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Euro Trek

  1. Euro Trek

    I am going to be attempting W4NKER's Euro Trek Challenge. For all of those who haven't heard about this challenge it is where you start unemployed in whichever country you want, Georgia for me, then as soon as you win the league you move to the next bordering country and win that league and the so on and so on.

    Season Country Team League Position Cup Place
    2013-14 Georgia Samtredia 1st (Promotion) 2nd
    2014-15 Georgia Samtredia 8th 3rd Round
    2015-16 Georgia Samtredia 1st 4th Round
    2016-17 Azerbaijan Neftci 1st Winners
    2017-18 Azerbaijan Neftci 1st Semi-Finals
    2018-19 Armenia Banants 1st Winners
    2019-20 Turkey Kasimpasa 11th 2nd Round
    2020-21 Turkey Kasimpasa 1st 4th Round
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  2. I have started unemployed and have loaded the georgian, azerbaijani, armenian and turkish leagues. I have been looking for jobs and Samtredia accepted my job offer.

  3. Good luck lad

  4. Euro Trek-samtredia.jpg
    Samtredia is a club in the Second Division of Georgia or Pirveli Liga. I am expected to win the league in my first season.
    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-07-16-1.48.38-pm.png
    This is a basic profile of Samtredia.

    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-07-15-4.49.35-pm.png

    Kilasonia is a back-up right back I snapped up as one of the glaring issues in this team was no cover at full-back.
    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-07-16-2.00.53-pm-copy.png
    Tkebuchava will be my starting DM/CM. 3 and a half star current ability.

    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-07-16-1.33.40-pm-copy.png
    My formation is a 4-4-2 with attacking mids. Memarnishvili is easily my best player with 4 and a half star current ability and 5 star potential.

    I will be giving updates every 6 or 7 league games.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-07-16-1.41.14-pm.png  
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  5. Thanks

  6. Quote Originally Posted by jdenzy View Post
    Good luck lad
    Thanks, I'll need it.

  7. I will be following. Always wanted to try this, but as there are so many leagues I thought it would take a lot of time. So I'm doing it in South America at the moment where there are only 10 natios (Excluding Surinam and the Guyanas) Already done Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile and Perú. Struggling in Ecuador at the moment.

    Best of luck mate!

  8. Attachment 640868

    I am back with samtredia after seven league games and I am sitting in 6th place. I know it sounds bad but I am just 4 points off top spot.

    Attachment 640871
    Attachment 640875

    Samtredia 4-1 Kolkheti Kholbi
    Scorers: Gedenidze, Kikabidze, Bagashvili, Gogitadze

    Samtredia 1-1 Sasko
    Scorers: Bagashvili

    Samtredia 1-0 Samgurali
    Scorers: Kakushadze

    Samtredia 3-1 Dila-2
    Scorers: Gogitadze, Memarnshvili, Gureshidze

    Samtredia 0-4 Dinamo Batumi
    Scorers: None

    Samtredia 2-2 Chiatura
    Scorers: Memarnishvili, Bagashvili

    Samtredia 1-1 STU
    Scorers: Pavliashvili

    Current Position: 6th
    Points: 12
    Points off 1st: 4

  9. Quote Originally Posted by maxeneize View Post
    I will be following. Always wanted to try this, but as there are so many leagues I thought it would take a lot of time. So I'm doing it in South America at the moment where there are only 10 natios (Excluding Surinam and the Guyanas) Already done Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile and Perú. Struggling in Ecuador at the moment.

    Best of luck mate!
    I was thinking of doing it for the whole world but it would take a lot of time. Good job by winning all those leagues. Thanks for following.

  10. Euro Trek-samtredia.jpg

    Before I get into my league position I would like to show two massive signings I have completed.
    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-07-16-2.42.09-pm-copy.png
    Branko Lazarevic is a 4 star CB i picked up on a free. Before him I was playing with either a 2 and a half star CB or an error-prone 19 year old so I really needed Lazarevic.
    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-07-17-7.21.19-am-copy.png
    Viktor Petakov has added depth in attacking positions he can play in CAM and RW. He has played brilliantly so far and now Ilia Pavliashvili (my other RW who has played very well so far) cannot get close to the starting 11.

    I sit in 1st after 14 matches so more than half of the season played. Dinamo Batumi (who beat me 4-0 earlier) sit 1 point behind me with Chiatura and Machakhela hot on my tail too. It is very congested at the top and every point matters.
    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-07-17-7.50.50-am-copy.png
    Samtredia 2-0 Sulori
    Scorers: Gureshidze, Eristavi

    Samtredia 2-1 Betlemi
    Scorers: Gogitadze, Bagashvili

    Samtredia 2-0 Saburtalo
    Scorers: Memarnishvili, Bagashvili

    Samtredia 2-2 Lokomotivi Tblisi
    Scorers: Gogia, Gogitadze

    Samtredia 2-1 Bakhmaro
    Scorers: Gogia, Eristavi

    Samtredia 2-1 Machakhela
    Scorers: Kikabidze, Bagashvili

    Samtredia 0-1 Kolkheti Kholbi
    Scorers: None

    Current Position: 1st
    Points: 28
    Points off First: None

    Player of the Season so far: Avtandil Bagashvili
    My first choice striker has scored 6 goals and given 5 assists in 13 matches. He also has a 7.15 average rating.
    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-07-17-8.10.13-am-copy.png

    Also my team always gives up goals towards the ends of matches. Any idea how to fix that? Thanks

  11. Euro Trek-samtredia.jpg

    The table has really started to open up and with just 5 games left I have a 5 point lead ahead of Dinamo Batumi
    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-07-17-7.50.50-am-copy.png

    Samtredia 0-0 Sasko
    Scorers: None

    Samtredia 1-0 Samgurali
    Scorers: Salikashvili o.g.

