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The "Bling" Dynasty

  1. The "Bling" Dynasty

    The "Bling" Dynasty-beijing-guoan-fc-hd-logo.png

    In this save I will be trying to turn Beijing Guoan into a dominate force first in China, then Asia & finally make them a player on the world stage.

    Club Overview

    The "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-09_00003.jpgThe "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-09_00004.jpg

    Loving the stadium, though can't see it being full too often. Youth facilities need an upgrade & we don't own the stadium but other then that it all looks good.

    League Rules

    The "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-09_00001.jpg

    Maximum of 5 foreign players in the squad, 4 in the starting line up, only 3 from outside Asia!

    This is going to make it tough. My first job will be to find some Decent Chinese guys that can do a job for me. A quick look through the squad reveals how hard this could be.

    The "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-10_00001.jpg

    Only the one player, striker Zhang Chengdong, is rated 3 stars or better on CA by my staff. I have a couple of youngsters who they believe can be decent players in the future but that's about it. Looks like my 1.7 Mil transfer budget will be spent chasing (& overpaying for, no doubt) local talent. :-(

    On the plus side the strength & depth of our imports looks pretty impressive. In this respect I will be looking for a better balance, rather than dramatic improvements, as the majority of them are attacking types.

    The "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-10_00003.jpg

    Indeed, as I start to organise what, on paper at least, will be my strongest 11 the lack of defensive options becomes a real concern. Having already hit my limit for starting imports it looks like my first job will be to recruit some decent Chinese defenders.

  2. I have only ever managed Shandong in China and they do have some good Chinese players you should look at. They are one of the bigger teams in the country so dont be surprised if the players are not interested. I cant remember how big a team Beijing are. There are some good Chinese players in both the top and second division but the foreign players really allow you challenge for the title. Your biggest challenge will be Gangzhou who have a billionaire owner.

  3. Thanks for the advice mate, my first time managing in china so appreciate the help.
    Just tried to sign a foreign defender thinking i could de-register 1 of my other imports but it turns out i cant even sign more foreigners because i already have to many on the books, 9 including the ones out on loan & of course all their contracts have just started so no chance of off loading any :-\

  4. Pre-Season

    The "Bling" Dynasty-beijing-guoan-fc-hd-logo.png


    The "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-10_00009.jpg

    Pretty much as expected. Not a lot of quality opposition but some positive results will help bring the squad together & give us confidence.


    The "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-10_00011.jpg

    As recruiting any imports will be an impossibility until I can unload some of the ones I already have bringing in quality Chinese players has been my focus. (didn't care if I overpaid as after a small budget adjustment I found myself with a 7 mil transfer budget & 80K free wages!) Zheng Zheng, Zhang Linpeng & Zhang Lu are all current Chinese internationals while Chen Zhonglui & Wu Gousheng are promising youngsters.

    The "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-10_00012.jpg

    As you can see I still have 4.7 mil for transfers & 43K free wages! No idea what to do with it! Not a bad problem to have I guess.

    The "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-10_00005.jpg

    Due to the restrictions on foreign players I have told the board I would like to focus on developing our own players, this allowed me to convince them to improve our youth facilities.

    Asian Champions League Draw

    The "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-10_00007.jpg

    Not 100% sure what to think but hopefully we can qualify for the next phase without too much trouble. FC Seoul should be our main competition though Burinam are the Thai champions & Sendai are a Japanese side, so will be no pushovers.

  5. End of window round-up.

    The "Bling" Dynasty-beijing-guoan-fc-hd-logo.png

    Title Odds

    The "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-11_00001.jpg

    Think I have done enough in the pre-season to ensure we will be there or there abouts & the bookies agree pricing us at 7-4.

    The "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-11_00004.jpg

    New Faces

    The "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-11_00005.jpgThe "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-11_00007.jpgThe "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-11_00010.jpg

    The "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-11_00006.jpgThe "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-11_00009.jpgThe "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-11_00008.jpg

    Pleased with my new additions. We now have 6 current Chinese internationals in the squad a number only matched by Ghuangzhou.


