he's older than Rafael, and he also isn't my player. He's more well rounded than Rafael, but isn't as specialised in areas such as reflexes.
    Name:  19237.png
Views: 939
Size:  28.6 KB
    Roberto Colombo
    There isn't really too much to say about this man. I'll keep him as he's only on £2.9k per week, and he can be used as extreme back up if Pepe Reina and Rafael get injured.

    Centre Backs
    Name:  3017.png
Views: 962
Size:  26.4 KB
    Raul Albiol
    A strong centre back aquired from Real Madrid the season before i arrived. He is the only centre back who will definitely be first choice, as the others will have to prove their worth, we should get a good 5 years of top-level performances from this Spaniard.
    Name:  61374.png
Views: 920
Size:  27.0 KB
    Federico Fernandez
    While i'm still undecided as to whether he will start, he is looking the most promising. The other 2 players vying for his place are faster and better on the ball, but Fernandez has better heading and defending stats, which are more important to me.
    Name:  23349.png
Views: 972
Size:  26.7 KB
    Miguel Britos
    Will most likely be rotation with Henrique. Both of them are similar players, and neither have a stat 16 or above, which makes Fernandez look more enticing.
    Name:  32876.png
Views: 969
Size:  32.5 KB
    Scarily similar to Britos, and will most likely play a role as a rotational player.

    Name:  Henrique_  Comparison.png
Views: 1081
Size:  228.2 KB

    I don't think i've ever seen two players so similar.

    Full Backs
    Name:  4147.png
Views: 1026
Size:  28.2 KB
    Christian Maggio
    Naturally a right midfielder, i feel as if he could be a solid right back for me. He still has good pace considering he's 31, and will be a starter for me.
    Name:  1580.png
Views: 927
Size:  26.6 KB
    Anthony Reveillere
    He's spent the majority of his career at Lyon, before coming here on a free and a one year deal. I don't think that i'll extend his contact, as he'll only be a back up to Maggio.
    Name:  158334.png
Views: 932
Size:  26.5 KB
    Faouzi Ghoulam
    He's not a star, but he'll have to play considering he's my only left back. At 22 he's still young, but i'll probably bring in another left back and Ghoulam will have to fight for his place in the team.

    Holding Midfielders
    Name:  206.png
Views: 895
Size:  28.7 KB
    Valon Behrami
    He wasn't this good at West Ham, was he?! He will be a player who will definitely be a starter for me. He has 6 stats of 19 and one of 20, which is remarkable. He'll be the more defensive of the two midfielders, allowing the other to roam further up the pitch.
    Name:  11496.png
Views: 833
Size:  27.5 KB
    Gokhan Inler
    He'll probably accompany his Swiss partner Behrami as a starter in midfield. However, Dzemaili looks a good player so if Inler doesn't perform, he'll be out of the first team.

    Blerim Dzemaili
    It's unlikely that he'll be a starter, however, he has good stats so if Inler takes his starting place for granted and doesn't perform, i'm sure Dzemaili will do a good job.

    A player with very good potential, but i'm unsure as to how much he'll appear in this first season. He's clearly talented, but some of his stats, such as strength and dribbling, put me off starting him. There's a chance of him going out on loan.

    Josip Radosevic
    Like Jorginho, he has good potential, however, unlike him, he is likely to stay and play a role. Similar to Behrami, he's more of a defensive player, so will play back up to Valon.


    Jose Callejon
    A new signing from Real Madrid, he's a pacy right winger who should play a starting role this season. One problem i see with him is his high wages considering his quality.

    Lorenzo Insigne
    A very exciting young left winger who is very likely to be starting on the left wing, and trying to make it his own. he's also able to play right wing and up front, his huge potential should make his stats go up quickly.

    Dries Mertens
    Another new signing, he looks promising, but is unlikely to be a starter. It may be a problem that he's unable to play as an accomplished right winger, however he can fill in at attacking midfield.

    Camilo Zuniga
    A pacey player, however, he's a wing back or a wide midfielder. He's able to play as a winger or a full back on either side, but it's not his natural position, so i'm unsure as to what i'm going to do with him.

    Attacking Midfielders

    Marek Hamsik
    With hair like that, you've got to be good. Fortunately for Hamsik, he's debatably the best player in the squad. He's one of the few players who is guaranteed a starting spot, and is key. He has Manchester United and Manchester City majorly interested in him, but i will most likely be asking for over £40 million.

    Goran Pandev
    An experienced player in the Serie A, the Macedonian international will be a key squad player, due to his ability to play all 3 attacking midfield roles, as well as being a natural striker.


