Be the blog game

  1. Be the blog game

    Hello. This is an opportunity to write a column where you can choose up to 10 teams to write weekly blogs about. I will release big news such as transfers,results and manager sackings and you can be the pundit. Please make up your website. You can choose from BPL,FLC,FL1,FL2,TSP,TSS,TSN teams.

    fake website
    have badge on all blogs
    if you want to post email me at [email protected]
    add a bit of banter
    make up rumours and all the rest
    make it interesting
    at least 100 words per column
    you can swap teams once the game has began but do not try to make the other person do their least favourite teams
    please submit your requests in this form
    team 1-10:
    website name 1-10:
    least favoured teams:
    supported club:

    Taken teams
    Gillingham Fc by Dobbi
    Ebbsfleet by Dobbi
    Dartford Fc by Dobbi
    Birmingham Fc JxBCFC
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  2. As no-one is joining I will
    Name: James Dobson
    teams 1-10: Gillingham,Ebbsfleet,Dartford
    website name 1-10:,,
    least favourite teams: Swindon, Man U, Man C, Tottenham, Barnet, Barnsley
    supported club: Gillingham
    email: [email protected]

    if anyone wants the 3 clubs I took then email me.

  3. Might as well have a go.
    Name: Christophe Dugarry
    Teams 1-10: Birmingham City.
    Website name 1-10:
    Least favourite teams: Aston Villa, Aston Villa, Aston Villa, Aston Ville and Aston Villa
    Supported Club: Birmingham City
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  4. I will just start the story now you can still join

  5. Be the blog game-image.jpg
    BBC sport welcomes you to another great season of football action. We will have all of the games covered throughout the season and the transfers will to be covered. BBC sport would like to give everyone a warm welcome and we hope to see an exiting season ahead. We will see you all soon.

  6. SHOUTING-MEN.CO.UKName:  image.jpg
Views: 91
Size:  12.9 KB would like to welcome you to our website. A news website for Gillingham Fc winners of the 2012/13 Football league 2 season. First of all we would like to wish all of the team luck under gaffer Peter Taylor and we would like to say that we hope there is some huge transfers for the gills. We may not be known as a big team but the love for the gills in all of you our fellow fans is huge and we thank you all for supporting Gillingham.

    We would like to see players like Rene Howe enter the club however we believe this will not happen.

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