    Samtredia 1-1 Dinamo Batumi
    Scorers: Gureshidze

    Samtredia 5-3 Dila-2
    Scorers: Petakov, Memarnishvili, Bagashvili (3)

    Samtredia 2-0 Chiatura
    Scorers: Eristavi, Bagashvili

    Samtredia 2-1 STU
    Scorers: Bagashvili, Gogitadze

    Samtredia 3-1 Samurtalo
    Scorers: Bagashvili, Gogitadze

    Georgian Cup
    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-07-18-8.49.35-am-copy.png
    The Georgian Cup wasn't my main priority as I wanted to earn promotion right away but we have advanced all the way to the final! I haven't posted the scores of the Georgian Cup games so I will now.

    Samtredia 2-1 Guria (1)
    Scorers: Kakushadze, Bagashvili

    Samtredia 3-0 Borjomi (3)
    Scorers: Gogitadze (2), Memarnishvili

    Samtredia 5-3 Samgurali (2)
    Scorers: Kakushadze, Petakov (3), Bagashvili

    Smatredia 4-0 Goliadori (3)
    Scorers: Petakov, Gureshidze, Bagashvili, Memarnishvili

    Samtredia 1-0 Dila Gori (1)
    Scorers: Memarnishvili

    Samtredia 3-0 Meshakhte (3)
    Scorers: Memarnishvili, Gogitadze (2)

    Current Position: 1st
    Points: 45
    Points ahead of 2nd: 5

    My Player of the Season so far: Avtandil Bagshvili
    Bagashvili is my first choice striker and he now scores in almost every game. He has 15 goals in 26 appearances in all competitions and 12 goals in 20 appearances in the league. He also has 5 man of the match awards. I posted a picture of his profile in the last post.

    A close second is Viktor Petakov, the new RW, who has 6 assists and 1 goal in 9 appearances in the league and in all competitions he has 5 goals and 6 assists in 12 games.
    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-07-17-7.21.19-am-copy.png
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-07-16-2.42.09-pm-copy.png   Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-07-16-2.00.53-pm-copy.png  

  12. Euro Trek-samtredia.jpg

    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-07-18-10.38.52-am-copy.png
    Samtredia won the league with 3 games to go. The season finished out with Samtredia leading Dinamo Batumi by 9 points!

    Samtredia 1-0 Sulori
    Scorers: Turmanidze

    Samtredia 1-0 Betlemi
    Scorers: Gureshidze

    Samtredia 1-1 Lokomotivi Tblisi
    Scorers: Bagashvili

    Samtredia 2-3 Machakhela
    Scorers: Petakov, Bagashvili

    Samtredia 2-0 Bakhmalo
    Scorers: Bagashvili, Gogitadze
    Georgian Cup
    We lost the Georgian Cup 2-0 to Dinamo Tblisi. I had played the final and it went to penalties but there was an error and I had to restart the game and when I replayed the final we lost 2-0 to 2 late goals.

    Season Review
    Pirveli Liga: 1st
    Georgian Cup: Runners-Up

    Best Player
    Avtandil Bagashvili
    He was the Pirveli Liga top scorer with 15 goals in 23 appearances. He also had 7 assists.

    Time to get ready for the next season in the Umaglesi Liga!

  13. Euro Trek-samtredia.jpg
    I knew that after promotion we would need some very good signings and I believe I have found them.
    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-07-19-8.01.43-am-copy.png

    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-07-18-7.09.31-pm-copy.png
    Ivan Todorov will add some much-needed quality to this back line and will play alongside either Kikabidze or Lazarevic.

    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-07-18-5.21.16-pm-copy.png
    Ivo Raykov is another addition to our back-line and he will give competition to Kakushadze. Now that Raykov has arrived I will try to sell Kilasonia.

    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-07-18-5.16.38-pm-copy.png
    Branko Lazarevic came to me and said he wasn't feeling comfortable in Georgia and I didn't want to lose a player of his quality so I knew I had to bring a Serbian player into the team so I got Igor Jelic on loan. He will give competition to Eristavi and Gureshidze at CM.

    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-07-18-5.16.28-pm-copy.png
    Just in case Bagashvili couldn't find his scoring boots in the top-flight I bought Jerry Sitoe to step in and annihilate. He looks like a very good striker and although he got severely injured in his first week at the club I am very pleased.

    I also released players that were not in my plans this season and let a youngster out on loan.

    In the Umaglesi Liga you play 22 games so I will be giving updates every 6 games.
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  14. Congrats on the promotion!

  15. Quote Originally Posted by maxeneize View Post
    Congrats on the promotion!

  16. Euro Trek-samtredia.jpg

    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-07-19-5.10.49-pm-copy.png
    I have played 6 games now with a record of 2-2-2. We are in 7th place.

    Samtredia 0-3 Zestafoni
    Scorers: None

    Samtredia 2-0 WIT-Georgia (cup)
    Scorers: Kakushadze, Eristavi

    Samtredia 1-1 Zugdidi
    Scorers: Apakidze o.g

    Samtredia 1-3 Dinamo Tblisi
    Scorers: Gogitadze

    Samtredia 0-0 Guria
    Scorers: None

    Samtredia 2-1 Torpedo Kutaisi
    Scorers: Gedenidze, Sitoe
    This was Sitoe's first game back from injury and immediately after scoring he gets injured!

    Samtredia 4-3 Zugdidi (cup)
    Scorers: Bagashvili, Petakov (2), Pavliashvili

    Samtredia 2-0 Sioni
    Scorers: Pavliashvili, Memarnishvili

    After a slow start to the season we finally have picked up form and haven't lost in 3 games.

