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Rehabilitation - It's now or never!

  1. Rehabilitation - It's now or never!

    Safe Haven

    Some call it "The Island of Sheep". I see it as some sort of safe haven for me. Away from the old hectic lifestyle and also the twisted British media.

    I'm not for one moment saying I was a saint as I did bring a lot of the hassle on myself although many of my demons have been left behind back in UK, somewhere I intend to keep them!

    The decision to relocate was a must for me, it was do or die, and I literally mean DIE! My family and friends have supported me in the move as they knew it was a must too. It really is the last chance saloon for me as if this doesn't work then I don't think anything will.

    Two weeks I've been off the drink now.....


    The Football over here is of a low standard to be honest. All top teams play Semi Pro, probably hence part of the reason why the National team doesn't perform too well. Everyone who knows me will know I live for Football (and alcohol). Football is in my DNA and if I felt fit enough I'd no doubt try to sign up with one of the teams here! That is not to say I couldn't get myself fit again after all I'm only 46...!

    I think I'll stick to what I'm doing by going around keeping myself to myself and watching the odd match when I can (not that I do much).

    I can't risk to be caught by the media over here...


    Once I stopped playing Football it was then my issues came to light. Deep inside I was insecure but it was much easier to control throughout my Footballing years. I didn't know what to do after I stopped playing. I kept myself fit ( although still on the drink) and even tried my hand in management but ironically the drink ended they hopes too. My reputation was massive and I'll always feel privileged to have had that but for me in recent years having that reputation is why I'm here now. Maybe it's also why I'm still alive too I suppose...

    I have had great support from fans across the world, even rival fans who gave me abuse on the park which is always nice to hear! At the end of the day no one can save me but myself.

    Over here my reputation isn't as known within the local community which is good but I have had some second glances when I go to the Football matches and witnessed some whispers to their friends. Maybe I'm being paranoid but you can't blame me as for now I need to keep my identity a secret!

    I need to get better before I can show my face freely again..

    even in the FAROE ISLANDS!!!

    Rehabilitation - It's now or never!-faroe_islands_flag.jpg

  2. The Aftermath

    Well what a day for EB/Streymur! I just witnessed only their second League Title victory since their formation back in 1993 ( I was living the high life in Italy then).

    The thing about Football here compared to the bigger leagues through out Europe is that Football is actually Football! It's not about money, it's about the passion of playing and doing well for the badge. Sadly what most Footballers in this day in age lack. Those Streymur players who will go down in history stayed on field with the flock of fans and celebrated until the end, after that they all went home side by side the fans which was nice to see. There was no barrier between players and fans, it was so laid back. It may not be the best of quality here but by god I just think I'm beginning to take to it!


    After the stadium was near empty I shuffled away from the minority of fans who continue to celebrate their Teams League win, my cap still slightly covering my eyebrows and eyes along with it them. I still walk away smiling as if I've just won the league, I don't even have any connections with the Club!

    As I trundle down towards the exit, fairly confident I've not been seen I lift my cap up, the floodlights beaming into my eyes I'm abruptly stopped in my path by a man of medium build and one hell of a smile on his face!

    Oh shit, does he recognise me?!

    "Don't worry I won't say I've seen you", he chuckles at me still grinning from ear to ear. I still stand there not sure what to say to this stranger! "Erm....Ok thank you", I reply. "The name is Heðin Askham, it's such an honor to meet someone of your stature". Again I'm still a bit wary around this guy, "Nice to meet you too Heðin, sorry but I need to leave now", I say trying to wriggle my way out of this awkward situation. "Oh, sorry for holding you up", he says sympathetically. "It's ok, goodbye Heðin", I say as I walk off, my palms sweating and heart pounding at the realization that I've been noticed!

    He shouts one more thing as I leave...

    "HB Torshavn, the most successful team in the Fareo's....I want you to guide us back to success".

    I stop dead in my tracks, turn around and
    Heðin is standing there will that grin on his face again...

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Rehabilitation - It's now or never!-csm_3287_524306f3a60_19ca1f3b4f.jpg  
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  3. The Dilemma

    As I relax and start to grasp what actually happened last night my mind begins to wander. What if I accept Heðin Askham's proposal of becoming Havnar's new gaffer? Will it hinder my efforts of a full detox? Will the news spread world wide and again the pressure will be on me as the media keep their eyes firmly on how I'm getting on drink free, just waiting for me to relapse so they can pounce and sell their stories!?

