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A Little Journey in Indonesia

  1. A Little Journey in Indonesia

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-589px-national_emblem_of_indonesia_garuda_pancasila.svg.png

    First of all, sorry if there's any mistake in my english, I'm trying hard to be (at least) better than google translate.

    Welcome to my first manager story, as you can see on the title, I am going to challenge myself on the one of the "hardest" league in football manager (because of reputation, blah blah blah..), I will start from the bottom, and hopefully, not only success for my club, but also bring the Indonesia NT to World Cup.. again.. well, if you count Dutch East Indies in '38 as Indonesia..

    So, a quick review about Indonesia and their league.. they're crap. I mean, what is the nation that have a better U19 than their senior team? We tried to naturalize our Indo-Dutch players and foreigners who continuously stay in Indonesia for 5 years, and still beaten by our all-homegrown-player neighbor, Malaysia, in AFF Cup. The league itself has 5 big teams, Arema, Sriwijaya, Persipura, Persib, and Persija. But the league is quite competitive ('sup SPL), there's some other team that is pretty good, like PSM, Persebaya, etc.

    The league had a dualism, so if you see two teams with same name (like Persebaya and Persebaya (LPIS)) the one with the word "LPIS" is counted as illegal team (yep, we have 2 leagues with same division 2-3 years ago, it is like having 2 Liga BBVA in Spain).

    Next one, Indonesia NT, we went to World Cup 1938 while under the occupation of Dutch (or Holland?, or Netherland? honestly I don't know which one should be used, so, yeah..), and destroyed in the first round by Hungary. After independence in '45, there nothing really big apart from Gold in SEA Games..

    That is my "quick" review about Indonesia's football. Next update will be up in 6-7 hours..

    PS: GMT+7 might be my only problem here

  2. Team Picking and Transfers

    Some said, picking a team in Indonesia is ridiculously hard, almost 95% started with the letter "P" besides, you only able to use 5 foreigners in super league, 3 in in the premier division, and 0 in the first division.

    Anyway, I loaded all of the playable asian nations (in case if i get promoted, i could get a decent, free non-indonesian player), and here we go..

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-persikab1.jpg

    Persikab hired a new manager

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-mohammad-zaki-raditya_-news-inbox.png

    Why did I choose Persikab? First of all, they are playing under the shadow of Persib, while Persib enjoying a great success, Persikab just keep going downhill, year after year.

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-mohammad-zaki-raditya_-news-inbox-2.png A Little Journey in Indonesia-persikab_-staff-members.png A Little Journey in Indonesia-persikab-kab.-bandung_-squad-players.png

    Since founded in '63 they only get 1 trophy. Facilities, terrible. Rivals, the range is too far between the leagues. Staff, crap. Players, almost hopeless.. But since Persikab only have a small size of squad, I can rebuild the team around my own tactic..

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-persikab-kab.-bandung_-tactics-overview-2.png

    I like the formation with 3 defenders, so I made the exact same 3-4-3 I used in FM12 for FC United. On the transfers, I signed 16 players, and sold 3 players.

    Next update, pre-season..
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  3. Following

  4. Pre-Season + October Update

    Quote Originally Posted by ThatJamaican View Post

    Si Jalak Harupat stadium, both Persib and Persikab using this stadium for home games.


    A Little Journey in Indonesia-persikab_-transfers-transfer-history.png A Little Journey in Indonesia-persikab-kab.-bandung_-fixtures-schedule.png

    Well, nothing really big here, boring pre-season, seriously I have nothing to say. In the first 4 games I used an overly attacking tactic against big team, bad move.. Before the transfer window shuts, I signed 2 more players (not included in that SS) to cover my midfield.

    The board expect us to cling on the mid-table, the media predicted us to ended as 6th in group A, but hell, if we could push for promotion, why not?

    Since that pre-season went straight boring, I included the league results too. Our first 3 games...


    A Little Journey in Indonesia-psp-v-persikab_-overview-overview.png
    Yudas Ugu (26') Faisal R. (45')

    So, our first game went pretty well, although we should score more with that 22 shots, my strikers are just terrible, meh..

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-persikab-v-persiss_-overview-overview.png
    Yudas Ugu (22') Aswin Bahar (57')

    Aswin Bahar, my deadline day signing sealed the victory at our own home, I didn't expect Ugu to scored though, 2 goals in 2 games, lol.