    My Player of the Season so far: Igor Jelic
    The CM who was originally brought for cover has been a key part of my starting 11. He hasn't been great but he has been better than all my other players. He has 2 assists in the league and 4 assists in the cup

    Current Position: 7th
    Points: 8
    Points ahead of Relegation: 5
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  17. Euro Trek-samtredia.jpg
    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-07-20-12.56.33-pm-copy.png
    Halfway into the season and just 2 points off the relegation zone. Form has definitely dropped with injuries to key players such as Ivan Todorov, Giorgi Gureshidze, Igor Jelic and Viktor Petakov

    Samtredia 0-3 Metalurgi Rustavi
    Scorers: None
    We played fantastic in the first half but then totally collapsed in the second.

    Samtredia 2-3 Dila Gori
    Scorers: Todorov, Lazarevic
    Two goals off corners meant we almost beat one of the best teams in the league.

    Samtredia 1-3 Zestafoni (cup)
    Scorers: Bagashvili

    Samtredia 1-0 Kolkheti Poti
    Scorers: Tkebuchava
    Tkebuchava grabs his first goal for the club as we take all 3 points from a must win game against the other promoted side.

    Samtredia 0-1 Spartaki Tskhinvali
    Scorers: None
    A bit of a let down as I was hoping to draw or even win this game.

    Samtredia 0-1 Chikhura Sachkhere
    We can't get any points from any of the top teams and it is a bit frustrating.

    Samtredia 4-2 Zugdidi
    Scorers: Petakov, Bagashvili (2), Kakushadze
    Another must win game that we take maximum points from. After this game Zugdidi sacked their manager.

    My Player of the Season so far: Ilia Pavliashvili
    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-07-20-1.15.23-pm-copy.png

    My starting LW this season, taking over from Giorgi Memarnishvili, has delivered 6 assists and 1 goal this season with a 6.9 average rating.

    Position: 8th
    Points: 14
    Points ahead of Relegation: 2
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-07-20-1.08.46-pm-copy.png  
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  18. Euro Trek-samtredia.jpg

    Transfer In
    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-07-20-9.00.23-pm-copy.png
    Cesar Meza Colli is Memarnishvili's replacement. Memarnishvili has been on a steep decline and has lost all his pace that made him a great player.

    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-07-22-11.29.38-am-copy.png

    Samtredia 2-2 Zestafoni
    Scorers: Kakushadze, Sitoe
    I thought Sitoe had the quality to rip this league to shreds but it has been the complete opposite. He has scored only twice and missed many clear cut chances. We finally got a result against one of the better teams in the league.

    Samtredia 1-4 Dinamo Tblisi
    Scorers: Turmanidze
    We came back down to earth with a massacre by Dinamo Tblisi.

    Samtredia 2-1 Guria
    Scorers: Pavliashvili (2)
    Pavliashvili had a great game but then got injured.

    Samtredia 1-2 Torpedo Kutaisi
    Scorers: Cesar Meza Colli
    Our new signing gets his first goal for the club in a disappointing loss.

    Samtredia 1-2 Metalurgi Rustavi
    Scorers: Bagashvili
    Another must win game goes down the drain.

    Samtredia 0-2 Sioni
    Scorers: None
    This month we lost 3 key games in a row to have us stare relegation in the face.

    Very disappointing as we could have been in 6th at the end of all this and not have relegation as a problem. The games against Spartaki and Kolkheti Poti are now more important then ever.

    Position: 10th
    Points: 18
    Points off Relegation: 2

  19. Euro Trek-samtredia.jpg
    Season Finished
    We have ended the season in 8th place and a 12.83K bonus awarded to us.

    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-07-22-12.24.53-pm-copy.png

    Samtredia 0-2 Dila Gori
    Scorers: None

    Samtredia 1-1 Spartaki Tskhinvali
    Scorers: Sitoe
    Super sub Sitoe nicked us a point

    Samtredia 2-1 Kolkheti Poti
    Scorers: Todorov, Sitoe
    We won the most important game of the season.

    Smtredia 1-1 Chikhura
    Scorers: Bagashvili
    A point in this game ensured our survival in the top flight.

    My player of the Season
    Ilia Pavliashvili
    In 19 games he had 3 goals and 7 assists and was our main creative force.
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  20. Euro Trek-samtredia.jpg
    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-07-24-4.24.40-pm-copy.png
    We have brought in a couple of new faces and released some players that were just not good enough.

    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-07-24-10.57.16-am-copy.png
    I felt we needed a new CDM as we were leaking way too many goals and now against top teams I can play a formation with 2 defensive mids.

    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-07-24-4.31.57-pm-copy.png
    I originally brought him in on loan last season and was impressed by his performances than his former club, Zestafoni, released him and I picked him up on a free.

    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-07-24-4.26.16-pm-copy.png
    I released my back-up goalie Nika Bandzava as he was not good enough for the club and bought this player. He is still young so if he is not giving me good displays he can improve very fast.

    First I released Giorgi Kilasonia because he was not not good enough and if i kept him we would have 3 right backs.

    Second was a center back who had been sitting in the reserves and when Skuri came with an offer I decided to take advantage and made 6K off him.

    Then I released Nika Bandzava who I talked about earlier.

    4th I released Giorgi Memarnishvili who was about to turn 34 and was declining fast.
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  21. Euro Trek-samtredia.jpg
    Job Interview
    Dinamo Tblisi sacked their manager and as they have a good squad and I could probably win the league and move on to the country.

    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-07-25-10.47.30-am-copy.png
    Unfortunately my interview was unsuccessful and I will have to either win the league with Samtredia or wait for the next big job opening.

  22. Euro Trek-samtredia.jpg
    We are in 1st place after 6 games! It is still early in the season but could this be the year!

