Hi All, I'm new to this forum but love reading the career stories and would like to start my own. I am still playing FM14 at the moment (FM15 is on my Xmas list!) and kind of find it hard to continue playing a save for more than a week as I get distracted and want to start something else.

I love managing national teams- New Zealand, Canada, Northern Ireland, Malta, Luxembourg etc... and have dabbled with Leyton Orient, Linfield and Rangers recently.

How about these for some ideas?

- Use the editor to move Cardiff, Swansea, Wrexham and Newport to the Welsh League and manage one of these four clubs. Should I also edit the League reputation or will players want to leave Swansea?
- Manage Queens Park and get them to the Scottish Premier
- Use the editor to create a 'London Irish' side playing in the Skills South, preferring to buy only Northern Irish players and see how far I can take them
- I've always liked the idea of creating a French team called 'FC Champagne' with a sugar daddy and taking them up through the leagues