So this is just going to be a long term save where if you havn't guessed by the title is to get Blackburn Rovers back to the Premiership to the days where they had the famous S&S (Shearer & Sutton). Im going to look to develop youth as i feel Blackburn have to coaches to do that... including one of my fav staff on the game phil Cannon as my HOYD he will have a big say in everything youthwise. Below im just going to put on a few screenshots of the club and what will impact the save.

Blackburn Rovers - The Rovers Return-blackburn_-overview-profile.png

So there we have a club overview. As you can see they dont have the best funds... but like i said i want to look at youth. I dont want to be going out spending money all year. I will add where i think needs adding then so on. As you can see they have a great stadium with a 30,000 capacity.

Blackburn Rovers - The Rovers Return-blackburn_-history-overview.png

Here we have the history of the club... downhill is more the word. The years was the prem where they was hitting around the top 6 - mid table. Relegation then go on the clubs history seeing the club go down to the championship where as from they have been hitting mid table positions. Time for me to Change that!

Blackburn Rovers - The Rovers Return-blackburn-rovers_-tactics-overview.png

Now we have got the club players and Tactics im going to use. Im going try and create a LVG 5-3-2 formation. The club has some decent players with the experience of keeper Paul Robinson, Youth products Grant Hanley, Jason Lowe, Conner Mahoney & My main player Jordan Rhodes. I looked for wing backs as i feel they have to team on them as i want to cause i threat from them. With the money being short ive just brough in 1 wing back in Shane Ferguson from Newcastle on loan. Im looking for players with a good motor on them for wing backs and players who have good determination. Even though Jason Lowe is a normal midfielder im going to play him RWB as he has the above and feel he can do the job in there. I have him training there so hopefully will get used to it. Brought in Boyata from City on loan as i feel i just needed that player in there. Good signing if you ask me and still only young. Middle of the park i have Tom Cairney who im going to play as a deep lying playmaker and Corry Evans and a normal CM. Im expercting big things from Evans and Cairney both still young. This is where i had a thought about... the position behind the front 2. I placed Rochina on the transfer list as he was in the reserves and feel like i good get some money for him. But came to think he could be a key player. I have him there at the minute but if i get a good offer i can cash in and get a good AM. But if no offer comes in he will be my AM. Upfront is where i think will decide the outcomes this season. JORDAN RHODES... im hoping this guy can hit the 20+ goal mark and i know he can providing he gets the service. Im putting Gestede upfront with him as a TM and hopefully them 2 can work together as a S&S.

Blackburn Rovers - The Rovers Return-connor-mahoney_-overview-profile.png

Connor Mahoney. Probs one of the best youth players i have. i think can can learn alot of Jordan Rhodes and ill play him in most cup matches and try and get him some game time.

So there is just a quick glimps of what i have to work with and my aim. My post is not going to be detailed as much as other post i have seen its just a thread where i can update my save and for people to have a read of. Il update pictures of every months games.

Hope you enjoy looking.