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-pss-v-persikab_-overview-overview.png
    Ade Solihin (27') Faisal R. (47')

    Honestly I don't expect a win from this game, PSS just recently relegated and expected to win the promotion. But one thing that totally annoying me is that we leading 2-1 but throws the lead away and letting 3 goals in. What in the actual f- is that?

    October PotM

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-iqbal-septiandi-putra_-overview-profile.png

    Well, my goalie is the dude with the highest rating, he also get a MoM against PSP, Yudas Ugu almost get PotM if he didn't screw up in the match against PSS
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails A Little Journey in Indonesia-si-jalak-harupat.jpg  

  5. November Update

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-tempat-wisata-di-bandung-gambar-gedung-sate.jpg

    Gedung Sate, West Java's governor office, located in Bandung.


    First of all, I hate to say this, but damn, my tactic is good..

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-persikab-v-persiju_-overview-overview.png
    Faisal R. (11', 67') Ade Solihin (16') Renaldi Zaenal (42')

    Total domination, still.. that finishing need to be a little bit polished...

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-psgl-v-persikab_-overview-overview.png
    Faisal R. (12')

    ..sadly, although my tactic is pretty decent, my strikeforce's consistency are just terrible, thankfully Faisal managed to pull a nice shot from the box.

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-persikab-v-perseden_-overview-overview.png
    Moniaga B.S. (25', 32') Dippi Y. (39') Ade Solihin (43') I. Hardiansyah (57')

    Should be more comfortable win than this, my backline is just short and slow (literally).

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-medan-jaya-v-persikab_-overview-overview.png
    Renaldi Zaenal (8', 52') Ade Solihin (38') Dippi Y. (46')

    Lotsa shots, but my slow defense make this game way more tense, my goalie is keep saving my arse..

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-persikab-v-pssa_-overview-overview.png
    Renaldi Zaenal (37', 65')

    My slow defense finally backfires (Ugu is already 37 yo), M.G. Manurung's pace completely ruin my defense. I definetly will buy another DC next transfer window.

    November PotM

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-1104persikab.jpg

    Renaldi Zaenal (the one with the kungfu kick in the pic), hard choice between him or Solihin, but since he scores more, I chose him for the current PotM.

    ================================================== =====

    Ps: Any comments, requests, questions, anything? It seems like I am talking to myself here...

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  6. December Update

    Damn, I think I slept too much this morning, lol.


    A Little Journey in Indonesia-mohammad-zaki-raditya_-news-inbox.png

    First of all, let me start with a big "DAMMIT!", he scored two screamer last month, and became an important part of the team since signed in the deadline day.

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-ps-muara-bungo-v-persikab_-overview-overview.png
    Ade Solihin (25') Renaldi Zaenal (31') Faisal R. (71')
    Ruud Gulid Yunus red card (41')

    We attacked a lot, that finishing is still an issue, of course. But after Ruud Gulid (nice name btw) sent off, I have to pull Ade Solihin out and swap him with a CB, after that, we're struggling to go forward.

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-persikab-v-persidi_-overview-overview.png
    Ade Solihin (15', 31', 32') I. Hardiansyah (76')

    Ade Solihin is a beast, nuff said. Ruud Gulid's suspension made my game harder since Holitman is slower than him.

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-persikab-v-psds_-overview-overview.png
    I. Hardiansyah (45') Renaldi Zaenal (60') Suadi (70')

    I tried to calm my player and wish them luck, since PSDS is another title contender.. and it completely backfires, lol. They get a 0-3 lead, thankfully my 2nd half team talk changed it, Suadi also scored in his debut.

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-mohammad-zaki-raditya_-news-inbox-2-.png

    Weeellll.. damn, two strikers out.. it means no subs except one guy that had an issue with me..
    Indonesian Cup 1st rd drawing also took place this month, I will play against PS Bangka, a non-league team, nothing really big there..

    December PotM

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-0205persikab.jpg

    Ade Solihin (white and green kit in picture), scored 4 in 3 games. Too bad he can't produce the goods in last match..

  7. January Update

    Bad news is, I can't use the PC yesterday, sorry for no update. Good news is, I've simmed this thing up to April 1st, yay. Another good news is, Hazard won Ballon D'or, Cristiano went 2nd, and Messi 3rd.