    The "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-11_00003.jpgThe "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-11_00002.jpg

    My first competitive game in charge was our ACL group stage game against Japanese side Sendai. As you can see above it was an horrendous performance.
    We were completely incapable of stringing 2 passes together, gave away a penalty for an off the ball foul & the goalkeeper, unchallenged I might add, somehow managed to divert an unthreatening cross into his own net :-/
    If we keep performing like that I wont have a job for long!

  6. Cant wait for more

  7. The "Bling" Dynasty-beijing-guoan-fc-hd-logo.png


    The "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-12_00002.jpg

    After some inconsistent performances early on our form is slowly starting to improve. The 6-1 thrashing of Burinam shows what we are capable of on our day.

    League Table

    The "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-12_00001.jpg

    A steady start, unbeaten but unimpressive. We are yet to play any of the main contenders.

    ACL Group Stage

    The "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-12_00003.jpg

    After a poor showing first up we recovered to record 2 victories at home & move into 2nd place, 1 point behind Sendai.


    The "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-12_00004.jpg

    New signings Zhang Lingpeng & Zheng Zheng have settled in nicely turning in some impressive displays, while imports Ha Dae Sung & Pablo Batalla have been pulling the strings in midfield nicely.

  8. Quick Update

    We have just won our final game of the ACL group stage against Burinam meaning we top our group with 12 points (4w,0d,2l). As a "reward" we have been handed a very tough round of 16 encounter against Suwon Bluewings of Korea :-\, Sendai aslo qualified.

    Am only going to do full updates twice a year, at the end of either transfer window, from now on but will keep you up to date with any major news with quick updates like this one.

  9. June window update

    The "Bling" Dynasty-beijing-guoan-fc-hd-logo.png

    ACL Group H Final Standings

    The "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-14_00002.jpg


    The "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-15_00005.jpg

    The ACL match up against Suwon was never going to be easy, especially with a game against Shandong between legs. A bit disappointed with the 5-2 aggregate as I thought we should of made it harder for them but not surprised to be bundled out.
    Besides the ACL exit results have been extremely pleasing although we have lost both times we have faced teams contending for the title :-/

    League table

    The "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-15_00004.jpg

    Not much to complain about here. Best attack in the comp, equal best defence, we sit on top of the table 3 points clear of Shenxin.

    Points of interest

    The "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-15_00006.jpgThe "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-15_00008.jpgThe "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-15_00007.jpg

    Very impressed with the performances i'm getting from some of the local lads, for the most part I had expected my Chinese players to be bit players, at best, but they have really stood up & are constantly out performing my highly paid imports.

    Fans must be pleased too as we are topping the attendance figures. :-)


    The "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-15_00002.jpgThe "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-15_00001.jpgThe "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-14_00004.jpg

    Only the 1 immediate addition, Chinese Anchorman Zhang Jiaqi joins from Swiss side Sion for 500K. Have also signed impressive central defender Christian Ramos up for next season on a free transfer.

  10. MASSIVE transfer news! Have finalised the signing of 3 imports who, along with Ramos, i will be building my team around for the forseeable future. They include 2 fairly well known wonderkids & a promising young striker. Not all are first team material right now so will have to manage game time carefully but am extremely excited about them all. Names & screenshots to follow in the end of season update!

  11. End of season summary

    The "Bling" Dynasty-beijing-guoan-fc-hd-logo.png


    The "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-17_00021.jpg

    League Table

    The "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-17_00016.jpg

    The "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-17_00010.jpgThe "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-17_00008.jpgThe "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-17_00009.jpg

    Amazing season!
    To be honest I knew we would be there or there abouts, but to actually win at the first attempt was a great effort.
    Almost unbelievably it was never really in doubt! But for a brief dip in form mid season we pretty much dominated. Best attack, best defence & a plus 43 goal difference, clinching the title with a 6-1 demolition of runners up Ghangzhou what more could you ask for?

