Swanning About- Swansea Killer Wales

  1. Swanning About- Swansea Killer Wales

    With Wales successful in becoming an independent country and deciding to breakaway from Great Britain, UEFA have put pressure on the FA to eject the six Welsh based clubs in the Football League and non-league pyramid.

    Merthyr Town and Colwyn Bay put up little fight and officially apply to join the Welsh Premier League, but the other four- Cardiff City, Swansea City, Newport County and Wrexham challenge UEFA in an attempt to remain in the more lucrative English leagues.

    Both Cardiff and Swansea poll fans as to whether to look into the possibility of relocating over the border, which many supporters reject instantly. Some club directors put together last minute plans to breakaway and form a 'Celtic League', but are unable to get the support they needed from Celtic, Rangers, several other SPL sides and clubs from Northern Ireland and are forced to shelf the idea.

    Finally the FA act and announce that the six Welsh Clubs will be chucked out, causing outcry amongst Welsh football fans. Reluctantly the Exiled-6 all join a new look Welsh Premier League joining Port Talbot, Bangor, New Saints, Airbus UK, Prestatyn and Carmarthen in the twelve team top division.


    -Take charge of Swansea looking to dominate Welsh football.
    -Qualify for the Champions League
    -Improve the Welsh UEFA coefficient rating to secure a second Champions League spot for the league


    -Will the fans still turn up to watch the Swans?
    -Will the Swansea big name players want out?
    -Will Swansea go bankrupt?
    -Can the Swans still attract top players for their European adventure?

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