Wolfsburg - Wolfsschanze "The Wolfs Lair"

  1. Wolfsburg - Wolfsschanze "The Wolfs Lair"

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    Wolfsburg -  Wolfsschanze "The Wolfs Lair"-skydeutschland_1___41451_zoom.jpg

    Today Wolfsburg President Francisco Garcia announced A young Scottish Manager who had been working in Scotland's Youth Development at Under 16 level as there new head coach.

    The deal has seen a mixed reaction from the Wolfsburg faithful with the deal believed to be to bring Wolfsburg back to the people.. But some sectors of the Wolfsburg faithful are seeing this as nothing but a step backwards and that a club like Wolfsburg should not be taking chances on unknown Managers.

    Miller was asked to give a breakdown of the Club as part of his inauguration to German Football.


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    "Wolfsburg plays at the Volkswagen Arena, a multi-purpose stadium which seats a total capacity of 30,000 spectators. Before construction was finished in 2002"

    "This is a beautiful stadium with the opportunity to grow if we can bring the success that we believe we can deliver"

    The Squad

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    "There is an array of talent at this team and some very special Players"

    "Where better to start than this young man"

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    "I think Chelsea made a massive mistake letting this young man go so early! But there mistake is our gain and KDB will be pivotal to our chances of long term success"

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    "Ricardo is a fantastic prospect and we know some big teams are already looking at him so we will have to show that we want to develop as a club to the same level he is going to develop as a player"

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    "Maxi is someone who im very excited to work with , he really is a fantastic talent to have and his potential is almost unreal he is the next Big young German talent"

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    "Not many teams are lucky enough to say they have a Brazilian International Midfielder in their team and Luis is another pivotal player for us"

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    "The Captain...Diego is a fantastic Goalkeeper and has came up so many times when its mattered for Wolfsburg and Switzerland he is someone who I know I can rely on"

    When questioned about his transfer targets and budgets Miller said

    "We are looking for some Steel in the middle of the pitch , Hard working , technical players that can cover a lot of the pitch to help support in both phases ...Attack and Defence and I have been lucky enough to be given a good budget and to have Klaus Allofs work beside me in bringing Talent to this team is something I am very excited about"

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    "I like to play an attacking/exciting brand of football with influence taken from the way the Dutch set up at the world cup this year and combine that with some of my own elements of the tactical art of football."

    Backroom staff

    " There are some very good not just football people but Wolfsburg people here like Klaus but I will be bringing in some of my own Staff I have instructed Klaus to arrange some time with some potential Candidates who will help us make DIE WOLFIE the force we know we can be"


    • Stage 1 - This year is about being as competitive as we can be and aiming to qualify for the Champions League next year
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    • Stage 2 - Challenge domestically for the Cup and League - We have only won two Trophies in our 69 year history - This has to change

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    • Stage 3- Emulate the success of the wolves of 09 and win the Bundesliga

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    • Stage 4 - We want to win the Champions league and the Bundesliga this may seem like a dream to many fans but we believe we can do this.

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    Thoughts? Anything I can do to make it better ?

    Next update will contain Pre-season fixtures and Transfers
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