    Gonzalo Higuain
    A very good striker acquired from Real Madrid for a club record £34 million. He's a quality finisher, as well as having good stats in order to play other players in. I have trust that Higuain will take Napoli forward.

    Duvan Zapata
    Yet another new signing for the season, Zapata is a 22 year old striker, who is extremely fast and strong. He'll have to wait for his chance though, due to Higuain starting as the single striker.
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  3. Pre-Season Update

    I see that the majority of stories have a pre-season update, so i thought i should do the same. However, i do pre-season differently to many people. I personally am not worried at all about the results of pre-season, as i just see it as an ideal way to gain match fitness and earn revenue. Because of this, i have no interest in arranging or managing in friendlies, so i make my assistant manager do it. Some people may see this as being lazy, but i don't particularly have time to play matches that don't mean anything. Here are the results:

    Name:  S.S.C. Napoli_ Fixtures Schedule crop.jpg
Views: 767
Size:  37.9 KB

    All in all, these results are very disappointing, especially Chelsea and Manchester City, who we should be contesting with better.

    Despite these disappointing results, there are some positives. One of these is the form of Goran Pandev. He has made 2 starts and 3 substitute appearances, and has scored 4 and assisted 1.

    On the 23rd of July, Gonzalo Higuain strained his knee ligaments. He was expected to be fit in 6 weeks. I am currently on the 11th of August, and he is still expected to be out for 2-3 weeks, which means that he will miss the opening home game against Milan on the 25th of August and the away trip to the Stadio Artemio Franchi to face Fiorentina on the 1st of September. He will be a big miss as both games are against teams vying for European qualification, so i'll have to rely on Duvan Zapata to do the business.

    In the next update i'll have the match against Milan aswell as the transfer update.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Napoli -  Continuing the rise to power-pre-seasn-napoli.png  
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  4. Good team to play, plenty of budget etc!

    Lots of room to manouevre so interested to see where the money goes

  5. August

    Name:  Napoli v Milan_ Overview Overview.png
Views: 731
Size:  253.6 KB

    Napoli 0-2 Milan
    MOTM: Robinho

    This is one of the more frustrating games that i've played in a while, and not simply because we lost.

    Name:  Napoli v Milan_ Stats Match Stats.png
Views: 753
Size:  606.0 KB

    I believe that we were simply better than Milan in this game. I'm not trying to say that Milan shouldn't have scored, because they should have, but so should have we. In this match, i had to play my third choice striker Pandev, as Zapata and Higuain were both injured, and Pandev has 3 clear cut chances to himself and missed them all. On another day we would have won this game comfortably. This defeat left us 19th in the table after this one game.


    Name:  Napoli_ Transfers Transfer History.png
Views: 757
Size:  122.7 KB


    Click image for larger version

Name:	Davide Santon_ Overview Profile.png
Views:	861
Size:	292.2 KB
ID:	624583
    Davide Santon
    When i was naming the squad i said that i needed a new left back, and Davide Santon fits the bill perfectly. £14 million is maybe a little too much, but he will be a top player for many years to come. He can also play right back, is Italian and is on £35k per week.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Alexandre Lacazette_ Overview Profile-2.png
Views:	2772
Size:	278.0 KB
ID:	624588
    Alexandre Lacazette
    After the Milan match i knew that i needed more fire-power, and that's what Lacazette provides. The natural left footed right winger provides more of a goal threat from another position, and can also play at striker, and will probably be ahead of Pandev in the pecking order, Lacazette is on £26k per week. I consider him to be a bargain, but he's already played for Lyon in the champions league, so wont be able to play for us in the CL.


    Click image for larger version

Name:	Camilo Zúñiga_ Overview Profile.png
Views:	1135
Size:	283.8 KB
ID:	624579
    Camilo Zuniga
    I said that he didn't really fit the system, so he's now gone. I think that £11.75 million was a good price for a player that i didn't particularly need, and funded most of the Santon deal.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Giandomenico Mesto_ Overview Profile.png
Views:	1037
Size:	286.8 KB
ID:	624577
    Giandomenico Mesto
    This was more of an impulse sell. He was already transfer listed, he's 31, he was in the reserves so i felt as if he probably should go, and £700k isn't a too bad deal for him.

    Also, Dries Mertens has gotten injured for 3 to 4 months, so the signing of Lacazette was even more needed. The next update will contain all of the matches/news from September.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Napoli -  Continuing the rise to power-alexandre-lacazette_-overview-profile.png  
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  6. September

    Name:  Fiorentina v Napoli_ Overview Overview.png
Views: 686
Size:  272.8 KB

    Fiorentina 0-2 Napoli
    MOTM: Alexandre Lacazette

    On his debut, Lacazette turned up. I decided to use him up front because all the other options were injured (even Pandev) and he impressed. A good away win.