    A Little Journey in Indonesia-mohammad-zaki-raditya_-news-inbox.png

    January came in, and straightly bash through my defense line. My main goalie is knocked out by a flu (what the f***, it is always hot here..) now there's only two GK left, an old one, 37 or something like that, and the young one, which had an issue with me (my players keeps getting an issue with me, lol)

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-ps-bangka-v-persikab_-overview-overview.png
    Ade Solihin (10') Andhita (12') Faisal R. (17', 81')

    I decided to choose my older goalie, we hit 3 goals in 7 minutes, a good start. But we failed to hold it, Faisal bailed us out there.

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-persiss-v-persikab_-overview-overview.png
    Faisal R. (34', 69') Ade Solihin (39') Renaldi Zaenal (82')

    My goalie is a piece of sh*t. That 2 goals in 4 minutes in the closing of the game just destroy my team's morale, barely able to finish the game with 1 goal difference.

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-persikab-v-ps-bangka_-overview-overview.png

    Pardon my french, but this game is a f-ing bullsh*t. 25 shots, 12 on targets, and we're beaten by a damn Aspirin (nice name though..)

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-mohammad-zaki-raditya_-news-inbox-2.png

    ..and a big thank you for injuring my bloody player.

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-persikab-v-pss_-overview-overview.png
    Renaldi Zaenal (60')

    Well, if you remember, PSS is considered to be one of title contender. So, not a big issue here..

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-persiju-v-persikab_-overview-overview.png
    Renaldi Zaenal (13') Ade Solihin (25', 32')

    ..almost had a mini-heart-attack when Ade injured, thought he was going to be knocked out for months, thankfully, not even a scratch. Apart from this month's results, next Indonesian Cup match pits me against another non-league team, PS Siak. Nothing really big there.

    January PotM

    All of my strikers deserve it, Renaldi Zaenal, Ade Solihin, and Faisal R., all of them being lethal this month, the second reason is because I can't find their real-life picture.

  8. First of all, I'm just simply too tired to do anything, although regularly open fmbase, I have no time to update this I think I should do a bi-monthly update, so I could rush to the next season, or else..


    5 players joins Persikab

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-mohammad-zaki-raditya_-news-inbox-4.png

    3 DC (remember when I said my backline is just straight sh*t?), 1 MC (Nahumarury is aging, nuff said), and 1 ST (some of our strikers is misfiring, Noffarianto will definetly be a main striker. Solihin, Zaenal, and Faisal will compete for 2 position left)

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-persikab-v-ps-siak_-overview-overview.png A Little Journey in Indonesia-ps-siak-v-persikab_-overview-overview.png
    Leg 1: R. Zaenal (41') R. Noffarianto (42')
    Leg 2: A. Solihin (31') R. Zaenal (33') Faisal R. (41', 80') Iqbal sent off (14')

    Khokok's OG in first leg put me in doubt, and My GK sent off in second leg. But my tactic works again, overall I'm pretty happy with this.

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-persikab-v-psgl_-overview-overview.png
    A. Solihin (5') R. Zaenal (45') Faisal R. (67')

    PSGL somehow fought me back pretty well, but Iqbal show why he deserve a place in first team, my regular strikeforce trio also scores for fun...

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-perseden-v-persikab_-overview-overview.png
    M. Agus (49') Dippi Y. (90')

    My, my.. all of my players is on their period.. Dippi Yogaswara bailed us out again..

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-mohammad-zaki-raditya_-news-inbox-3.png

    The good thing is we get an unbeaten record, we're bashing through the league now, we could eye for promotion. Maybe.. just maybe..

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-mohammad-zaki-raditya_-news-inbox.png

    55 goals scored but we concede 42, could someone help me?

    February PotM

    Again, all of my strikers deserves this, kudos to Zaenal, Solihin, and Faisal.

  9. March Update

    Well, honestly I have no problem in playing the game, my problem is the writing part, I hate typing. That might slow down the updates even more. And second, it took me 3 hours to post one update, i have no idea about what should i write..

