Managing Real Madrid 2014-2015

  1. Managing Real Madrid 2014-2015

    First of all I must mention that I am using this summer transfer data update in order to have my game fully updated to the new season 2014-2015

    Managing Real Madrid 2014-2015-coqnl6dutm7w9b9chf4c_400x400.jpeg
    Club : ‚Äč Real Madrid
    League : Spanish La Liga
    Continental competitions : UEFA Super cup,UEFA Champions' League
    Budget :90m (budget was set from the data pack's creator)

    Summer transfers
    Managing Real Madrid 2014-2015-bandicam-2015-01-29-19-22-46-949.jpgManaging Real Madrid 2014-2015-bandicam-2015-01-29-19-23-04-395.jpg
    Pre season and August's matches
    Those are the friendly games Real Madrid gave and the first official matches including Spanish super cup games with Atletico Madrid and UEFA super cup game with Sevilla
    Managing Real Madrid 2014-2015-bandicam-2015-01-29-19-29-44-771.jpg

  2. September
    Managing Real Madrid 2014-2015-bandicam-2015-01-30-12-59-51-209.jpg
    Managing Real Madrid 2014-2015-bandicam-2015-01-30-13-00-09-362.jpg
    Managing Real Madrid 2014-2015-bandicam-2015-01-30-13-00-19-590.jpg
    Managing Real Madrid 2014-2015-bandicam-2015-01-30-13-01-24-723.jpg

  3. It's boring right? ._.
    Should i continue it ._.?

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