    Name:  Napoli v Udinese_ Overview Overview.png
Views: 685
Size:  241.7 KB

    Napoli 3-0 Udinse
    MOTM: Alexandre Lacazette

    Another incredible performance fro Lacazette, this time from the right wing. Higuain made his first appearance for us in this game, and didn't disappoint with a goal on his debut. Consecutive clean sheets are starting to make up for the opening day defeat.

    In the Champions League group stage, we got Basel, Real Madrid and Lyon. A difficult group, but one we should be able to get out of.

    Name:  Basel v Napoli_ Overview Overview.png
Views: 721
Size:  230.3 KB

    Basel 0-1 Napoli
    MOTM: Federico Fernandez

    Any away trip in Europe can prove to be difficult, so i'm happy with a clean sheet and one goal. Real Madrid also drew with Lyon, which is good for us.

    Name:  Catania v Napoli_ Overview Overview.png
Views: 730
Size:  238.4 KB

    Catania 2-1 Napoli
    MOTM: Sebastian Leto

    On the face of it, a poor result. However, Catania are 2nd in Serie A at the end of the month, and unbeaten, so it's not like we lost to a very bad team.

    Name:  Napoli v Bologna_ Overview Overview.png
Views: 679
Size:  239.3 KB

    Napoli 2-0 Bologna
    MOTM: Davide Santon

    It took a lot longer to break through than i had expected, especially since they went down to 10 men in the 20th minute, but a brace coming off of the bench from Zapata is exactly what we needed.

    Name:  Roma v Napoli_ Overview Overview.png
Views: 691
Size:  234.2 KB

    Roma 0-1 Napoli
    MOTM: Federico Fernandez

    A very impressive performance. I'd been disappointed with Insigne so he had been dropped. He scored with his first touch, another clean sheet, and a good performance.

    Player of the Month

    Federico Fernandez

    This was a close one between Fernandez and Lacazette, but Lacazette only turned up in 2 games, and Fernandez has been very consistent over the month.

    A good month overall, but with one major disappointment; Gonzalo Higuain. He should be one of the best strikers on the game, but he has only scored once, and doesn't look like scoring.

  7. Very well presented, will be following this story.

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  8. Quote Originally Posted by weekeebz View Post
    Very well presented, will be following this story.

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    Cheers mate, means a lot!

  9. Looking forward to this story!

  10. are there any rising stars in the youth that we should look out for?

    Loving the story so far, a great set of results too!

  11. Quote Originally Posted by HenryChanceGoal View Post
    Looking forward to this story!
    Thanks man, i'm having fun doing it!

    Quote Originally Posted by TractorBoy7 View Post
    are there any rising stars in the youth that we should look out for?

    Loving the story so far, a great set of results too!
    Thanks again, and here are a few:
    Name:  Josip Radosevic_ Overview Profile.png
Views: 964
Size:  302.6 KB

    Josip Radosevic
    Looks like he could be a very good holding midfielder. He started with 17 determination, and after around a month of being tutored by Behrami that has changed to 20. Limited chances at the moment but is around the first team.

    Name:  Jorginho_ Overview Profile.png
Views: 1974
Size:  288.4 KB

    He is also around the first team, but his dribbling is putting me off, if he develops that he could be a world class deep lying playmaker.

    Name:  Eduardo Vargas_ Overview Profile.png
Views: 1098
Size:  291.3 KB

    Eduardo Vargas
    He was having a hell of a world cup in real life, and he wouldn't be out on loan if it was down to me, as he looks as if he could be a good player.

    Name:  Roberto Insigne_ Overview Profile.png
Views: 2148
Size:  291.1 KB

    Roberto Insigne
    The brother of Lorenzo Insigne, Roberto is having a good season so far out on loan, and could play a part on his return.

    Name:  Gennaro Tutino_ Overview Profile.png
Views: 1070
Size:  292.5 KB

    Gennaro Tutino
    Is it just me who thinks he looks like an Italian Ross Barkley? He looks as if he could be a good player when he returns, although i'm not sure if he'll ever make it at Napoli.
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  12. October

    Name:  Napoli v Lyon_ Overview Overview.png
Views: 744
Size:  230.8 KB

    Napoli 1-0 Lyon
    MOTM: Miguel Britos

    This was an even match in terms of shots, but we smashed them on possession. Could have gone either way, but Britos scored on his first start of the season.