    Askham has offered me the chance to go and meet up with him and other members of the Club including chairman Finnbogi Arge and Club captain Frodi Benjaminsen this evening to discuss the possibility of me taking over the reigns from Askham.

    Let's do this I decide!

    Rehabilitation - It's now or never!-sli-faroes-football-24.jpg

    Havnar Boltfelag are one of the oldest and most successful Football clubs in the Fareo Islands. The club was founded in 1904, and is based in the capital, Torshavn. Home matches are played
    at the Gundadalur and they compete in the Faroe Islands Premier League. HB stands for Havnar Boltfelad, or Harbour Football Club, with Havn coming from the name of the town of Torshavn.

    HB have won the most league titles in the Fareo's with 22 titles wrapped up along with the most national cups won too. HB's main rivals are B36 Torshavn with whom they share the same stadium.

    The Gundadalur has two stands, one in red and black for HB and one in Black and White for B36!

    I hope everyone has enjoyed the start I've made in the story. Keep an eye on it as the name of the manager will be announced shortly! Next update tomorrow guys....
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  4. Window of Hope

    Well today is the day, the day I'll meet HB's main men to discuss their soon to be vacant managers position. There are still some niggling things in the back of my mind but I'll give this a chance. I love Football no matter the level. I'd love to be able to get back in to it at some capacity and right now maybe a management job in the Fareo's is the way forward for me. Football isn't as big over here as it is back in the UK so there will not be that media spotlight over me twenty five hours a day!

    As I walk up to the address given to me my stomach starts to churn, I stop for a second and take some deep breaths. Well here goes I say to myself as I continue to walk up the path and onto the grass towards the small red door. I give the door an awkward knock and before I even get the chance to patiently wait Heðin Askham opens the door and greets me with another one of his big grins!

    Askham : "Hello my friend! Come on in."

    I give him a slight smile and walk into what I can only describe as a shabby office room where another man sat smiling at me whom I presume must be HB Chairman
    Finnbogi Arge.

    Arge : "So Askham, this is the legend who you think should replace yourself?"

    Askham : "Yes sir", Askam still grinning from ear to ear.

    I still stand there feeling honored that Hedin Askham is praising me so highly yet he dosen't even know me!

    Arge :"Right, lets get down to buisness then shall we?"

    I smile and sit down. Am I about to become the new man at the helm of Havnar Boltfelag?

  5. Havnar Boltfelag to announce Manager sensation

    Reports coming from a credible source at Faroe Island club HB that they are due to announce one of the biggest Football Manager appointments in the country's history. Who ever is set to replace current manager Hedin Askham after this years title disappointment is sure to be under pressure to turn the clubs fortunes around and wrestle the title back off fellow club EB/ Streymur, a team who have only won their second league title in their history.

    A spokeswoman for Torshavn earlier released this statement, "We are confident that the man we have chosen to take HB forward will sign a contract later today and that will lead to a press conference later unveiling our new man who will no doubt send a clear message out to the rest of the clubs that we intend to dominate our League and also progress in world Football".

    Rehabilitation - It's now or never!-wikinews_breaking_news.png

    HB appoint their new man on a 1 year contract

    Havnar have officially sealed the deal on their new manager on a 1 year contract. The identity of this man is yet still unknown but we will find out who they have chosen to lead their team within the next hour or so.

    Watch this space.....

    I hope everyone is enjoying my story so far. I will unveil the new manager tomorrow and get into the "Football Manager" side of it. If there is anything you would like me to change then don't hesitate to say.

    PS, does anyone have an idea of who the manager might be?

    All will be revealed tomorrow ...
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  6. Donkey?
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  7. Gazza unveiled as Havnar boss!

    Havnar Boltfelag have announced that England legend Paul Gascoinge will take over the reigns from current boss Hedin Askham starting from next Season. Earlier a spokeswoman for HB said the appointment will send out a clear message all over the country and no doubt this headline will turn some heads in the Faroe's and beyond!

    Gascoigne is known for his magical Footballing talent and his jokes but also he is a self confessed alcoholic so in terms of that, this will no doubt be a big risk they are taking on Gazza and maybe this is why they have only gave him a short deal at the moment.

    We tried to gain access to Paul and the team earlier but the spokeswoman said, "We are delighted to announce Mr Gascoigne as the man to lead HB back to success and we are all confident he will repay the faith put in him. Paul has had many issues and I'm sure you will understand he is not ready to speak to the media at the moment. Paul is already working hard on team preparations for next Season and we hope our fans look forward to this new era as much as we do".

