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5 boys 5 stories
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  1. Quote Originally Posted by chaidawg View Post
    May aswell use the one you made if you put in the effort. Looks decent.
    Cheers mate

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Jacob7777 View Post
    Wow, I'm a beast so far You could use the current one. Did i get a call-up from samoa?
    Yes you have aprox. 10 I think.

  3. Just a quick question how big does this stadium look?
    5 boys 5 stories-image.jpg

  4. There is probably an extra 1000 seats that you can't see

  5. I think 6000 seats probably. Any transfer news?

  6. No transfer news. I hoped it would be 20-30k so that is a shame

  7. Still look like 6k now
    5 boys 5 stories-image.jpg

  8. Probably 10k?

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