    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-07-26-9.29.31-am-copy.png

    Samtredia 1-1 Zestafoni
    Scorers: Bagashvili

    Samtredia 2-0 Samgori (Cup)
    Scorers: Kikabidze, Cesar Meza Colli

    Samtredia 2-0 WIT-Georgia
    Scorers: Jelic, Petakov

    Samtredia 3-1 Dinamo Batumi
    Scorers: Cesar Meza Colli (2), Tkebuchava

    Samtredia 1-0 Kolkheti Poti
    Scorers: Bagashvili

    Samtredia 2-0 Chikhura Sachkhere
    Scorers: Cesar Meza Colli (2)

    Samtredia 2-0 Metalurgi Rustavi (Cup)
    Scorers: Gedenidze, Gureshidze

    Samtredia 1-1 Dila Gori
    Scorers: Gogitadze

    My player of the Season so far: Cesar Meza Colli
    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-07-26-9.39.31-am-copy.png

    He has 5 goals and 2 assists in 7 appearances in the all competitions.

  23. Euro Trek-samtredia.jpg

    The league title is now looking like a real possibility as we are leading the league by 5 points

    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-07-26-9.29.31-am-copy.png

    Samtredia 2-0 Zugdidi
    Scorers: Jelic, Bagashvili

    Samtredia 1-0 Sioni
    Scorers: Sitoe

    Samtredia 5-1 Aragvelebi (Cup)
    Scorers: Gedenidze (2), Volkan Kurubas (2), Cesar Meza Colli

    Samtredia 1-1 Spartaki Tskhinvali
    Scorers: Gureshidze

    Samtredia 2-1 Metalurgi Rustavi
    Scorers: Pavliashvili, Cesar Meza Colli

    Samtredia 1-1 Dinamo Tblisi
    Scorers: Cesar Meza Colli

    Samtredia 1-1 Kolkheti Poti (13-12 penalties) (Cup)
    Scorers: Sitoe

    Samtredia 3-1 WIT-Georgia
    Scorers: Pavliashvili (2), Cesar Meza Colli

    My Player of the Season so far: Cesar Meza Colli
    He has 9 goals and 3 assists in 16 appearances with 7 goals and 2 assists in 12 appearances in the league.

  24. Euro Trek-samtredia.jpg
    We win the league with 3 games to go and end the season 10 points ahead of 2nd!

    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-07-28-4.35.06-pm-copy.png

    Samtredia 2-0 Zestafoni
    Scorers: Kakushadze, Cesar Meza Colli

    Samtredia 3-0 Dinamo Batumi
    Scorers: Todorov, Pirtskhalaishvili (o.g), Bagashvili

    Samtredia 0-0 Chikhura Sachkhere
    Scorers: None

    Samtredia 2-0 Kolkheti Poti
    Scorers: Sitoe, Gureshidze

    Samtredia 0-1 Zugdidi
    Scorers: None

    Samtredia 2-0 Dila Gori
    Scorers: Bagashvili, Cesar Meza Colli

    Samtredia 2-0 Spartaki Tskhinvali
    Scorers: Sitoe (2)

    Samtredia 1-0 Sioni
    Scorers: Eristavi

    Samtredia 1-1 Metalurgi Rustavi
    Scorers: Bagashvili

    Samtredia 0-0 Dinamo Tblisi
    Scorers: None

    My Player of the Season: Cesar Meza Colli
    9 goals and 5 assists in the league in 21 appearances and in all competitions he had 11 goals and 6 assists in 24 appearances

  25. Euro Trek-neftchi.jpg

    I was hired by neftchi baku in azerbaijan after I won the title with Samtredia. They recently got 3rd last season and I can probably win the league in my first season.

  26. Euro Trek-neftchi.jpg

    Tactic 1
    This is a counter-attacking tactic and will be used mainly in the Europa League.
    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-07-29-4.47.11-pm-copy.png

    Tactic 2
    My main tactic
    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-07-29-4.49.28-pm-copy.png

    Tactic 3
    My back-up tactic
    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-07-29-4.51.22-pm-copy.png

    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-07-29-4.52.38-pm-copy.png


    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-07-29-4.54.25-pm-copy.png
    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-07-29-4.58.52-pm-copy.png

    First I bought I new CB for 650K. A bit of a large transfer fee but I really needed a center back and he was the only center back whose team would accept my enquiry.
    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-07-29-4.56.37-pm-copy.png

    Second I bought Hristiyan Popov from Pirin (Gotse Delchev). We had no natural defensive mids in our squad so he will be a key part of our season.
    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-07-29-5.00.24-pm-copy.png

    Third is Sadio Tounkara. He is a center mid for the future.
    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-07-29-5.02.43-pm-copy.png

    Then I signed Dimo Balkalov on a free. He will be our back-up winger.
    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-07-29-5.04.25-pm-copy.png

    I brought Giorgi Eristavi with me from Samtredia as we needed another center mid.
    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-07-29-5.10.30-pm-copy.png

    Lastly I brought Olivier Boumal in on a free. He will be our starting winger.
    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-07-29-5.11.27-pm-copy.png

    Zalgris Vilnius 2-2 Neftchi Baku (Europa League 1st Qualifying Round)
    Scorers: Sukurov, Boumal

    Neftchi Baku 2-0 Zalgris Vilnius (Europa League 1st Qualifying Round)
    Scorers: Nasimov, Platje

    Cukaricki 0-2 Neftchi Baku (Europa League 2nd Qualifying Round)
    Scorers: Nfor (2)

    Neftchi Baku 0-1 Cukaricki Europa League 2nd Qualifying Round)
    Scorers: None

  27. Euro Trek-neftchi.jpg
    Group Stage!
    Neftchi Baku have qualified for the Group Stage of the Europa League for the 2nd time in their history.

    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-07-29-9.26.01-pm-copy.png

    A fairly easy group but a difficult one nonetheless. I feel that we can qualify in 2nd place behind Tottenham.