    It's NOW

    Well this is the time.....I'm now manager of The Fareo Islands biggest Club! This was a massive step for me in my bid to recover and get myself to a better place and I intend to not let HB down for the faith they have shown my appointing me! I can do this......

    I'm Paul "GAZZA" Gascoigne!!!

    There you have it guys, much earlier than expected! Please follow my story as it's sure to be an exciting one!
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  8. always thought it would be gazza! like the look of this so far interesting to see how you get on
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by Pieface1790 View Post
    always thought it would be gazza! like the look of this so far interesting to see how you get on
    Cheers mate .

  10. The New Chapter

    I have spoken to Finnbogi Arge regarding the teams budget and all about the coaching staff side of things too, we are run as a Semi Professional club (although I'll like to go Professional at some point) so we are limited in terms of coaching staff but I'll be looking to discuss the chance to expand this to help the players reach their potential. We don't have a big transfer budget as the same with our wage structure although we probably have one of the biggest budgets if not the biggest in our league so in that regards I can't complain.

    First training Session at a glimpse

    So today I held my first training session with the lads and I must say I really enjoyed it, I was made to feel welcome and they responded well to my advice which was pleasing. I was made aware of some of the key players by Askham before I took charge and today I've seen why he picked them out :

    Rehabilitation - It's now or never!-frodi_benjaminsen.jpg

    Frodi Benjaminsen

    Frodi is our captain and to be honest it's really easy to see why, on and off the training pitch he leads by example and all the players hold him in high regard. He was first capped by the Faroe Island back in 1990 and 23 years later he hasn't looked back! He plays through the middle of the park, usually as a midfielder but can cover in defense too. He will be vital for us if we want to regain our status as League champions!

    Rehabilitation - It's now or never!-rene-joensen.png

    Rene Joensen

    Defender Rene is currently injured and will be out for 3/4 months which is a bitter blow already for the team but when he is is back and fit I'm positive he will slot back into the team ready to help in the Title fight. We signed him after his release from Brondby and I really believe that choice was our gain and their loss. The 20 year old is extremely talented and could play in England one day, just not too soon!

    Rehabilitation - It's now or never!-simun-samuelsen.jpg

    Simun Samuelsen

    Attacking midfielder Samuelsen is without a doubt one of the best (if not the best) attacking players in the Faroe's right now. Today at training everything he done seemed so effortless which certainly kept our defense on their toes. We are lacking in the striker department at the moment so I'll be looking for Samuelsen to take some of that pressure off for us in terms of getting in about the goals!

  11. Trio sign on for Gazza's HB Torshavn

    Paul Gascoigne today added three players to his pool at Torshavn which no doubt would have pleased the HB support. The pick of the bunch was Faroe Islands international defender Atli Gregersen. Gegersen started his career with Randers Fc and also had spells with Scottish Club Ross County and most recently Vikingur. They also signed 18 year old Serbian Filip Djordjevic from Vikingur. Not too much is known about this young lad although it is believed Gazza has high hopes for the youngster and despite his age he will look to introduce him to the team straight away. The other player in was young keeper Kristian Joensen from rivals NSI who will look to provide competition for Teitur Gestsson.

    Rehabilitation - It's now or never!-atli-gregersen.jpgRehabilitation - It's now or never!-filip-djordjevic.jpgRehabilitation - It's now or never!-kristian-joensen.jpg

    I'm extremely pleased to get these three boys in so early which is always a bonus. I'll maybe look to sign another two players and that should be it. My priority will be to look for a striker with plenty of experience to help the younger strikers at the club.

    Pre Season Friendly (1st match)...

  12. Samuelsen celabrates his second goal.

    Royn 0-5 HB Torshavn

    Poul Ingason (3)
    Frodi Benjaminsen (42)
    Simun Samuelsen (49,51)
    Levi Hanssen (77)

    Paul Gascoigne got off to a flyer today after his HB Torshavn side easily brushed aside second division team Royn. Young striker Ingason started the route on three minutes after a nice Hanssen cross. Three minutes from half time and Captain Benjaminsen doubled the lead from twenty five yards with a great power striker and the keeper had no chance.

