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Malta Challenge

  1. Malta Challenge

    Hello there!
    In this thread I will be taking the lowest ranked Maltese club to the Maltese Premier League and after that attempting to win the UEFA Champions League or UEFA Europa League. I will be managing Ta' Xbiex. Currently the team is in the Maltese Third Division (4th tier). I'll post seasonal updates because I don't have too much time to write. This is how I started:
    Team History:Malta Challenge-ta-xbiex.png
    Team Info:Malta Challenge-untitled.png
    Team Stadium:Malta Challenge-ta-xbiex-stadium.png
    3/4 of the squad:Malta Challenge-squad-1.png
    Some of the players in this picture will be in the next picture
    The rest of the squad: Malta Challenge-squad-2.png

  2. Season 1:
    Unexpectedly, we earned promotion to the Maltese Second Division by finishing in 2nd place. Unfortunately, it's really hard to attract players at our club due to our Amateur operating status, so staying in the Second Division is going to be really difficult. Our youth intake was average, with most players have a potential of leading Maltese Second Division players. Signed some youngsters, some who have impressed. Here is the season report.
    Standings: Malta Challenge-season-1-stadings.png
    Team Info: Malta Challenge-team-info-2.png
    Finanaces: Malta Challenge-finances.png
    Best Regens: Malta Challenge-cleaven-grech-regen.png Malta Challenge-jean-paul-zerafa-regen.png
    Mark Camilleri was our greatest player throughout the season. For a 16 year-old, he played fantastically.
    Mark Camilleri: Malta Challenge-mark-camilleri.png
    Looking forward for next season! Hope I do well!
    Somehow I manage to agree an affiliation with Birkirkara (after months and months of searching!), a Maltese Premier League side to loan players and to give us a fee of €8,696 annually.
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  3. Season 2:
    So close! Yet so far. Only 3 points behind the promotion spots, as we finished 4th. Very disappointed that our affiliation with Birkirkara was cancelled by Birkirkara. After promotion we switched to Semi-Pro status and rebuilt the squad. Another average youth intake, but two stood out. Next season I will be going for the Second Division title. Signed a young Brazilian for free, looks very good.
    Here is the season report:
    Standings: Malta Challenge-standings-2.png
    Team Info: Malta Challenge-team-info-3.png
    Finances: Malta Challenge-finances-2.png
    Best Regens: Malta Challenge-ryan-mercieca.png Malta Challenge-adrian-vella-regen.png
    Manuel Cordina was our best player, scoring 15 goals in 26 games.
    Manuel Cordina: Malta Challenge-manuel-cordina.png
    Flavio Anselmo young striker: Malta Challenge-flavio-anselmo.png Malta Challenge-flavio-anselmo-report.png
    I should sell some deadwood players and try, I repeat try to upgrade my youth facilities. Also I should sign some players who are good for the First Division as well so we would be more competitive in the First Division.

  4. Season 3:
    An extremely terrible season although I managed the same amount of points as last season. This season proved to be extremely competitive, and a few results here and there would have made a difference. I finished 6th in the league, with some unpleasant defeats and a notable run of six winless games right after a six game winning streak. We never really settled in the league and rarely were in the promotion positions like I expected. A notable positive is the development of some of my youth players. Better youth intake than the last two seasons. Here is the season report:
    Standings: Malta Challenge-standings-3.png
    Team Info: Malta Challenge-team-info-4.png
    Finances: Malta Challenge-finances-3.png
    Best Regens: Malta Challenge-andrew-frendo-regens.png Malta Challenge-clayton-borg.png
    No one particularly impressed me but for the second season in a row, Manuel Cordina is the best player for this season.
    Manuel Cordina: Malta Challenge-manuel-cordina-2.png
    Mario Grech... from a leading Third Division Right Back to a decent Premier League player!!! He's just 18 years old and already has 1 U21 cap!
    Mario Grech: Malta Challenge-mario-grech.png Malta Challenge-mario-grech-2.png
    I signed a former Malta international defender, played 21 times for Malta but he hasn't settled in yet. Well he's 36 so you can't expect a 36 year old to play very well. I think I have improved my weaknesses, mainly in the midfield and I'm hoping next season will be a better one. Cheers for now!
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  5. Season 4:
    The club has won its first ever trophy, the Second Division! The team was just too good to finish 2nd. An excellent season, couldn't have asked for better! Every one was very impressive and if we keep the same form next season, we might also win the First Division! Youth intake has been very good this year and signed some First Division players to prepare for the next season. Looking forward for next season! Here is our season report:
    Standings:Malta Challenge-standings-4.png
    Team Info: Malta Challenge-team-info-5.png
    Best regens: Malta Challenge-franklin-delia-regen.png Malta Challenge-anthony-camilleri-regen.png
    Although our highly rated Brazilian youngster Flavio Anselmo is the player of this season but Keith Cassar was also too impressive to exclude.
    Flavio Anselmo: Malta Challenge-flavio-anselmo-2.png
    Keith Cassar: Malta Challenge-keith-cassar.png
    Excited about the prospect of competing in the Maltese First Division for the first time with this club with makes this season an unmissable one.

