From bottom to the top!

  1. From bottom to the top!

    Hi. I'm finnish FM player. Well playing FM14 because I don't want buy every FM. So new story for those people who reads still FM14 stories! And sorry for my not so good English!

    My idea is simple start with sunday league footballer past experience and try limb better and better teams and finally manage Real Madrid, Man C, Bayern Munchen etc.

    So I started unemployed and I'm still searching the job.

    From bottom to the top!-tiedot.jpg

    So you see reputation my reputation is national. Well in finnish sunday league footballer aren't so high reputation. So I'm not sure is this some bug or something...

    I'm going update this when I got the job!
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  2. The first job!

    Its 21 october 2013 when I sign my first job contract. It's only for this season but I will do my best!

    My first team is AFC Telford United from Skrill north and now my rep is obscure.

    They have few different kind cup wins in their history. I think this team aren't their best.

    At the moment Telford are 14 and I agreed I can take them into playoffs with 8,058€ wage budget and money for transfers are 7,335€.

    I have squad without decent wing players and only one first team goalkeeper. Squad strongest part is midfielders.

    From bottom to the top!-gk-df.jpgFrom bottom to the top!-mf-fw.jpg

    That all for this time!

  3. i follow.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Dyeg0 View Post
    i follow.
    Thanks Im busy next couple days so I think nex uptade is coming wednesday or thursday! I try update this atleast one time in a week!

  5. First 15 days at Telford

    In 15 days I'm played 4 games winning only 1 1 draw and now 2 loss in row. So not so good start.

    From bottom to the top!-vsfarn.jpg
    I'm happy to win and we were better than them, but we just cant create scoring chances.

    From bottom to the top!-vsvaux.jpg
    So draw against Vauxhall thanks to my gk Ryan Young we didn't lose this one.. Not so good and not so bad match.

    From bottom to the top!-vsstock.jpg
    Well deserved lose they had better players and we played poorly..

    From bottom to the top!-vsscunt.jpg
    Not luck with FA Cup 1st round. We got decent League 2 team and they showed that.

    Something good in first 15 days.. I noticed we didn't have parent club so I requested that from board and I get what I wanted.
    From bottom to the top!-peterborough-link.jpg

    Two signings are maybe coming maybe coming from free players. Hope they can turn this boat around!

    Next post possibly in next week wednesday. Not sure yet so stay stuned!

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