What do you do when the once in a lifetime chance comes? You grasp it with both hands! For me this had never really come yet but somewhere deep down I know it will, when I say a once in a lifetime chance comes I meant a small club in England or around Europe... not the mighty Paris Saint Germain!!

PSG is a buisness mans dream- a good stadium, passionante fans, fairly easy league and of course situated in one of the worlds most elusive cities. Its been a few years since Paris was bought and spent mega bucks whilst gaining a new breed of fanbase. 5 years ago if you told their older fans if they would be double league winners soon they would of laughed in your face and told you to dream on. Its now the case that the dream has became a reality and its no lie that the Parisians are eying up sucess outside of France. So you may be asking now "Who can achieve this dream for them?" Well... Thats were we start.

I am not afraid to admit that im a small time manager with a small CV but Ive always believed that if you can dream hard enough then good things will come. On that particular day I was just casually watching TV with my 10 year old son but then the breaking news flashed up on Sky Sports


Wow. As an advid folower of the French game I was astounded to see title winning manager Laurent Blanc leave the club. They believed that the dispute was over not pursuing the move for Argentine play-maker Angel Di Maria who instead joined Manchester United earlier that week. The next question asked was who will be the next manager? The french bookies had French legend Zinedine Zidane down as their favourite whilst Patrick Viera and even Zlatan followed up. With my computer by my side I quickly opened it up and wrote a cheeky letter to the PSG board about why I should be the boss... what happend next has changed my life forever.