New face in European Football

  1. New face in European Football

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  2. Hi guys i show you how I finish this season with this club i really can name this season so successful with lot good transfers,big profit and recorder profit for this club.Well let's start talk about league finish,this is just litl bad thing in this all story (Sorry for my Broken English).Well two round before finish league we was on second place,and our McCarthy was injured,so whe lose Premier League in last two match.Well this man fucked,me,my team,but what to do.Well here is standing two round before season END

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    Well Now I will show you tactic what we use last 10 games and i will say this tactic save us and give us chance to fight for Premier League,fight what we lose this time.

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    So well,100th game of my career...
    New face in European Football-osombof.jpg
    Now lets speak about transfer we made in this season i will say and must say that was good season for transfers and bussines of club
    First transfer is Samuel Galindo who is sing 3 year contract for free
    New face in European Football-awq2b5g.jpg
    Daniel Williams sold for 5.000.000Eur.
    New face in European Football-rhyvhag.jpg
    New face in European Football-ospu5xp.jpg
    Alex Pearce sold for 6.000.000Eur.
    New face in European Football-i77ze9m.jpg
    New face in European Football-rui0dmn.jpg
    Ex- M.United player for FREE!
    New face in European Football-ffham0o.jpg

  3. what skin are you using

  4. I got 10 skin what i change in game,but this one is Scorpio v8 i guess im not sure

  5. It looks, nicely! Hope it will be a long story Cheers

  6. Well Jacob I always looking fot better club,so i will change it at middle of this season ...I just look to good job in Seria A or B and im here next report soon

  7. If you want to do that, take an BPL club. If you are very good in FM take a bottom club and to the "great escape". If decent , take a good, but dissapointing club from one of the top leagues

  8. Archive this one

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