Saving Burnley

  1. Saving Burnley

    Burnley F.C on the 6/9/14 LFC Marshall update, 14.1.3

    Media predicts them to finish 20th? Not on my watch.

    Background: I'm an Arsenal fan who also follows West Ham since it is near by. I chose Burnley for this game since they're predicted to finish last and I wanted to see how I would do.

    The transfer budget I opted for was £3.7m with approx. £280k/week for the wage bill.

    After selling my two 'star' players in deals that required the club to wait for the income from the transfer fee and not being able to shed any deadwood, I requested for more funds since I'd barely survive. All the board did was give me an advance on the budget I already should have had if Southampton and Stoke weren't so tight with their money in the game!


    Saving Burnley-screen-shot-2014-09-21-00.58.31.png

    I can barely look at Sordell, Barnes and Ward... useless players.
    In a pickle at the moment deciding whether to play Zahavi as a striker after training him or not.

    *although I will post my progress not on a game per game basis, feel free to suggest what I should do.

    George Boyd, Kightly, Jutkiewicz, Arfield, Gilks, Heaton, Taylor are all players I'd like to get rid of in the near future. Any tips? Or anyone object?

    Now formation:

    Saving Burnley-screen-shot-2014-09-21-01.07.13.png

    Saving Burnley-screen-shot-2014-09-21-01.07.16.png

  2. Carry on I have just started this game myself with the exact same patch!!

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