    The Second half started just like the first half where HB continued to overpower Royn. It showed when Simun Samuelsen got his first goal of the match when he beat three players to send a wonderful strike into the roof of the goal. Samuelsen wasn't finished there when two minutes later he scored again after brilliant play by Mouritsen which gave Samuelsen the chance to tap his second goal in from close range. Left winger Levi Hanssen completed the route after a mazy run into the box with a wonderful chip over the keeper to sum up HB's fantastic performance.

    Rehabilitation - It's now or never!-royn-0-5-hb.jpg

    I will now do my updates on a monthly basis in terms of fixtures but I'll continue to go in depth with a "story" as well as playing Football manager. If the match is really important I will do it individual and give it a build up too. I hope people are following and enjoying it.

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  13. I thought Gazza as soon as I saw Drink & the fact I know your a gers man haha good luck mate, Love Gazza to bits!
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  14. Quote Originally Posted by AldoKemp-1 View Post
    I thought Gazza as soon as I saw Drink & the fact I know your a gers man haha good luck mate, Love Gazza to bits!
    Cheers Aldo mate, good to someone like yourself reading . I've done a story with Gazza before but I'm sure this one will beat it . Next post up tonight guys!

  15. Quote Originally Posted by TamMcCann View Post
    Cheers Aldo mate, good to someone like yourself reading . I've done a story with Gazza before but I'm sure this one will beat it . Next post up tonight guys!
    I take notions of coming on and reading stories, think I do it to try get an idea of a save & keep myself interested in the game lol.I'm sure the story will be quality.
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  16. Quote Originally Posted by AldoKemp-1 View Post
    I take notions of coming on and reading stories, think I do it to try get an idea of a save & keep myself interested in the game lol.I'm sure the story will be quality.
    Same. Also it keeps my mind off the Rangers p*sh thats going on lol!

  17. Bring on the Great Danes!

    After a great start to Pre Season with a 5-0 win over Royn we will now face Fc Nordsjaelland whom will no doubt provide a big test for the lads. We will then face Danish big guns Fc Copenhagen and finish off with Fc Midtjylland. All of the matches will be held Gundadalur so it will benefit the club financially as well as on the park for the players also it will be great entertainment for our fantastic fans to see bigger teams playing us.

    In other News

    Havnar close in on rivals striker

    Paul Gascoigne today has stepped up his bid to sign B36 main man Lukasz Cieslewicz. The Polish striker is believed to be really interested in a move to Torshavn but whether or not he will be allowed to leave to for a big rival is yet to be decided. Earlier Gascoigne said, "Lukasz is a very talented boy and it's true we are looking to sign him but it's still very early so I'm not going to comment on the matter at the moment".

    B36 boss also said, "Lukasz is our player and I'll be very much hoping he will stay here with us as he is a very important player for us on and off the park".

    It is believed HB Torshavn are willing to dig deep and fork out around £20,000 and also give him a record £1500 a week pay packet to get their man.

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  18. Gascoigne and Arge in crisis talks!

    Today we can reveal that Havnar boss Paul Gascoigne has been holding emergency talks with Chairman Finnbogi Arge over heated disagreements about club finances. Sources have told us that Gascoigne has been targeting a striker for his sqaud however Finnbogi Arge is not willing to give Gazza the money he needs in terms of paying the players wage. It is thought Gascoigne is wanting to sign up a striker for around £300 per week but Arge is only willing to spend £170 per week at most.

    We managed to get through to Arge's personal assistant and they said, "Finnbogi and Paul don't agree on everything but who does? What I do know they agree on is that HB Torshavn should be champions come the end of the season and both will strive to ensure this happens regardless if a striker comes in or not."

    Torshavn only have two strikers, Flotum and Ingason. Flotum is reaching the end of his career and Ingason is still inexperienced at the tender age of 17 years old so it's clear to see why Gascoigne wants a striker on board. In light of this it seems the deal for Lukasz Cieslewicz is now dead which would be devastating news for Gazza.

  19. Bogarde signs up as Coach for HB Torshavn

    Dutch International and former Barcelona defender Winston Bogarde has signed up as coach for HB in what seems to be a major coup for the club. Bogarde has a very impressive CV having played for Ajax, Milan and Chelsea. He was even dubbed "Chelsea's worst ever player" During his professional career he only managed 200 appearances due to injury problems but no doubt HB players will relish someone like Bogarde coming into help them at the club.

    Paul Gascoigne said, "This is a sign on the fantastic progress we are making here at the club to get someone like Winston over to help us Three days a week. It can only be beneficial to all the boys to have someone like him around the training ground."