    Name:  Napoli v Sampdoria_ Overview Overview.png
Views: 708
Size:  235.7 KB

    Napoli 0-1 Sampdoria
    MOTM: Raul Albiol
    Very disappointing result, especially at home. We're being found out due to our lacklustre finishing, as this was a tight game that we probably shouldn't have lost.

    Name:  Chievo v Napoli_ Overview Overview.png
Views: 712
Size:  255.1 KB

    Chievo 3-4 Napoli
    MOTM: Dejan Lazarevic

    This game should have been very comfortable. We were 3-0 up and cruising, until we just stopped playing in the second half. Gonzalo Higuain shows what he can do when he turns up, he just doesn't turn up enough.

    Name:  Napoli v Real Madrid_ Overview Overview.png
Views: 696
Size:  246.3 KB

    Napoli 0-3 Real Madrid
    MOTM: Pepe

    I focused my attention onto man-marking Cristiano Ronaldo in this match, which worked. However, Real Madrid have other quality players, who were clinical and made me pay. Not happy with this result.

    Name:  Napoli v Torino_ Overview Overview.png
Views: 691
Size:  230.5 KB

    Napoli 1-0 Torino
    MOTM: Davide Santon

    Another goal from Gonzalo Higuain, showing that he may be entering some good form. This match should have been more comfortable, but i cannot complain with a win and a clean sheet.

    Name:  Inter v Napoli_ Overview Overview.png
Views: 686
Size:  238.2 KB

    Inter 2-0 Napoli
    MOTM: Juan Jesus

    We shouldn't have lost this. Marek Hamsik had at least 2 one on ones and completely fluffed his lines, in an even game that should have been a draw.

    An up and down month for us, and one that highlights one thing to me - we need to finish our chances. That said, after 3 Champions League games we have 6 points, and Real Madrid have 7, with Basel on 3 and Lyon on 1, which is promising for our hopes of getting out of the group.

    Name:  Serie A TIM_ Overview Stages.png
Views: 689
Size:  143.3 KB

    6th in the table is honestly not good enough, for a team with a media prediction of 2nd. We have Atlanta, Sassuolo and Livorno in the League next month, so i want at least 6 points from those 3 games.

    Player of the Month

    Davide Santon

    No real stand out this month, Santon has been very consistent and gets up and down the pitch well.
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  13. November

    Name:  Napoli v Atalanta_ Overview Overview.png
Views: 614
Size:  231.5 KB

    Napoli 0-0 Atlanta
    MOTM: Raul Albiol

    Honestly not good enough. We didn't deserve to win this game, but nevertheless, we should be winning games like this easily.

    Name:  Real Madrid v Napoli_ Overview Overview.png
Views: 608
Size:  253.1 KB

    Real Madrid 1-0 Napoli
    MOTM: Gareth Bale

    Much more satisfying than the reverse fixture, however we have still lost. We put in a good defensive performance in this game, however a Bale cross caught everyone out and went in, a deserved loss, and one which had me questioning Higuain, and in particular Hamsik. Hamsik had been make club captain but he is yet to score this season.

    Name:  Sassuolo v Napoli_ Overview Overview.png
Views: 648
Size:  253.2 KB

    Sassuolo 0-5 Napoli
    MOTM: Gonzalo Higuain

    What a game! Perfect as far as i'm concerned. 5 goals, a clean sheet, Hamsik scoring and it being an away game is excellent. It's a shame we cant get performances like this each game.

    Name:  Livorno v Napoli_ Overview Overview.png
Views: 612
Size:  246.1 KB

    Livorno 1-2 Napoli
    MOTM: Raul Albiol

    Another solid away win, although we needed an own goal after Raul Albiol hit the bar to secure it. A deserved win, and another goal for Gonzalo Higuain, which is his 7th in 11 League games this season.

    Name:  Sam Foley_ News Inbox-13.png
Views: 622
Size:  208.9 KB

    Things seemed to be looking up for Hamsik, but our captain will be out for 3 weeks. We lack depth in this position, so a player than i am despising so far, Pandev, will have to fill in at AMC. This is a position we need to look at in January.

    Name:  Napoli v Basel_ Overview Overview.png
Views: 598
Size:  238.4 KB

    Napoli 2-0 Basel
    MOTM: Lorenzo Insigne

    This result means we've beaten Basel both times, and it was a deserved win. They rarely threatened throughout, and this scoreline was deserved.

    Name:  Sam Foley_ News Inbox-14.png
Views: 621
Size:  194.1 KB

    After the Basel result, we have qualified to the First knockout round. This means that we can play a completely back up side in out final game, away to Lyon.