    Team Stats

    The "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-17_00017.jpgThe "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-17_00018.jpg

    Player Stats

    The "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-17_00019.jpgThe "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-17_00020.jpg

    Individual Honours

    The "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-17_00013.jpgThe "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-17_00014.jpg

    Team Honours

    The "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-17_00015.jpgThe "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-17_00011.jpg

    As you can see from the results screenshot we have also made the Cup final. How did we do?

    The "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-17_00022.jpg

    Well unfortunately we couldn't reproduce the form that clinched us the title but to make the final is another impressive effort. Would have been nice to do the double first up but oh well, next year boys!

    Youth intake

    The "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-17_00005.jpg

    2 billion Chinese & this is the best we can come up with? What are the kids in China doing with there lives! Obviously the youth set up still needs plenty of improving if I am going to discover the Chinese Messi.

    All jokes aside, this was pretty much what I had expected a few decent prospects but no superstars.

    Transfer News

    As mentioned in my earlier post I am extremely excited to be welcoming these guys to the squad next season

    Anthony Lozano - Striker (Free)

    The "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-16_00002.jpgThe "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-16_00005.jpg

    Promising young striker with a tremendous upside, perhaps not ready to be first choice striking import atm but WILL be a superstar in this league.

    Rafael Guarderas - Defensive Midfield (400k)

    The "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-16_00004.jpgThe "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-16_00007.jpg

    Potentially world class, will be the heart & soul of my midfield if he comes close to his potential. Like Lozano not sure he will be first choice straight away but will definantly have a role to play given what will be a busy schedule.

    Humam Tariq - Attacking Midfielder (800k)

    The "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-16_00003.jpgThe "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-16_00008.jpg

    Absolutely astounded when I found he would join! Potentially one of the best players in the world. At 18 he will be more then capable of stepping into the first team from the get go.

    Also managed to slip a 50 mil minimum fee release clause into his contract. Hopefully this will keep the big clubs sniffing round for a while.

    After the year we've had I almost feel sorry for the competition given the quality I have added for the coming season. ALMOST.
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  12. Oh no, oh god no, how embarrassing! Despite getting rid of 5 imports to make room for the 4 i had signed, i didnt realise the 2 i still have out on loan still counted in my foriegn player quota. This has meant that all but the transfer of Hamam Tariq have been cancelled!
    With my loanees not returning until july & there loan clubs unwilling to take them on, even for free, once again i am stuck with millions to spend & no one to spend it on. How the christ did we end up with so many imports in the 1st place?
    Oh well at least we still got Hamam, however the revolution at Beijing will have to wait once again :-\

  13. The "Bling" Dynasty-beijing-guoan-fc-hd-logo.png

    My off season blunder has left me with very few options as far as imports are concerned. New signing Hamam Tariq joins striker Dejan Demjanovic & attacking midfielder Pablo Batalla as my only available foreigners.
    The fact that Batalla plays the same position as Tariq & his massive wages (62k p/w) meant he was one of the first players I tried to unload.
    Unfortunatley he cracked a massive hissy fit over being shopped around & baring injuries will play no part in my plans.
    Demmjanovic is also on relatively large wages (38k p/w) so was offered around as well but could find no takers. Ever the professional though Dejan will remain in my first team.

    Essentially this has left me with only 2 imports which means I will be relying on my Chinese players to step up for the coming season. In a way I am happy with this as it will mean more playing time for them which will surely aid in their development, making for a stronger squad all round in the future. At least that is what I hope.

    The "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-21_00001.jpg

    Expectations are obviously still high so this promises to be a tough year. Failure to make the top 4 will almost certainly cost me my job!


    The "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-22_00001.jpg

    Not much of a pre season our involvement & victory in the all-star game

    The "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-17_00026.jpgThe "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-17_00025.jpg

    Along with internationals & the super cup has meant the majority of my squad has had no break at all!

