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Prestatyn // From Seaside Resort to European Glory

  1. Prestatyn // From Seaside Resort to European Glory

    Hello guys and welcome to my new story. After a few cracks at some stories I've finally found a place to settle down. After looking through everyone's stories of late I've noticed no one has given Wales a go. So here I am. Prestatyn is a small seaside town on the north coast of Wales. It has a population of 18000 (rounded down) and very few attractions other than the beach. Due to the decline in the traditional British seaside holiday, Prestatyn is learning to grow in other ways, such as shopping centres and cinemas. How about the football club?

    From Seaside Resort to European Glory

    Name:  title.png
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    A small town team, and it's reflected in the opening image. £95k value and no players are valued above £500 (yes, a mere £500). They've got basic facilities all round, including the stadium. However, due to the small stadium and the set-up of European football, we will play our Euro Cup qualifiers at Belle Vue in Rhyl with a capacity of 3000. Pretty sure that's because of some sort of rule about attendances to games.

    The target here is rather simple and I have several things I want to accomplish within this save:

    - Develop a massive youth network with feeder clubs abroad and extensive scouting networks

    - Become the best club in Wales.

    - Lead the Welsh Premier to one of the Top 10 leagues in Europe

    - Turn into a Professional club

    - Qualify for the group stage of the Euro Cup

    - Qualify for the group stage of the Champions Cup

    - Produce the next Gareth Bale

    - Become the Manager of the Wales National team

    - Win the Euro Cup, Champions Cup and all Welsh Competitions

    - Qualify for the World Cup with Wales.


    Just some quick details about the save in case anyone wants to know. I'm running on the Sports Interactive January transfer update database; I've started as a manager with Sunday league footballing past experience; I'm running a large database with 52,000 players; I have no previous knowledge of Welsh football whatsoever; Here are the leagues active:

    Name:  leagues.png
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    Players; transfers; budget will be in the next update, seperately from the pre-season update.

    Hope you all enjoy and follow!

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  2. It's a HUGE challenge mate! Good luck! I once took TATA Stell also from Wales, the best i could was CL play-off. If you have a good europa league run you can quickly turn pro!
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  3. Will be following this and looking forward to it, I took TNS to CL Glory after 25 seasons, Prestatyn should challenge you on a domestic level also so should be good
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  4. Just so you know, the national team challenge shouldn't be too hard once you take over. In my save, with absolutely no tinkering from me as I am currently managing Monaco, the Wales national team just won the 2018 World Cup
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  5. Mate, check out JustAnotherGuy on Youtube, he won the CL with Aberyswyth (Not sure how to spell it), might give you a few tips on how to win it!
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  6. Prestatyn Town F.C.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Prestatyn-Town-F.C.-Logo.png
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ID:	656494

    EURO Cup 1st Round Qualifiers

    1st Leg

    Click image for larger version

Name:	1st.png
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ID:	656496

    Game pretty much went as expected. 4-0 loss away against a very strong side compared to us... This was very early on in the pre-season and we had one friendly prior to it so we were on pretty dreadful fitness levels.

    2nd Leg

    Click image for larger version

Name:	2nd.png
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ID:	656498

    Again, this was nothing I didn't expect. 7-0 loss on aggregate is poor but again the draw was harsh on us. I was hoping maybe for a San Marino team so that we could progress atleast to the 2nd round to get some money in the bank. Attendance was good though for the game, so that's a plus.

  7. Prestatyn Town F.C.

    Prestatyn // From Seaside Resort to European Glory-prestatyn-town-f.c.-logo.png

    Pre-season 2013/14

    Okay, so. The standard of football is way lower than what i expected. The team's quality is about the same strength as a mid-table Skrill North or South team, which if you don't already know, is absolutely pants. There's no star on the team, and there's a ton of very poor players that I'm sure that can't really be that bad in real life. We're talking multiple attributes below 3 and it is dreadful to look at.

    Name:  fixtures.png
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Size:  56.5 KB

    So, as you can see, my team is worse than a barn of donkey's contracted with AIDS. Absolutely woeful pre-season, but I can't do anything about it as I have no funds or wage budget to do anything, neither will they accept my requests for junior coaching and youth recruitment to be improved. That made me angry.

    Here's the ins and outs anyway. Not going to go into further detail on any of them as their not worth the time. No-one will be at the club in the next 2 or 3 years anyway.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	ins and outs.png
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ID:	657550

    So far this in this story you've witnessed me moaning my arse off, and I must ask for forgiveness. Give me time and I will try my best to improve this squad. P.S I'll need a lot of time...

    Stay tuned for the first month of the season - August.

  8. Prestatyn Town F.C.

    Prestatyn // From Seaside Resort to European Glory-prestatyn-town-f.c.-logo.png

    August 2013

    So after my completely awful pre-season how was my opening to the season?

    Name:  fixtures.png
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    Really good! It may not seem like much at all, however, Bala, TNS and Bangor City are arguably the top 3 teams in Wales so I'm actually really pleased. No injuries at this point either which is good because anyone outside my starting XI is truly woeful. Anyway, a fairly good start to what was a campaign I was actually dreading.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	league table.png
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Size:	50.4 KB
ID:	657584

    Mid-table and loving it. If we can finish here come end of the opening period I'll be happy.

    Just a little information for you guys that don't know your Welsh football (to be honest I had no idea it worked like this) but in Wales there's actually two periods to the league. Sort of like many South American leagues. Basically there are twelve teams. After 22 games have been played (playing every other team twice) The top 6 teams and bottom 6 teams go off into 'conferences' in which you play 10 more games (I presume you play the other teams in your conference twice again.). The bottom two in the bottom six conference get relegated and the team who finish top of the top 6, fairly obviously, win the league.

    Now after my moaning of the board in the last update they did finally give in to my demands.
    Youth facilities and junior coaching being improved as I set my self up to make Prestatyn a prestigious academy for Welsh youth.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	junior coaching.png
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Size:	57.5 KB
ID:	657586

    Click image for larger version

Name:	youth facilities.png
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ID:	657588

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  9. sorry for the lack of updates, hoping to pump out a few months in the next few days!

  10. Nice stroy, deffo will be following!
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  11. Prestatyn Town F.C.

    Prestatyn // From Seaside Resort to European Glory-prestatyn-town-f.c.-logo.png

    September 2013

    So how did we follow up our fairly decent opening month?

    Click image for larger version

Name:	fixtures.png
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ID:	658326

    With another decent month. We started with our first, but expected, loss at Aberystwyth and then went on to draw two games which both could have gone either way. The shock of the month came at home to Airbus who were in 2nd place at the time and we snuck a win towards the end. Team is getting better as a unit as they become more familiar with my extensive tactics.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	league.png
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Size:	52.9 KB
ID:	658328

    Only real shock here is that TNS aren't running away with it yet. Their squad is by far and large the strongest in the whole of Wales. I fully expect them to pick themselves up though and win the league easily.
    I'm very pleased with my current league position. Hopefully a few of those draws will turn into wins later on in the season.

    For all those interested, here are my tactics that I currently employ.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	tactics.png
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Size:	382.2 KB
ID:	658330

    Ignore the team selection! The team instructions are:

    - Much lower tempo
    - Be more disciplined
    - Drop deeper
    -Use tighter marking
    - Stay on feet
    - Retain possession
    - Shorter passing
    - Float crosses
    - Shoot on sight
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  12. I'll be following this, I play 6 a side down at TNS's ground every week so this story is close to home

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