    League Table

    Name:  Serie A TIM_ Overview Stages-2.png
Views: 612
Size:  144.5 KB

    The League table is looking slightly better, as we are now in a champions league qualification position. The media predicted Bologna to finish 17th, however they are top of the table after 13 games.

    Player of the Month

    Lorenzo Insigne

    Lorenzo Insigne finally showed up this month. Previously he had been poor. However, with 2 goals and 3 assists from 4 appearances this month, he has made that left wing position his own. This was tight between Insigne and Albiol, but i gave it to Insigne because he hadn't won it before, whereas Raul Albiol had.

  14. Update

    I am looking to bring in another AMC as back up/rotation with Hamsik, and perhaps to fill in out wide. Who should i pick out of:

    Name:  Adnan Januzaj_ Overview Profile-4.png
Views: 607
Size:  289.8 KB

    Adnan Januzaj

    Anybody who has played with him after the update knows what this little man can do. He can play all 3 AM positions, and most importantly, he is available for between £21 million and £27.5 million. This is by far the cheapest i have ever seen him, so if i'm going to get him, it's going to have to be now. He has the potential to become the best in the world.

    Name:  Clément Grenier_ Overview Profile.png
Views: 906
Size:  284.8 KB

    Clement Grenier

    Another young talent, would probably demand a higher squad role than young Adnan, aswell as only being accomplished at AMC and not being able to play out wide. On to the positives. He has been play consistantly all season for Lyon, and playing well at that, and he would be a good £10 million to £15 million cheaper than Januzaj.

    Name:  Tonny Trindade de Vilhena_ Overview Profile.png
Views: 950
Size:  299.2 KB

    Tonny Trindade de Vilhena

    A natural AMC, he is the cheapest at around £8 million. However, he is a lot more raw than either of the others, and will nearly be exclusively an AMC due to his size, but may demand a lesser squad role than the others.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated!

  15. Good Story, but, I HATE NAPOLI SO MUCH

  16. Quote Originally Posted by Fm14KmD View Post
    Good Story, but, I HATE NAPOLI SO MUCH
    Out of curiosity, why is this?

  17. Just hate the way the club is ran...Great Club, bad backroom staff

  18. December

    Name:  Napoli v Parma_ Overview Overview.png
Views: 579
Size:  234.9 KB

    Napoli 4-1 Parma
    MOTM: Faouzi Ghoulam

    A very nice win here. Based on the stats it probably should have been a closer game, but our quality shone through.

    Name:  Cagliari v Napoli_ Overview Overview.png
Views: 552
Size:  247.5 KB

    Cagliari 3-5 Napoli
    MOTM: Marco Sau

    We are scoring bucket loads recently, and needed to in this game. Sau was ripping us to shreds, and he had made it 3-0 to Cagliari in the 51st minute. 27 minutes later, we had scored 5 and turned the game on its head, very satisfying.

    Name:  Lyon v Napoli_ Overview Overview.png
Views: 547
Size:  236.7 KB

    Lyon 2-2 Napoli
    MOTM: Lorenzo Insigne

    A match that meant nothing at all, as we were already through, so i played a back up side. A draw away in France is still a good result.

    Name:  Sam Foley_ News Inbox-17.png
Views: 590
Size:  207.0 KB

    A very tough draw against Chelsea in the Champions League, and i can only hope we play better against them than we did against Madrid.

    Name:  Napoli v Lazio_ Overview Overview.png
Views: 752
Size:  228.8 KB

    Napoli 1-0 Lazio
    MOTM: Michael Ciani

    A game that we were still without Higuain, Insigne turned up for the solitary goal in the game to keep our good run going.

    Name:  Genoa v Napoli_ Overview Overview.png
Views: 551
Size:  262.4 KB

    Genoa 3-5 Napoli
    MOTM: Lorenzo Insigne

    Yet another high scoring win, we are making it harder for ourselves than we need to be.

    Name:  Africa_ Awards Award Winners.png
Views: 595
Size:  146.9 KB

    Not really too related but nice to see Faozi Ghoulam win African defender of the year. He's forced his way back into the team, and made me switch Santon to DR.

    Player of the Month

    Lorenzo Insigne

    He's won it twice in a row now, but his 4 goals and 4 assists in 5 games this month proves how much he's developing. He's developing nicely too, especially in pace.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Napoli -  Continuing the rise to power-sam-foley_-news-inbox-18.png  

  19. Manchester United have offered me £35 Million for Marek Hamsik. Should i accept?

  20. Is anybody actually interested in this story? Little amount of replies lead me to believe that this simply isn't a very interesting story

  21. Reject 35m, worth 40+

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  22. Quote Originally Posted by weekeebz View Post
    Reject 35m, worth 40+

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    Done, cheers mate.

