Rebuild Approved!
The SFA could have found a way into returning excitement into the Scottish game, the idea to rethink the league structure has been shrugged off in the past, the excuse often being that it would be too expensive to rebuild it. The good news is since January 2014 some Scottish investors have invested heavily into the SFA demanding a league rebuild. After months of battling it has been approved and we can expect the four divisions to stay put but all four divisions will now hold more teams. With 20 teams now set to play in the Premiership and 24 teams in the other 3 lower divisions we can expect exciting times ahead for Scottish football.

The leagues were decided by last seasons finishings;
-The 12 teams in the premiership last season (2013/2014 season) will remain in the division and be joined by the top 8 teams from the Championship.
-The bottom 2 will remain in the Championship and be joined by the 20 teams in League 1 & 2 (including Rangers)
-two Junior sides will join the championship and the other two lower leagues will hae 24 Junior sides in each.

The new league structure looks very exciting and we can expect great things ahead including a new cup competition, the Junior Cup which will include League 1 & League 2 teams.

The leagues will include 3 promotions and 3 relegations per season!

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