    In other news...

    HB Torshavn have also snapped up goalkeeper coach Craig Forrest. Forrest started his career with Ipswich Town, making over 200 appearances for them. He then had loan spells with Colchester United and Chelsea then finished his career at West Ham.

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  20. (Finnbogi Arge in the middle)

    Lets set this story straight. I did not hold "crisis talks" with Finnbogi. Before I took the job I knew the budget I had was tight and I accepted that. We have managed to sign a couple of players who will no doubt strengthen the squad and I'm pleased with that. I will say I'm still looking for a striker to add to our pool and I remain confident I'll get someone in and very soon although it will not be Lukasz Cieslewicz, we inquired about signing him but he was too dear and that was that and a free transfer may looks most likely.
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    I'm very happy with our Pre Season and how it went. The lads are adjusting to the tactics well and also the new boys who have came in are settling well very quickly. We played some big names and I felt we held our own against them as you will see !


    Rehabilitation - It's now or never!-hb-4-1-fc-nord.jpg

    HB 4-1 Fc Nordsjaelland

    What a match this was for our fans despite it only being a friendly! The match itself was pretty even to be fair but we were far more clinical on goal and our ball retention was brilliant. We worked our socks of as a team and fully deserved the win.

    Rehabilitation - It's now or never!-hb-0-2-copenhagen.jpg

    HB 0-2 Copenhagen

    Despite losing to Copenhagen I was still pleased as we held our own against arguably the biggest team in Denmark. As expected they had more of the ball and they made it count but I can't fault the lads efforts and neither could the fans, they played really well and possibly could have at least got the draw on another day.

    Rehabilitation - It's now or never!-hb-1-3-fc-midtjylland.jpg

    HB 1-3 Fc Midtjylland

    The first half killed it for us really as we were extremely poor but I feel we done ourselves justice in the second half against a strong side. Again another defeat but we can take positives from this.

    Rehabilitation - It's now or never!-hb-1-0-rosenborg.jpg

    HB 1-0 Rosenborg

    What a win against a team with such rich history in their homeland. They did have more possession than us but again it was expected. Our young attacking midfielder Djordjevic got the decisive goal and what a goal it was!

    Rehabilitation - It's now or never!-hb-3-2-hb-u19.jpg

    HB 3-2 HB under 19's

    Another good performance in terms of attacking play and we did get the right result but our defense had a torrid time of it buy our young under 19 side so I'll expect much better from them when the league starts!


    Rehabilitation - It's now or never!-filip-djordjevic-star-man.jpg

    (Filip Djordjevic)

    What an impressive start this young lad has made for us. I knew he was a real talent so to get him off Vikingur Gota without much of a fight was a shock.

    During the Pre Season games he has made three starts and three appearances from the bench he has scored three goals, set up one assist and was awarded Man of the match twice. At the tender age of nineteen Filip can and will improve for us and could go onto bigger and better things.


    Rehabilitation - It's now or never!-income.jpg


    As well as a successful Pre Season on the pitch, off the pitch it seemed just as successful to with the club bringing in nearly £70,000 in February alone. This may not be much to the likes of Manchester City but to Havnar Boltfelag it means so much to everyone connected and I'm pleased to part of this.

  22. Gascoigne gets his man!

    Paul Gascoigne today announced the signing of Brazilian striker Anderson Tegao on a free transfer. Gazza has been desperate to get another striker on board and he will be very happy he has eventually managed to do this.

    Tegao has played for clubs such as Sao Paulo and Botafogo so his experience will be a major boost to the club. The 32 year old last played for PSMS Medan in Indonesia but was released due to family reasons over a year ago now but he feels he is ready to get back into the game.

    The striker earlier said, "I'm pleased to sign for HB Torshavn. They are a successful team and with Paul Gascoigne in charge I believe they can continue to grow and I hope I can be an important part to the new era".

    Gazza said, "Anderson has been out of Football for a bit although he has been keeping himself fit. I don't wish to name club names but there were a few really good teams in for him so I'm delighted he has chosen to come to us and I believe he will be an asset to the club".

    It is believed Anderson is on a pay packet of around £500 per week and it remains to be seen whether or not this gamble will pay off.

