Stobdog - The English Rags to Riches story

  1. Stobdog - The English Rags to Riches story

    As a lot of you probably saw, i was unable to complete my Lincoln story as my laptop was stolen.


    Now i have another laptop, i can reattempt my story again.
    But this time i decided to start with Plymouth Argyle, a club who unfortunately got into a lot of financial trouble and are now languishing in League 2 after a few seasons in the championship.

    I'll probably be a bit more thorough with my updates with reports on Pre-season, transfers and such being quite regular.

    I disabled the first transfer window to try make it a bit more player based up until January and hopefully i can get back to where i was quicker!

    Enjoy and remember to comment anything you want and silent readers don't be so silent, any feedback is good feedback!

  2. Stobdog - The English Rags to Riches story-plymouth-poster.jpg

    I did my first update as an a4 poster

    hopefully i'll be doing a few different things to keep it interesting.

    Next up, i'll be reviewing pre season and with money spinning matches against HUGE premier league teams i can pull off a few upsets

    Until then stay safe, bros

  3. Good luck, I will follow. Unlucky about your laptop.

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  4. Plymouth Argyle Team Report and Key Players

    Another Update, another A4 jpeg for you all to skim over.

    I singled out two future stars in my report, Tyler Harvey and Curtis Nelson. Both players have huge potential and are already an integral part of my first team. I'm hoping Nelson develops in line with his projection as I see him as a future captain of the club in the coming years. Harvey on the other hand, i'm hoping manages to fit into the deep lying forward role i'm currently playing him as he seems to have the potential to play at a much higher level.

    Squad strength wise, my midfield is more than adequately prepared for the upcoming season. However my forward depth is limited to the two players i am currently playing, so i'm looking to bring in some experience to tutor Harvey and provide me with other options when needed. I have two fantastic goalkeepers in McCormick and Coles however i may look to bring in a 3rd choice youngster as a future number 1. Defence wise i have a strong depth and ability to play with so shoring up the defence is already somewhat taken care of.

    Stobdog - The English Rags to Riches story-plymouth-team-report.jpg

    I currently have a few players in on trial who I am looking at bringing in and will cover my exploits into the transfer market and my entire pre-season in my next update, so stayed tuned for more nonsense, Comic Sans and more A4 photoshop wizardry. So keep following and silent readers (or anyone for that matter) feel free to drop me words of encouragement, admiration or simply tell me i'm playing shit and if you were chairman you'd sack me.

    Take care guys

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