  6. Season 5:
    Part 1 complete! The team is promoted to the Maltese Premier League after winning the First Division. (Two trophies in a row!) Another excellent youth intake but the current players have made enough progress to put them off. Signed 2 young Brazilians who have loads of potential. The youth players are developing really well and I promise the club a great future. Here is the season report:
    Standings: Malta Challenge-standings-5.png
    Team Info: Malta Challenge-team-info-6.png
    Finances: Malta Challenge-finances-4.png
    Best regens: Malta Challenge-alan-busuttil-regen.pngMalta Challenge-ryan-attard-regen.png
    For this year, another close competition between Flavio Anselmo and Keith Cassar. This year, Keith Cassar avenged on his runner-up last year to win the Player of the Season.
    Keith Cassar: Malta Challenge-keith-cassar-2.png
    Flavio Anselmo: Malta Challenge-flavio-anselmo-3.png
    As I said earlier I signed 2 Brazilians with loads of potential, here they are.
    Gilson: Malta Challenge-gilson.png
    Coquinho: Malta Challenge-coquinho.png
    Looking forward to the Premier League. Hope I do well! Although I really should do better in the FA Trophy, I'm optimistic about a shot at the top 6, which would save us from relegation before the second round.

  7. looks like it is going well! up to the top division in no time at all!

    Good luck mate! will be following!

    I always wanted to take a small team to the top but never have the patience!

  8. Thanks naterr, I didn't do very badly in the top division either.
    Season 6: In the teams' first ever Premier League season, I finished 7th (1st in the relegation pool), which is a great finish considering we were predicted to finish last by miles. Despite finishing 7th, we scored 72 goals, the most in the Premier League, although I'm concerned about our defence, conceding 66 goals and that is something I will improve for the next season. The FA Trophy really is getting on my nerves, losing against a Third Division team. The youth intake was again good as our U19s are promoted to Section B after promotion from Section C. Here is the season report:
    Standings: Malta Challenge-standings-6.png
    Basically the first 6 make up the Championship Pool, where they compete for the European spots. The remaining 6 make up the Relegation Pool, where they will fight to avoid relegation, although 2 won't avoid relegation.
    Team Info: Malta Challenge-team-info-7.png
    Finances: Malta Challenge-finances-5.png
    Best regens: Malta Challenge-pierre-scerri-regen.png Malta Challenge-malcolm-borg-regen.png Malta Challenge-jonathan-spiteri-regen.png
    Flavio Anselmo wins the player of the season although there was still stiff competition from Keith Cassar (Again!) and Shaun Bajada, who played about 48 times for Malta, scoring once.
    Flavio Anselmo: Malta Challenge-flavio-anselmo-4.png
    If I strengthened my defence properly, I should confortably finish in the top 6.
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  9. Season 7: This season is the best one yet. In just my second season, I have qualified for the UEFA Europa League by finishing in 3rd place. As my finances are getting worse, a decent amount of money would be earned just by competing. As for next season I'll attempt to break the Birkirkara & Valletta dominance by finishing at least second. Another disappointing FA Trophy campaign, I'm starting to think that we're cursed! Once again I lost to a team that was relegated from the Second Division! Coquinho left for Floriana as the contract given was better. Here's the season report:
    Standings: Malta Challenge-standings-7.png
    Team Info: Malta Challenge-team-info-8.png
    Finances: Malta Challenge-finances-6.png
    Best regens: Malta Challenge-gary-dimech.png Malta Challenge-james-galea-regen.png
    I signed up only four because my U19s squad is full.
    Again, Flavio Anselmo wins the Player of the Season for the second time in a row. After spending 5 years in Malta, Flavio Anselmo should get Maltese citizenship within a few days.
    Flavio Anselmo: Malta Challenge-flavio-anselmo-5.png
    My midfield is something I'd be looking to improve. Two would be coming by the 1st of July and I hope they would be decent. Enthusiastic about the Europa League!