    Rehabilitation - It's now or never!-anderson-tegao.jpg

    (Anderson's stats)

  23. EB/Streymur 4-0 Havnar Boltfelag

    Paul Gascoigne got off to the worst start possible today after his HB team were humiliated at the hands of reigning Champions EB/Streymur. Hogni Madsen scored ten minutes before half time to make it 1-0, Patrick Okoro, a player who Gascoigne rejected to sign for HB scored the second goal to take the game to 2-0 at half time. The boo's where heard all around the stadium.

    The second half continued with more of the same, Gazza's boys looked as if they were just put together minutes before the game and it showed when Jensen scored a double to make it 4-0 and that was the way it ended and again boo's by the disgusted away support made their feelings clear.

    After the match Paul Gascoigne said, "I' want to apologise to the fans that had to watch that today we were dreadful and they boys know that! I will make sure this will not happen again!"


    Next up HB will come up against historic rivals Ki Klaksvik at home. Will Gazza's boys be ready?!

  24. Havnar Boltfelag pick up form!

    Rehabilitation - It's now or never!-hb-4-0-ki.jpg

    Havnar Boltfelag 4-0 Ki Klaksvik
    (Attendance - 914)

    Djordevic (20)
    Samuelsen (47)
    Anderson Tegao (54,60)

    Man of the Match : Anderson Tegao

    Rehabilitation - It's now or never!-ab-fro-2-4-hb.jpg

    AB (FRO) 2-4 Havnar Boltfelag

    Anderson Tegao (32,44)
    Samuelsen (70)

    Man of the Match : Anderson Tegao

    League Standing

    Rehabilitation - It's now or never!-fpl.jpg

    Player of the Month

    Rehabilitation - It's now or never!-anderson-tegao-star-man.jpg

    Anderson Tegao

    Games Played : 3
    Goals Scored : 4
    Assists Made : 0
    Average Rating : 8:03

    Gazza's review

    After the disappointing start we made I feel we responded well and we are beginning to hit the form we have hoped for. Despite that we need to stop the slackness at the back but I'm sure that will come soon enough. We are sitting Second but joint with leaders EB/ Streymur, something which I'm also pleased about after they slipped up against Ki Klaksvik.

  25. (Klaemint Olsen with NSi)

    Gazza seals Transfer Deadline day deals for duo!

    Paul Gascoigne has swooped to sign NSi striker Klaemint Olsen and Ki Klaksvik hardman Ndende. Olsen has already hit the ground running for NSi scoring four goals in three games for his now former Club. Ndende who has also moved to HB is seen as a great swoop by Gazza with many saying he will add steal to their midfield.

    Earlier HB chairman Finnbogi Arge said, "Myself and Paul are pleased to get these two players over the line just in time. Both are very good players who will bring quality and hunger to the already brilliant squad we have. I believe it's exciting times ahead for the fans.

    Rehabilitation - It's now or never!-klaemint-andrasson-olsen.jpgRehabilitation - It's now or never!-ndende.jpg

    Other News

    Rehabilitation - It's now or never!-gunnar-haraldsen.jpgRehabilitation - It's now or never!-pall-mohr-joensen.jpg

    Gunnar Haraldsen has left to join TB on loan with a view to a permanent move and Pall Joensen has been released after he didn't seem to feature in Gazza's plans.

    (Towering Midfielder Ndende)

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  26. Really good story mate, in my opinion deserves more recognition, but sure there are lots of silent followers! Personally like stories like this that have a little bit of everything. Keep it up.
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  27. Quote Originally Posted by AndySams10 View Post
    Really good story mate, in my opinion deserves more recognition, but sure there are lots of silent followers! Personally like stories like this that have a little bit of everything. Keep it up.
    Cheers Andy! Hopefully the more I do the story the more people start to comment etc.
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  28. Fans Riot as HB let slip Two goal lead against Rivals in injury time!

    Rehabilitation - It's now or never!-b36-2-2-hb.jpg

    B36 Torshavn 2-2 HB Torshavn
    (Attendance 1,795)

    Herbet i Lon - own goal (7)
    Anderson Tegao (10)

    Man of the Match : Heini Vatnsdal

    Rehabilitation - It's now or never!-hb-4-1-if.jpg

    HB Torshavn 4-1 IF
    (Attendance - 539)

    Filip Djordjevic (5,58)
    Anderson Tegao (66)
    Olsen (83)

    Man of the Match : Filip Djordjevic

    Rehabilitation - It's now or never!-hb-2-1-nsi.jpg

    HB Torshavn 2-1 NSI
    (Attendance - 517)

    Anderson Tegao (21,29)