  23. Also I would sign the 18yo amc

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  24. Quote Originally Posted by SFolio View Post
    Is anybody actually interested in this story? Little amount of replies lead me to believe that this simply isn't a very interesting story
    YEs keep it up and i would go for Adnan he has the potential to overtake hamsik
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  25. Quote Originally Posted by HenryChanceGoal View Post
    YEs keep it up and i would go for Adnan he has the potential to overtake hamsik
    Cheers, that's given me motivation!
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  26. Keep going with the story mate! Serie A stories are my favourite stories.

  27. Quote Originally Posted by SFolio View Post
    Cheers, that's given me motivation!
    Im glad man! i have always wanted to do a save in the serie a but never had an idea what team to do it with this looks like fun save

  28. Sell Hamsik and take Januzaj. He will develop into one of the best players in the world.

  29. Transfer Window


    I had the option of all 3 AM's, but i decided to go for...

    Adnan Januzaj!

    He was the only option really for me. With £17.5 million up front and £6 million over 18 months, totalling £23.5 million, i felt he was a bargain. He is already a star player for most Serie A sides (3.5* CA) and the potential to become world class in the future (5* PA).

    On the first scouting, it said he would be interested in joining, but the second (and all of the ones after that) it said he wouldn't be interested. Once my bid was accepted, his agent said he wasn't really interested in joining, and asked for £120k per week. I got it down to £70k per week (albeit with high bonuses).

    He was the only player able of playing left wing and right wing, and will be used as back up this season, but will feature more next season and, providing we still have Hamsik, will be playing mostly as the right winger. Along with this, i'm also a Manchester United fan and really like him in real life.


    Gokhan Inler

    We were spending £50k more on wages than we had, so someone needed to go. Inler was on £40k per week, and wasn't playing too much, so i sold him for £3.5 million.

    He also has the shoots from distance PPM, which frustrates me to hell. The fans weren't too pleased with this one, but i'm happy to see the back of him.

    I also rejected United's bid of £35 million of Hamsik, thinking that i'm wanting to build the squad up, not sell the best players.

  30. January

    Name:  Napoli v Verona_ Overview Overview.png
Views: 156
Size:  253.7 KB

    Napoli 3-0 Verona
    MOTM: Gonzalo Higuain

    Confident performance from the team at home, reflected in the amount of shots and possession. Despite my early season criticism of Higuain, he's scoring relatively consistently now.

    Name:  Juventus v Napoli_ Overview Overview.png
Views: 158
Size:  237.6 KB

    Juventus 2-1 Napoli
    MOTM: Gianluigi Buffon

    Disappointing defeat. We went ahead, but Juventus scored 2 goals from 3 shots on target, whereas we scored 1 from 5. I'm happy with the performance, but not the result.

    Name:  Napoli v Bologna_ Overview Overview.png
Views: 154
Size:  240.7 KB

    Napoli 3-1 Bologna
    MOTM: Jose Callejon

    This was the first round of the cup, and we performed well. This is the first game all season Callejon has shown up, as well as Adnan Januzaj scoring on his debut.

    Name:  Milan v Napoli_ Overview Overview.png
Views: 151
Size:  238.5 KB

    Milan 3-1 Napoli
    MOTM: Kaka

    What a ridiculous match, i don't even feel like writing about this one. The scored 3 from 4 shots on target, and we only scored because of a howler from Abbiati.

    Name:  Napoli v Juventus_ Overview Overview.png
Views: 154
Size:  231.4 KB

    Napoli 0-1 Juventus
    MOTM: Miguel Britos

    We deserved to loose this, but so late makes it disappointing. Cant really complain though.

    Name:  Napoli v Fiorentina_ Overview Overview.png
Views: 160
Size:  246.0 KB

    Napoli 3-2 Fiorentina
    MOTM: Josip Ilicic

    We were 3-0 up at half time and cruising, however a late resurgence from Fiorentina nearly saw them snatch some of the points. Another game where the opposing team score from nearly all of their shots on target.

    Name:  Udinese v Napoli_ Overview Overview.png
Views: 165
Size:  242.2 KB

    Udinese 0-3 Napoli
    MOTM: Marek Hamsik

    Very good away performance from us ends a very up and down month.

    League Table

    Name:  Serie A TIM_ Overview Stages.png
Views: 160
Size:  150.3 KB

    We're up to our media predicted 2nd, and our defeat to Juventus really hurt us here.