    Neftchi Baku 2-0 RoPS (Europa League 3rd Qualifying Round)
    Scorers: Branekov, Bocognano

    Neftchi Baku 1-1 Qarabag Agdam
    Scorers: Branekov

    RoPS 1-1 Neftchi Baku (Europa League 3rd Qualifying Round)
    Scorers: Nfor

    Simurq 1-4 Neftchi Baku
    Scorers: Bocognano, Boumal (3)

    Austria Wien 0-3 Neftchi Baku (Europa League Play-Off Round)
    Scorers: Nfor (2), Richard

    Neftchi Baku 3-2 AZAL
    Scorers: Nfor, Boumal, Costin

    Neftchi Baku 0-1 Austria Wien (Europa League Play-Off Round)
    Scorers: None

    League Table
    We are in 3rd but it is still very early in the season.
    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-07-29-9.38.29-pm-copy.png

  28. There will not be another update for a couple of weeks as I am on vacation.

  29. Euro Trek-neftchi.jpg


    We are 3rd in the league and halfway through the season.
    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-08-11-9.03.56-pm-copy.png
    In the Europa League we are doing terrible and have lost all of our games.
    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-08-11-9.04.14-pm-copy.png

    Araz Naxchivan 0-2 Neftchi Baku
    Scorers: Nfor, Poladov (o.g)

    Inter Baku 1-3 Neftchi Baku
    Scorers: Sukurov, Richard, Popov

    Red Star Belgrade 2-0 Neftchi Baku (Europa League)
    Scorers: None

    Neftchi Baku 1-1 Baku
    Scorers: Niasse

    Sumqayit 1-5 Neftchi Baku (Azerbaijan Cup)
    Scorers: Nasimov, Niasse (2), Bakalov, Mammadov (o.g)

    Neftchi Baku 1-2 Tottenham (Europa League)
    Scorers: Platje

    Neftchi Baku 4-0 Mugan
    Scorers: Nfor (3), Richard

    Neftchi Baku 1-2 Genk (Europa League)
    Scorers: Richard

    Xazar Lankaran 1-0 Neftchi Baku
    Scorers: None

    Qarabag Agdam 3-3 Neftchi Baku
    Scorers: Richard (3)
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-07-29-9.38.29-pm-copy.png   Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-07-29-9.26.01-pm-copy.png  
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  30. Euro Trek-neftchi.jpg
    Neftchi do the Double!
    We won the Azerbaijan Cup and League in back to back games!

    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-08-25-8.58.28-pm-copy.png

    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-08-25-8.58.53-pm-copy.png

    Genk 3-3 Neftchi
    Scorers: Niasse, Richard (2)

    Inter Baku-2 1-5 Neftchi (Cup)
    Scorers: Qirtimov, Niassse (2), Aliyev, Richard

    Neftchi Baku 2-0 Qabala
    Scorers: Costin, Richard

    Neftchi 1-4 Red Star (Europa League)
    Scorers: Niasse

    Tottenham 1-0 Neftchi (Europa League)
    Scorers: None

    Neftchi 1-0 Simurq
    Scorers: Costin

    AZAL 1-6 Neftchi
    Scorers: Nasimov, Branekov, Richard (4)

    Neftchi 3-0 AZAL (Cup)
    Scorers: Branekov, Boumal, Richard

    Baku 1-1 Neftchi
    Scorers: Nasimov

    Neftchi 6-0 Araz Naxchivan
    Scorers: Nasimov (2), Costin, Richard (2)

    Neftchi 3-2 Simurq (Cup)
    Scorers: Cardoso, Nasimov, Costin

    Neftchi 2-0 Inter Baku
    Scorers: Niasse, Costin

    Mugan 0-7 Neftchi
    Scorers: Richard (3), Nasimov, Niasse, Boumal (2)

    Neftchi 2-3 Xazar
    Scorers: Nasimov, Boumal

    Neftchi 3-2 Xazar (Cup)
    Scorers: Huseynov, Bocognano, Richard

    Qabala 1-3 Neftchi
    Scorers: Boumal, Niasse, Richard

    Now I will be looking for jobs in Armenia.

  31. Congrats on the cup and league wins mate, been an interesting read :-)
    Best of luck with the new challenge in whichever country you move to...KUTGW

  32. Quote Originally Posted by Dean Wilkes View Post
    Congrats on the cup and league wins mate, been an interesting read :-)
    Best of luck with the new challenge in whichever country you move to...KUTGW
    Thanks I am moving to Armenia now.

  33. Attachment 681211
    Group Stage!
    So I have found no jobs in Armenia so I will be staying with Neftci a little longer than expected but we have made the Champions League group stage which is a new best for our club and Azerbaijani clubs as well.

    Our group is pretty much the group of death with Bayern, Tottenham and Sevilla so 3rd will be a huge accomplishment.
    Attachment 681214

    As for the league we are 1st after 3 games.
    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-09-01-4.04.47-pm-copy.png

    Zestafoni 0-1 Neftci (Champions League 2nd Qualifying Round)
    Scorers: Costin

    Neftci 3-1 Zestafoni (Champions League 2nd Qualifying Round)
    Scorers: Eristavi, Costin, Richard

    Ekranas 1-1 Neftci (Champions League 3rd Qualifying Round)
    Scorers: Richard

    Neftci 2-0 Qarabag Agdam
    Scorers: Nasimov, Boumal

    Neftci 1-0 Ekranas (Champions League 3rd Qualifying Round)
    Scorers: Nasimov

    Simurq 1-3 Neftci
    Scorers: Boumal, Richard, Popov

    Kobenhavn 2-2 Neftci (Champions League Play-Off Round)
    Scorers: Nfor, Richard

    Neftci 2-0 AZAL
    Scorers: Cardoso, Richard

    Neftci 1-1 Kobenhavn (Champions League Play-Off Round)
    Scorers: Costin

  34. Euro Trek-neftchi.jpg
    Halfway Update
    We are halfway through the league and winning the league by 4 points. In the Champions League we are last as expected but I do want to score a goal which we haven't done yet.
    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-09-04-8.40.20-pm-copy.png
    Also one thing I forgot in the last update is we signed a new striker named Nasko Milev, a right back named Milos Radulovic and a center back named Mamuka Kobakhidze and released Mahir Sukurov and Vurgun Huseynov and sold Yohan Bocognano to Lorient while Sadio Tounkara went out on loan to Baku.

