Help with story idea's.

  1. Help with story idea's.

    Looking for a new idea for a story to keep me interested until fm15. Want something different but cant decide where to start so will let you guys do the thinking for me. Will be using lfc update.

    1. Rotor Volgograd, Russian first division.
    will first try to win promotion, then build a squad to dominate Russia & later Europe.

    2. Beijing, Chinese super league.
    Shouldnt be to hard to dominate China & even Asia but from there my goal would be to turn Beijing into 1 of the richest clubs in the world, creating a global mega brand to rival Real Madrid or Man United.

    3. Your choice, no one in the big 3, something different. All suggestions welcome.

  2. I would go with option two, sounds like a good challenge that could be very rewarding. Would be difficult though!

  3. Yea China was my first thought. Other then a very brief spell with Sydney fc (salary cap & maquee system drove me nuts) have never managed in asia before.
    Might load it up now, know absolutely nothing about Chinese leagues etc so should be interesting.

  4. I don't think many people do know much about the Chinese leagues! Keep us up to date, would be interesting to see.

  5. Burnley?

  6. Have gone with Beijing. The "Bling" Dynasty.

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