    Man of the Match : Anderson Tegao

    Rehabilitation - It's now or never!-07-vestur-1-1-hb.jpg

    07 Vestur 1-1 HB Torshavn
    (Attendance - 331)

    Olsen (35)

    Gregerson - Sent Off (74)

    Man of the Match : Alex dos Santos

    Rehabilitation - It's now or never!-hb-3-0-vikingur-gota.jpg

    HB Torshavn 3-0 Vikingur Gota
    (Attendance - 513)

    Johan Troest Davidsen (1)
    Ndende (28)
    Alex dos Santos (37)

    Man of the Match : Alex dos Santos


    Rehabilitation - It's now or never!-fpl.jpg


    Rehabilitation - It's now or never!-alex-jose-dos-santos-star-man.jpg

    Alex Jose dos Santos

    Games Played : 8
    Goals Scored : 1
    Assists Made : 0
    Average Rating : 7.14


    I'm happy with certain aspects of this month but in the manner in which we lost points against our fierce rivals B36 is really disappointing! We looked comfortable against them the full first half and it should have been 3 or 4 but in the second half we seemed far too slack and we were punished just like the month before too, I'm glad that Rene Joensen is back for us now and I hope he will toughen our leaky defense up!
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  29. Gazza's boys march to Table Summit!

    Rehabilitation - It's now or never!-tb-0-2-hb.jpg

    TB 0-2 HB
    (Attendance - 373)

    Christian Mouritsen (pen, 51)
    Tegao (62)

    Man of the Match : Christian Mouritsen

    Rehabilitation - It's now or never!-hb-0-0-eb.jpg

    HB 0-0 E/B Streymur
    (Attendance - 547)

    Man of the Match : Johan Davidsen

    Rehabilitation - It's now or never!-ki-1-2-hb.jpg

    KI 1-2 HB
    (Attendance - 768)

    Anderson Tegao (7)
    Filip Djordjevic (40)

    Man of the Match : Filip Djordjevic

    Rehabilitation - It's now or never!-hb-1-1-ab.jpg

    HB 1-1 AB
    (Attendance - 748)

    Andrew av Flotum (75)

    Man of the Match : Johan Davidsen


    Rehabilitation - It's now or never!-fpl.jpg


    Rehabilitation - It's now or never!-key-man.jpg

    Alex Jose dos Santos

    Games Played : 12
    Goals Scored : 1
    Assists Made : 4
    Average Rating : 7.11


    I'm happy to be top of the league although I think there is still to be much improvement in terms of being more clinical infront of goal but I'm confident that will come soon enough.

  30. HB defeat B36 with wonder goal in Short Month!

    Rehabilitation - It's now or never!-hb-2-1-b36.jpg

    HB 2-1 B36
    (Attendance - 1,850)

    Filip Djordjevic (20)
    Simun Samuelsen (71)

    Man of the Match : Simun Samuelsen

    Rehabilitation - It's now or never!-if-1-2-hb.jpg

    IF 1-2 HB
    (Attendance - 387)

    Atli Gregersen (15)
    Anderson Tegao (45)

    Man of the Match : Atli Gegersen


    Rehabilitation - It's now or never!-fpl.jpg


    Rehabilitation - It's now or never!-simun-samuelsen.jpg

    Simun Samuelsen

    Games Played : 13
    Goals Scored : 3
    Assists Made : 3
    Average Rating : 6.87


    I'm happy with this month and we are now six points clear which is pleasing. I'm really pleased after the derby victory as we totally outplayed them and on another day we may have well beaten them by more.
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  31. Are people following the story?

  32. HB draw TPS in Europa League First Qualifying Round!

    Well we are now into our League break and it's time to turn our attention to the Europa League for now, the fans love having this distraction and I must say so do I (and the board for financial gain)! We have been drawn against Finish side TPS, a side with plenty of quality and we will need to on form if we are to progress to the next round which will see us face either Icelandic side KR or Welsh side Airbus UK.

    In other News

    Simun Samuelsen banned from HB by Gazza!

    HB Attacking midfielder Simun Samuelsen's time at HB Torshavn seems to be coming to an end after sources suggest he is trying to force a move to a "bigger" club. Reports say Simun spoke to Gascoigne about a move and it ended up in a bust up so it looking very likley Samuelsen won't be in the sqaud for the Europa League or at all again despite being classed as a key player at the club and this news may well backfire on Simun if he fails to attract any bid from another team.