  10. wow thats a great story...Keep it up mate

  11. Thanks mmtngc, I will but school is approaching that's why I'm doing a daily season now before school starts. Season 8: Very satisfactory season but what is wrong with the FA Trophy? As for the Europa League we were given the toughest game against Albanian side Skenderbeu. A very respectable 5-4 aggregate defeat but I think our early exit was tragic. We have had a takeover during the middle of the season which in my opinion, made the club finances worse than they already were. Still, this is the closest since Season 2 to break the duopoly of Valletta and Birkirkara. I won 69 points and finished 3rd. Europe again! Here is the season report:
    Standings: Malta Challenge-standings-8.png
    Team Info: Malta Challenge-team-info-9.png
    Finances: Malta Challenge-finances-7.png
    Best regens: Malta Challenge-gary-fenech-regen.png Malta Challenge-ryan-cutajar-regen.png
    A new winner! Shaun Bajada will be the Player of the Season for season 2020/21 with 9 goals and 8 assists in 18 appearances.
    Shaun Bajada: Malta Challenge-shaun-bajada.png
    Nothing should improve really except maybe my finances, which would be resolved if I get in a decent run in the Europa League and my facilities in general.
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  12. Season 9: Despite 3rd place for the 3rd season in a row, my job might be in danger after some disappointing results. My FA Trophy results have improved but I really should have at least been in the Final, losing in the Semi-Final to a Third Division team at extra-time. Another tough European match, being paired against Minsk losing 7-4 on aggregate which is pretty decent considering we had lost the last four matches before those games. Here is the season report:
    A new category introduced!
    European Coefficients: Malta Challenge-coefficients.png
    Standings: Malta Challenge-standings-9.png
    Team Info: Malta Challenge-team-info-10.png
    Finances: Malta Challenge-finances-8.png
    Best regens: None worth mentioning.
    Flavio Anselmo will be this years' Player of the Season.
    Flavio Anselmo: Malta Challenge-flavio-anselmo-6.png
    Same as last season but hoping to qualify to the Second Qualifying Round if I don't get a hard draw.

  13. Season 10: Best season yet! Ta' Xbiex won its first ever Premier League title and its first ever FA Trophy! In Europe I also did quite well going out to First Vienna of Austria 4-2 on aggregate in the Second Qualifying Round after beating Breidablik of Iceland 3-0 in the First Qualifying Round. I have broken many records including goals scored and most amount of points. My job now is much safer and financially the team is much safer than in other seasons. Here is the season report:
    Coefficients: Malta Challenge-coefficients-2.png
    Standings: Malta Challenge-standings-10.png
    Team Info: Malta Challenge-team-info-11.png
    Finances: Malta Challenge-finances-9.png
    Best regen: Malta Challenge-stephen-muscat-regen.png
    Shaun Bajada wins the player of the season in his final season before retiring. He will be missed and replacing would be very difficult at the moment. Clayton Borg was also very impressive.
    Shaun Bajada: Malta Challenge-shaun-bajada-2.png
    Clayton Borg: Malta Challenge-clayton-borg-2.png
    Still can't upgrade the youth facilities! Just a quick question, what is the cost of a stadium upgrade and youth facilities upgrade?
    My first season in the UEFA Champions League 2nd Qualifying Round! Let's go and play!

  14. quality stuff man, I don't have the patience for this kind of game.