    March Update

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-persikab-v-psb-bogor_-overview-overview.png A Little Journey in Indonesia-psb-bogor-v-persikab_-overview-overview.png
    Indonesian Cup
    Leg 1: Faisal R. (1') Irvan H. (52')
    Leg 2: Irvan H. (23') Faisal R. (31', 76')

    Carry on, nothing to see here. Apart from the bad news that Ade Solihin collided and injure himself for 6-8 days in first leg.. and.. yeah.. there's another bad news though..

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-mohammad-zaki-raditya_-news-inbox.png

    Sriwijaya FC awaits us in the next round. They won the the ISL (highest league, fyi) several times, their squad is too strong. We're definetly gonna get crushed here..

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-persikab-v-medan-jaya_-overview-overview.png
    R. Zaenal (18', 25') Irvan H. (77') R. Noffarianto (90')

    "Dude, you're keep winning with nice scoreline. Your player must be really strong, right? Right?"

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-mohammad-zaki-raditya_-news-inbox-6.png A Little Journey in Indonesia-mohammad-zaki-raditya_-news-inbox-7.png

    Last match, two guys down, Renaldi Zaenal is our worst loss. His partnership with Ade and Faisal is the best in the league. (Well, apart from Pesik's lone striker, the legendary Boy Jati Asmara, who outscore this three guys combined..)

    "Hey dude, you're going to take Persikab to the top right? What about your contract?"

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-mohammad-zaki-raditya_-news-inbox-8.png

    Yeah.. dude..

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-pssa-v-persikab_-overview-overview.png
    Ade Solihin (23') R. Noffarianto (74') Ruud Gulid (85')

    Our first game without Zaenal.. and.. that was terrible, had to pull Dippi to MC since Wahedi is out too. Noffarianto starts, we're lucky to pull another 2 goals after conceded..

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-persikab-v-ps-muara-bungo_-overview-overview.png
    Dippi Y. (8', 54') Ade Solihin (56') M. Agus (83')

    Wahedi is back, so I throw Noffarianto to the bench, and push Dippi to play up front. And it was worth it, but.. I'm afraid I've got some bad news..

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-mohammad-zaki-raditya_-news-inbox-2.png

    Hang on there, buddy..

    March PotM

    Name:  dippi-yogaswara_8c28dd8.jpg
Views: 531
Size:  45.5 KB

    New face, everyone. Hard choice for this month, Irvan scored 3, Faisal scored 3 too, but they scored in the cup, which I don't really give a crap. Ade Solihin scored 2, but he lacks in consistency. So, I give Player of the Month to Dippi Yogaswara since he covered both MC and ST pretty well (he's a trialist once, ex-Persib, our rival fyi)
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  10. April Update - Part 1

    Guess who's back, lol. Welcome to this thread, and let me tell you another bad news, my netbook's spacebar is stuck, need some extra press there..
    April Update

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-persikab-v-sriwijaya-fc_-overview-overview.png
    R. Noffarianto (15') M.B. Suwardi (29', 33', 56')

    OH. DEAR. LORD. WHAT DID JUST HAPPENED. Sweating my balls when I have to play against Sriwijaya without Ade Solihin, but Moniaga.. damn.. he came back to the first team and bashed their legendary CB (Maman Abd.) and GK (Ferry Rotinsulu). Gosh..

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-mohammad-zaki-raditya_-news-inbox-3.png

    Crap, we get back to this position again, Wahedi injured again. 2 months, dear lord.. It means he can't play in the second leg, and technically he will end this season earlier, might be a big problem, since we're closely chased by Persiss and PSGL, 42 pts, 3 matches left. Come on.

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-persidi-v-persikab_-overview-overview.png A Little Journey in Indonesia-mohammad-zaki-raditya_-news-inbox-4.png
    Ade Solihin (1' - New Record Alert!) R. Zaenal (33') Faisal R. (75') Irvan H. (85')

    19 SECONDS. That sh*t put us on 45 pts, Persiss lost a match, still 41 pts, PSGL won, they now have 40 pts. 2 matches, please, hang on..

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-sriwijaya-fc-v-persikab_-overview-overview.png
    Iwanto (73', 75')

    F*** YOU SCHEDULING, MATCHMAKER, OR WHOEVER YOU ARE. 3 days is not enough to recover my players fitness. No Andhita, forced to use Imran Nahumarury, No Dippi, No strikeforce trio, Not even my best CB, Ruud Gulid. This is just purely awful to see, 3 goals in 10 minutes, Iwanto put a glimmer of hope but Auriqto exhaust our players way too far. Well, the only good thing is, I can focus on last 2 bloody league matches.