    Player of the Month

    Marek Hamsik

    He has stepped it up this month, perhaps due to the interest in him from Manchester United. He scored 2 and got 3 assists in his 5 games this month, however it could have easily have gone to Lorenzo Insigne, who scored 3 goals and got 4 assists, or Gonzalo Higuain who scored 4 this month. I'm very pleased that our good players are finally stepping up.

  31. Good idea playing Adnan on the right, don't really want him on the bench. Wouldn't sell inler in real life but on FM I would do the same, I hate shooting from distance.

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  32. /Now you are halfway through season can we get some kind of squad review or players you will be selling/looking to replace

  33. Quote Originally Posted by HenryChanceGoal View Post
    /Now you are halfway through season can we get some kind of squad review or players you will be selling/looking to replace
    Sure, will get onto it now!

  34. Squad update

    Pepe Reina

    Played: 24 Conceded: 29 Clean Sheets: 10 Rating: 7.11
    League: 21 Conceded 25 Clean Sheets: 9 Rating: 7.12

    He's a really top quality keeper. I had my doubts at the start at the season, but he's proved me wrong. Unfortunately Liverpool want between £15 million and £20 million pounds for him and for a 31 year old i don't really fancy paying that.


    Played: 6 Conceded: 4 Clean Sheets: 3 Rating: 7.08
    League: 1 Conceded: 0 Clean Sheets: 1 Rating: 7.10

    Another quality keeper. Hasn't had the chances he deserves due to Reina's form, but he's sure to be first choice next season.

    Roberto Colombo

    Played: 0

    He is only extreme back up, and no injuries to either keepers mean that he hasn't been in a match squad this season.

    Raul Albiol

    Played: 25 Goals: 4 Assists: 1 Rating: 7.18
    League: 21 Goals: 3 Assists: 1 Rating: 7.20

    He is another quality player. High average ratings and important goals have lead him to impressing me, and he has kept his place in the team for the majority of the season. He is a key member of the team.

    Federico Fernandez

    Played: 23 Goals: 3 Assists: 1 Rating: 7.03
    League: 17 Goals: 1 Assists: 1 Rating 7.02

    As predicted, he is the centre back who has taken the place alongside Raul Albiol. I consider a rating of over 7 to be good, and Fernandez has done just enough to stay in the side.

    Miguel Britos

    Played: 8 Goals: 1 Assists: 0 Rating: 7.38
    League: 4 Goals: 0 Assists: 0 Rating: 7.28

    I've only started giving Britos a chance recently, and he has impressed. He will be featuring more in the second half of the season.


    Played: 6 Goals: 0 Assists: 0 Rating: 6.75
    League: 3 Goals: 0 Assists: 0 Rating: 6.97

    With Britos, Albiol and Fernandez all performing, i don't see a place for him in the team bar injury.

    Christian Maggio

    Played: 14 Goals: 0 Assists: 1 Rating: 6.99
    League:10 Goals:0 Assists: 1 Rating: 7.09

    He has been in and out of the side this season, and this is due to the form of Santon and Ghoulam. He's a solid player, but i may let him go at the end of the season due to him being 31 and decreasing in stats.

    Anthony Reveillere

    Played: 6 Goals: 0 Assists: 0 Rating: 6.85
    League: 3 Goals: 0 Assists: 0 Rating: 6.83

    A player who has barely had a look in, due to Santon's versatility. I had already decided that he'd be leaving at the end of the season, as he's 34. I haven't changed my mind.

    Davide Santon

    Played: 20 Goals: 1 Assists: 5 Rating: 7.18
    League: 16 Goals: 1 Assists: 5 Rating: 7.22

    A new signing in the summer, he has settled in quickly and become a vital member of the first team squad. He's played the majority of his games at right back due to Ghoulam's form, but Santon has a higher average rating as a right back than a left back, despite not being natural there.

    Faouzi Ghoulam

    Played: 22 Goals: 2 Assists: 4 Rating: 7.21
    League: 15 Goals: 2 Assists: 4 Rating: 7.34

    The African defender of the year has had a very impressive first half of the season, making the left back spot his own. I started Santon over him at the start of the season, but Ghoulam's stunning form made me switch Santon to a right back.

    Valon Behrami

    Played: 23 Goals: 0 Assists: 0 Rating: 6.90
    League 19 Goals: 0 Assists: 0 Rating: 6.93

    I haven't been very impressed with Behrami, as i believed he would be very good due to his high stats. He hasn't been awful though, and he has been a good tutor to Radosevic.


    Played: 19 Goals: 1 Assists: 1 Rating: 6.98
    League: 15 Goals: 1 Assists: 1 Rating: 7.06

    I was honestly surprised how much i'd played him, and he's done very well. He's been used as a deep lying playmaker, and has managed to start 12 league games. I will be looking to purchase Verono's 50% of him in the summer.