    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-09-04-8.40.35-pm-copy.png

    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-09-04-8.47.08-pm-copy.png
    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-09-04-8.47.16-pm-copy.png

    Neftci 5-0 Baku
    Scorers: Nasimov, Richard, Bakalov, Popov, Popovic (o.g)

    Inter Baku 1-2 Neftci
    Scorers: Kobakhidze, Boumal

    Neftci 0-2 Sevilla (Champions League)
    Scorers: None

    Qabala 2-2 Neftci
    Scorers: Branekov, Bakalov

    Neftci 5-0 Susa (Azerbaijan Cup)
    Scorers: Milev (3), Bakalov, Niasse

    Tottenham 2-0 Neftci (Champions League)
    Scorers: None

    Neftci 4-0 Sumqayit
    Scorers: Milev, Richard, Niasse, Popov

    Bayern Munich 3-0 Neftci (Champions League)
    Scorers: None

    Xazar 1-1 Neftci
    Scorers: Niasse

    Qarabag 0-3 Neftci
    Scorers: Milev, Richard, Branekov

  35. Euro Trek-neftchi.jpg
    We go undefeated! In the league anyway. We win the league by 9 points. We got to the semis of the Azerbaijan Cup and got last in our Champions League group.
    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-09-07-8.05.25-pm-copy.png
    Neftci 0-3 Bayern (Champions League)
    Scorers: None

    Neftci 5-0 Ravan
    Scorers: Radulovic, Milev, Niasse, Boumal (2)

    Sevilla 3-0 Neftci
    Scorers: None

    Neftci 0-4 Bayern
    Scorers: None

    Neftci 3-0 Simurq
    Scorers: Branekov, Costin, Nasimov

    Neftci 4-0 Xazar-2 (Azerbaijan Cup)
    Scorers: Branekov, Bakalov, Boumal (2)

    Neftci 3-0 Inter Baku
    Scorers: Richard (3)

    AZAL 1-5 Neftci
    Scorers: Nasimov, Richard (2), Niasse (2)

    Inter Baku 2-3 Neftci (Azerbaijan Cup)
    Scorers: Nasimov (2), Niasse

    Baku 0-2 Neftci
    Scorers: Cardoso, Kobakhidze

    Neftci 1-0 Qabala
    Scorers: Costin

    Qarabag 1-1 Neftci (Azerbaijan Cup) (Penalty Loss)
    Scorers: Richard

    Sumqayit 0-3 Neftci
    Scorers: Cardoso, Costin, Platje

    Ravan 1-2 Neftci
    Scorers: Radulovic, Nasimov

    Neftci 1-1 Xazar
    Scorers: Milev

  36. Euro Trek-banants.jpg
    I have now found a job with Banants, an underperforming team in Armenia. Last season they finished 6th but should be finishing around 3rd.

  37. Euro Trek-banants.jpg
    An average start to the season and this is around where I think we will finish but we could finish higher. We are 4th after 7 games.
    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-09-09-7.52.59-pm-copy.png
    Our squad lacked any real depth so I signed 5 players, some will start, others will be back-up
    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-09-09-7.56.38-pm-copy.png

    First player is Sebastian Kuntic. He was originally gonna be a back up but Serges Deble got injured and now Kuntic has scored 2 goals in 4 starts.
    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-09-09-7.58.32-pm-copy.png

    Then we signed a new goalkeeper as we only had one in the squad. Ilko Pirgov will be my number one keeper.
    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-09-09-8.00.47-pm-copy.png

    Giorgi Turmanidze will be a starting CB. He was brought in because we only had 2 center backs.
    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-09-09-8.02.49-pm-copy.png

    Rumen Rumenov is one of best players in our squad.
    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-09-09-8.04.12-pm-copy.png

    We didn't have a natural left back in our squad so I signed Shamil Kurbanov.
    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-09-09-8.05.36-pm-copy.png

    Here is our squad
    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-09-09-8.07.28-pm-copy.png

    Banants 5-0 Pyunik-3
    Scorers: Asoyan, Deble, Poghosyan, Hovhannisyan. Hakobyan

    Mika 1-0 Banants
    Scorers: None

    Banants 3-0 Ararat
    Scorers: Hakobyan, Kuntic, Odhiambo

    Banants 0-5 Gandzasar
    Scorers: None

    Shirak 0-1 Banants
    Scorers: Hakobyan

    Pyunik 2-1 Banants
    Scorers: Odhiambo

    Ulisses 0-3 Banants
    Scorers: Asoyan, Kuntic, Odhiambo

  38. Euro Trek-banants.jpg
    We are third and halfway through the season. We could win the title as we are just 2 points off first.
    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-09-13-9.50.29-am-copy.png
    Pyunik-3 0-7 Banants
    Scorers: Poghosyan, Kuntic, Odhiambo (3), Hakobyan (2)

    Pyunik-2 0-3 Banants (Cup)
    Scorers: Hovhannisyan, Rumenov, Poghosyan

    Banants 2-1 Mika
    Scorers: Turmanidze, Beglaryan

    Ararat 0-4 Banants
    Scorers: Poghosyan, Odhiambo (2), Hovhannisyan

    Banants 1-2 Shirak
    Scorers: Poghosyan

    Gandzasar 0-4 Banants
    Scorers: Odhiambo, Beglaryan, Hakobyan, Kuntic

    Banants 1-0 Pyunik
    Scorers: Odhiambo

    Gandzasar-2 0-3 Banants
    Scorers: Hakobyan (2), Hovhannisyan

    Banants 6-2 Ulisses
    Scorers: Hakobyan (3), Odhiambo, Alexanyan (2)

  39. Quote Originally Posted by stevanjovetic View Post
    Also my team always gives up goals towards the ends of matches. Any idea how to fix that? Thanks

    Anytime after 75 minutes, switch to a 4141 or a Barcelona-style 451. You'll need a defensive midfielder sitting in the area just in front of your defense.