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-mohammad-zaki-raditya_-news-inbox.png

    Dude, just bash my face in, will you?

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-psds-v-persikab_-overview-overview.png

    I honestly almost cried after Anwarudin scored, really. I throw Sopandi to the bench, put Bayu Andika up (the GK that I have a problem about), aaaanddd.. we still can't do anything. We can't shoot properly post-Ade's injury, 16 shots, and we can't score any of it..

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-mohammad-zaki-raditya_-news-inbox-2-.png

    We're destroyed after that Sriwijaya match, we lost our momentum, lost our main players, Persiss won and now at 47 pts, we have 45. PSGL, closely below us, they won and now have 43 pts.


    Part 2, to be continued..
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  11. April Update - Part 2

    Again, another late update.. I get distracted too easily, watched too many Botchamania, lol. Another thing, my spacebar is still a problem. Anyway, a headnote, you could comment, suggest anything to get this story better, any question or something... don't be shy

    April Update - Youth Intakes

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-persikab-kab.-bandung-youth-candidates_-squad-players.png

    April 17th.. can you smell it? Smells like new leaves.. 2 best prospects there, sadly those 4 wingbacks will have to wait for some years.. and get sold for profit. Unless if they can train to MR pretty quick.. then we have no problem, hermano.

    Q: "Wow, 2 guys with 5 stars potential? You found a real gem in this nation! Can we see his stats?"
    A: Sure why not, but I have to aware you, they aren't exactly a world beaters..

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-boy-jati-supriyatna_-overview-profile.png A Little Journey in Indonesia-sofyan-setiawan_-overview-profile.png

    The one on the left, stealing the first name from Pesik's striker, Boy Jati Asmara, he's smaller than me (my height is about 170 cm, lol.), 6 Determination, and 1 Balance. Train him under Andhita's tutor, might come in handy if someone break a leg (literally..). And the one on the right, a playmaker with sh*tty passing ability, will be a great addition considering Wahedi injured regularly, Dippi have to be a striker, and Nahumarury is considering retirement..

    Oh yeah, one more thing, about that last post. I've found myself on a wrong timeline.. I thought it was one more match, but i just found out it was the last PSDS game is last one, so I edited last line in the last post, and there's two things I realised. One, when I wrote "2 matches to go", it was that IC 2nd leg and the PSDS game, sorry 'bout that. And the second, Persiss has 2 league games to play, and left me stranded with 45 pts, they went first in the group A.

    But hey, this isn't only another "sorry for your inconvenience" post, there is also a happier tone in this post.

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-indonesian-first-division_-overview-stages.png

    Yeah, spoiled this one in last post, lol. I thought i will make a great momentum by putting the league finisher with a win, thankfully we finished the season pretty well, predicted to be finished at mid table, 62 goals a year, for a rookie in tactic building, lol.

    Q: "So, what happen if you finished 2nd?"
    A: THIS.

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-indonesian-first-division_-overview-stages-2.png

    We're pitted against another top 2 of another group, top 3 of this 2nd phase will get promoted, first place each group will face each other for the title.

    April PotM

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-moeniga.jpg

    Remember when I said "I don't give a crap about the cup"? Screw it, Moniaga Bagus Suwardi (green kit in pic) is a beast against Sriwijaya. He's the savior in this horrible month.


    So, there you go, a quite messed up update, leave a comment?

  12. May Update a.k.a. That 2nd Phase Update

    It is 2 weeks (more or less? somebody counted it?) since the first post, and only one guy comment about this. But this story has 600+ views (either mis-clicking, or really read this story, lol.) and 3 likes, which is good enough for me..

    (plus one match in April)

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-persikab-v-persekabpas_-overview-overview.png

    Well, here goes the single SS i quite mixed about. Accidently put it in the 1st phase SS, but still nothing really good here, my players intended to break legs instead of hitting opponent's net. The only good thing from this match is that Dippi is not injured.