    Blerim Dzemaili

    Played: 12 Goals: 0 Assists: 0 Rating: 6.78
    League: 7 Goals: 0 Assists: 0 Rating: 6.79

    I have often played Jorginho or (when he was here) Inler. I don't really have much to say on Dzemaili, as he hasn't made too much of an impact. I may look to sell him in the summer.

    Josip Radosevic

    Played: 10 Goals: 0 Assists: 0 Rating: 6.61
    League: 4 Goals: 0 Assists: 0 Rating 6.55

    Due to Behrami's high stamina and natural fitness, Behrami has started most games. This has meant that Radosevic has struggled, only getting 3 starts this season. I will keep him, but only as back up.

    Jose Callejon

    Played: 24 Goals: 3 Assists: 5 Rating: 6.80
    League: 17 Goals: 1 Assists: 4 Rating: 6.76

    He has been very unimpressive this season, and he has struggled to make an impact on that right wing. This has led to me transfer listing him, and wanting to let him go in the summer.

    Lorenzo Insigne

    Played: 27 Goals: 9 Assists: 10 Rating: 7.17
    League: 22 Goals: 7 Assists: 8 Rating: 7.14

    At the start of the season, i was wondering what all of the fuss was about. However, in his last 17 appearances, he has scored 8 goals and gotten 10 assists. This is an astonishing return from a 22 year old left winger and i'm surprised that there has been no interest shown by other teams for him. He has also developed very well, so i will be looking to keep hold of him.

    Dries Mertens

    Played: 4 Goals: 0 Assists: 0 Rating: 6.57
    League: 3 Goals: 0 Assists: 0 Rating: 6.63

    He tore his calf muscle, which has kept him out for 4 months of the season. This means that in these 4 games he has been getting match fitness, so i'm not judging him yet.

    Alexandre Lacazette

    Played: 15 Goals: 5 Assists: 3 Rating: 7.13
    League: 15 Goals: 5 Assists: 3 Rating: 7.13

    Another great new signing. However, in his last 13 games he's only scored once, which isn't too promising. He can play at right wing as well as striker, him having a 7.40 average rating over 7 games playing in the former.
    Marek Hamsik

    Played: 22 Goals: 3 Assists: 8 Rating: 7.11
    League: 20 Goals: 3 Assists: 8 Rating: 7.16

    I've been a little disappointed with him so far. His average rating is good, but i'm expecting more of a goal return from him. He is joint top of the league for assists (with Insigne) and in that sense has proven why i rejected Manchester United's £35 million offer for him.

    Goran Pandev

    Played: 19 Goals: 3 Assists: 4 Rating: 6.86
    League: 12 Goals: 3 Assists: 3 Rating: 6.97

    He has played all over the place, mostly at right wing, but he's played better at attacking midfield. He's on relatively high wages, so i want to sell him at the end of the season. On a side note, he has shocking finishing.

    Adnan Januzaj

    Played: 6 Goals: 1 Assists: 1 Rating: 6.80
    League: 4 Goals: 0 Assists: 0 Rating: 6.60

    A wonderkid arriving in January from Manchester United for £23.5 million, i wont be judging his performance until next season, when he should have settled. He will be one of the worlds best in 5 years.

    Gonzalo Higuain

    Played: 22 Goals: 13 Assists: 0 Rating: 7.03
    League: 18 Goals: 13 Assists: 0 Rating: 7.18

    Despite a very poor start, Higuain has 10 goals in his last 14 games. He is simply a goal scorer, and he doesn't contribute much to build up play, shown by him having 0 assists. He's the leagues joint top scorer, and if he continues this form he should be the top scorer by the end of the season.

    Duvan Zapata

    Played: 13 Goals: 2 Assists: 1 Rating: 6.67
    League: 7 Goals: 2 Assists: 1 Rating: 6.77

    Due to the form of Higuain, he's barely has a look in all season. Zapata scored both his goals coming off the bench from headers. He's decent for back up, but i found myself using Pandev at striker when Higuain was injured. I'll probably look to sell him on and buy a young(er) striker.

  35. I was expecting more from lacazette, i also go for him but i would suggest fierro as back up st!

  36. Quote Originally Posted by HenryChanceGoal View Post
    I was expecting more from lacazette, i also go for him but i would suggest fierro as back up st!
    Lacazette had an explosive start, but has struggled since. I'll look into Fierro, cheers.

  37. I'm disappointed with pandev, although only a rotational player, I would expect more from someone of his class, what wages is he on?

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