    Waste a lot of time, hit them on the counter attack and play narrowly. If your GK is a vampire, i.e., frightened of crosses, don't play narrowly.

    In lower leagues or less competitive leagues, the most important attribute for this DM is Determination. At higher levels, you'll need a high work rate, good concentration and anticipation.

  40. Euro Trek-banants.jpg
    We are ahead of Pyunik by just 1 point heading into the final leg of the season.
    We also are in the Armenian Cup Final.
    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-09-21-7.48.55-pm-copy.png
    Banants 6-1 Pyunik-3
    Scorers: Asoyan, Alexanyan, Deble, Odhiambo, Hakobyan (2)

    Mika 1-3 Banants
    Scorers: Turmanidze, Odhiambo, Hakobyan

    Shirak 2-3 Banants
    Scorers: Asoyan, Hovhannisyan, Yeghiarzyan (o.g.)

    Banants 3-0 Ararat
    Scorers: Hovhannisyan (2), Deble

    Banants 2-0 Gandzasar
    Scorers: Odhiambo, Alexanyan

    Pyunik 0-0 Banants
    Scorers: None

    Shirak 1-3 Banants (Armenian Cup)
    Scorers: Alexanyan, Asoyan, Hakobyan

    Ulisses 0-0 Banants
    Scorers: None

  41. Euro Trek-banants.jpg
    Champions! Banants have won the Armenian High League and the Armenian Cup.
    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-09-22-9.37.51-pm-copy.png
    Pyunik-3 0-6 Banants
    Scorers: Deble, Odhiambo (2), Hovhannisyan (2), Hakopyan (o.g.)

    Banants 1-0 Mika
    Scorers: Hakobyan

    Ararat 1-3 Banants
    Scorers: Poghosyan, Hovhannisyan, Hakobyan

    Gandzasar 2-4 Banants
    Scorers: Deble, Odhiambo, Hakobyan (2)

    Banants 1-1 Shirak
    Scorers: Asoyan

    Gandzasar 2-4 Banants (Armenian Cup Final)
    Scorers: Turmanidze, Hakobyan, Odhiambo (2)

    Banants 1-0 Pyunik
    Scorers: Asoyan

    Banants 3-1 Ulisses
    Scorers: Beglaryan, Asoyan, Ayvazyan

  42. Euro Trek-goztepe.jpg
    I have found a job in Turkey with Goztepe, a team just relegated from the Super Lig. I am expected to get promotion. I joined Goztepe after the first 3 games of the season. I will give updates every 9 games.

    Here is the squad.
    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-09-24-9.18.11-pm-copy.png

  43. Name:  200px-Kasimpasa.png
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    Well, after just a month at Goztepe, Kasimpasa, a team in the Super Lig offered me a job so I took it.
    Here is our squad.
    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-09-29-6.20.44-pm-copy.png

  44. Name:  200px-Kasimpasa.png
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    I have been in charge of Kasimpasa for 2 weeks now but it is a fourth of the way through the season. When I took over Kasimpasa they were 17th in the table.
    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-09-29-7.15.16-pm-copy.png
    Kasimpasa 1-2 Akhisar Belediyespor
    Scorers: Kurumus

    Rizespor 1-4 Kasimpasa
    Scorers: Kurumus (2), Babel, Konya

  45. Name:  200px-Kasimpasa.png
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Size:  48.6 KB
    Halfway through the season and we are in 13th place. We can push for the top half of the table in the second half of the season.
    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-09-30-8.35.55-pm-copy.png
    Kasimpasa 1-0 Mersin Idman Yurdu
    Scorers: Kurumus

    Kayseri Erciyesspor 1-1 Kasimpasa
    Scorers: Keskin

    Kasimpasa 0-2 Konyaspor
    Scorers: None

    Ankaraspor 2-3 Kasimpasa
    Scorers: Derdiyok (2), Odabasi

    Kasimpasa 1-1 Besiktas
    Scorers: Donk

    Samsunspor 1-3 Kasimpasa
    Scorers: Derdiyok (2), Kurumus

    Kasimpasa 2-2 Fenerbahce
    Scorers: Odabasi, Seglik (o.g.)

    Galatasaray 2-1 Kasimpasa
    Scorers: Basha
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  46. Name:  200px-Kasimpasa.png
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    We are in 11th place and are so close to pushing into the top half.
    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-10-04-7.44.17-am-copy.png
    Eskisehirspor 0-1 Kasimpasa
    Scorers: Kurumus

    Kasimpasa 3-0 Kayserispor
    Scorers: Donk, Bekmezci, Kurumus

    Trabzonspor 3-1 Kasimpasa
    Scorers: Buyuk

    Kasimpasa 1-0 Sanliurfaspor
    Scorers: Ozen (o.g.)