    Table after this match:
    No. Team Point(s)
    1 Pesik 3
    2 Persekabpas 1
    3 Persikab 1
    4 Persewar 0

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-pesik-v-persikab_-overview-overview.png
    Iwanto (71')

    Ouch, another slip. Both team shots a lot, but only 3 went in. And again, Boy Jati Asmara scored another goal to increase his tally to 22 goals this season. Must win game is coming, against bottom of the table, Persewar.

    Table after this match:
    No. Team Point(s)
    1 Pesik 6
    2 Persekabpas 4
    3 Persikab 1
    4 Persewar 0

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-persikab-v-persewar_-overview-overview.png
    Dippi Y. (38') R. Noffarianto (78')

    We need at least a draw, and we're through, but I insisted on my ultra-attacking tactic, we tried to blast their defense open, but still, my attackers is just weaker when Zaenal and Ade not around.. I mean, come on, 26 shots, 14 on targets, Iwanto and Noffarianto is just not working man..

    Table after this match:
    No. Team Point(s)
    1 Pesik 9
    2 Persekabpas 4
    3 Persikab 4
    4 Persewar 0

    May PotM


    My players is just went terrible when playing on higher difficulty, worried about next year..


    Next one, end of season update.

  13. End of Season Update

    So.. apparently I'm running out of idea for this intro part, carry on..

    End of Season

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-indonesian-first-division_-matches-fixtures-results.png

    Pesik lost in the final, and Persemalra bring the First Division title home. Too bad we can't go to the final.

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-mohammad-zaki-raditya_-news-inbox.png

    Both Iqbal and Irvan deserved it, Irvan had a good season and collecting 7.20 average rating, and 7 goals. Iqbal saved our arse too many times, but I hate to inform that he will not help us anymore next season, he keeps rejecting my contract offer. But good news is, I'm tracking a new goalie, so hopefully no more backline problem next season. Quite happy with this ToTS, although I wished for Ade's name there..

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-indonesian-first-division_-awards-award-winners.png

    65 goals for the whole season. Just to assure you a bit, people, 3-4-3 is a beast... except for the defending part, lol.

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-persikab_-history-best-eleven.png

    Here's the makeshift team I built, that somehow works.. Sadly, 3 players will left this year, Yudas Ugu, Iqbal, and Andhita won't renew their contract, good luck for them in coming years (except for Ugu of course, he's 37, just retire already dude..). Ma'mun Sopandi will also left, he's sh*t, there's no reason I should hold for another season. And my striking trio, they'll destroy some more teams, I assure you.

    2013/2014 Persikab's Player of the Year

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-ade-solihin_-overview-profile.png

    1 GBP to IDR = almost 20k IDR, it means he almost get paid 5 millions IDR a week, a single bloody week. A bit overpaid there, but he's worth it, quite pacey. Too bad he can't perform well in the very last weeks since every defender just want to destroy his career..


    So, there you go. Will update the preseason and the first month tomorrow (I wish..)

  14. Le Preseason

    Spoiler Alert, nothing big here. Except the good results I get, that actually worth nothing since it is just friendlies..


    A Little Journey in Indonesia-persikab-kab.-bandung_-fixtures-schedule.png

    TOO. MANY. GOALS. 6-2 win, 8-0 win, 5-3 win.. twice..

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-persikab_-transfers-transfer-history.png

    No big names, mostly just youthies, so far, I have Abdullah, a really young GK (might be in 2013/14 transfers, lots of players counted as 13/14 signings, and I forgot to take the ss), Bayu Andika will be rotated regularly. And again, media keeps questioning me about lack of wingbacks, seriously? Who need wingbacks?

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-mohammad-zaki-raditya_-news-inbox.png A Little Journey in Indonesia-mohammad-zaki-raditya_-news-inbox-2.png A Little Journey in Indonesia-mohammad-zaki-raditya_-news-inbox-3.png A Little Journey in Indonesia-mohammad-zaki-raditya_-news-inbox-4.png A Little Journey in Indonesia-mohammad-zaki-raditya_-news-inbox-5.png A Little Journey in Indonesia-mohammad-zaki-raditya_-news-inbox-6.png A Little Journey in Indonesia-mohammad-zaki-raditya_-news-inbox-7.png


    A Little Journey in Indonesia-indonesian-premier-division_-overview-stages.png

    So far, we have to aware when playing against Persema, Persis Solo (they had a great fans, watch Indonesian football sometimes mate), Persiwa (recently relegated), and PSM. 4 great teams, quite famous too, careful careful..