  15. Thanks AldoKemp I usually don't either because I usually do 3/4 seasons and get bored. But since I'm from Malta, I'm very familiar with the players and adds a little more sense to the game. I haven't been posting regularly because school has started and I've been limited with my time at the moment. Every season right now is an eternity! But I've finally finished one. Season 11: My first season in the Champions League wasn't very disappointing losing in the Second Qualifying Round (had a bye from the first) against Jaro 2-1 on aggregate. I managed an unbeaten season and by winning the FA Trophy, it's my second consecutive double! Have broken some of my old records and new ones. Just like Manchester United ! Only the records are the opposite! hahaha
    Here is the season report:
    Coefficients: Malta Challenge-coefficients-3.png
    Standings: Malta Challenge-standings-11.png
    Team Info: Malta Challenge-team-info-12.png
    Finances: Malta Challenge-finances-10.png
    Best Regen: Malta Challenge-fabio-camilleri-1.png Malta Challenge-fabio-camilleri-2.png
    I think for a Maltese player that is 14, he's really good. He's going to be the next big thing for Malta.
    As for this year, everyone made a massive contribution and although I would name Flavio Anselmo as the player of the year, everyone deserves this award to be honest!
    Next season should be a crack at the Third Qualifying Round.

  16. Season 12: In the Champions League Ta' Xbiex played against Jaro (Again!) and lost 3-0 on aggregate. Another unbeaten season and another treble (League, FA Trophy, Super Cup). The chairman is getting out of his shell deciding to upgrade the youth facilities. This should be done within a few months in the game. The board also decided to build a new stadium, this will take 3 seasons! These projects will set me back financially but these are improvements that are needed in order to have better players coming out of my youth intake. Here is the season report:
    Coefficients: Malta Challenge-coefficients-4.png
    Standings: Malta Challenge-standings-11.png
    Team Info: Malta Challenge-team-info-13.png
    Finances: Malta Challenge-finances-11.png
    Best regen: Malta Challenge-albert-spiteri.png Malta Challenge-albert-spiteri-2.png
    This year, Jonathan Cilia is the player of the season. The best Maltese player I have ever seen!
    Jonathan Cilia: Malta Challenge-jonathan-cilia.png

  17. Season 13: Simply great! Winning the domestic treble again and somehow managed to reach the Last 16 of the UEFA Champions League! Ta' Xbiex beat FH of Iceland 3-2, Slovan Bratislava on away goals and PAOK 5-2 on aggregate after winning 4-0 at home! In the group stage I drew Real Madrid, Lyon and Galatasaray. I finished in 2nd place with 8 points behind Real Madrid who had 11. The best result definitely was beating Real Madrid 2-0 in the Bernabeu! Then I lost to Juventus 9-2 on aggregate (But why Juventus?). The money gained was A LOT! Here is the report of this fantastic season:
    Coefficients: Malta Challenge-coefficients-5.png
    Standings: Malta Challenge-standings-12.png
    Team Info: Malta Challenge-team-info-14.png
    Finances: Malta Challenge-finances-12.png
    Best regen: Malta Challenge-mauro-caruana.png Malta Challenge-mauro-caruana-2.png
    Flavio Anselmo wins the Player of the Season! But Renan Jefferson was just as impressive.
    Flavio Anselmo: Malta Challenge-flavio-anselmo-7.png
    Renan Jefferson: Malta Challenge-renan-jefferson-profile.png Malta Challenge-renan-jefferson.png
    Remember Gilson, the player I posted about a few seasons back? Well he has joined Botafogo, who were in the First Division of Brazil at the time he signed but they got relegated to the Second Division. Here he is.
    Gilson: Malta Challenge-gilson-botafogo.png
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  18. Enjoyed reading through this mate, doing very very well and reaching the last 16 of CL is a big achievement keep at it.

  19. Well done my friend. Could you maybe post pics in detail regarding tactics, team instructions and player instruction? I am playing with b'kara and i cannot sign any players, even youngest players from abroad. No player wants to join my club, even coaches doesnt want. Could you tell me how to do this? I really want to do the same as you.

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  20. Hey nitro810,
    As tactics I have used the Pep Guardiola tactic which you can probably download on FMScout. What I usually do with teams like Birkirkara is searching for free transfers. You should find some decent ones. Once I signed Quaresma on a free but I had too much wages at my disposal and not sure if Birkirkara can attract decent players in another save. As for coaches, I can't help because it's the same with me. Even with Ta' Xbiex, it took me about 7 seasons to get some half-decent coaches. And be sure to follow my FM15 thread which I'll start today!
    Thanks and hope I helped.

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