    Kasimpasa 3-0 Denizlispor
    Scorers: Cetinkaya, Buyuk, Donk

    Karabukspor 2-0 Kasimpasa
    Scorers: None

    Kasimpasa 1-1 Bursaspor
    Scorers: Kurumus

    Akhisar Belediyespor 3-1 Kasimpasa
    Scorers: Derdiyok

    Kasimpasa 2-2 Rizespor
    Scorers: Bekmezci, Kurumus

    Mersin Idman Yurdu 1-2 Kasimpasa
    Scorers: Kurumus, Odabasi

  47. Name:  200px-Kasimpasa.png
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    We achieved a 10th place finish which is what was asked of me in the beginning.
    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-10-05-9.18.27-am-copy.png
    Kasimpasa 3-2 Kayseri Erciyesspor
    Scorers: Kurumus (3)

    Konyaspor 1-1 Kasimpasa
    Scorers: Derdiyok

    Kasimpasa 4-3 Ankaraspor
    Scorers: Odabasi, Basha, Derdiyok, Konya

    Besiktas 2-0 Kasimpasa
    Scorers: None

    Kasimpasa 2-1 Samsunspor
    Scorers: Kurumus, Derdiyok

    Fenerbahce 3-0 Kasimpasa
    Scorers: None

    Kasimpasa 1-2 Galatasaray
    Scorers: Odabasi
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  48. Name:  200px-Kasimpasa.png
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    Significant Transfers:
    In: Recep Niyaz Free
    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-10-09-9.06.31-pm-copy.png
    Serdar Gurler Free
    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-10-09-9.06.39-pm-copy.png
    Mustafa Yumlu Free
    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-10-09-9.06.44-pm-copy.png
    Ryan Babel Free
    Tunay Torun 900K
    Alex Itodo 42K
    This half of the season has been completely unexpected and we sit top of the table after 17 matches.
    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-10-09-8.56.53-pm-copy.png
    Kasimpasa 3-1 Rizespor
    Scorers: Altinay (o.g), Kurumus, Ozmen (o.g)

    Kayseri Erciyesspor 1-1 Kasimpasa
    Scorers: Odabasi

    Kasimpasa 4-2 Sanliurfaspor
    Scorers: Donk, Yumlu, Kurumus, Gurler

    Antalyaspor 0-3 Kasimpasa
    Scorers: Kurumus (2), Gurler

    Bursaspor 1-0 Kasimpasa
    Scorers: None

    Kasimpasa 3-1 Kocaelispor (Turkish Cup)
    Scorers: Aydin (o.g), Derdiyok (2)

    Kasimpasa 2-1 Genclirbirligi
    Scorers: Gokce (o.g), Derdiyok

    Boluspor 0-4 Kasimpasa
    Scorers: Donk, Buyuk, Derdiyok, Gurler

    Kasimpasa 2-0 Samsunspor
    Scorers: Yumlu, Basha

    Trabzonspor 0-1 Kasimpasa
    Scorers: Kurumus

    Pendikspor 0-1 Kasimpasa (Turkish Cup)
    Scorers: Kurumus

    Kasimpasa 2-1 Akhisar Belediyespor
    Scorers: Meric, Buyuk

    Kayserispor 1-2 Kasimpasa
    Scorers: Buyuk (2)

    Kasimpasa 1-2 Fenerbahce
    Scorers: Basha

    Karabukspor 0-1 Kasimpasa
    Scorers: Donk

    Kasimpasa 2-1 Eskisehirspor
    Scorers: Egbo, Meric

    Kasimpasa 0-1 Manisaspor (Turkish Cup)
    Scorers: None

    Galatasaray 1-1 Kasimpasa
    Scorers: Kurumus

    Kasimpasa 1-0 Besiktas
    Scorers: Odabasi

    Konyaspor 1-3 Kasimpasa
    Scorers: Derdiyok (2), Kurumus

  49. Name:  200px-Kasimpasa.png
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    Champions! After the most unlikely seasons Kasimpasa are the Spor Toto Super Lig champions for the first time in their history.Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-10-15-8.41.01-pm-copy.png
    January Transfers
    Ryo Miyaichi Free
    Euro Trek-screen-shot-2014-10-15-8.41.09-pm-copy.png

    Rizespor 0-3 Kasimpasa
    Scorers: Kurumus, Derdiyok, Bekmezci

    Kasimpasa 1-0 Kayseri Erciyesspor
    Scorers: Gurler

    Sanliurfaspor 0-2 Kasimpasa
    Scorers: Miyaichi, Derdiyok

    Kasimpasa 1-0 Antalyaspor
    Scorers: Miyaichi

    Kasimpasa 2-1 Bursaspor
    Scorers: Konya, Gurler

    Genclerbirligi 2-4 Kaismpasa
    Scorers: Konya, Yumlu, Niyaz (2)

    Kasimpasa 5-2 Boluspor
    Scorers: Derdiyok, Niyaz, Basha, Miyaichi, Kurumus

    Samsunspor 0-1 Kasimpasa
    Scorers: Kurumus

    Kasimpasa 1-0 Trabzonspor
    Scorers: Miyaichi

    Akhisar Belediyespor 2-1 Kasimpasa
    Scorers: Kurumus

    Kasimpasa 2-1 Kayserispor
    Scorers: Konya (2)

    Fenerbahce 1-1 Kasimpasa
    Scorers: Kurumus

    Kasimpasa 2-1 Karabukspor
    Scorers: Kurumus, Bekmezci

    Eskisehirspor 0-3 Kasimpasa
    Scorers: Derdiyok, Miyaichi, Boffin (o.g)

    Kasimpasa 1-1 Galatasaray
    Scorers: Derdiyok

    Besiktas 5-0 Kasimpasa
    Scorers: None

    Kasimpasa 1-1 Konyaspor
    Scorers: Kurumus

  50. I am going to stop posting every half a season in detail but post every full season in a table on the first page of this thread. Comment if you want to keep the current format or change it.
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