    The "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-21_00005.jpgThe "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-21_00006.jpgThe "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-21_00007.jpg

    Could not of been happier with our performance in the super cup. We were perhaps lucky to be awarded the winning penalty but the team battled hard & showed we would be no push overs!

    I know many of would not rate the Chinese league but with names like Alberto Gilardino & Alessandro Giamanti in the opposition this is an impressive result for a team starting 10 Chinese players.


    The "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-22_00003.jpg

    Had no idea what to expect from the Iranians so to come away with a 4-2 victory on the road was very pleasing.

    The "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-22_00002.jpg

    Have been handed a tough group so a good start may well be crucial. Besides Sepahan (quarter finalists last year) we have also drawn Suwon, the side that knocked us out last year & went on to win it & Japanese side Funabashi Bandits.


    Spent a large chunk of time in the off season tinkering with formations to best accommodate my Chinese players as getting the best from them will be the key to my success.

    Here is what I have come up with

    The "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-22_00005.jpg

    So far so good as we have won both our competitive matches.
    This is my first use of the shadow striker role (better late then never) so am still working out how it plays but it seems to suit Tariq despite it not being his preferred role.

    Have pulled back a bit from last year where, for the most part, I used an attacking 4-4-2 with a narrow diamond in midfield

    The "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-22_00007.jpg

    This year I intend to be more compact & play on the counter. Hopefully our solid defence will continue on from last year & Chengdong can keep banging in the goals!

  14. This game confuses me sometimes. Was browsing through my squad when I noticed this:

    The "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-24_00004.jpg

    That's right, my "most valuable" player is a 24 year old, transfer listed winger rated 2 1/2 stars (that's potentially I might add!) by my staff! here he is. wtf?

    The "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-24_00003.jpg

  15. June/July window update.

    The "Bling" Dynasty-beijing-guoan-fc-hd-logo.png

    Facility News

    The "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-25_00002.jpg

    The "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-25_00003.jpg

    Even after work on the youth facilities had been completed they were still only rated as average so.....

    The "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-24_00001.jpgThe "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-25_00006.jpg

    Convinced the board to go again as well as improving our training facilities! In all the years I have been playing FM I have never come across such an ambitious board, outside of the big leagues anyway, they are still yet to say no to me :-)


    The "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-25_00013.jpg

    The "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-25_00001.jpgThe "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-24_00006.jpg

    A slow start to the year as the squad come to grips with our busy off season. Sent a few of my more over worked internationals on holidays & generally rotated my squad as much as possible. Chengdong in particular struggled to find the form that took him to the golden boot last year. Also failed to make it out of the group stage of the ACL.

    The good news is that as we approach the midway point of the season the guys are well rested & we have finally started to string together some consistent performances. Hamam Tariq has proven to be a revelation, easily our top performer despite his packed international schedule & tender age.

    The "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-25_00011.jpg


    The "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-25_00014.jpg

    Despite the slow start we are still right up there.The league is so tight this year that with the right additions & a run of form we could give back to back titles a real shake.
    After the off season we had I'm amazed to be able to say that!



    The "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-25_00010.jpgThe "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-25_00008.jpg

    Interestingly enough French club Metz have bought both my outgoing imports. Bit sad to see Demjanovic leave as he was consistently solid for us but have made the decision to look to the future. Kaludjerovic was back at the club for less then a week before I moved him on.


    The "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-25_00005.jpgThe "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-25_00009.jpgThe "Bling" Dynasty-2014-10-25_00012.jpg

    Not usually so active mid season but you have to strike while the iron is hot! My persistence has paid off with missed off season targets Christian Ramos (500k) & Rafael Guarderas (600k) both joining this time around all be it at inflated prices. Did explore other options but could come up with few to match their quality.

    Chinese international striker Goa Lin (500k) also joins from Jiangsu. With 86 caps & 26 goals for his country he brings with him a wealth of experience & at 28 is still in his prime!

    Hopefully I have done enough to push on & really challenge for the title.
    Still playing in the cup as well so maybe even get that double that eluded us last year!
    Who Knows?
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