    ​Next one, deadline transfers and October update.

  15. October Update

    Can't post yesterday, I hurt my back, seriously.. And it is hard to move around, I have to copy the screenshots to my flashdisk and upload it on my netbook, double trouble..


    Headnote, there's no one really worth seeing in this transfer window deadline, meh..

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-psbi-v-persikab_-overview-overview.png
    Riki P.S. (41') Johan M. (64') R. Noffarianto (85')

    F*CKING BULLSH*T. 30 F*CKING SHOTS 18 ON BLOODY TARGET, AND ONLY 3 WENT IN? We just can't work well without Ade and Zaenal..

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-persikab-v-pscs_-overview-overview.png
    Faisal R. (20') Ruud Gulid (44') Riki P.S. (48') Ade Solihin (75', 89')

    Ade plays, we party.. Too bad, a mistake from Bayu Andika almost cost us a match..

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-pro-duta-fc-v-persikab_-overview-overview.png
    Faisal R. (39')

    Well damn, Ruud Gulid can't play and my mids just can't make any chances.. forgot to bring Ade too..

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-persikab-v-psm_-overview-overview.png
    Riki P.S. (15') Ruud Gulid (63') Aldhika Akbari (82')

    Big match.. Okay, I admit, Ade can't perform well everytime, but I'm pretty sure he'll play better, he just a little bit nervous when playing in big game..

    October PotM

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-indonesian-premier-division_-awards-award-winners.png
    Me. HUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHEHEH. Seriously, no one plays consistently this month, annoyed by that, next month have to be a better one.

  16. November Update

    November, gotta admit it, the struggle is real. My back still hurts, my team went on roughly in the league, and I don't know how to fix my spacebar..

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-persibo-v-persikab_-overview-overview.png

    Definetly should've outscored them, definetly.. I'll kick Noffarianto out if he can't perform any better.

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-persikab-v-persiba-bantul_-overview-overview.png
    Johan M. (17') Ade Solihin (44', 52') R. Hermawan (74') R. Noffarianto (84')

    Ade scores two, see? He will play better after that crappy performance in October, I've told you so.. But our backline keeps getting weaker and weaker, might gonna try Abdullah later.. One more thing, Riki P.S. injured for 6-7 weeks because of sports hernia, might going to bring back the old strikeforce trio, who knows?

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-psis-v-persikab_-overview-overview.png
    Agus Wahedi (22', 83') Faisal R. (28') R. Noffarianto (44') R. Zaenal (45+1', 53', 71')

    Well, I didn't really expect us to score 7 goals, especially when it is against PSIS, they are pretty well known, I'm quite surprised there. Ade-Zaenal-Faisal combination might be put on hold for now.

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-persikab-v-psim_-overview-overview.png
    Johan M. (3') Edy Irwanto (7') Ade S. (80')

    That Seto Nurdiantoro guy supposed to be retire already, he's 40 and somehow still playing.. Oh well, we're robbed there, again, 26 shots and 13 on target wasted..

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-bontang-fc-v-persikab_-overview-overview.png
    Ade S. (36', 62') Faisal R. (80', 81')

    Finally, a game where both the attacks and defense play well, too bad Noffarianto can't score, again.. Watch out buddy, there's Zaenal, Riki, Dippi, and Moniaga waiting for you to make another mistake.

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-persikab-v-psir_-overview-overview.png
    Nova A. (35') Faisal R. (40', 59', 67') R. Zaenal (42')

    Well, I blame my defender's ability to trackback, they're waaaaaaayy too slow. There's not a single defender in this league that have more than 11 for acceleration.

    November PotM

    Ade Solihin scores 5.
    Renaldi Zaenal scores 4.
    Faisal R. scores 6 and a TotW.

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-mohammad-zaki-raditya_-news-inbox-2-.png

    So, Faisal R. is the PotM, yay.

  17. December Update

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-indonesia-flag-xxx.jpg

    August 17th, Indonesia's Independence day. Sadly, it is Sunday, so, no holiday in midweek


    Had to cut some loose ends, I forget to put several things that was supposed to be in pre-season. Here you go..

