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Climbing the Faroese ladder

  1. Climbing the Faroese ladder

    So, I decided to challenge myself a bit, and I took up the challenge of Undrio, a club in the 3rd division of my beloved Faroe Islands.

    Climbing the Faroese ladder-2.deild_-overview-stages.png

    The first season found as winners of the league. This was the first trophy the club has ever won!

    Climbing the Faroese ladder-undri%CF%80-ff_-squad-players.png

    This is our glorious squad of champions. Well, they are not world-beaters, but below are the two most valuable:

    Climbing the Faroese ladder-erling-fles_-overview-attributes.png

    Man, he was deadly in front of goal. Most of his scores were assisted by this guy,

    Climbing the Faroese ladder-ey%CF%80un-h%CF%88jgaard_-overview-attributes.png

    who was the best passer in the league.

    We also have two fine regens, a DL and a Target Man that will have big roles next season:

    Climbing the Faroese ladder-bartal-mortensen_-overview-attributes.png

    Climbing the Faroese ladder-j%CF%83gvan-justinussen_-overview-attributes.png

    So how do you think we're going to do next season? Can we get another promotion to the Effodeildin, the premier league?
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  2. well done on the first season mate, I myself could never manage players with such poor ability.

  3. I'm managing in the Faroese Islands too!

  4. Post comin up in the afternoon, so fasten your seatbelts

  5. Second season, 1.deild.

    We did a ton of transfers this summer, as a lot of players had to leave, because they plainly sucked :p

    Climbing the Faroese ladder-undri%CF%80_-transfers-transfer-history.png

    The First half of the season has been kind to us, but we still have seventeen games, so we can't afford any sign of relaxation

    Climbing the Faroese ladder-1.deild_-overview-stages.png

    In cup. we were knocked early on, and thus we didn't have any significant income

    Climbing the Faroese ladder-undri%CF%80-ff_-fixtures-schedule.png

    Just to clarify, the resrve teams can't be promoted, so it's not difficult to get the valuable promotion.

    What do you think? Can we make it to the top? Stay tuned for more!
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  6. Second season, 1.deild pt.2

    As the great Freddy Mercury would say, ''Weeee aree the chaaaaampiooooons my frieeeeend!''

    Climbing the Faroese ladder-1.deild_-overview-stages.png

    Our key man was once again the mighty Erling Fles. Behold!

    Climbing the Faroese ladder-erling-fles_-overview-attributes.png

    and again he was assisted by one man mostly, the great youth, who has an epic moustache!

    Climbing the Faroese ladder-j%CF%83hannus-gregersen_-overview-attributes.png

    But I don't think Erling will keep up in the Effodeildin, so I got two strikers that will replace him:

    Climbing the Faroese ladder-j%CF%83hannus-mikkelsen_-overview-attributes.png

    Climbing the Faroese ladder-p%CE%B1ll-rubeksen_-overview-attributes.png

    I also got my two starting backs, a DR and a DL:

    Climbing the Faroese ladder-bjarki-joensen_-overview-attributes.png

    Climbing the Faroese ladder-johan-thomsen_-overview-attributes.png

    The only negative is that my finances are getting depleted, so i will have to act very carefully till I get a European ticket!

    So guyz, the story will pause for 3 weeks because I am off to vacation in Greece :p Any feedback is very appreciated!

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