    Earlier a spokesman for HB declined to comment on the situation although Samuelsen's agent said, "Simun is one of Faroe Islands biggest stars and it would only be normal for him to be ambitious after all a Footballer has a short Career."

    Another rumour is that HB currently at the moment have too high a wage budget so in that regard chairman Finnbogi Arge may now sell Samuelsen regardless of whether he and Gazza can come to some sort of agreement.

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  33. HB gain credible draw in Finland...WITHOUT Samuelsen!


    Paul Gascoigne's men showed they were no pushovers in Finald as they drew with Finish cracks TPS and many will argue that HB should have won the match if the likes of Olsen and Mouritsen were more clinical infront of goal.

    Many thought Gazza's tactics would have been to soak up the pressure and hit on the counter but it was far from that! As soon as the match kicked off TPS were on the backfoot and looked shell shocked. HB were looking very bright with young winger Djordjevic showcasing his talent with some mazy runs causing havoc in the TPS defense. Djordjevic was ineed the man to break the deadlock on 10 minutes after one of his brilliant runs, beating two men and slamming the ball into the back of the net to send the HB fans into raptures!

    The pressure did not stop there, Djordjevic again instigated a nice move with a great floating pass to Tegao in the six yard box but he couldn't get the ball away from under his feet quick enough. Soon that great chance was forgotten about when Mouritsen broke through but struck the ball over the bar when it looked much easier to score.

    It was now TPS's chance to shine as they started to string some passes together and for the first time actually look like the home side! They had a brilliant chance when HB defender Gregersen played a slack pass and Green was there to pounce but his effort was well saved by Joensen just in time for the second half.

    The second half started off bright yet again for HB and Djordjevic was again the man who caused problems for TPS with his burst of pace but unfortunately for Djordjevic his strikers didn't seem to have much luck in on front of goal.

    TPS made HB pay by not finishing their chance when sub Aaltonen scored the crucial equalizer on sixty five minutes to silence the away support. They then pilled the pressure on HB but HB managed to ride the wave and came away with a draw and that vital away goal.

    Rehabilitation - It's now or never!-tps-1-1-hb.jpg

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  34. Samuelsen completed move to Lustenau for £6,000

    Simun Samuelsen has today completed the move from HB Torshavn to Austrian second divison side Lustenau for a fee of six thousand pounds after chairman Arge accepted the offer last night.

    It was publicly known that there had been a fued with Gazza and Samuelsen after he felt it was time to move to a bigger club but many are questioning whether or not this move by Samuelsen was motivated by money or success. One HB fan said, "I'm glad he is away but he is not away to a bigger club, we are in Europe almost every year and are always challenging for trophies, who even are Lustenau"? Although another fan said, "All the best to Simun, he has been a great player for the club and although Lustenau may not be a bigger club they are a professional club at the end of the day we are semi professional it's as simple as that.


    Gazza's View

    ​I'm disappointed on how the situation with Simun panned out as he was an important player for us however no man is bigger than the club. He disrespected us and the relationship was beyond repair. In my opinion Lustenau are NOT bigger than us so clearly this move was not motivated by medals! I believe young winger Filip Djordjevic will only get better and make the fans forget about Simun very soon. Goodbye Simun.

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  35. Lets hope that away goal comes in handy.
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  36. I am following this, really entertaining
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  37. I'll post an update tomorrow guys. Been so busy with work etc..

  38. HB send TPS spinning out of Europe!
    (HB Torshavn 4-1 TPS)
    HB win 5-2 in agg

    HB Torshavn caused a major shock today after defying the odds and defeating Finish giants TPS 4-1 at the Gundadalur Stadium this evening.

    An early goal from HB striker Olsen on 2 minutes got the crowd on their feet and from then on in they never looked back. Attacking midfielder Mouritsen made it 2-0 (3-1 on agg) just before the half hour mark to send into a good lead at the break. Olsen got his second goal of the night and HB's fourth of the tie to make it 3-0 (4-1 on agg) which put the tie beyond reach of TPS despite them scoring only 180 seconds after HB's third goal. HB captain Frodi Benjaminsen completed the route on the 82nd minute to send fans home very happy knowing they are through to the Second Qualifying round against Icelandic team KR who will no doubt poise more of a threat than TPS and HB may well have to pull off another shock to get through in that tie.

    Rehabilitation - It's now or never!-hb-4-1-tps.jpg
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