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-persikab_-transfers-transfer-history.png A Little Journey in Indonesia-persikab_-information-general.png

    Had to let Irvan Hardiansyah go, had too many MC in the team, but pretty short on MR, so I brought Rizky Pellu in (with two "L"s football manager, two "L"s, not one), he's one of Indonesia's best talent, 22 and wanted by super league team, but somehow went to Persikab. Next one, we are predicted to finish 16th, which is the last position, well, screw you, we're currently 3rd.

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-persikab-v-mojokerto-putra_-overview-overview.png
    R. Noffarianto (46', 66')

    My strikers just f-ing impotent, Ade lost his magical touch, 24 shots and only 2 went in, still, could be worse..

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-persis-solo-v-persikab_-overview-overview.png
    R. Noffarianto (30', 45+1', 57')

    Well, good thing is Noffarianto plays really good now, the bad thing is, I really miss our backline when Iqbal Septiandi still around, my back 3 is also played poor, Khokok and Ruud Gulid always show up with under 90% fitness.

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-persikab-v-persema_-overview-overview.png
    Ade S. (1') Riki P.S. (65') Faisal R. (75')
    Ruud Gulid sent off (50')

    Seems like Ade's speciality is under-one-minute goal, lol. Sadly, Ruud Gulid sent off (again, seriously if it isn't him who get sent off, it is Iqbal), thankfully, my 3-3-3 also works this time, lol.

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-persiwa-v-persikab_-overview-overview.png
    Ade S. (7') Agus Wahedi (81')

    Pieter Rumaropen isn't supposed to be playing, he IS suspended for punching a ref. Oh well, our attacking trio didn't work this time, shame..

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-mohammad-zaki-raditya_-news-inbox.png A Little Journey in Indonesia-mohammad-zaki-raditya_-news-inbox-3.png

    HELL NO.

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-mohammad-zaki-raditya_-news-inbox-4.png

    Technically speaking, he is way better than Yudas, but statistically, he's awful. Khokok-Yudas-? need someone in that "?" position, so I brought an amateur player, he will show up in february.

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-mohammad-zaki-raditya_-news-inbox-2-.png

    Same league, no problem here..

    December PotM

    Rizal Noffarianto
    , he simply deserves it, replacing Ade in no time, somehow plays better than last month. And one more thing, I can't find his picture, again..

  18. January Update

    Bah Gawd. My back, neck, legs, everything hurts again (actually, it ALWAYS hurts), it went way worse when I tried some jogging this morning


    A Little Journey in Indonesia-persikab-v-persiku_-overview-overview.png
    R. Noffarianto (45+1') Faisal R. (64', 85')

    Their GK sent off, then it went awful for them. And Solihin losts his magic, I'm unsure about what happens, might be because of his injury last year? Who knows..

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-psir-v-persikab_-overview-overview.png A Little Journey in Indonesia-persikab-v-psir_-overview-overview.png
    Indonesian Cup
    Leg 1: Aldhika Akbari (24', 49') Faisal R. (79', 90+3') R. Hermawan (89')
    Leg 2: R. Noffarianto (37', 50')

    First leg is pretty nervy game, Akbari's second goal and Hermawan's goal are both Lampard vs. Germany kind of goal, except this time both are counted in. Second leg is pretty awful, Dippi took way too many shots, off target. Noffarianto came to rescue though, no problem here. So, who's our next opponent in the cup?

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-mohammad-zaki-raditya_-news-inbox-3.png

    Perseru Serui. A Super League side, well, although their run in the league is pretty awful, lol. Hopefully we can get something from this match.

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-persikab-v-psbi_-overview-overview.png
    R. Zaenal (2') A. Wahedi (14') Edy Irwanto (67') Ade Solihin (76')

    The first 15 minutes was great, but then, it went nervy again. That 85th minute penalty is unacceptable.

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-mohammad-zaki-raditya_-news-inbox.png A Little Journey in Indonesia-mohammad-zaki-raditya_-news-inbox-2.png

    Their squads is basically terrible. Screw it.

    January PotM

    A Little Journey in Indonesia-indonesian-premier-division_-awards-award-winners.png

    For the lack of a standout player, I gave myself another PotM, the league itself only plays 2 matches each teams, no time to show their abilities.



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