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'96 Return to the top

  1. '96 Return to the top

    I'm new to this site, but not new to the Football Manager world, my biggest achievements being promotion to the premier league with Alfreton town on last years game and getting Morocco to 5th in the world on the 2012 edition. i love telling stories about these achievements but never had the time to do a thread about them, so I thought id start a new career with an English team and after studying all of the teams in the lower divisions, I went with Blackburn Rovers, who admittedly at first, I thought would be an easy task due to the size of the club, however when assessing their financial problems, hasn't proved to be as easy as I thought!

    Blackburn have superb training facilities and superb youth facilities, this swayed my decision over to them as they do offer good talent for the future and have a strong current team. My 3 most important things in any career mode i look at when managing a side are:

    1- Tactics -

    Tactics are my bread and butter of starting a career mode, nothing annoys me more than people who play the game, sign big name players and wonder-kids, without taking the time to actually enjoy the game and use the smaller details to achieve greatness. Here is a shot of the tactic I use for the majority of saves, any feedback on it would be very helpful and ill take it in with open arms .

    '96 Return to the top-home-tactic.png

    As you can see, I use an anchor man just in front of the defence, with 2 central midfielder and 2 widemen, with just the one up front. the style of play I use is effective with this formation and I usually have success if I put the effort in. This formation suits Blackburn quite well i feel with 2 strong widemen in Taylor and Marshall with Rhodes as a poacher up front.

    My theory on this tactic is by using the instructions: retain possession, hassle opponents, run at defence and drill crosses, that it creates a style of play that the players adapt to and when trained correctly, is very effective. Hassling the opponents wins the ball back when lost (Barcelonaesque) however the idea is rather than keeping possession (A tactic ive tried and cant make work) when the ball is won back, to counter the team and hit them with pace and power. The retain possession instruction is used when in possession of the ball as it basically makes your players pass to one another, creating the opportunities, I tend to use the 'drill crosses' instruction as Rhodes is very good at volleying the ball and heading the ball at pace rather than a floating cross. the 'run at defence' instruction is one I only use when i have effective wingers and an effective play-maker, this gets your players past the last man or the man marking them, giving them the space to pass the ball and create opportunities.

    These are quite basic tactics but very effective.
    I also use player instructions for all players, i work this out by watching the first game live, rather than just watching the commentary as fast as it goes like i do when im happy with my tactic. the main one i use is to tell my winger to cross more often, and for my inside forward to shoot more often. my other is to tell my advanced play-maker to dribble more often and to roam more often, yet telling my box to box midfielder to tackle hard, mark tighter and to hold his position, these are very effective.

    '96 Return to the top-231670_2014-08-26_00009.png

    Above is my attacking corner set piece, i get quite a few goals from this tactic, as i have Tom Cairney taking them who is good at set pieces, and the likes of Hanley, lowe and kilgallon attacking them. my free kicks are similar with Cairney aiming for the best header of the ball. again, any feedback on these would be much appreciated.

    2- Training - my second most important factor of having a successful season is your training. I wont drag on about this as its quite simple. I put the main focus on fitness for the first 2 or 3 friendlies with the match preparation on tactics, i then switch the main focus to tactics until the start of the season. I usually ask my assistant to do individual focus training apart from a few of my main players which i choose myself.

    3- Assessing your team - this is again, an easy and simple thing, but also essential for success, especially for a team like Blackburn with the financial troubles they have. an example of players for me to get rid of are the youth team players that have a potential of half a star- 2 stars, i have no need for these players and they are using up a small but valuable percentage of my wage budget, another is players like Dickson Etuhu, who is taking home 35k a week in wages when hes sat in my reserves! Pick your first 11 and then make sure you have a good depth in the squad as injury's and suspensions are inevitable.

    My others piece of advice with assessing your team is analyse the scouting reports of your youth academy, here is an example of a young talent called Connor Mahoney who i took out of my u18 squad and instantly put into my first team so he could get nurturing off of the first team players, tutored by my best wingers and so he can get first team training in my superb training facilities rather than stuck in my u18 team rotting. my plan is to keep him at the club for a few years and train him well and give him cup appearances/sub appearances before sending him on loan for a season or so.

    '96 Return to the top-231670_2014-08-26_00010.png
    Any replys will be much appreciated and i look forward to seeing how many people take an interest in my season, ill update everybody with my results and any changes i make. Speak soon!

  2. sorry for the delay if anyone has been interested, first season is finally complete and it was a successful one! Champions of the league, the picture of the final league table is attached below, Rhodes, Cairney and Hanley were my stand-out performers with Ben Marshall winning the Championship player of the season and myself winning manager of the season. A much needed success as my wage bill has now gone from 120'000 overspent a week down to 23'000 a week. The financial stability of My club has now become much more efficient and emails about going into administration have disappeared, I also passed the financial fair play which I was predicted to fail.

    Another massive part of my season was my cup run, as i reached the Cup final, only to lose to Tottenham in the final, this was gutting as id already beaten Liverpool over 2 legs, and stoke away in the quarter and semi-finals. Again this run was massive on helping the financial stability of my club.

    I'm starting my second season in the premier league and have been approached so far by Swansea and Middlesbrough, which I rejected, much to the delight of the board and fans of Blackburn Rovers.

    A down-side to the season forthcoming is the lack of funds available to sign new players, also with a massive amount of players contracts running out, its a problem as it will be incredibly tough to avoid relegation with the team I currently have, let alone with even less depth.

    My first action in preparing for the season is securing most of the starting XI, so Tom Cairney, Grant Hanley, Jordan Rhodes, Connor Mahoney and Jason Lowe have all been tied down to the club for another 2 years on top of their current contract. I've also managed to scout through the list of free agents and managed to capture Tom Ince as my only signing.

    '96 Return to the top-table-championship.png '96 Return to the top-231670_2014-09-21_00002.png'96 Return to the top-231670_2014-09-21_00003.png'96 Return to the top-231670_2014-09-21_00004.png
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  3. Keep Jordan Rhodes at all costs, Hes too good!

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